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The speakers discuss the importance of writing a song after the death of an individual, balancing topics with audience interests, and researching and preparing for conversations. They stress the need for honesty and researching to avoid overwhelming audiences, and the importance of avoiding negative statements and under Nobodys. They also touch on the topic of equality and the need for subdued emotions, as well as the potential for women to become "has been up" in drama.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah.

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Wa Salatu was Salam O Allah see the Lamia he will mousseline Allah Allah He was heavy was seldom at the Sleeman kathira and Kathy Rama for the Villa shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem T. Harun who have Sahu mini listen sir Kala who

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respected all ama.

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We begin by pleasing Almighty Allah for the favors Allah has bestowed upon us and we send salutations upon our beloved Nivea cream sauce. I've been asked to speak very briefly on the Juma hookah and inshallah and maybe when we talk about the Juma football we are talking specifically about the talk that is delivered what we in our parlance in terminology know as a pre football talk. Now, we all know the importance but just to give you the example of the importance I want to quote two personal incidents and one is the incident of Asad Mufti Mohammed Al Hassan Ganga Rahmatullah Lee.

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There was a time in when I have been in Newtown Alhamdulillah Allah has given me make do as a relative except I am now 34 years in Newtown, you know, as anyone, maybe maybe not to the degree that I was previously but I have been attached to the masjid for 34 years.

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So there was a time once with a trustees, for several reasons felt that the Juma talk was not relevant. And they even made the point that you know, you speak one aspect of Deen and you don't speak about the other aspects of deal which gives an incomplete picture of Islam. Therefore, it's better that you don't have a Dhamma talk.

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So obviously, we were trying to convince them that the importance of it So eventually, they decided that they are going to go to Mufti mahmudul Hassan SAP, Rahmatullah Lee, who was that time in South Africa to make hola sir, and to give the final decision on this matter, some of the mamula has since I've heard both sides of the story. And he said an amazing thing. He said, these in today's time. These perhaps for a majority people in the oma the only taluk they have with Dean

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the only taluk in relation they have with Dean is the Juma talk, if you're going to cut that off what is left with regard to the reformation of the oma. So I found that very amazing and something that we could always learn that How often would sobre la Li and then of course, they after, you know the trustees agreed upon it and then of course over the years Alhamdulillah we have had a build a very good relationship. This was one one of the incidents of personal incidents I will make mention another incident. When I was studying there was modernised hugs and deliver to lolly. Mama binoria Medallia had called him to come to New Town to start off at the hospitality watershed. Mashallah

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Jamia also started off in that particular way following the new Rahmatullah. So we would, you know, data with Rashad headed by the capable use of what is up now, when he came, he one day call me I used to get the Reader's Digest. So one day he called me said give me the Reader's Digest, I would like to read it. So I was very surprised, you know, an alum, you know, from our contemporary and one of those thirds of that asking for a reader's digest so afterwards when he used to take us to come and speak to us. So one of the aspects he only told me, he said, you know, all your other all your other bands, whether you write it you don't write it, whether you record it, you don't record it, I

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don't care. But you're Juma by an IRA want you to write it He even told me write it word to word. So asked why. He said is the only time when you got maximum output, maximum audience limited time, don't waste your time based on speaking here. And speaking they're speaking about discusses speaking about this aspect, the kisser must be relevant. Make the most of your tomato because and we all know from experience, and sometimes it's quite amazing that we don't pick this up, make the best type of poster and marketing with regard to a program after Isha the crowd that you get at the Joomla is something that you won't get anywhere else. And therefore I'm personally against those particular

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type of moves, that undermines the significance of the Joomla talk, to give the talk after Joomla or to give the talk after as an without, you know, and then afterwards give the sooner it's one one occasion where people come to listen. So the importance of it must not be undermined, we must not regard it as insignificant. And personally I will speak to anyone on this particular regard.

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I'm against this aspect of now cutting off the talk and then making it after Juma etc because this is a one time that you've got a relationship. Now what you need to do is to make it as relevant and as beneficial as possible. Now we all know amongst our alma mater tissa T was money very often coats the example of mana Allah, Masha, Allah Allah, Allah, Masha Rama, Rama, Rama tolani. We are all aware, you know one of our great scholars, right student of Shaolin Rama to lolly, the one who first hoisted the flag of Pakistan in Karachi, Pakistan, so we take pride in nature. So the first person who hoisted the Pakistani flag in Karachi was mama Shapira, morose money and in Dhaka it was Manasa

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for amorous money. Marcia Morris money was a very great scholar. Recently when I went to correct Karachi I was very pleased to see Kitab written by Masha Bella was money which has all these bands have been put together under hood but there was money. In India there was a lecture of his one hour lecture after the death of idealism, in which he performed the Genesis Allah, Masha, Allah Allah performed the Genesis. Nevertheless, mala Shapira, most money said any person any anyone who speaks any s3 things, his intention is so he his his statements are hoc. What he's saying is true. And the methodology is correct. It is impossible there will not be benefit, if anyone has got sincere

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sincerity, the topic and what is speaking is Huck. And the methodology is according to the tsunami saw slim, it is impossible that it will not not there will not be benefit in it. And he says that type of speech will never ever have fitna if you combine these three things, they will never ever be fitna. And that is what this app is coated with regard to martial ruins money. Now, the first point everyone talks about is a subject matter. Now.

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That is why it is sometimes beneficial to have even those who are not, you know, regular imams of a budget is to take a budget where you speak regularly. It's always good to have a wide variety of subjects you speak on. It's not he's not he's not perhaps the audience will get tired, you speak the same type of topics every time. Right? So you get a right good mix of contemporary historical and this would include sometimes and people love this is to sometimes take us a hobby and speak about his life lessons. Not only speak about the virtue but also the life lesson that you pick up from them. The motivational aspects, spiritual ailments, commands of Allah subhanho wa Taala the beauty

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of Islam, it's a nice nice to have a good mix one day I went to a particular place and thinking we always think that contemporary topics are good, of course, it is good, but I went to one place and he told me one on a please, if you can, don't speak on Palestine this week. So I said why he said the last month we have already had three talks on the very same issue. So this is tells you sometimes we feel that you know, okay, we have to speak on Palestine, it is contemporary, the operation palace given a birth perfer personal type of experience or it happened. So we know we need to get the right balance with regard to them. If you are speaking at one machine, even if you

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sometimes take a merger and said I'm going to speak once a month or once in two weeks, once in three weeks, you will be able to cover the variety of subjects. Another very important point is today we are living in an age where you have to understand our audience is diverse. So we need to get the right balance between you know that which is accordance in accordance with it might be difficult, but that is why we need the research. That is why we need to start speaking and make preparation not come last minute 11 o'clock, you know, what am I going to speak on today? I mean, that is unacceptable for any man. Even I would say for him to start thinking of something on a Friday

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morning is unacceptable. He is by an and what is going to speak if he knows he's going to speak this Friday, you know he has to start thinking by by Monday morning what is going to speak and I will give you a tip that I picked up along the way. So you you one of the things is addressing diversity. So you are speaking to a group of people who are sometimes simple might not be very professional and you are speaking to a professional. So in your points in your talk when you speak, you must make points that are sometimes addressed to those who are sort of professional and sometimes addressed to those people who are on the on the ground level. I recently spoke on backbiting. I took six points

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with regard to why backbiting is haram in Islam. Why it has been prohibited around about six seven points. So in that six, seven points you picked up and of course it is recorded on Soundcloud some of the things that will appeal to those who are intellectual and will appeal to those people who are underground.

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level. So, you need to have an understand you are speaking to a diverse diverse group. Over the years in Newtown, the crowd has changed. So there is also a very, you know, our speaking crowd. So recently I have also started editing or two phrases in my talks, you know, to to cater for the diverse and just to give an example of diversity. And sometimes I just believe that nothing happens coincidentally, yesterday I went to a shop in the forest work area, and one person who is inclined, right he's not, you know, not not extreme but he's inclined towards a Braille with school of thought. So he came and he said, Man, I want to I want to make one complaint I said what he said I

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went to a local Masjid and someone spoke about it was a time of Shabbat Bara Now we all know the incident of nebby salsa them coming. And he couldn't get over the fact when the alum spoke and said nebbia Kareem saw Salaam came into the room, took out his clothes, and they after went to lie down next to has an eye shadow of your mouth. For him it was how could the main speaker of taking out your clothes I won't speak about that about my own father that he came in the room and he took out his cold clothes and he undressed he said Is it is it not disrespectful to nebbia cream sauce from I tried to explain in what context but he just couldn't understand. Now we must understand we are

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speaking to diverse group of people and we have to take into account the way we speak and therefore I know one alum also one day told me he said even in your today you are speaking to a lot of people who are coming from Somali background they're from her background. So when you speaking about for example, you know prayers don't only use the word namaz use the word Salah. namaz is something that India, Pakistan, people are aware of the people who come from the from the Arab background don't know what is in a mosque. So I think we have to keep that in mind address your diversity. Then another aspect is with regard to contemporary settings in every band, I think it's important for us

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to understand and to talk about a contemporary setting in every band, that means you will have your your you know your normal and not normal, I would say the most important your your you are hardy from the meta, but then you have to address something in what you are saying, which is contemporary. Yesterday I I spoke about the rights of women. Now, when I spoke there, I started thinking and I started doing reading on the matter some days before. And my suggestion would be if you are going to speak on a subject, think about the subject by Monday Tuesday and start going through what and today Al Hamdulillah. Really, I feel we are so fortunate that the good part of our covering so much. lm

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you see move to 30 subs. First there were 17 volumes. Now there is another hole I know, when I went to Pakistan recently moved to officer gave me his bionz which has almost 11 volumes. So somewhere along the line, you will pick up, read it and just make points that you feel are relevant. And then very important at the end of the day before you speak, you must have a body. This is a reason why I chose this topic. This is what I'm telling you tell them and then afterwards towards the end tell them what you told them. So, first tell them what you are telling them then you tell them and then afterwards towards the end you tell them what you told them that is what what we have here, but in

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the body, which I found very relevant is to make the point so if for example you are going to speak about something, say you speak about honesty,

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why why is honesty important? So you know down one or two points, points that the audience will be able to take back. Right you speaking about honesty, I'll give you two examples, honesty and dishonesty. So one aspect with regard to honesty is honesty leads to other goodness and dishonesty leads to otherwise, where do you pick it up from Holly can be certified in the cerca de la ville he akumal keyfinder kebaya de la foto. So, you made one point that honesty leads to other goodness, this honesty leads to other evils. And then another aspect that you can bring in is that honesty creates confidence and trust amongst people, this honesty, it it takes away that trust amongst

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people. Therefore it is something that you have to stay away from honesty brings trust amongst people this honesty, you made another point. So don't only speak with regard to others coating a hadith after Hadith make the points and what the points then you start you know at this point, I just give you two examples that you spoken about honesty and dishonesty. The third one you can make mention of is that unlike other evils, unlike other evils and any other evil, it only impacts upon one aspect of your conduct and character. This honesty impacts upon your entire personality. So if a person is a coward,

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it only impacts upon one aspect of his personality. But when he is dishonest system impacts upon his entire personality. Now you

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made the point where do you get the reference the resource from us as a Konami know, Japan.

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So I'm rushing it through because you maybe saw some set possible. That means it's possible to have other weakness because it impacts upon only one aspect of your conduct and character. But when he asked me no carbon can a movement be said no, why it impacts upon your entire character. In a short period, we've got three reasons. Now, if you take and you make mention of those points into write it down, and then tell the people 123, they will go back. And that is why they when they go back, when you just spoke without any body, without any reference without noting it. When the people go home, and they go and tell their wives what the what the Allium spoke about, they don't know. But if you

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have now if you have enumerated it, they will go back with a message. So I think it's very important that we and then we will note our point and make something with regard to contemporary settings. When I was speaking about the aspect of woman one one point came to mind and everyone knows that this is something that we have to contend with

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that men and women today we all have equality, equality that is there. So now when we talk about equality, you and I, we are all now, five in a situation, what do I say? If I say that? No, they are not equal in today's contemporary settings, how can you even say something like that? Right? And yet, at the same time, we know a little educated men and woman different. So you started reading and I came across this particular aspect. Now it's you speaking about the point but you being in something that is contemporary. So Khalid Baig speaks about equality. And just look at what he says about equality. He says, equality is a slick and catchy slogan, but what does equality actually

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In mathematics, if two variables are equal, then one can be substituted with the other without any difference. And without any changing the result in any way. Let me explain you, you put in one column, and you put in another column two, and two plus two is four. What is equality, so if you change this to and put it into that two into this column, it won't make no difference in the end result. So equality is this, where if two variables are equal, one can be substituted with the other without any change in the result in any way.

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So if men and women are equal, in this sense, then a woman can do everything a men can do and vice versa. That such equality is absurd to anyone is very clearly manifest. So what what how do you prep? To give you a very big example, you don't have to give me any other examples. So that means if for example, you take equality in this sense, the woman can say by the first pregnancy I was pregnant, the next pregnancy you take over.

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It's such particularly equal now you have made you have spoken about something that everyone in our society is, is grappling with. Now you have said listen, it's not equality in terms of function and tasks is in quality in terms of right colonna mithila de la hinda. Bill Maher, have you ever spoken about something you have made view made mention of the Islamic point of view, but we have touched on something that is contemporary, and it deals with something that everyone is grappling with, but that doesn't come it comes by someone reading and if you read, you will find out what what am I have been able to answer all of those things. Right. Give me another example, when you speak about Salah,

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what I would suggest is you don't only speak about the importance now, let us take away reading about Salah I would again enumerate the points I would do so, Salah is a means of forgiveness of sins. So we take the very famous incident which is made mention of Azalea Amato, the shaking of the branch of a tree. Some time I'll just give you an example sometimes how our you know Southern Montana made mentioned sometimes you must accept the criticism. So one day I made mention in my head, he shook the tree. So what he said whenever you made a mistake, said what he said shook the branch of the tree roots of the tree. So as it is a cola, so you need to sometimes you know, bear

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this in mind.

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Surat is a means of forgiveness. Salat is a means of purification. Then you one example you give, give an example of you know what nobody saw some say washing your cell five times a day. Then in Halle Biggs article with regard to Salah. He answers three very important things. One is can I forget Sara? And then he gives the example of the magazine starting off from Fiji. And by the time the magazine of Fiji gives the Azhar no further and it continues right till Egypt by the time that magazine of Egypt is given the azana of the magazine of Fiji is giving me as an observer. So he said how can you forget? Then he gives an example with regard to I got an excuse. He said what excuse you

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got you can you know

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You will suffer with two, if you are, for example, sick, you know, sit down if you can't sit down the light out. So you said what excuse do you have? Then one example which I found very amazing, and I'm not going to tell you that go and read it. He says this example where many people said, but what's the what's the benefit of reading Salah when you are commenting other Guna like how for example, people you say you read in salad, but you comment in this honesty in business, he caves such a beautiful example of it in one paragraph. So, you are speaking about salad but you're also speaking about a contemporary issue that everyone brings up the topic. So, I think the contemporary

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aspect is very, very important provides solutions. Now, actually what what will happen to say for example, you speaking about drugs. So, you analyze the situation, right after you analyze the situation, you give the historical background, why the problem came to be a problem, why is trucks such a problem? Why is drugs becoming such a Why are people turning because it's a vacuum in their life. So, you analyze the main reason people never ask satisfied, material wealth does not provide satisfaction, it does not provide contentment. So, now, you spoke about the the problem you gave the you gave all the reasons in namale hammer well made sure then you start giving us an overview allow

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Toronto said Alhambra Mohammedan. So, then you gave that in this hammer. So when you start to have these a body these these something that you are leading people towards. So you speak about hammer, what is hammer, hammer hammer hammer after and then you give the definition. So under this definition, all these aspects of grabs transform under the minimal hammer Mesa. Now after two said, What is the reason today it is becoming so common. And then the reason is, is a vacuum in people's lives. Now people are trying to fill that vacuum with something sometimes as well, sometimes with entertainment, sometimes with this sometimes with that, but it will not get filled because that

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vacuum ally hasn't kept its fulfillment in material things have allopathic related medical crew. So, we tell people remember, if you do not have zeker in your life, you are always going to have a vacuum in your life. So you bring that particular aspect. So after you analyze this the solutions which have been put forward by various people in today's time, you give the historical background with regard to the problem and with regard to the solution. And then you give your solution and then towards the end from the Quran we learn from the Quran that we learn and this is one aspect that we learned and that is an appeal for direct action

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and appeal for direct action. So you always end off with a punch line. So for example, where do you get this? So Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about the harms of intoxicants in America moreover myself with Swami Rama shaytan first and abu allah come to play on hinamatsuri to shaytan to be an akuna da If ever you are speaking on drugs, I would say enumerate the points in number you reduce a turn or you have to be in a coma.

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Right then you make that point and you said Do you realize what is the harm you make mention of the point where sudo command decorilla then you make mention of the points then you say the vacuum so at least if you are speaking when I spoke on jealousy, there was eight points I made why Allah Allah has made it haram I've spoke over two weeks maybe you can take three points. say this is a reason why it is haram um Yasser una Salama, Hata hula hoop and finally, you know, are you are you? Are you jealous of what Allah Allah has given someone else? So jealousy one of the greatest harms of jealousy is you are objecting to Allah to Allah's decision. make mention of that point. Don't just

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say and say number one, one of the harms of jealousy is that you are objecting to how Allah has distributed his papers.

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So, you make these points you will see it will become more, you know, so in this particular way, ended up by a direct result now after making mention of all of those arms for her to moonta horn for her to move down. Well, you stay away. What is that a direct appeal for action? Right. And matauri Jamil Sabu came recently away from all the other aspects, you know, this aspect is um, I found it amazing a direct appeal for action before in nearly every one of his bionz sub Toba cartoni coma replisome echo after me say Ayala, Manitoba, Yala. What a great impact that had upon the the sort of the the people I know so many people who after that they said, mama that touched me it you know it,

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it caught right into me, you know? So a direct is a direct appeal for action. And then another I'll just give it yesterday I I spoke about the rights of women and I ended off with this way I spoke about

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The aspect of equality. Then I spoke about what, for example, other religious groups how they looked upon women. So Aristotle, the very famous or as to, you know, our estimate mentioned, and he said that, what did he say? He said that humans are a freak of nature. Right. And he said that when you couldn't get a perfect human being, then the woman was a result. So you spoke about that, who spoke about Hindu Hinduism, what they did about, you know, that the woman in previous Hinduism, it was regarded to be an honor for her to be Coburn herself with her husband, when he was being committed. Then you spoke about what Christianity and Judaism it said, and you look at even the Western world

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today, apparently there is glamour. But it's only glam and glitter there is not real. And then you spoke about what Libya cream sauce 11 Islam, it said, three closest woman to you or your mother, and your, your wife, and your daughter. And maybe Kareem saw cillum and Islam, as we've mentioned, generalized under the feet of your mother, your conduct is a men is dependent upon how you deal with your wife, not with your friends, yeah, with your wife, and then a poor according to how you deal with your daughters and look after them. And Allah will grant to gender. And then you say towards the end. Now when you got gold in the form of Islamic teachings, why should you adopt glitter, which

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is fake gold. Now you've made people realize you've ended up with a punch line. So I think what's important is this particular type of things, I think, just very briefly to stay, I would like to one day, maybe inshallah sit down and do a, you know, presentation, how do you start off? We all know, as Allah, we know that there are certain scholars who have sometimes undermine the aspect of ibaadat right. And our alumni have written with regard to mobile SMS lolly is specifically answered those people who have undermined about it right now, what am I have written with regard to it? So, one day, I said, Let me do it, let me do a talk on this. So, I would like to take you one day through

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the talk, how I, I looked at those particular types of statements which undermine the budget. Then I looked at the importance of Nevada, I looked at what our Allah had made mentioned, with regard to the budget, and then I spoke about the benefits of your budget. So in that way, in what you have done is not only spoken, but you have answered the question, which is in the minds of people, which have been put by other writers and other contemporary scholars with regard to undermining of humanity. And, you know, I went through all of those and then Marvel assume that your uncle his writings, you did it. So sometimes it's good to be able to stay away from few things stay away from

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generalization, you know, maybe a cream sauce silom used to when he used to speak Marbella, comany fr una casa, what is wrong with people, that they are doing such and such a thing. So, you know, stay away from sweeping generalization. People are like this, you know, just to give you an example, you take a certain group, you know, Pakistanis are all like this, how can you speak like that? And then sometimes, you know, one of the things that I would say, you know, you're not speaking to schoolchildren, and we have to get away from that particular aspect that I gave it to the community. I gave it to them, what have you given to them? You know, I today I gave them today I gave them

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something, I hit them for a six. No, we don't need all those things by we, our intention is to make people you know, even if, even if you have emotions, our emotions need to be subdued. In in regard to the greater good. When Kareem saw some saw the mutilated body of his uncle, Hamza villafana, go and look at the topsails nebia Kareem saw slim instinctively started saying I will I will do something to retaliate what they have done to my ankle. And Allah says Lisa coming on amrish

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nomzamo Oprah Almighty Allah is not your call. Whether Allah tala punish them or whether ALLAH forgive them. That is a decision, not your decision. It is our beloved Nivea cream sauce. And what about us? We think that you know, we are such great people, that if we have something, and we can take it out in the member with regard to it, and Isn't it amazing that all of those people who are in the forefront of the mutilation of the body or Muslims or Muslims or Avia lauten all of them became Muslims. So it's not our call that you know, so stay away from us and I can understand and really I'm not talking about recent events, I cannot understand how you can make a personality a

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topic of your drama.

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How can you make a personality a topic if you want to make someone take the thought take what you feel is not right. And speak about the issue not about the men how many times we have said that you know you you deal you use euro you play the ball you don't pay the men and it's surprising we we talk about all these things when it comes to hormone injections. Then everything goes behind then our our if the love takes precedence with regard to our soul, which our well Am I have made mentioned. It's so sad personally.

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does not go well with anyone. Unless puzzle and grace. I don't I'm not I don't regard myself any way in any authority. There are many times over the years I could have had, you know, a reason to make a personal attack. But Allah Shakur, I've never ever done this I hope it'll hold me in good stead one day inshallah never made a personal attack against anyone. personal attacks do not go well no matter what it is, if you've got a fight with regard to the Motovun is getting sorted out outside not on the Juma Hooda has a lot to say and I would just conclude this speak to people according to the intellect and according to the capacity speak even work the arts that you know sometimes might be

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good enough so move environment might not be so good in a drama environment. You speaking about such type of drama with regard to people speaking to animals and you know, dreams and etc, which sometimes we don't you know, we don't we we know that there is a place with regard to it. Your alarm was set the cuando COVID. But we all know that dreams are not a hoot yet, other than for the person who perhaps seen it. And then also if it's according to a particular limitation, are you speaking about such things? That is the way work of you know Olia in a particular set and you speaking to general people who must, you know, be a way that you sometimes, you know, lead them to make, you

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know, a mockery with regard to aspects of Deen because of the way you presented it. A little theologian who said speak to people according to the capacity, so melotel agree with the topic as you know, this time up has been already May Allah give us a tough exam Allah