Haifaa Younis – Through What Lens Do You View Yourself and Others

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the issue of people being geeked out by dcarbon standards and how they have a PhD. They also mention a woman named Taqwa who was seen as a creator by the public. The speaker believes that people need to know who is better than others to avoid becoming a disaster.
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better people

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is not by the dunya standard, this is our problem. We judge people by dunya standard, right? So she has a PhD. I have a college degree she's better than me who said that?

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The who said how I say to myself, who has the who is the only one who has the right to judge who's better than other Allah Spanner was the creator. What did he say? It's in the Quran, right? Owners in a HELOC in the current one, which are anarcho Shogun Wakaba later out of in a chroma Komenda la HC X Paco people, not Muslims, believer people created you from a man and a woman made you nations and tribes so you know each other. First up in Chroma Komenda light at Auckland, this is why it is here because people think I'm better because I am this or ayanda No, it is the most economical, the most honorable in the sight of Allah is the One who has Taqwa. So if she or he got married before

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me, that doesn't mean they are bad or they are better. This is a decree Allah has allowed it now. If you become if I become a teacher and you become a doctor, you're not better than me or I'm better than you is how Allah divided it. Yeah. And if I believe ALLAH is Allah, and we all do, Allah has just that's just I think the issue is we need to know Allah better.

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