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AI: Summary © The sermon of Islam is an annual obligation for Muslims who attend the annual sermon, designed to encourage individuals to practice and rewarded for it. The importance of bathing and finding a space for personal reasons is emphasized, along with the use of new clothing for specific events and personal reasons. The importance of practicing is emphasized, along with the use of Pr acts and daily practices. The segment also highlights the importance of bringing knowledge and application to one's life.
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There have been many courses and seminars and workshops organized in this city of ours and others about the art of delivering a quarterback.

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How to be a proficient sermon giver, to communicate the message of Allah Jalla Jalla who to people effectively,

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however, this hotbar will not be focusing on that

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not the art of delivering a call tomorrow,

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but something that affects most of us, if not all, which is the art of receiving the hotbar

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how is it that I can unlock the full benefits of the Friday Sermon as well as was intended by Elijah legendado

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this has become a weekly obligation upon the Muslims

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and Salah to Joomla is part of your lifestyle till the day we meet Allah.

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So we are invested, interested and keen to know how we can reap the full and wholesome benefits of this day.

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First of all, hola gender Julia who said Yeah, you had lady in Manu Oh you who believe

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he then odia de Sala Timmy I will do Marathi fossa inadequate decree law.

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When the call for the Friday prayer is made,

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then rush to the remembrance of Allah. That is the Friday prayer well that will bear and leave trade. The Alikum Heinola Come In Kuntum Tala moon that will be better for you. If only you knew

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Allah Almighty singles out trade as being the thing that we should leave when we hear the call to the Friday prayer. And that is because this is what mostly distracts us from salah, our search for our daily bread.

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And then the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa salam encourages the Muslim to arrive as early as you can to the house of Allah subhanahu wa taala and to not make it a last minute scramble May Allah pardon us to get to the message to get to the message Masjid minutes before the cult leader sends them in BA

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and that is why Bukhari and Muslim they're right on the authority of Abu Hurayrah

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that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said many latests Salah Yahoomail Juma is useless Jana Tamara Hafiz sateen. Olathe and Nana caradonna. Whoever baits on the day of Friday, the bathing of Genova

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and then goes to the masjid

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in the first hour.

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It will be as if he has sacrificed a camel for the sake of Allah, the most precious of animals. woman that I have is it 30 A defect a nama karada Baqarah but whoever goes in the second hour for the Friday prayer, it will be as if he has sacrificed a cow woman that I have is it 30 that if a nama Cara, the caption a Koran and whoever goes to the Friday prayer in the third hour it will be as if he has sacrificed a horned RAM. Look at how the value is depreciating. women that are happy sir it Robbie it FACA anima Cara by the Georgia and whoever goes to the masjid only fourth hour it will be as if he has sacrificed a chicken woman rah Hafiz Satyam kami certificate and nama Cara data EULA

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and whoever goes in the 50 hour, it will be as if he has sacrificed a mere egg for Allah.

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For either hydrogen Imam Harbottle malah Iike to your stem your own zikr that when when the Imam appears he begins his sermon, the angels leave their positions and they join with the rest of the Muslims to hear the sermon so they are at the door taking the names of the people or not what time they have arrived and the reward they deserve. When he begins he's caught by the turn their scrolls over and they sit with us. Those who come after have missed out on the reward.

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How do we calculate these five sat these five hours they're not the 60 minutes lots as we know it. The scholars like Sherif Ali and others have said you calculate it by looking at the time between after the sun has risen till when the Imam ascends the pulpit and begins his hotbar So today it was 115. You look at the Hours say they were six hours for example, you divide them by five and each one of those sections constitutes a sir an hour. Therefore most of us for the last 30 or 40 years of our lives. We have been coming in the fifth our moments before the hook by begin. And we have not offered Allah more than an egg on a weekly basis. And we know some of our predecessors and some of

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our L

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others today who start preparing for the day of Joomla from as early as Salah to ledger and arriving to the masjid and staying at the masjid from February until Joomla. Maybe this will be difficult for most of us, but speak to your employer and say to him, I want to make an early start for my Joomla and more often than not, they will honor the request. So arriving early,

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then you have the element of FTC bathing on the day of Dumas

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Bukhari and Muslim the rate on the authority of Abu Saeed but the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to slow Juma it was a Muslim bathing on the day on Friday is an obligation upon every Muslim every adult.

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What does it mean an obligation worship? Is it an obligation? Is it a sunnah leave the filthy discussion. This hadith is enough as an encouraging encouragement for us to engage in a full bathing before we arrive to the masjid on Friday.

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And in another very famous Hadith, which is breathtaking

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and commonly misunderstood. A Buddha would narrate on the authority of our sipping house that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said men Allah Salah Yeoman Juma it was a pestle here are the conditions whoever bathes another and Bates himself

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from Bella Kerala taka and leaves early for the Friday Salah and arrives early well my shower lamb Jakub and walks to the masjid and does not ride

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what dynamin email me was stammer and draws as close as he can to the Imam and listens

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while me elgu And does not engage in any inappropriate nonsensical behavior during the salah. What is the reward? Karnala who will be coolly what what in a hammer who sent it in a judo CRB? Huh? What

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he will be given the reward of a year's worth of prayer at night and a year's worth of fasting for every step of the way. Now ilaha illallah Karim Allah He was

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what does it mean? The hadith said, bathes himself bathes another.

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The rest of the hadith is quite clear.

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The majority of the scholars they say what this means is that you wash your entire body and you give special attention to your hair because Salah doesn't because the Arabs they used to use creams and oils for their long hair. So the emphasis is in getting the water into your Bashara into your scalp and washing the rest of your body. Let's set our

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other scholars like Armadyl to be and others have said know what this means is that on the day of Friday, a man has had matrimonial relations with his wife, therefore he has become the cause of her bathing and he himself will also be

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and that is a second understanding which shows you how the Sharia wants you to come to the masjid with a clear mind. No sexual urge to attend the masjid with no interruptions in your mind to absorb everything that the football has to offer you. The religion wants us to grow in, in Allah.

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Then we have the elements of wearing new clothes or some clothes that you have specified for this day of Joomla they don't have to be expensive.

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And that is why if Nomad generates on your authority via Isha that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Mahalia, a hottie come in watch at the Sheraton. And yet Duffy, that little mighty he thought obey any Cy sal de me next year. He said it would be good idea he Salatu was Salam. He said it would be good.

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If one of you has financial ability to buy a special pair of clothes, that is dedicated for your Joomla sada that is different to your workloads.

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And perhaps part of the wisdom in this is that when you wear a specific attire for a specific occasion, you feel a specific way.

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And that's why there was a research that was done by the Northwestern University of the US in 2012. Where they looked at the effect of clothing on the cognitive behavior of people their psychology and performance at work.

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And they call that enclosed cognition. What they found is that if you wear a clothing of a specific meaning it affects your psychology and can enhance performance at the task you are doing. So they found scientists for example, before they go to work if they wear their lab coat, a lab coat, which usually demonstrates intelligence in science and research. They perform better at work when they are wearing their lab coat

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it and here the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is encouraging us to find a special pair of clothes and dedicated for Juma why? Because they're showing how wants us to benefit when we arrive at Salah to Joomla and not to fall asleep and not to say Mother Karla and he fell What did he just say?

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So this is the element of wearing new clothes and then when we arrive at the masjid, how would the Sahaba behave as jewelry? He said Karna Rasulullah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam either Aqua de haut batty he is stuck there who will be will do him had diaphragm I mean, when the Prophet alayhi salatu salam would begin his hotbar the Companions would turn the faces to him, and they would not turn away until he had finished his hotbar full attention. They wanted to absorb the baraka of this day, and to grow.

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And then he said Ali husana to Assam, when he saw a man, the hadith of Abdullah hypnobirth are jumping over people trying to find a space separating between two he said edgeless *a, the date sit down, you have harmed people. The Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam wants the Muslims to pay attention, and there's no with anything to interrupt their attention. He said to him sit down, you have harmed people. And he said he couldn't tell us law he became que Yahoomail Joomla it will email Maria to answer it for good luck out. Buhari and most of them if you say to your brother on the day of Joomla. When the Habib is speaking, you say to him, shush. Listen, then you have engaged in Lagu

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idle behavior, inappropriate talk. He said men muscle husafell cat lover, whoever plays with the pebbles on the floor has engaged in level idle talk inappropriate behavior. In a third Hadith he said women love AlFalah Jumada whoever engages in Lego then there is no Dumas for him.

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So the Muslim does not fidget with his toes does not pick his nails does not play with his beard does not twirl his hair does not check his phone does not speak to his neighbor does not check his social does none of that but gives his entirety to the day of Juma why all of these advocates for one reason

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to ensure that when you come to the masjid, you leave as a reformed person.

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That 20 or 30 minutes you spend in the masjid, it's a cause of growth. This is the intention of the Sharia for us. And hence all of these these mannerisms. In conclusion, I share with you four keys. Practical takeaways for those who are still unsure

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how to unlock the wholesome and maximum benefits that were intended by Allah for you on this day. Four Keys if you were to understand them and apply them, I can guarantee that both of us you and I will see a paradigm shift transformation in perspective and a new appreciation of salatu Juma and each Friday will be a means of growth for us in dunya and an argument for us on Yeoman piano.

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The first key ensure my brother, my sister, that you have done some research about the nature of Yeoman Umar. the ins and outs of this day scholars and students of knowledge alike they need this a constant reminder.

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So open up readable side of him Imam would never wish compilation of Hadith go to the chapter of yomo. Juma the day on Friday. Read about its virtues. Read about it soon and it's etiquettes we all need that. Because this is the necessary warm up for this day.

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Rarely will you find an athlete who is able to jump off the bench and pounds onto the pitch and to sustain a 90 minute football game.

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Rather, you will see him running up and down the lines warming up before he is subdued. And likewise this noble and virtuous day requires some warming up. And all of these advocates that I have shared with you arriving early, engaging in your hustle, trimming your hair, your pubic hair and your nails engaging in Salalah upon the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam abundantly on Juma reciting Surah toolcraft As some of you are doing,

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brushing your teeth with see wax or a normal toothbrush, applying perfume, finding a new pair of clothes, sitting where you find the closest area for you to sit at listening attentively, drawing near to the Imam and so on and so forth. This is something that will help us unlock the virtues of Joomla number one we said do some basic study and reading about Friday its virtues and its mannerisms. Number to ensure when you arrive at them

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Do you bring with you your heart as well?

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It's beautiful to see many brothers arriving at the masjid very early. And that is something we have to recognize Alhamdulillah but when the husband begins, you realize that from some of our faces, whilst our bodies are here, our minds our hearts there elsewhere,

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who are the ones who benefit from the day of Dumas Allah said interview Daily Caller Decra. There is a reminder in this for whom Lehmann Candela who, for a person who possesses a hunt, l l Asana who was Shaheed or listens attentively with his ear, whilst present in his mind. They are the ones who benefit you arrive at the masjid Barack Allah Who feek bring with you your heart as well.

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And that is why you remember the hadith of Lee Mab, who was not a Muslim at the time, who came to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam to offer him a cure because the fools of Mecca had accused him of being a madman. He said yeah, Mohammed in the ROP we're in Allah Hi SV Allah Yeah, the the Haluk

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O Muhammad, he said, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I can offer you a cure. I know you're having problems, and God cures people through through me so can I try?

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An our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam responded with a sentence that every one of you has heard today, and many weeks before it and you will hear next week as well. He said to him in Alhamdulillah

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all praises due to Allah. Muhammad who want to stay you know who we praise Him and we seek His help. Me Yeah, the level failure mobila Whoever Allah guys, no one can misguide women you believe in your heart. And whoever ALLAH turns to miss guidance, no one can guide him.

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What should I do Allah Ilaha illa Allah Hula, hula Sherry, Cara. And I testify that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah with no partners wash. How do I know Mohammed and Abdul Rasul? And I testify that Muhammad is his slave and messenger. He said to him, I know Yeah.

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How do you heal Kenny Matt, can you repeat what you just said? He repeated it. He said can you repeat it again? He repeated it. He said this one more time. And he repeated it a third time. He said to him, Look at semi auto towel Kilohana T Wakulla, Sahara T Wakulla, Shahara. Ivana, semi auto Mithila hudl, Kellyanne offsuit, yada, yada, he came back. And in Islam. He said, I've heard the words of the magicians and the words of the sorcerers and the words of the poets. And I've never heard anything like that. Extend your hand please. So that I may take my Shahada and pledge allegiance. He said on behalf of you and your community, the man said on behalf of me and my

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community, we're all Muslims.

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Notice how the very same words that you and I heard this morning in Al Hamdulillah introducing.

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Were the very same words that changed the life of the mouth and his community. Why? Yes, because he understood them and be because

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he brought his heart to the conversation.

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So when you come to the masjid on the Friday, and you're taking off your shoes, and you place them into the shelf shelf is Well, every one of your concerns, your business concerns, your family concerns, marital concerns, children concerns, your societal concerns, your debt concerns, your rate, Rise of cost of living concerns, place them all there with the shoes, and coming to the masjid with no intention, but Allah Han to benefit from what is coming to be sent. This is the second key, bring your heart number three,

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come with the intention of applying the knowledge.

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This will create a shift in perspective. I'm not coming to the gym, not to just take a box that carried out if I didn't have an obligation, I'm coming to learn and to apply something new in my life. That's how we benefit from university we benefit from our teachers and we will benefit in the masjid and that's why you don't claim he said low Nephi mu will be law aniline Lambdin Allahu Akbar Allah kita. If knowledge by itself was useful, without application, Allah would not have condemned that scholars of the people of the book, Why did Allah condemn them? They had knowledge, their failure was an application and the worst the toughest analogies in the Quran, the analogy of the dog

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and the analogy of the donkey they were of people who learned knowledge but did not apply it. This is number three key number three come to the masjid. I intend to apply everything I hear about finances about backstabbing about lowering the gaze about bringing congregation about assisting in the Muslim socio economic affairs in being a righteous Muslim in leaving my girlfriend in lowering my gaze from pornography, whatever it may be. I'm coming to apply not just to learn.

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And number four, the fourth and final key I share with you is to come to the most you don't find a feeling that you are the one who is being addressed until Mohab no one else. You sit in the masjid now and

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You can't even see your neighbors. It is just me and the couple even Allah above us who is watching, I am the one who's being addressed not my neighbor.

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Even the Mossad, he said either semi Atala HYAH goon we are your Lavina

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when you hear Allah saying, Oh you who believe then give it an attentive ear. He said for interval Hi, Ron. Yeah, movie. Oh, Sharon. Yeah and her angle because it is goodness that he's going to tell you to do or evil he's going to tell you to stay away from

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come in the masjid feeling that no one is being addressed. But you you hear something about a virtue you hear something about a sin? Don't think so? And so is the one who's being spoken to not me and then you shrug your shoulders? What can an emerald ionic as if the matter does not pertain to you? You We are the ones who are being addressed.

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These My dear brothers, my dear sisters, our four keys I wanted to share with you which if we were to apply and understand we will see a huge shift in our appreciation of Yama Juma and not only will it transform our lives in dunya, week in week out and be a cause of our growth. But most importantly, this will be a Joomla that will benefit us on the day when money and children will not benefit man and that is the Day of Judgment