Short story of someone who lost 6 of his children

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The transcript describes a disturbing story of a woman who lost three children and three sons after a tragic death. She had a son in her late 20s and a daughter in her early 20s. She lost all of her siblings and is now alone with one son.

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set our record low about respect to the Beloved brothers and sisters. We all know that one of the worst trauma, any human being can experience is losing a child Subhanallah there was a man who had four daughters and three sons.

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His first child was a son, he lived for around two years, and then that son passed away. Then he had his four daughters. And after that he had another son, who lived for around two years also. And that son also passed away. Then he had a third son, who lived for around 18 months, and that son also passed away, already lost three sons. His first daughter, she had a son, which is his grandson, he lived for few years, and he also passed away that mother, which is his daughter, in her late 20s, she passed away his second daughter in her mid 20s. She also passed away his third daughter in her early 20s. She passed away a lot. So he lost three daughters and three sons, you only have one

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daughter, left, love.

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My brothers and sisters, we all know that when your daughters get to the age of 20 They already have settled in your heart and you love them so much. To lose them to lose three of them is tragic Subhanallah and to bury three sons yourself. No one to carry your name anymore. Allah.

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Who's that man? That man is none but our beloved Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He lost all his children except Fatima

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Allahu Akbar.

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Bye my brothers and sisters. Anytime you're going through any kind of hardship or any kind of difficulty, remember the story that the most beloved to Allah went through such a very severe test.

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May Allah subhanaw taala gather us put them in the highest place in Jin Salaam.

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