The Inked Remedy #10 – All my doors are shut

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haven't talked to anyone in so long

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they will never bring this data,

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we will fail

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ninth of March,

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exams are finally done. I did my best.

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I remember me and my dad was sat at dinner table, and I will tell him I was going to be the greatest Doctor in the world. So great that they will put me in some dr. Hall of Fame or something.

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But I guess that was just a dream. Because right now, I don't know if I'll even graduate as a biomed student, let alone become a doctor.

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It's not that I don't want to be a doctor anymore. But But all this time when I was still in the funeral and the family stuff and other things. I could have been sitting in the library till midnight revising to make sure that I passed with flying colors

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all day.

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I mean, I would revise but but not till midnight.

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The only time I used to stay out late was when I was hanging out with my friends.

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So Can my father's death have kept me away from hanging out and getting into trouble? Or better yet, making sure I do my exams?

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Adam, how big is a problem?

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Any problem?

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Most of the time the answer to this is how big we make there's an Arabic proverb that says how winter what the whom? Which translators? Make the mountain into a molehill the opposite of the famous English program. In other words, shrink your problem to its smallest possible size.

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How do I do that? I hear you ask

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several ways. Number one,

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shrink it by remembering what is was a woman who had suffered for a long period of time, but never buckled was asked, how are you able to be so patient and so composed? She said something amazing.

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She said melt will sob be mostly betting for Google Na Na in Assad fie it as Armenia Aruba. Whenever I am afflicted with a calamity. I am quick to remember the hellfire.

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And at once my calamity diminishes in size until it becomes in my eyes as small as a fly. That's the word firstly of

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shrinking it. The second shrink it by thanking Allah that the calamity itself was not wise. If you had lost an eye, God forbid, thank Allah, that you didn't lose both brother Adam.

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You broken an arm thank Allah that it wasn't your spine.

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You've lost a parent. Thank Allah. It wasn't both.

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The famous worshiper Mohamed Nawaz, Jr. was afflicted with a skin ulcer, his friends were horrified at its sight. And so Mohammed said to his friend Alhamdulillah, annihilated really sadly, well, have you thought of any Alhamdulillah that this also is not on my tongue or at the edge of my eye and hamdulillah it could have been worse.

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A poor, blind and handicapped man was heard repeating this praise, praise be to Allah who has preferred me over so many of his slaves.

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So a man said to me, Allah have mercy upon you. What is it exactly that Allah has preferred us and the man he said, Allah has gifted me with a tongue that remembers the human and their heart that praises him and a body that is patient with calamities.

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This is the second way of shrinking the calamity. Our third way is shrink it by thanking Allah subhanaw taala that your calamity was not in your deen. It wasn't in your religion. Let it be in the dunya as honorable, superb, he would say for every calamity that befalls me, I see within it for blessings. Number one that it wasn't in my religion. Number two, that I was not prevented from being content. Number three, that it wasn't worse. Number four, that I hope the rewarding it Allahu Akbar. Number four shrink the calamity by counting the fevers of Allah upon you how sad it is,

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when we become blind to the countless blessings that we've been showered with, and we can only see that one or two blessings that have left us. I mean, is this fair?

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When AutoWeb Elizabeth's foot was amputated because of gangrene. A man said to him his name was Ignatova that Kola who axon aka like our designer Kawasaki, here is late.

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Don't worry, he said, because Allah has kept the majority of your body intact. Alhamdulillah he said, you've got your mind, you've got your tongue, you've got your eyes, you've got your hands and one of your two feet. All the way he said, ma has any I hadn't been with the magazine, and maybe no one has offered me better condolences than you.

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Allahu Akbar. And others have complained of limited finances. So they were asked the question, would you sell your vision your eyes for 100,000? They said no. Would you sell your ability to hear? They said Never? Would you sell your ability to speak to articulate yourself?

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Would you set your mind your kidneys? Your pancreas? Each time? The answer was a clear No. So it was said to them in reality, you were a multimillionaire? How can you complain of poverty?

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That's another way of shrinking it. Another way of shrinking it. Number five, by remembering that much like a summer's cloud, it will pass it will pass think about

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those who were previously tested with an illness or the loss of a loved one. How were they at the time?

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Some perhaps doubted that they could ever recover. But guess what, with the passage of time, they did recover. They moved on. And what was once the heart wrenching, tragedy became Alhamdulillah and distant memory.

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All those you see around you this moment in time smiling, laughing and enjoying their lives. I asked you did they not cry with pain at one point in their lives?

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They certainly did.

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But with the passage of time, Alhamdulillah it began to change and matters were restored.

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Sheikh Ali Tomba he said something beautiful.

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He said as for those who are suffering due to an illness that has depressed them,

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or poverty that has saddened them, or an oppressive imprisonment that has restricted them from family and children, or a sinful tyrant who harasses them during mornings and evenings, he said A day will come when all of this shall become a memory and chit chat, during gatherings with friends.

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When I realized how much my article had impacted Adam, and how many are suffering just like him, it inspired us to start the series and help many more like Adam. I invite you to benefit from the complete series available on online Masjid dot Islam 21