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The first Islamist faced challenges, including death, fatigue, and hardship, but achieved success in achieving his goals. The second Islamist faced similar struggles and faced a difficult situation, but ultimately achieved success. The importance of knowing one's weaknesses and weaknesses in a face to face relationship is emphasized, as well as showing proper manners and mercy. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for Islam's history and potential conflict.

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There is a particular prophet of Allah subhanaw taala, whom the Quran has given a very noticeable amount of attention to.

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His name was the most repeated name of any prophet despite there being prophets who are perhaps greater than him, like the Prophet of Allah Ibrahim the Prophet of Allah, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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But in fact, the Quran not only discusses his life, but his birth, and the events that took place that led up to his that led up to his birth as well we have knowledge I mean of, of his mother or his sister, we have knowledge of his breastfeeding years. We have knowledge of his youth, his manhood, we, we even have knowledge of his marriage, how it happened, and even the dairy that he paid. The Quran has given us knowledge of all of these things.

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He is a prophet whose name was repeated no less than 183 times in the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala and his stories scattered, dispersed mentioned in the Quran, in no less than 25 different pots.

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And the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had even described to us his very appearance and His physical construct. He is none other than the Prophet of Allah Musa alayhi salatu salam, Allah subhanho wa Taala said three things about this prophet

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that was not said about any other prophet in the Quran.

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Description number one, Allah said about him what I like to I like them, I have them in me I have cast love over you Oh Musa Allahu Akbar, I have cast love over you meaning everyone who would see Prophet Musa immediately loved him.

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The second unique description that came about Prophet Musa was was my Nana Toka was time to clean up see I have prepared you for myself. And the third of those characteristics or descriptions is one little snap it so that you may be brought up under my eye. Ya Hola Hola. Hola, como, these are hot melting descriptions. Musa is being told that ye was created by Allah to be for Allah subhana wa Tada. So there is a category of human beings, the allies of Allah subhanaw taala, whom Allah chooses, whom Allah depends whom Allah supports, whom Allah nurtures and prepares them for his divine self. May Allah make us amongst them. They are the happiest people to walk the face of the

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earth, and they will be the happiest people on the day of terror, the Day of Judgment, they will be the most safe of all people Allahu Akbar.

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Therefore no pot, no part of Prophet Musa was for dunya for this world, his heart, his soul, his essence, his ambitions, his hopes, his fear, his turning his yearning. They were all entirely for the sake of Allah. Each chapter of his life was divinely planned by Allah subhanho wa Taala to prepare Musa to be for Allah and Allah alone. Look at the words of shaker Saudi. Speaking about this area, I have prepared you for myself. Sheikh aside he said, either Canada, Al Habibollah, either Arad the splinter Habibi him in Al bakr Lukin What Are there any local middle canal in Mutlu Bella who nya blue? Yep, Zulu. Hi, Judy. Well, yes, I Neha at Anna young Kino Goofy is slightly hilly

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dialect from other Luca Besana AI rugby subhanho wa taala.

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When Matt asked me what on your forehand limitedly had, his says when a person wishes to prepare someone, whom he dearly loves, and desires to bring him up to the levels of perfection, such a person will exert all of his effort and he will do all what he can

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to help them attain this level of perfection. Associated Kasady he says, Can you imagine therefore the favors of Allah subhanaw taala, the most able the the most generous when he has taken it upon himself to develop a person whom he has selected for himself from creation? What will Allah do for such a person? I have prepared you for myself, Allah said about Prophet Musa. When did Prophet Musa by the way hear these beautiful and comforting words? He heard them during one of the loneliest, loneliest times in his life after he had escaped his home city. And during the darkest portion of the night, it was just him and his righteous wife, carrying with them hardly any luggage whatsoever.

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They were so lightly prepared, and so poor, that when Moses saw a glimmer of light in the distance, what did he say to his wife? He said, uncle in me understood our Natalie It could mean her because in our elegido Island, nadie Hoda, he said stay here on my wife stay here. I proceed what seems to be a fire. Perhaps I can bring you a torch or find that the fire

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or some some guidance, Allahu Akbar. So they really possess nothing.

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Prophet Musa alayhis salam, he makes his way towards this light, not knowing that he was approaching the biggest moment in his life, which would change his future, his life and his afterlife forever.

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Little did he know that he was making his way towards an appointment with the King of kings, Allah subhanho wa Taala and he was about to hear the very voice of Allah, the Creator of the heavens and the earth. He arrives, and here Prophet Musa, he is his name being called out, yah Musa in nanny and Allah Oh Musa, indeed I am Allah

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Subhan Allah. At this moment Musa is given the enormous task of being a prophet. And Musa was listening to the words of his Lord Allah subhanho wa Taala as he spoke to Musa directly, and it was during this perfect night in Egypt, and during that specific hour of the evening, where Prophet Musa finally understood why he had been suffering for all those years,

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leading up to the build up or leading up to this moment that he was now experiencing before Allah, considered with me the factors of difficulty Musa experience, Prophet Musa was born with a death death warrant to his name. Because in the law of the pharaoh of Egypt, every male born baby deserved execution. That's number one. Number two, he was due for a separation from the arms of his mother, when he was still a newborn, where she felt compelled to put him in a box and lower him into the river Nile, which would then find its way to the palace of the Pharaoh himself who wanted the young boy is executed Subhanallah number three, this box would arrive at the doorstep of the tyrant

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himself, the pharaoh where his wife would fall in love with Musa and so Musa grew up within the palace of a tyrant and that is expenditure. Why was all of this happening to Musa as he didn't know? Point number four consider the fact that later on Prophet Musa alayhi salatu salam would accidentally claimed the life of a man

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during a scuffle that he saw him and another person having and he would flee Egypt, ie Musa he would escape Egypt, in fear after having been told that for the second time in his life, that his life is at risk behind him where the authorities that wanted to see him dead, ahead of him was completely unknown future. Number five, Musa would experience tremendous fatigue, starvation, he fled Egypt and he would work as a laborer for 10 consecutive years after being raised in the palace of a king just before there, and then afterwards, he would set off with his wife, walking towards an unknown future, suffering, fatigue, hardship, that was the summary of the life of Moses leading up to this

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moment and now he is listening to Allah subhanho wa taala. See, up until this conversation with Allah Musa I had no idea why all of this had happened to him. But now all of a sudden it was it was making sense, these different shades of hardship that Musa was put through, they were not accidental.

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And they were not because Allah was punishing him.

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Now Allah has given him the answer why you had gone through all of this Oh Musa Allah said to him was done out to Cali NFC or you have prepared you for myself, Allahu Akbar.

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During this glorious and breathtaking conversation between man and the Lord of man,

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Allah gave Prophet Musa a summary of his entire life,

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to show him how every phase of his life was divinely planned, starting from his birth, separation from his mother, and the events that Musa was far too young to remember.

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Here, dear brothers and sisters are the words that Prophet Musa heard. Are you ready to hear them? And as you hear them,

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I just want you to try and imagine the roller coaster of emotions that Prophet Musa must have experienced, as he He is Allah subhanho wa taala, the king of the heavens and the earth, Allah the Creator, the first the last Allah narrating to him the story of his life. Imagine how weird that would be an amazing Allah said to him, call according OTT Lakia Musa, Allah said oh Musa, your request has been granted.

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While academia and then they come up with an okra and we have shown our favor upon you yet another time. Listen carefully brothers and sisters, the vs continue is our Hayner in our Maker now you ha When We inspired your mother to do what we in

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inspired her to do an equity fee he Viterbo difficulty fee he feel yummy Faneuil ki helium Moody saheeli. Who I do only what I do want Allah when we said to your mother put him inside of a box meaning you baby Musa put him inside of a box and then place it onto the river and the river will then throw it on the bank and they're an enemy of Mine and an enemy of his will take him that is the Pharaoh.

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Well, are you to Alabama have Batum in the valley to snow I eat and I cast the garment of love over you in order for you to be brought up under my eye

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is Tam Sheoak to Kavita Hulu Hulu, Hulu Comala maniac follow remember when your sister went? And she said should I direct you to someone who can nurse baby Musa

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so like guiding you to someone who can nurse this baby that was your sister speaking

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for Raja Anelka Illa omic and therefore we return you back to your mother Keita, Cara I knew how Allah has done so that her I may cool. So that her I may call and not grieve whatsoever

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waka delta and epsilon and remember also when you killed someone for that Jane Eyre kemudahan but we saved you from the retaliation, Wi Fi 10 NACA for tuna and we tested you with severe tests.

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Allah continues further with the CD in fer Halima de and some Allah Kadri Musa and you remained for some years among the people of Medina and he was working. Then you came here at the decree time Oh Musa Allahu Akbar, then Allah said, was flown out to Kadena FSI.

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And I have prepared you for myself that you know,

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how was most of feeling when he heard these words from Allah subhanho wa taala. See, although he did not see it at the time of his many hardships, but every phase of hardship was made to take place because Allah was preparing Musa for a great level to be Allah and Allah was alone.

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And I asked what would ALLAH SubhanA wa Adana do for a person whom he prepares for himself? The answer to this question is the biography of Prophet Musa, the biography of Prophet Musa his Sierra, that is the answer to that question, Allah will be with this person in every one of the steps of their life, even if the steps are steep,

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Allah will be with them till this person arrives at the gates of gender.

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Now, with all of this said, the question that naturally follows is, what about us? I mean, how can we receive a portion of what Musa received? In other words, how can we also be a people who Allah subhanaw taala chooses and prepares for himself, so that our lives becomes purely about Allah subhanaw taala and therefore he is with us in every step of the way to we also get to Jana. What do we need to do?

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And the reason I mentioned this Dear Brothers and Sisters is because during these times of fitna these times of tribulation confusion, worldwide hardship for Muslims, how can we as individuals ensure that our hardship is not going to waste? How can we ensure that these hardships are signs that Allah subhanaw taala is preparing us for greatness as well in both worlds? To answer that question, we will point out several key features of Prophet Musa amongst the many

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that qualified him for the station of Wilston autoclean FC, I have prepared you for myself, take a look at several characteristics in the life of Musa and then ask yourself how am I going to adapt them into mine? Number one, knowledge, knowledge moves as knowledge of Allah and His Deen was enormous.

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And speaking about the knowledge of Musa Allah subhanaw taala said, what they know Musa kita Dhawal for con Allah Allah Contacta don't remember when we gave Musa the Scripture and the foregone the differentiation between right and wrong, that perhaps you would be that perhaps you would be guided. So this is an idea that attests to the reality that Prophet Musa was a person of knowledge.

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a clear sign of Allah subhanaw taala is not for a person is that he inspires him inspires her to tread the path of knowledge. And that is why the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said there's Bukhari and Muslim right on the authority of Maha via may UDD. Let her be heard on you Fatih Hoshi Deen. Whenever Allah Almighty wants good for a person, he will give him understanding in their religion. When Allah Who wants good for a person, what will he give him cars wives, husbands homes towers? No, he will give them understanding of their religion. Moses Desire to Learn was absolutely remarkable.

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In fact, when Allah subhanaw taala told Moses that there was a righteous man who was based at the junction of the two seas, and he has knowledge of certain matters that you don't want it Musa do. Musa instantly packed his bags and set out on the journey to find him. And Musa, he said, displaying his determination. La Habra had the absolute garbage removal Bahraini Oh Anglia Hakuba. I will not give up traveling until I reached the junction of the two seas. Or perhaps I will spend years upon years in traveling ya allah Loic.

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So don't say that Prophet Musa received revelation from Allah and that is why he had knowledge. Musa also made an effort to learn. And after an exhausting journey, which Allah documents in the Quran, he finally met this individual at the junction of the two seas, and a display in a display of remarkable prophetic humility. Musa said to this man who was inferior to him most I said to him hell who gala and to Ali Malema who lived Arusha Can I follow you?

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Can I follow you so that you teach me from what you have been taught from sound judgment that you know in the last So brother, sister, from this moment in time, this very second that you are listening to these words, create a plan for learning, create a plan to study and to remove from yourself the veils of ignorance? Consult the people of goodness and they are many around you. Ask them how do I devise a plan so that I can become at least a student of a student of knowledge or more, the second of the characteristics of Prophet Musa alayhi salatu salam that qualified him for this level of I have prepared you for myself is his dedication to the many forms of worship a bad

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Musa was a man of worship. The very first instruction that Musa received from Allah was what? Farah Bodine what it means Salah telepathically Worship Me and establish the prayer for my remembrance. Subhanallah the very first commandment he heard from Allah was pray, worship.

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It is key for a person who wants to be chosen and prepared and nurtured by Allah. And shortly by the way before the Pharaoh would be drowned in the sea. Allah subhanho wa Taala gave Musa and his brother Harun the following commandment, listen carefully and underline the key word.

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He said to them about what earlier called mikuma be miserable. You gotta watch Hulu takamaka Bella Tang wa Kamal Salah Warbucks she will mean he said to Musa and Harun provide homes for your people in Egypt and make your homes into places of worship, and establish the prayer and give good news to the believers.

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Ah, so Subhanallah a person whom Allah subhanaw taala has prepared for himself. It's not an average person with respect to worship, it's impossible. They can't be rather than the signs of perpetual prayer and extra fasting and dua, and vicar and tears and hope, recitation of Quran that you cannot miss it from the life of this person, the appearance of this person, the conduct of this person, that's quality number two, worship. Number three that we see in the life of most of the third characteristic. He was a man who always acknowledged his errors, he was not afraid to confront his blind spots. Prophet Musa was never shy. He was never hesitant to acknowledge where he made a

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mistake. And he would return retreat to the truth immediately when presented with it. And this is undoubtedly one of the most essential characteristics of a prophet or a leader or a mother who will produce revivalists or any individual and whom Allah has chosen and prepared for himself. They're not afraid to say a stock for Allah I've made the mistake. See, when Musa was separating a fight between two he underestimated his own strength. What did he do? He accidentally killed one of them in the process. What did Musa save?

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Once at once Musa said I heard that I mean how many shaytaan This is from the work of shaytaan in now who I don't want melindo mobian? Surely Shavon is an enemy, openly leading people astray God or be in need for them to Nipsey felt defeated Leifeng AlFalah in who who was a photo Rahim. So Prophet Musa said, My Lord, I have wronged myself, so forgive me. So Allah forgave him indeed Allah is forgiving the merciful Subhan Allah, instantly squaring up to this mistake asking Allah for forgiveness, apologizing when arriving, and thus Allah chose him for himself.

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And on another occasion, he came across another two men who were fighting and one of whom by the way, was the same from the last fight. And when he was on the verge of involving himself, one of the two men said to Musa yeah Musa Oh Musa

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To redo and tackle toolani comma kottelat and FCM will MC in to redo in the guna job daraz Phil are the ones to redo the akuna minal Musleh hain. The man he said Musa Are you intending to kill me? Let you killed someone yesterday.

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You only want to be a tyrant in the land it seems and you don't want to be one of the reformers.

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So what happened when Musa heard those words?

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At once Musa he stopped in his tracks, he withdrew himself from the scene.

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Musa was chosen by Allah for many characteristics, one of which is the fact that he was not afraid to acknowledge his errors. And these by the way, they wouldn't be the only examples of how Musa retreated to what is right. How can we forget about how angry Prophet Musa was when he saw his people having returned to idolatry and worshiping a golden calf? Although it was just a few days ago, when, when he left them,

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Musa he threw the scriptures that Allah had given him just from anger and just shocking he just threw the scriptures on the ground. And he grabbed his older brother by his hair and by his bed, although his brother was older than Musa and he began dragging him perfect how rune pleaded with Musa explaining to him that it's not his fault, and that he tried his best to prevent them from worshipping the calf but they were on the verge of killing him. And he said to his brother Musa Ebina own in calmness, dada foodie, what can I do to lose any further to Schmidt to be al Adha? Walter Jandy man, Gong Milady mean he said, son of my mother, son of my mother, that people

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oppressed me.

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They were about to kill me. So don't let the enemies gloss over my suffering and don't please me with the wrongdoing, people Allah. When Musa heard this, what did he do? What did he do brothers and sisters compare this when you and I are experiencing a fit of rage? What did he do when he heard those words, moves his heart, broke to the truth, acknowledged his mistake, repented to Allah. And he said about Bill Finley, what do you fear Rama take our L or Hamid Rahimi. He said, My Lord, forgive me. Forgive my brother, allow us to enter into your mercy. And you are the Most Merciful of those who show mercy.

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Musa would then kneel down to the ground, and he would pick up the scrolls from the floor that he threw. And that was the end of the problem. See, brother sister assigned that Allah has chosen you for himself and is preparing you for himself

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is that your heart falls into submission. Whenever it hears the term, this is halal. This is haram. This is doubtful. This is not ours. This is not from our own mind.

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This is the obligation. This is the prohibition your heart submits. When you are advised with good manners and with evidence. You rush to make amendments to your relationships, your secret habits, your secret conversations, your business dealings, even if they are enormous. Your manners, your physical appearance, your dress code, your social media, you submit to the truth. Another one of the hallmarks in the life of Prophet Musa that made him a person who was qualified to be prepared by Allah for Allah was his patience. It was exemplary, Allahu Akbar. From the beginning of his life to the very end, you can summarize the life of Musa by saying he was a man of patience. In fact, when

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our messengers I send them he would suffer he would say, Rahim Allah Who Musa could oh the reactor mean hada fossa. May Allah have mercy on my brother Musa. He was see suffered more than this. And he showed patients, our prophets that I send them with, console himself sometimes with the difficult circumstances by remembering the Sierra of Prophet Musa aneesoft.

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Allahu Akbar, these are some of the characteristics that defined Prophet Musa alayhis salam, wa salam from the many.

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Where am I going, by the way with all of this?

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What's the point of mentioning this? See, despite all of the happenings of today, that break the heart of every wakeful, unconscious Muslim,

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we are to remember that above the universe is unknown who is watching, and a Lord who is allowing matters to unfold in the ways which they are.

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But why are we experiencing this worldwide trial? The answer is in the story that you just heard was done to clean up see, I have prepared you for myself.

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Prophet Musa was one of the dearest of creation to Allah

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and this

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Sit on my dear brothers and sisters, this nation of Muslims is also the dearest of all nations to Allah.

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The fact that Allah allowed Prophet Musa to suffer so much, despite his love for him is a clear indication that suffering at times is a preparation, not hatred. Allah said to Musa will LA to la cama habit and mini I've cast love over you. But at the same token, Allah also said to him with a 10 NACA voodoo that we have tested you with severe tests are so we have just understood that for those who Allah loves, they may come hand in hand, love of Allah and tests they may come hand in hand and this is how we must see our difficult situation as Muslims today, as Allah said to Musa in order that you may be brought up under my eye when it was now we are being brought back to our senses as

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Muslims Dear brothers and sisters, and Allah is raising us under his eye.

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Our hardships as Muslims undoubtedly they are like none other. But why?

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Because the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said about you said about us, he said and to move through the Sabina Amina and to her Euro how Accra Mohan Allah. He said you want the last of 70 nations which Allah has created. However, you are the greatest and most honorable of these nations in the sight of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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Musa was being prepared for greatness. And this owner is being prepared for greatness. And so we will have to experience the exact same process that Prophet Musa alayhi salatu salam underwent

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the same way that Musa was separated from his mother, from a very young age, separated from his relatives, separated from his loved ones. We will also perhaps at times be separated from people and places that we love, even if those places happen to be something as beautiful and as dear to us as Al Aqsa in Palestine. But Musa was reunited with his loved ones, and we too will be reunited with our loved ones. Whether it happens today or tomorrow it is the Promise of Allah.

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In the same way that Musa was thrown into the river Nile, we will also be thrown into the rivers of hardship. Maybe the rivers of ridicule, revels of discrimination at times, but the shore for Musa was near and our shore is just as near as well. Allah said wala hollyburn Allah and when I can act on sila Allah Munna Allah has full power and control over his affairs, but most people they don't know