Pastor Amazed Mosques are packed as Mufti Menk Encourages more Masjids (Church into a Masjid)

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So I'm driving around looking for a place to move our Friday night evening services. But look at this those of you logging on I want you to stay with me look at this. This is a mosque. This is a mosque, every Friday. They have they pack the mosque out, they even having to use open grass area to fit more cars for parking. I want you to see this, how easy it is for Muslims to gather together in prayer. Because they have a culture of prayer that here is Muslims, and they gather together in prayer. They have a culture of prayer. Look at that. Allah, Allah. My goodness, look at this Muslim security guard.

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I know in there, God bless you.

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Like it is unbelievable. Look, it is packed. This is a house of prayer to Allah, a house of prayer to Allah it is packed.

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They have to park you know, on other property. I'm so grieved by this. When I saw that my stomach kind of tightened up. I felt that that ignorance and that fear and if Allah has blessed you with wealth and you have built a house for the sake of Allah Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam tells us mana Allah He masjid and been Allahu Allahu Beighton Phil Jana, whoever builds for Allah house, genuinely for the service of the deen genuinely to bring the Muslim ummah together to give them a facility to come together to worship Allah as an ummah, to bring them together not to separate them. If someone builds a masjid to separate people, the Quran speaks about that separation as being something that

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will be a driving force for them to lose the hereafter. But if we build a house bIllahi min banally Allah He masjid and whoever builds a house of Allah masjid for Allah. The Prophet SAW Selim says, Allah will build for him a house in Jana, may Allah build for us houses. When you came to Florida to try to find a location new location for the Dean center. We looked at many ugly ducklings as you would say. And on your last trip, we did find the location, though Rico is magnificent. I am so excited for your listeners, for your followers. To understand the magnitude of what this new center will do in the Tampa area in the Bel Rico area in particular, it is a very large facility, the

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facility is almost 35,000 square feet, it is made up of five different buildings. When we went there, we were super excited. I think all of us we did kind of a little preliminary, hey, this is one of the spots we're looking at. When we went in, we all saw the potential for what your vision is and your vision, which would be to have the Dean center to have your mosque and then also to have an athletic facility, school recording studio. And just the vision that you have to be able to have that in one location was just amazing. We decided to put in an offer on the property. And we're a little bit taken aback when we found out there were two other offers on the property. So we were

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competing with one facility which was going to be a carwash and then another facility, another buyer was going to just have a storage facility. Now in both of those cases, the existing church itself was and buildings were going to be knocked out and just flattened and use the land to rebuild as the property is also on four acres as you know, when our offer was presented to the seller, Pastor Oh, who is the President's pastor of the congregation there really thought long and hard about it and decided that he just felt our mission, your mission with maintaining a place of worship was so important to them that they granted us the contract and we've been moving forward ever since. I want

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to touch upon upon that, where you talk about you mentioned that there was there were two other offers and what they were talking about tearing the church down. Mainly they were just going to level the entire church and the the other buildings that go with it. So the pastor there he was more inclined towards

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having us continue, you know, as a house of worship maxium mosque and rather than having it tore down that's amazing. It is absolutely amazing, especially in today's times where you hear that money is everything and you know they could have closed a little bit earlier with these other

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requires, as there were things that you have to prepare for. But because it was going to be a house of worship, and again, this is coming from a I believe that they're a Baptist church, and you know, your Muslim faith, but they just they just feel that in today's times that house of worship, someplace where people can go to receive the word was so much more important than just getting the money and running. And in today's times, that's, that's highly unusual. And it's a testament to you and what you stand for and what you hope to build in the community, which is what was presented to them when they were looking at the competing offers. Yeah, that's really profound. It's really

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amazing to hear that, because I want my audience to know that, that, you know, the the pastor chose, you know, rather than having the church tore down totally, and they actually, you know,

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wanted it to continue as a house of worship. So people have this opportunity to go ahead and make this a reality. Brothers and sisters, we're halfway there. This is your brother Eddie from the D show and I've hunted Allah we are purchasing a 35,000 square foot property to build the deen center. A Dawa center a masjid the first of its kind in America. We are halfway there. We have $700,000 left that must be collected in order to close on the property. Get the tremendous rewards by donating right now may God Almighty Allah reward all of you