I Am Near #03 Amazing Duaa BetweenTwoSajdas

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AI: Summary © The speaker is discussing two sectors, one of which is "flattering." They mention a person named"relentlessly" and ask who they are talking about. The other speaker talks about "flattering and" while the first speaker talks about "flattering and" and asks for guidance.
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When we are sitting between the two sectors, we could just say a bit fiddly. A bit fiddly, but there's another da taught to us by Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. If it is answered it will cover everything in the dunya and akhira Allah Mark fiddly what honey? Why didn't he was put in? Who if he knew what a Saucony were funny love ya Allah forgive me yeah Allah have mercy on me. Yeah Allah guide me. Yeah Allah support me. Ya Allah cure me from any disease. Yeah Allah provides for me yeah Allah elevate me Allahu Allah, forgiveness, mercy, guidance provision all in one

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