Ali Hammuda – Earthquakes – Coming to terms with them

Ali Hammuda
AI: Summary © The COVID-19 crisis has killed over 21,000 people across the globe, with many severely injured and many missing. The virus is causing devastating events, with major infrastructure and roads down in many provinces. There is a belief that disaster is a punishment for malice and people seek advice on how to deal with it. The importance of acknowledging the disaster and not letting it happen is emphasized. The speaker discusses the importance of science and technology in achieving Islam's goal of achieving peace and happiness, emphasizing the need for people to be aware of potential hazards and not let them happen.
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Salam aleikum. Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah. At the time of the making of this video, the death toll from the two earthquakes, which took place on Monday has surpassed the 21,000 mark, with many people still missing and critically injured.

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And the country at the moment is in a three month state of emergency in at least 10 of the country's provinces. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to ease the pain of all of those affected, and to have mercy upon those who've passed on Allahumma Amin. Since the beginning of the 21st century, no less than 50 Great art quakes have struck the globe across most continents of the globe.

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And here is the information of a few of them to give you an idea of what the 21st century and 20th century has really looked like. 1923 Tokyo earthquake Magnitude of 8.3 that killed around 200,000 people, the 1970 Peru earthquake that killed 66 over 66,000 people 1976 China earthquake that killed half a million people 1988 Armenia earthquake that killed 25,000 People Iran earthquake in the 1990 that killed over 50,000 people.

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And although earthquake activity hasn't in fact increased above the average in recent years, some have argued that we are experiencing some of the highest rates of great earthquakes ever recorded, as mentioned by Tom Parsons, a research geophysicist. Now whilst it's quite difficult, I would even say problematic to confidently claim that today's earthquakes are a fulfillment of the prophets, prophecy of more earthquakes towards the latter days. Part of preserving our Eman is to brace ourselves for more of these natural disasters of intensifying severity as life progresses towards the end of times. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said ladapo Musa to Hatha Yoga and amo the

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Hour will not be established until religious knowledge will be taken away. What tech sources Zillow, Zillow and earthquakes will be very frequent, where Takara was the man on time will pass quickly, what will fit and afflictions will appear works or how to do well wa will cut low cut low and killing will increase while you're free to Mal and money will overflow amongst you.

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Were to expect more of it as time progresses towards the latter days. And Abdullah he know how Allah He said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam once placed his hand on my head and he said to me you have an AHA that either ITIL healer, but the Netherlands herbal mocha doesn't even know how Allah when you see the caliphate having arrived at the holy land for Dannette is July zero Volbella global war on Iran, then the earthquakes and the sorrows and the grieve matters would have drawn near was Satoyama eating a caribou Isla Nursey mean highly he mean he had IQ. And on that day, the day of judgment will be nearer to people, then my hand is

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to your head.

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Question here are earthquakes and natural disasters always a produce of sins?

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Is it always a punishment? In truth, disasters can be different things to different people. For some people, it is a punishment. For some people it is a wake up call. For some people it is a cleanser of sins, whilst for others it's raising their rank in gender in paradise. And what determines all of this is the spiritual condition of the individual at the hour of the disasters arrival, generally speaking, however, a sign of Allah's love for a people is that their hardships are hurried for them in the life of this world so as to spare them suffering in the Hereafter. And that is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said that he had the OMA to Martoma Lisa Ali, in Africa, this

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nation of mine is shown mercy. It will have no punishment in the next world, meaning no believer will remain in * forever. He said either we'll have it dunya it's suffering will be in this world. I'll fit in with Zilla as you look at look through trials and earthquakes and killing.

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But did they deserve this? Others will ask. The social media scene has revealed a picture of mass confusion in light of this earthquake. How do we come to terms with this tragedy? Why would people especially those of Syria who are already gripped with poverty and freezing conditions and displacement and war? Why would they need to endure this disaster on top of it?

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Now before sharing any of these wisdoms, there are some matters of our Theta belief

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Facts need to be addressed and corrected. As a foundation first of all, harboring these types of sentiments is not necessarily an indication of a person's default hypocrisy or doubt religious skepticism. It can simply be a reflection of our innate frailty as humans our physical weakness, spiritual weakness, a frailty that is intensified and inflamed when we're under duress. So in that respect, even the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam experienced some of this suburban rot, a heavily persecuted companion. He came to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, when he was going through another round of torture, and he came and the Prophet was lying in the shade of

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the kava, he'd made a small bit of basic one from his cloak.

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And we had experienced so much torture at the hands of the pagans come back, he said, and he said to the Prophet, Allah at a standstill hola hola. Tengo la now will you not ask Allah to give us victory? Will you not pray for us?

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So he the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to him to enlarge Judah, Freeman public mechanical if you have a ruler who will audibly for you geography he people before you would be seized and detained in a pit dug out for them from the ground up or open them in charge and then they would bring a saw for your ally that I don't see he for your shock Kootenay and then he would be sawed into two pieces

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may also do Modelica and Dini and this wouldn't make him wean from his face. While young shot will be unsheltered Hadid medulla like me he may have made Arosa but others would have their flesh torn away from their bones with iron combs

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may also be who they are Lika and dini. And in spite of that, he would not when away from his face, and then the Prophet said to him, essentially, when I came knocking como de estar de Lune, at the end of the Hadith that you are rushing, but the point of mentioning this is look at kebabs, words will not make dua for us. So moments of outpouring are not always blame worthy, nor unnecessary indication of hypocrisy, so long as these thoughts are managed, soon after, properly and contained. That's point number one, point number two, another creedal matter that needs to be rectified.

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There is no better coping mechanism during the tragedy than to accept it as part of the wise other decree of Allah. It's one of the six pillars of faith belief in Qatar for a reason.

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Allah Almighty said masala by me mostly betting in Lebanese in India, no disaster strikes except by the permission of Allah. What may you be like? Yeah, the callback and whoever believes in Allah, He will guide his heart.

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What does that mean? Whoever believes in Allah, Allah will guide his heart, one of their predecessors all karma, he said, who were rajulio to see what will we'll see back via them. And there have been a Billahi firewalla, where you Salim, this verse is in reference to a person who is struck with a calamity, but realizes that it is from Allah, and so he surrenders to it, and he is content is pleased. That's point number two. Point number three. Allah is an Malik the king. Who is Allah accountable to no one who is Allah answerable to absolutely no one he is an Malik, King of the creation, sovereign of the heavens and the earth. He is free to do within his dominion as he

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pleases, we are answerable to him and he is not answerable to anyone.

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Allah subhanaw taala said Allah use

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well whom use alone. He is not asked about what he does, they shall be asked. Allah Almighty said Linda Hill, Ahmed Roman cobalamin bad. The command belongs to Allah before and after. Allah Almighty said in the La Jolla Hakuna you read Allah commands what He wills.

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Allah Almighty said in Allah if Allah you read Allah who does what He wills, Allahu Akbar, it's his domain. It's his creation. We are his.

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I mean, you saw the old Turkish man who was filling being pulled out of the rubble and only to tell the rescue team pulled out the Quran before me pull out my must have before me. Another elderly man who was laying flat on his face beneath the fall and ceiling of his home crushing him when he was filled by others who are also trapped. The old man was saying, Hmm, I need to pray. How can I make Moodle? Where's the water? So they accepted Allah's kingship over them. They submitted to his decree despite being at the heart of the tragedy.

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That's a humbling reality. For those who question Allah as they sit within the comfort of their own homes, it's a humbling reality.

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That is the core meaning of inner Linda who were in the elite era.

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Do we belong to Allah? Meaning he is free to do with us as he wishes we are his were in that elite hurrah, Joan and to Him we shall return meaning that's where we will see the fruits of the submission and acceptance.

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So Allah has a metric.

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Now having said all of this, this is not to say that Allah's actions are free from wisdom, a statue of Allah How can this be when he is the source of all knowledge and wisdom?

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I'm actually not going to send our Alibaba in a whole nother thriller Allah says we have not created the heavens and the earth and everything between without purpose i for Huseby to Mandela, Kala conga, conga, Allah has to do you think that we created you in play?

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In fact, you and I, we wouldn't be insulted. Had someone accused us of behaving without wisdom?

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How can then we accuse Allah Almighty of that same charge? When he is the very giver of our wisdom? So he gives us wisdom from Him, then we use our deficient wisdom to challenge his perfect wisdom Does that make sense panela. With these three matters of Arpita in place, only then can we start to scratch the surface of some of his perfect wisdom behind such disasters. Let us take a look number one, while tucking them in come Shuhada to take from you Mateus those practicing Muslims who breathed their last, beneath the debris of a fallen building were individuals chosen by Allah for the gift of shahada martyrdom, and it's a highly selective process.

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Martyrdom is the greatest station that is humanly attainable after the position of prophet hood, which has now been sealed shut and then sit there clear.

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And this position of martyrdom is not exclusive to those who die fighting for a just cause. In fact, there's less than 20 ways that martyrdom in Islam can be attained as if the Hajj or Alaska and he mentioned the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, shahada comes up the martyrs are five and is not only well enough to one Roku, also ahead will help me with shahidul PCB layout.

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He says they are those who die because of a plague, or those who die because of an abdominal disease, or those who died because of drowning or those who will die because of a falling building, or those who die as martyrs in the path of Allah. Now, no doubt, I know it can be difficult to remember this at the moment of a heartbreaking scene of death.

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But believe me had the disease the one who died being able to talk, they would reassure us that they're perfectly content with where they are, and that they would not choose the company of people over the company of Allah.

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And Allah told us of the believer, Habib and ajar who was killed by his community for inviting them to Islam. Surah Yaseen

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and after he was taken to Paradise, he said, Yeah, later call me Allah moon. I wish my people new.

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Be Malkoff Aralia Robbie your Jilin email, book, Ramin, of how my Lord has forgiven me, and made me of the honorable ones SubhanAllah. So to take from you martyrs, if they are content where they are, but we don't see that. See, issues will always arise when we measure the events of life, according to our deficient human standards, instead of the perfect standards of Allah subhanaw taala when we assess tragedies through a, purely a worldly lens that excludes the hereafter from the equation. So that's the first way a turkey then comes shahada to take from you martyrs. A second wisdom is as Allah Almighty said, Why am I not a pseudo be it in that we that we do not send the signs except as

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a warning?

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So warning. However, Muslims, of course, they don't reject the scientific explanations behind natural events. So in the case of earthquakes, for example, Muslims acknowledge that earthquakes can be caused by underground rocks that suddenly break and they cause rapid motion along that fault line and suddenly releases energy that causes the seismic waves that make the ground shake. We accept these theories. We also acknowledge that some countries like China, Iran, the Philippines, Italy, Turkey, they're more prone to earthquakes because they're located on a fault line. The Muslim, however, argues that in addition to the scientific explanations, there are also religious

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explanations for them, they go hand in hand. And one of these religious explanations is to serve as warnings to wave one. Notice he will build it into whoever Allah said, we do not send the signs except as a warning. Look at the format of the sentence. The format of negation first, why am I not zero? We do not send the signs, then affirmation except to cause fear or to send us a warning that's

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The strongest form of hassle or exclusivity, where all possibilities are first negated, and then only one particle or element is affirmed. So here it's as if Allah is saying to us that there is no reason, or the sole reason for the sending of his science is to give fear and warning for humanity. That's the prime purpose of the signs. So that in this sense, the real purpose of solar and the lunar eclipse is to eclipse from our lives, all ambitions other than Allah. The purpose of a flood is supposed to drown our sinful ways once and for all. Similarly, the purpose of an earthquake is to cause hearts to tremor to quake and reflection and reclamation and change. Allah Who wants us to

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draw links between the world happenings and His Divine Messages to us. So that's a second wisdom, merciful warnings that he is sending our way.

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A third wisdom is as Allah said, one that is at their home in their email and what the schema it only increased them in faith Eman and acceptance. Allahu Akbar when the Muslims of Medina found themselves besieged by the pagan Alliance, they were put to test eyes grew wild hearts reached throats in terror. Some even started to entertain ill thoughts of Allah. But look at the reaction of the believers Allahu Akbar, while Amara and we know that when the believers saw the coalition on Maha Malahide and Allahu wa rasuluh they said, This is what Allah and His Messenger promised us. Well sada Allahu wa rasuluh and the messenger Allah and the messenger spoke the truth.

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Were Masada home in LA Eman and what a cinema and it only increased them in faith and acceptance.

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It was a consequence, context of war, a near death situation. Allah said it increased them in faith and acceptance. They said this is what Allah promised this. So what was this price that they had recognized when the coalition arrived? It's Allah's promise in the Quran. In surah, Baqarah where Allah sent describing life, and has symptom and that whole agenda of alumni article methylone Latina Republican, do you think that you will enter paradise without being tested like those before you

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must set homophobia or whatnot Ra was illegal, they were afflicted with suffering, and adversity, and they were violently shaken. Had hula Rasuwa Latina Aluma hula tell us what Allah

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to a level where even the messenger

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and the believers with him cried out when Will Allah has helped come? Allah in the masala hickory indeed Allah to help is always near. That is the Promise of Allah that the believers recalled when they saw the coalition arriving in Medina that life is a test and Allah has promised it, he promised it.

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So it's perfectly normal to experience shock in the instance of a travesty. But the concept of travesty is tragedies, Messiah and calamities that shouldn't shock us because we have been told to expect them in the Quran verse after that, to demonstrate the testing nature of life. And it's for this reason that at the hour of any disaster, people Muslims, they usually divide into two camps always. Whether it's illness or it's volcanic activity or flood torrential rain.

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They divided into two groups, a group that starts harboring ill thoughts of Allah saying why and how come another group that says this is the Promise of Allah. We've been told of this in advance. Life is tough. Allah already told us that causes their Imam to grow and their submission also grows. So that's a third wisdom from Allah subhanho wa Taala that it's a cause of growth of Eman and submission.

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Number four, another one of the wisdoms is in the Zelda letter Satish Are you on? The earthquake of the last Alba will be a mighty thing. One of the survivors in Turkey said that we thought it was the day of judgment.

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So not only are the earthquakes a sign of the day of reckoning, earthquakes will also be a prominent feature on the day of it's happening. And earthquakes today are stark reminders of the earthquake, the earthquake to come. So one of their wisdoms. Allah Almighty said Yo Mataranka deadhead, in Anna Arbor and on that day of judgment, you will see every nursing mother distracted from her nursing

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will tell her Okuu that you Hamelin Hannah and every pregnant woman will drop her load.

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What Tara nurses who Cara? One that won't be so cut off or lacking the hyperbola he should eat and you will see people appearing intoxicated drunk, though they will not be intoxicated. But it is the punishment of Allah

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That is severe.

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La ilaha illallah that quaking of the Day of Judgment will be one that will affect every inch of the globe, not one city or country. Every inch of the globe will violently convulse in its final quaking, and it will release everything within it, everything within it, it will be released onto onto its surface, and it will even talk in an audible way about what was committed on its surface it will speak. Allah said it as zealot in Arlo Zelda, when the earth is shaking, its final quaking.

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What a karate Koala and when the earth throws out its burden.

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We'll call an internal Maliha and humanity will cry saying, What is wrong with it? Why is the earth behaving like this? Yo man even had this.

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On that day, the Earth will tell its tales Allahu Akbar. Be another ohada Because your Lord will inspire it to do so.

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You will make Avi Haroon Yama EV as Ludo nurse who ushja 10 Euro Allah Allah whom on that day people will proceed in scattered groups to be shown the consequences of their deeds. The main Yamo discard other writing hierarchy era so whoever does an atom's weight of good will see it. Women YAML require letter writing initial raw era and whoever does an atom's weight of evil will also see it.

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So this is number four of some of the wisdoms of Allah Almighty behind these disasters, that the earthquakes of today serve as a stark reminder of what awaits humanity on the day of reckoning.

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Another one of those wisdoms, and this will be the fifth and final one I share.

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We're in the last era here, Darwin Karara. Indeed the hereafter that is the home of settlement.

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See, we spend the entirety of our early years in education, we then we spend the rest of our adult lives grafting in the hope of putting one day a single property to our name. And even if we ever achieve that, we then spend what little time remains of our life in retirement within that house before we die.

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Now whilst pursuing a livelihood, in a permissible manner cannot be denounced? Of course not. But you see when the earth shakes and it reduces to rubble, that which you've been building for 60 years in less than 60 seconds, only then many people will realize the true value of this home in comparison to the next.

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What are you sending for your next life? Well, I can fill out the MasterCard ruwan Mata en la haine. Allah said you will find on the earth a residence and a provision for a time for a period of time only.

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This verse has two parts, but many of our lives it's defined by only the first half of the verse, which is you will find in the earth, a residence and a provision. Yeah, we work with that. But we overlook the second half of the idea which is Isla Hain for a specific period of time.

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And in many instances, this is precisely the purpose behind these natural disasters to serve as a global reminder that life today is not the home of permanence.

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Yeah, call me in Namaha the hill higher to dunya matar, we're in Hirata here, Darwin curar. Oh my people. This worldly life is only a temporary enjoyment and indeed the hereafter that is the home of settlement law.

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Needless to say, Allah's wisdom cannot be encompassed. And all what was shared was just a pixel from an infinitely big picture.

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Serving as a sample of how Allah's decrees his other. They are the epitome of mercy, the epitome of wisdom, the epitome of knowledge, even though we may not perceive it at times.

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Many of us have never experienced a natural disaster.

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We're only familiar with one version of life, security, stability, income, Uber Eats. Similarly, some of the regions that were affected by the recent earthquake, they had never experienced this type of disaster before. Their lives were also of relative comfort and stability. Yet they were caught by surprise.

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Where within seconds, they were sent from the darkness of their bedrooms to the to the darkness of the grave. May Allah have mercy upon them. So we have to ask the question, are we ready to die? Should the ceiling topple over us tonight?

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Are we confident to meet Allah in our condition as we are today?

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That's why the prophets Allah

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Haile, who has taught us to say before sleeping this mica Robbie wobba to Jambi Rebecca, who in your name, my lord, I lay myself down and with your name I rise

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in amset LFC Farhana so if you take my soul have mercy upon it we're in our CELTA half of happy Martha happy to be here I've had a cosigner but if you choose to give me back my soul to live another day, then protect it as you protect your righteous leaves.

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So highlight that statement of if you take my soul. If you take my soul tonight that shows that the believer is in a constant state of readiness for death. He renews his pledge her pledge to Allah each night that he or she is ready and prepared to meet him. Should that evening be the last

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