Meeting Allah with Qalbun Saleem – Part 2

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See how smart he is? How tall she is how rich he is, right? Who looks at somebody and says, Wow, look at her heart. I want a heart like this.

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You're laughing

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and the only thing that will save me and you that day is what you just left about.

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Does Allah care about my name and last name?

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How tall how short? What degree? How much money I have in the bank? How many companies how many children? How many grandchildren?

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He wants only one thing from me and you and that will save me there. But the work is here. Once I die, there is no more work.

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Once you and me die, there is no more work I say. Nobody says this is at a place of work and no accountability. How they owe more Amylin Walla hisab This is a time you and me living do whatever you want to do. There's no accountability, but it's all written.

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Well, Huneck Kaoma Hi Savin Willa, my dear will be a day of accountability. And we cannot change or do anything.

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Will our toes in yoga yoga tune? Your Mulayam fat oh man on Willa. No, lemon at Allah hubby colbyn Salim

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let's ask ourselves this question everybody. Why the heart?

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Why did Allah subhanaw taala said the heart. This is the words of Allah. Why

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can anyone think Can anyone tell me? Why the heart?

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Why not the eyes?

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Why not the legs? It's all Creation of Allah.

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What did the Roswaal a salatu salam in one of the most famous Hadith? Yes, please.

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Yes, of course I can't hear you

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Masha Allah to Allah, she needs to be here.

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It's famous hadith of Rasul Allah salatu salam I'm sure all of you know the meaning. And some of you may know the Hadith very well. Right. And this hadith is and hallelujah you will haram will be in Halal is clear. And Haram is clear. You know this hadith. anybody doesn't know this hadith in this room. Show me hands hamdulillah very few. Very few. This is more than 1000 people in this room. And hallelujah in lawful, halal we all know the word is clear. What haram will be in a lawful haram prohibited is clear in between which we all live these days in things that are

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And then he gives you this doubt for things most people don't know. Are they halal or haram? And the advice I'm still translating the Hadith stay away from the doubtful.

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What is the heart has to do with it.

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In that hadith, the end of is like that Allah in the front just had the mandala it Asana had sort of had just had to Kulu what their facade that facade that just said to Cola, he said, worldly, in the body.

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You and me,

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there is a piece of flesh,

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piece of flesh. If this piece of flesh is sound is healthy, the rest of the body is healthy. And if this piece of flesh is corrupted, is sick, the rest of the body is sick. Now hold on a second, how many physicians in this room?

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Really only you and me minority 345 Still minority. Right. I am not talking about the physical heart or Swati saw to some is not talking about the physical heart, the pumping one.

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Although even if you apply it on the pumping one the hadith is true. Because if I have heart failure, or the body will suffer, right? But this is not what he's talking about. He's saying in that body. There is a piece of a flesh. If it is sound healthy, the rest of the body is healthy. And if it is sick, the rest of the body is sick.

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Now question and this is how you study this Deen. You don't just memorize. You have to say what is the

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Relationship between halal and haram that he said would doubtful with the heart.

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Simple. What makes you know? This is halal? For sure. And this is haram for sure. And what makes you stay away from the doubtful is when your heart is sound not corrupted.

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I'm going to Don't worry, we have still today and tomorrow

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we're going to go through what does it mean? And how do I know? I have a sound heart we all can claim, you know how easy to claim these days on the smartest person. Really? Okay. Show me right. So I and you were gonna say I have a sound heart. I'll take you through the journey.

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signs that the heart is sound 12 of them and we will do some today and will continue tomorrow inshallah. Now before we get to this, one of the two hours of rasool Allah He salatu salam, he made dua I don't know how many of you know this dua that your Allah give me sound heart.

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Give me he said to a Sahaba called shuddered. And this hadith Subhanallah applies to you on me these days. When I read it, that was like Subhan Allah He said the ASHA Dad, if you see it, all right, and NASA you can use una or react and Hizzoner Zabba will fit but when you start see when you see people he predicted

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and this is one of the miracles of for Swati salatu salam that he predicted the future things is going to happen in the future. He said if you see the people start collecting a kidney zone is Ken's meaning you're not only collecting but you're gonna have treasures of gold and silver. Does that sounds familiar?

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Design sounds familiar.

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The ladies of Malaysia use a lot of gold like the other parts of the South Asia. Yes. Right. Right. And the gold, the gold and silver also in that time also referred to money, which bank accounts. So he said okay, if you see people competing, how much your bank account what kind of a car you drive, or how big is your house? Your daughter getting married, how much they brought her gold, you know this that what we do these days? He said, factionist you go and have plenty of the following. Allahu Akbar.

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What is this? Do ha.

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We were discussing a dua for Swati. He salatu salam if you all remember. We said our Swati salatu salam said that the house is actually a Sahabi a companion of Roswaal a salatu salam so he was with him.

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So imagine this is you and me with a Roswaal he saw to Islam and he said Yasha dead. He called him by his name. When you see people start, you know collecting

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more and more of gold and silver. You collect the following or Yekini Zun when they make treasures, you know savings of gold and silver. You save the following words. And this is related to a konbu Salim What did he tell him? He said Allahumma in ni si Luca Tabata Phil Amara.

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And I'm gonna say it slowly because I am sure some of you may have heard that, but probably may not. Hola, hola. Hola. Hola. Es Luca Tabata free umbra. I asked you steadfastness stead fastness in this matter.

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Show me hands how many of you how many of you are struggling to be a good Muslim?

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right. It's not easy Alhamdulillah but it's not easy. Everything outside and by the way, this is much easier here

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in Malaysia is much easier. If you think this is difficult. Come with me.

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So what he's teaching you and me Allah, He saw to Islam, he knew you. Were going to go through these days. He know that you will one day you will get invited to a place where you will be the only woman who's dressed the way that Allah wants her to dress or you will be the only brother who's gonna call the salah call for Salah has been called and you're the only one who stood up and look at people nobody's moving.

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You may not see it here with his mother uncommon in other places.

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Or you want to do something good. You want to give a charity and everybody else was not doing

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Get in. You're the only one you want to fast Monday and Thursday. Nobody else is doing it. What do I need to keep going? I need to be steadfast grounded I call it grounded, attached.

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Glued. If you want to use the word glued to this Deen, it's going to be very difficult to strip me off what Allah wants me thus the DUA the first one Allah Who let me so look at Sebata fill your Allah when people are busy in their careers and money and wealth, I want to be busy with these words keep me steadfast. While Azeema Tala rushed that's the second DUA and the resolve and the want and the desire to stay on the right path or rushed.

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Now, what is Iluka third, Doha this is all one Hadith was a look and I asked your Allah shook Rania ametek that I am grateful to the blessings that you gave me what we talked about in the beginning of the last session was a Luca shukran aromatic well, how snare a bad attic and perform the acts of worship with excellence.

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Beauty. I'll give you an example. When you have guests coming to your home. Doesn't matter who they are. They are your guest. What do you normally do?

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All of us? What do we do?

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Right, we want to present the house the best way. Excellent. We want the food to be presented with excellence. If we cooked I want to make sure it tastes the best. Right? Dress the best. There's nothing wrong with that. That's all halal.

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And this is the dua I want to present my Eva de Allah, the Salah, that I just did the DUA, the Vic, the reading of the Quran, and the best way, well, how snappy Vedantic so don't do don't accept for yourself. Don't worry about people, for yourself. Don't accept the minimum

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will Hamdulillah I prayed.

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Don't say that. Say what kind of a salah I just presented to Allah.

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What kind of fasting I just presented to Allah. What charity what good word? What forgiveness I just did and present it to Allah not only you do the act, but you do the act with xn as well how Snelling balletic now where it is

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please forgive me just a second year. Now where it is the culprit here it's coming. Well how snappy bad it was I Luca,

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Caliban Salema.

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And I asked you for a sound heart.

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Learn this everybody in this room. Whenever on Ross rally saw to sit down or a loss pantalla before that taught us a dua that mean that dua that action in the DUA is not easy.

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Or Bonilla to the Kuru banaba de tener your Allah don't let us go astray after you guided us. That's a famous dancer at Alia Emeraude. It's not easy. And that doesn't mean I'm going to I'm going to turn and away from Islam, but I'm not going to be the same Muslim. When I finished the Ramadan, do you all suffer from this post Ramadan phenomena? I call it? Yes. What's happened to the PM? Gone? Shipped away.

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What's happened to reading the Quran?

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What's happened to the fasting?

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So this is what I need. Laughter is a coluna don't make me go astray. So any Doha you see in the Quran, or rasa they saw to Salam taught you and me that mean is not easy. I need Allah help.

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I need Allah's help. When I turned to him, and I say so Luca Colburn said EMA I want a pure sound heart. That means this is not something everybody can do by themselves. Learn that

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we can claim and we can say But reality

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it's a different story was that Luca Colburn Salima while he sang on saw the next dua a truthful tongue. How easy these days.

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Lying is norm is norm. I was teaching two weeks just before I came last week, actually last Thursday. Youth I have a youth class

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And I just said, How many of you usually lie actually, I said, How many of you lied yesterday?

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The whole class.

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And I said, I love you all because you're very honest.

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But what you did is wrong.

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Listen on Sadiq Khan, you never lie.

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Don't even if you will be in big trouble you will not be Allah Who will save you. But this is not easy. And that's why he sang was Luca de Santa saw the I want Elif a tongue that is always truthful Yola. And then what's coming Hiram in Haiti, Matalan and I asked you from the goodness of everything, you know what oh, do become Cherie maddaddam And I seek refuge in You from the evil that you know what stuff you look at my Attalla and I seek forgiveness for what you know about me memorize this hadith. It's very nice.

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So this hadith is Luca Colborn Salema it's not too easy.

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So what is Albas? Salim?

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Email Abdelkarim. Haddad beautifully, I'm gonna give it to you 12345 And then we're going to come together and see, do I have a new habit?

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So Bismillah What did he say? He said the following are signs. Right? The Healthy Heart is the one and I'm here reading from the statement of ignore this set sound heart. The heart that is safe, safe from Are you ready?

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Bismillah one

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there is no shortcut in it. No. polytheism which we all are. That's easy. Check. Bismillah Let's go next. Second.

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Now it's going to get harder. rancor, no anger in it against anyone

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against anyone put to under million lies under anyone. Don't tell me you don't know what they did to me.

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That's not called whistling

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pride. I forgave them many times and they still do it. That's not called whistling.

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When you stand when I stand in front of Allah tell him that.

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Remember that you are have saved me Brahim. So that's number two. Number three hatred.

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konbu serene heart has 00 Not one drop or two drops. Nothing. No hatred.

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Number four, no envy.

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No envy. Her children are much better than yours. Alhamdulillah Baraka Luffy

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Her husband treats her much better than mine.

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Or his wife three two much better than mine. hamdulillah Allah has just an Allah gives everyone what they what he thinks is fair. Do we do that?

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What do we say?

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You're all laughing because it's true.

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So no hatred. Number five,

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no stinginess

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generosity. You give not only money. Anytime we talk about generosity, don't think only of money What about the poor people?

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generosity, you give your time free.

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You give your energy free.

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You know something, you teach it to people free they didn't even ask. That's generosity, let alone when they ask and you don't do it. Don't talk about generosity.

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money, time, knowledge. Any way you can help people. You come into this room and you see something on the floor normally, which I don't rush out lots beautiful clean country but in general you come in and you see something in the floor it's not my house. Somebody else has to do it. Then don't talk about Abu Salim.

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Generosity or a giver.

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Next free at all of arrogance.

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How many in this room? Say I have arrogance?

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we have angels in Malaysia

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you've never looked at someone at all.

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You know, where do you find this? How many of you have been to the haram to Makkah

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May Allah invite us all again and again. You're a BME

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in Ramadan, have you been in Ramadan?

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crowded millions and the person that come and sit next to you. Not from your country. Obvious, right? Obviously somebody who Allah subhanaw taala did not give them what they gave you.

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And on this side, the opposite

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what is your feelings? Don't answer me

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you look at someone from they look different. They speak different. They have different skin color.

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You know a little bit of Quran they don't know.

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You know a little bit about the Deans they don't know. How do you feel? How do you look at them?

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it's the first crime on this on this universe, not on the earth. Because it's happened their

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arrogance always when you feel when you look down in here, it's a heart action before the body, the rest of the body do it. It's your feelings here. Right? When when you feel that this person next to you, or you're seeing or hearing, they are less than you. Then you are arrogant. I am arrogant. Kulu calmly Adam, will Adam, mentor Rob, all of you.

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All of us. That's hadith of Rasul Allah Azza tussah. All of us were created from Adam. And Adam was created from dust.

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What is this all