It is Valentine’s Day, and I am a Muslim.

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The speaker discusses the definition of love and how it is defined in various ways. They mention the importance of love in various ways, including being attached to things and being recognized. The speaker also talks about the various ways people celebrate love, including writing books and using posters.

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I will just remind the majority of people will be celebrating Valentine's Day and I was just researching before every Valentine's day there is 58 million chocolate being sold 58 million don't fall into that trap. And I do mean this because we have much better the love that Allah subhanho wa Taala surprised among us in the Quran through Roswaal a Salatu Salam is way beyond a piece of chocolate. And again don't fall in that trap by a chocolate anytime but don't single it in that day if you want to single anything single him so piano on your daily basis and single row Swati Salatu Salam on daily basis, revive his sunnah revive his love, what does the word love mean? And who asked

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everybody will give a different definition. I actually looked it up in the dictionary, because what is love and they define it many ways, but that one, I liked it more. It's intense feeling of deep attachment or appreciation. So you love something and that's something could be usually we think of human being as she or he a mother, a father, a child, usually a spouse, but also we have love for things and love of things also you're attached to it and this deen is all about love. Most of it, if not all of it is about love. The expression of love is in different ways. The first verse of the Quran is what Bismillah R Rahman Right. And how did Allah presenting himself Subhana to your enemy

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by love, he chose a rough man or he he could have said Allah has easy Jabbar alcohol. Are we any of the names you know? But he said a rough man or rocky so keep in your mind as you see people around you celebrating? I already have it. I don't need a piece of chocolate. I don't need a flower. I don't need it. I have what I need to revive in me that love that he gives me and I should give him more and I'm going to end with a dua Are you beloved to me from a Roswaal is salatu salam Allahumma me so the coffin book while Bakula your head? Bakula Marino Karibuni, I hope you're on be me. I asked the Allah for myself and everybody. I asked for your love, while Bakula your handbook and the

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love of everyone who loves you. I don't want people to love me just because I want those who Allah loves to love the while Bakula, Hamelin, your curry Bonita and the love of every deed, every act just for one reason, because it's going to get me closer to May Allah subhanaw taala respond May Allah subhanaw taala make us those who really love Allah and willing to go through this path for his sake and for his sake only and that we love each other for only one reason. No other is for the sake of Allah.