Ramadan 2023 Appeal

Shaykh got insulted rough!

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So one of these, one of these students asks a question not verbally, but they have to write their questions and pass it on to the front.

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So, when I say downloaded, he got the question and you read it out. He read the question out. And and the question, it wasn't a question. It was actually a comment about mom said, I'm not gonna who's the teacher? He's the teacher. From why the students here. This thing came in his lesson.

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I don't know what people would do. In this day and age. If you read this thing, I'm gonna read it for you.

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To read this out for you guys. It said that post is a monarch Hussein ACMA.

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He is worse than the tail of a dog.

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He is worse than the tail of a dog. Now we know dog has an adjuster in Queensland. And the tail of that how bad it is to describe that obviously, this student is not someone who likes him. Students come from outside somewhere just studying there just to get his graduation. But he's not really you know, if not, is not really giving any respect to money. Now you can imagine if that was anybody else, what the what the reaction would be a charging a chair. Let's find out who's writing this is. This applies it. Let's get every student show the writing to match this and we're going to kick that student out. 107 100 never did that. Know what he did. He said

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he said Hussein Akhmad they are not kidding. He said he didn't address himself as Jose Manuel. He said on the Belgian. If Hussein Akhmad ends up in hellfire, then this is a this is not only true, but I'm going to say to you that Hussein Ahmed in that case is worse than the tail of a dog.

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Because the dog will be turned to dust on the Day of Judgment. But Hussein Ahmed will be in hellfire. So therefore Hussein is worse than the dot and its tail. But if Hussein goes to Jana on the Day of Judgment, then Hussein will be better than the dog. And it's the tail of the dog. That's it, he calls it. Let us

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now look at the hikma look at the wisdom. Look at the balance. Look at that. There is no judgmental in a way. I'm telling you that when these youngsters come to us with their problems, they need to know something we've got to have our own balance in check. If you've got an unbalanced chapter, I'm asking you to go to Alama go to those were broadminded, will not judgmental. Go and ask them your question.