Haitham al-Haddad – Dont give Sadaqa without doing this

Haitham al-Haddad
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the benefits of giving sadaqa on behalf of others, including rewarding them for their actions and helping others. They also mention a message from Hadith about giving sadaqa on behalf of all Muslims. The speaker emphasizes the importance of showing proper intentions and avoiding wasting one's time.
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You know, brothers and sisters sadaqa, to charity, any amount, even if it is very small is one of the best deeds, the best deeds that Allah, Allah Allah will take it in his right hand and keep growing it for us. The virtues of sada are unlimited Subhan Allah and sadaqa will not diminish your wealth as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam In fact, if you want your wealth to increase in this dunya then give sadaqa more and more every single day, two angels come down, one of them is making your arm for those who give, he says Ya Allah give the angel ya Allah give those who give. If you want to Baraka in your children, if you want to Baraka in your life, if you want to Baraka in your health,

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there was one Hadith, that you can treat yourself by what by giving sadaqa Subhanallah, countless numbers of countless number of benefits for sadaqa. But in order to increase even the reward of sadaqa, listen to this, please listen to this. I got it from one of my scholars, may Allah, Allah, Allah reward him, once I saw him having a paper and he was looking at that paper. And then he was in a way. So I said to him, Hey, what is this? So anyway, he was embarrassed. But then he told me what is that? He said, I have a list of those whom I am giving sadaqa on their behalf. I say it's Han Allah, this is really amazing. So in the beginning, and I forgot actually whether he put his parents

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first or himself first, that he is giving sadaqa on their behalf. And then his children. So his parents, his children, and he has grandchildren, his grandchildren, his other relatives, his brothers, sisters, even nephews, nieces, and the some of the neighbors or their neighbors. I don't remember exactly. And what is amazing two things Subhanallah, two things. One of them is those whom have those whom I have done any mistake, or those who, those who have rights over me. Yeah, those who have rights over me, I made any mistake against them, I oppress them, I took their lights unlawfully. And he said to me, sure, sometimes you might done you might annoy someone, and you don't

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want to those people as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says, to take your has an ad, on the Day of Resurrection, you don't want your husband to go to them, or their sins to be put on your shoulders. So give sadaqa on their behalf. And the second amazing thing that I found is he saying and the sadaqa on behalf of all Muslims, this is really amazing. I learned from this, and I copied that. And you can have it on your mobile, just a simple message. And whenever you give sadaqa look at this, to remind yourself, of those whom you are giving sadaqa on their behalf. Not only that, as he told me, sometimes when I give sadaqa I say Oh Allah, this sadaqa on behalf of all who are listed on that

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paper, so you don't need to look at them just intended that. And subhanAllah many people say to me, but if you intended on behalf of others, then the reward will go to others it will not go to you know, this is not true. Who told you the Prophet sallallahu wasallam says, in no matter amount of vignette, actions are judged by intention and you will get whatever you intend to or if you intend that your sadaqa will benefit others and if you intend that your sadaqa is on behalf of others as well. So you will get a reward for that sadaqa and they will get every one of them will get the same reward Allah, Allah Allah is Allah the Most Generous, he will not divide the reward between you and

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others. We are the people who divine not Allah, the Most Generous and have personal man Billa have good thoughts about Allah, Allah Allah that He will give all of you the similary word. Not only that, but you the one who gave sadaqa on behalf of them, you will get the maximum because what you have given the sadaqa and also you gave for the power on their behalf so you help them as well. So brothers and sisters, why to lose this great opportunity. Remember, when the person is on his deathbed the last minute he will ask him to be delayed for one

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Second, to do what not to pray, not to do other things, but to give sadaqa because you can't give it just like this year in one second, and the Prophet sallallahu sallam said put a shield between you and the Hellfire by giving sadaqa even if it is what a piece of a date Subhan Allah. So brothers, sisters, whenever you give any amount of sadaqa say your Allah this is on behalf of all of those in this list and is better that you look at that list

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