Mohamad Baajour – Shield #21 He said Aisha, you must make this comprehensive Dua

Mohamad Baajour
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a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah market. This will allow 100 Allah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah long aluminum and fauna and finally my alum Tana was in the Illman Yahama. I mean, we ask Allah azza wa jal teachers would benefit us, benefit us from what he taught us and increase us in knowledge. My dear beloved brothers and sisters, ask Allah azza wa jal to bless you, wherever you're watching us from in sha Allah, may Allah subhanaw taala increase all of us in Eman and may Allah subhanaw taala unite us very soon in sha Allah Tala if not in this dunya in the Acura and for those who are al Amin are blind I mean,

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again tonight insha Allah that is our last episode of The Shield. I really love the series may Allah subhanaw taala make it beneficial to everybody. May Allah make it a sabotage area and ongoing charity for myself in sha Allah to Allah and for all the brothers and that are helping with the production. I mean horrible enemy. So we have the best for last 200 Everything we met we said before is all amazing. And some of them are from the Quran, which is the greatest ever is that of the Quran. But tonight Subhan Allah the DUA Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he heard that Isha making dua and he told her yeah Isha Why don't you make the comprehensive dua Joanne made a dua a

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dua that will cover everything. So tonight the day that we will learn in sha Allah Tala is to add that will include almost everything we discussed in the past, Allahu Akbar. So, again, open your ears, open your heart in sha Allah Tala and Bismillah. Let's start let's look at the screenshot and and see the dot SubhanAllah. And by the way, the DUA is in Muslim Ahmed ibn measure and the other will move forward. And the hadith is 100% authentic

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Allahumma inni El Camino Al Hasan equally ideally he will agilely MA and him to mean who were Muslim Adam will also be Kameena Shari Cooley, actually he originally came to me in who was ALLAH, ALLAH hum in the elecom in craigory Mercer Anika Abu Dukkha when maybe you can Mohamed Salah Allahu alayhi wa salam, where I will be coming shall remain the man who had to Dukkha

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Dukkha Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah man yes alkyl Jana, Juan Carlos Rob la Hamin Colin a woman were all to becoming a nurse when I call Robert ILAHA I mean, Colin, a woman was a Luca and tagit Allah Kula Cava in taco de Li. Kira Subhan Allah Alright, let's divide this hadith into three different parts because it is three different requests from Allah azza wa jal the first one

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if you look on the screen yeah Allah a ask you for all that is good.

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Yeah, alumnus elica Delphine Calais ya allah whatever is good. I'm asking you all the good that is available all the good that you have ever created and asking you all of that. Actually, he were actually

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the one that is recorded for me in this dunya and the one it has decreed for me in the era or the one that is I have right now or the one is coming in the future both of them are are okay so yeah Allah I'm asking you from all the higher or the higher include a good life a good job a good spouse, a good house, a good car, a good company, good friends, good boss good in laws good. Everything will hate equally. All the hairdryer Allah I'm asking you from all the hail. Just like we said before, Robin attina Dunya Hassan all the hustler in the dunya ya allah I'm asking you for it. So here are some of the other solos excellent tota Isha His most Beloved. He taught her this. He said yeah, he

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shall make this to her. That is very comprehensive. Allah man. Yes. He could. Actually he were actually

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Malim twin who a man I'm Allah, Ya Allah, whatever. I know that is good for me. And whatever I do not even know. Because Allah subhanaw taala is Darlene he knows what the * sometimes I think about a few things that are failing, but they are not crying for me. They're not good for me. So yeah, Allah, I'm asking you from all the hair, the hair that I know I'm familiar with and the height that you only know I want that also.

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Yeah Allah I seek refuge with you from all the evil actually he were actually in this world and in the hereafter and the evil that I know and the evil that I do not know your Allah protect me from all the evil from any kind of evil from any kind of harm any kind of maybe this obedience to you, you're Allah keep all the evil away from me. The alcohol, the drugs, the adultery, the Riba all the evil keep it away from me, Allah, Allahu Akbar, Ya Allah, I'm asking you from all the higher that I know and I do not know. And I'm asking you to keep me away from all the shadow all the evil, whether I know or I do not know. That is the first part of the DUA which is Subhan Allah, it is so

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comprehensive Sadaqa Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the second part

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of the da ya allah listen to this Subhan Allah, Ya Allah I ask you from all the good, that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam asked for and I seek refuge with you from all the evil which was almost Salam sought refuge from Allahu Akbar. Subhan Allah. So Allah say salam ask, for example, ALLAH SubhanA wa sallam said Allah Mihnea Celica alHuda took our artha when Rena I'm asking you guidance and righteousness and to be self sufficient, and he asked for the NFL for the good health and protection and he asked for forgiveness and he asked for mercy. Everything yeah Allah that rasool Allah says, I'm asking you for

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your Allah I'm asking you for to and everything Yeah, Allah that Allah says salam sought refuge from Ombria ALLAH asking you also to protect me from that, for example, or Salah Salem, he said Allahumma now will you become an Al kufra? Well furcal while others will cover so Salam, he asked Allah to protect him and seek he sought refuge with Allah from a poverty from the punishment of the grave. From this belief, he asked her he sought refuge with Allah from stinginess from laziness, middle criminal Boucle, well joven he sought refuge with Allah from all kinds of diseases that order that we learned from the sudden anger of Allah azza wa jal remains a learning ametek What the How would

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he if he attic he sought refuge from a heart that it has no assure he sought refuge from knowledge that is not beneficial. He sought refuge from a diet that is not answered, yeah Allah.

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I am seeking refuge with you from all what Rasulillah Salam sought refuge from Allah, all of them, you know, like a summary everything I do not know them all. Yeah, Allah. But I know that Allah says Allah, He asked you to protect him from anything that is evil, and I'm doing the same y'all. And I'm sure Yara Allah, that also last isolation asked you for everything that is good. Kadim II failed Messer Ellika Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam from the best of what he ever asked you your Allah Allahu Akbar. How How beautiful is this to have my brothers and sisters. And now we come to the third part. Allahu Akbar. That is why this is so comprehensive Ya Allah.

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I ask you for the agenda. And for that which brings me closer to it. Whatever brings me closer to it, whether it is from words or deeds, and yeah, Allah I seek refuge in You from *. And from that which brings anyone closer to it, whether it's word and deeds Subhan Allah, Ya Allah. I'm asking you your Allah, Allah Jana, and every word that for example, Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam he said in a hadith, whomsoever asked for the agenda three times the agenda would say Ya Allah let him in. Allahu Akbar

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resource SLM said if someone does this this and that he will go to Jana. Ya Allah I'm asking for any word or action that would lead to Jana your Allah make me or make it easy for me to perform.

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Ya Allah I'm asking you the agenda, please your Allah I want to go to Jana and whatever Amman, he did not say ask you the agenda and I go to sleep Subhan Allah, Ya Allah, I'm asking you the agenda and make it easy for me because without Allah helping me to perform any better. I cannot do it by myself. Every TOEFL my brothers and sisters, listen carefully to the statement. I'm about to say. Any time you are performing an act of worship, it is strictly from the TOEFL of Allah azza wa jal. He is the one who made it easy for you to perform. He is the one who made it easy for you to listen to me right now. And he is the one who made it easy for me to give you the message. Subhanallah

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without Allah's help, we cannot do

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Anything, the biggest punishment ever,

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ever from Allah azza wa jal is when someone is deprived from performing a bed. That is the biggest punishment Subhan Allah. So I'm asking Allah azza wa jal for the Jana and any animal that would lead me to Jannah and I'm asking Allah azza wa jal for Jana and any word any for example reading the Quran memorizing the Quran constantly saying the truth calling to Allah ordering good and forbidding evil all these armor lead to Jana your Allah make them easy for me. And yeah Allah. Any word that I say that might lead me to the Hellfire La Casa La Salam he said in the Hadith, he said that

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someone might utter a word. He did not pay any attention to it and it might lead him to the Hellfire

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word Subhan Allah so I'm asking Allah Azza wa Jalla Allah keep the Hellfire keep me away from the hellfire and any word that I might utter that might lead me to the Hellfire or any action any action that I might do? That would lead me to the Hellfire Yeah, Allah protect me from both Ya Allah. Anything that might lead me to the hellfire? Yeah, Allah make it hard for me to perform. make it impossible for me to perform your Allah Allahu Akbar. And then the last part of the DUA and said is Panama. And yet Allah I asked you to make every decree that you decreed for me good. Yeah, Allah.

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Ya Allah any decree that you made for me yeah, Allah make it a good degree Subhan Allah, any Allah you have decreed many things for my life every single second has been decreed by you, your Allah, Ya Allah, whatever you decreed for me, make it higher. Ya Allah, brothers and sisters, let's go back to the dark from the beginning. Subhan Allah. So

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Allah, if you go to the screen, I'm asking from all the good in this dunya and the Acura and I'm asking you to protect me from all the evil in this dunya and akhira Allahu Akbar, then I'm asking Ya Allah, the most eloquent human being that you ever created is Rasulullah sigh Salam, right. And he is the one who taught us our deen ya allah whatever kind he asked you I'm asking you and whatever evil that he sought refuge from your Allah, I'm doing the same.

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Everything is covered, everything is covered. And finally, your Allah.

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I'm asking you, they're

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asking you the jinn and every action that would lead to Jannah and I'm asking you to keep me away from the hellfire and every action that I would do that keep me away from the hellfire and ya allah whatever you decreed for me. Yeah, Allah make it fail.

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Now you know why Rasul Allah I sell them cold this dua GLM, a

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comprehensive that covers everything in the dunya in the area, all the good, stay away from the evil. Everything that a social Salam asked for Subhan Allah, very beautiful God, it might be a little bit long. And in the beginning, maybe you might have to read it from your phone or from the computer or a piece of paper. But please, this is Subhanallah I left it for the last two in the series. So please try to memorize it, repeat it every single night and Ramadan after Ramadan, whenever you are about to make dua, this dua covers everything. Subhanallah this covers everything.

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My beloved brothers and sisters, I am I am

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so grateful to Allah azza wa jal that made it easy for me to

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perform and conduct this series. I ask Allah azza wa jal with the best of his names to make the series sadaqa jariya. For myself, and for all my brothers that helped here, make it easy and Charlotta I ask Allah azza wa jal to make all my actions sincerely for his sake, and ask Allah azza wa jal that he will be pleased with me and pleased with you also. Charlotta Allah, I ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it easy for all the brothers and sisters that are watching me to memorize and practice and live this dua and they ask Allah azza wa jal to answer a video that you will make my brother and sister in Ramadan and after Ramadan and every day of your life. Please, I beg you keep

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me and my family and all the brothers here that are helping me in this production. Please keep us all in your diet. Keep an epic Majid in your heart in sha Allah, Allah and don't forget the whole ummah. Ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless all the brothers and sisters all over the world that are suffering that are going through hardships. Ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless them and protect them.

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and my brothers and sisters, always always before you do any, any animal, make sure you are doing it only for the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala because that all that matters at the end, all that matters is Allah's pleasure does not matter, who's pleased me say with me in this dunya and who's not pleased with me, as long as I'm saying the HAC as long as we are saying the truth, as long as we are saying what pleasing to Allah azza wa jal we do not really look for people to be happy with us or mad with us, if they are happy and they thank us Alhamdulillah and if they are angry with us, May Allah guide us and guide them also. Charlotta brothers and sisters I love you all for the sake of

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Allah azza wa jal May Allah gathers for this love under his shade and there's no shade except his shade. May Allah subhanaw taala keep us alive to witness the month of Ramadan except our family in this Ramadan and every single day of our life. May Allah subhanaw taala protect you and fill all your homes with love and mercy and tranquillity Zachman luck Arabic ALLAH SubhanA Colombo, masha Allah Allah Allah and Mr. Rocha when I told me like and finally don't keep in mind that we have beautiful series starting in Charlotte Allah Friday and for for the month of Ramadan, you would love it in sha Allah to Allah and I hope again that Allah would make it from my heart straight your

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shareholder on now on the

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Zilla feel

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nasty you won't be Bellina Meenal Hoda wonderful on

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Femto. Shahida

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Gomez, Shahar fellow Hillsong woman again and Maddie one Eduarda says it

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you read on libido moto usahawan gudi Do people know Serravalle took me all night that need to be a lot

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more than

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