Recognize Your Opportunities For Easy Rewards

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Everything that happens in your life and every one that you come across

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is an opportunity from Allah for you to pack away a few rewards.

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If only but you understood, I'm standing here in front of you

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Subhan Allah, we are here in front of each other. It's our chance, we are benefiting each other. Perhaps we can say a dua for each other. Perhaps who knows, you might make a dua for me without me knowing Subhana Allah, that was between you and Allah, what did you do? You just packed away a few rewards. But you could have it the other way around. You could be sitting and saying, Who does this guy think he is? And what does he think he's saying? And maybe he's speaking on me? And maybe he says, all those are dirty thoughts from shaitan? Did you earn anything by that? Not at all, you'd rather earn the other way around. I rather make a mistake thinking that a bad person is good, then

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to make a mistake thinking a good person is bad because the loss would be mind. Simple. So every opportunity you get to earn a reward, earn it because you know what, when you die, you will die with a smile. How many times have we seen people and while we're in shrouding them or just after they've passed on and others would say Subhan Allah Do you know that man had such a beautiful smile on his face? That's what they would say. SubhanAllah in the eyes of Allah, that calmness was just a message for all of us to say, he has already gone to Allah. What about you and I who are alive What am I doing? make peace with people learn to forgive, learn to embrace, learn to actually move forward,

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and you will succeed? I sin karma Asana, Allah who like do good just like Allah did good to you. forgive others, Allah will forgive you and he has forgiven you. Learn to embrace, learn to be a good person, make life easy for others in one llahi the Almighty will make your hereafter easy for you. That's in the Hadith Subhan Allah.

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You help someone on this planet and Allah will help you in the hereafter. That's what the Hadith says.

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You create ease for someone on earth Allah will create is for you in this world and the next that's Heidi