Ali Hammuda – A Ramadan of change #14 – Is it your 5th, 10th or 20th Ramadan

Ali Hammuda
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the confusion surrounding the Arabic language and its meaning. It uses the examples of the Arabic language being used by Jesus or the Jesus himself, as well as the importance of reciting the Bible and learning the Arabic language. The segment also talks about the negative impact of the Arabic language on people's mental health and the importance of making key life-changing decisions.
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Oh Rama

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Murthy merci

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welcome Rama,

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Brothers and sisters how many Rama bonds have you lived to witness so far?

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If till this day, you cannot understand what is being recited during the night prayer of Ramadan. Then ask yourself a second question how many more Ramadan's am I going to allow to pass without changing this?

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There are factors that your heart may not be moved, when you hear the Quran being recited may not necessarily be a sign that your Eman your faith is lacking.

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It may not necessarily be a sign that you have so many sins obscuring your understanding from the Quran. It could be that but at times it could be something far simpler, which is we are yet to familiarize ourselves with the language of the Quran. As the Imam of the scholars have to seal a powdery, he would say I am amazed at the one who recites that border and without knowing its meaning. How can you take any enjoyment from it?

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The Arabic language was chosen for Allah for Allah was last revelation for a reason. Why Arabic there are reasons Allah Almighty said in Nerja and now Quran in Arabic.

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We have made it into an Arabic Quran. So that you may understand.

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And Allah, gender Jolyon whom he said Quran and Arabi and

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La Allahu Khun, it is an Arabic Quran without any deviances so that the may become righteous, cautious of Allah and Allah Almighty. He said, Listen to these majestic out. We're in a whole Latins in or have been al Amin. And indeed this is a revelation from the Lord of the Worlds nas ellaby Here Rohan I mean, the trust worthy spirit Angel Jibreel he brought it down. Isla Albee Kelly takuna Amina al moody rain upon your heart or prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so that you may be over the Warner's Listen, listen, be Lisa and in Arabi, you may be in a clear Arabic language. In a clear mobian Arabic language. Allah emphasizes the language. And that's why the famous linguist

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Muhammad Ibnu Faris, he said that the fact that Allah subhanaw taala singles out the Arabic language, with the description of mobian Kalia shows that every other language of the world is inferior to it.

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Arabic is the language of Islam.

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This has always been the case and will never change. And those amongst us who are yet to make a solid effort in this department, my dear brothers and sisters must realize the enormous loss in needing a mortal deficient human being to stand between him and the words of ALLAH to explain where its perfect rhythm and miraculous structure and spellbinding eloquence are lost in translation.

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Listen, listen, my dear brother my respect is sister what those before us have said about this topic of the Arabic language and Quran obey you look up the companion he would say da lumwana Arabi Yatta cannot Attalla Munna Quran learn the Arabic language just as you teach the memorization of the Quran.

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And Abu Bakr Siddiq Radi Allahu Anhu would say that for me to recite part of the Quran, and then to forget it is more beloved to me than to make a single grammatical mistake in Arabic Subhanallah and Ahmad wants to walk past a group of archers who are training and these young boys they had missed the target and so he reprimanded them you missed the target. So they responded with a weak Arabic thing. We're just beginners weak Arabic. So homophobia, Allahu anhu, said to them. Your mistake in grammar when you spoke in Arabic, was far more painful to me than your mistake in archery.

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And Omar, the Allahu Anhu came across a man who was circumambulating around the cabin doing tawaf whilst he was speaking to his friend in Persian or too cold off his shoulders and he said to him, he'll be telling you learn how to be yet he said, ILA find a way to get to the Arabic language.

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And subhanAllah whenever you have a 60 and he would make a mistake in the Arabic grammar. He would say a stockfeed Allah, Allah forgive me. It's almost as if he's considering a sin Allah forgive me

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and bow

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With ally you've never been a pilot and Abdullah if normal these two companions, they would actively discipline their children whenever they would make a mistake in the speaking of the Arabic language, brothers and sisters, they raised the bar so high. Why? Because they realized that the deconstruction of the Arabic language from the hearts and lives of the Muslims will be directly linked to the deconstruction of the Quran and Islam at large from their lives.

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In the past, wherever Islam made its way, the Arabic language was never too far behind.

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And this is why the Muslims never really found a need to convey the meanings of Allah subhanaw taala as words in any other language.

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And with this, we understand and appreciate that the abundance of translations of the meanings of the Quran today in the different languages is certainly a blessing from one perspective, but it's also a definite sign of our weakness as a Muslim Ummah. from a different perspective.

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You know that you've achieved so much already. To date, your track record is proof that when you put your mind to something you accomplish it it's time therefore to make some key life changing decisions. Next Ramadan say to yourself, I will understand the word of Allah Almighty say in sha Allah say in sha Allah now formulate a strategy for it. Oh Rama

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Messiah merci

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welcome Rama

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