A Ramadan of change #15 – Success vs failure – Accountability

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AI: Summary © The segment discusses the importance of accountability and decrying afraid behavior in the culture of Islam. It emphasizes the need for individuals to start by facing their obligations and removing erasing hesitant behavior. The segment also highlights the importance of excellence in the culture of Islam.
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Oh Rama

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Merci, merci. Welcome Rama,

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Brothers and sisters accountability comes as part of any job description.

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And you're on my mind must not be made an exception to this. And now that we have arrived at the halfway mark of Ramadan, an assessment of the previous two weeks is a must, is a must, in preparation of what remains. And that's of course only if you're serious about the prices of forgiveness and mercy and eventual entry into paradise and ease on the Day of Judgment. A lot of them hottub is the name of a man who was promised paradise during his life he is in paradise. So when advice comes from a man like him, it is to be taken so seriously, what did he say?

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He said Has he bought and forsaken Camilla and Taha Cebu hold yourselves accountable before you are held accountable What do you know her Kabbalah and tools no and weigh up your own good deeds before they will be wait for you for in our not a conflict Hey Serbia Radha and Taha, Cebu and fossa Coolio because your reckoning your judgment will be much easier tomorrow on the day of reckoning. If you start with yourself today and then he says Ya Allah what as a young all in a horrible Akbar

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Allah firm you come half year and beautify your deeds in preparation for the grand presentation before Allah on the day in which you shall be exposed and not a secret of yours shall be hidden.

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It really is not sufficient

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to just tell ourselves Yeah, I need to hold myself accountable more is needed. A review session where you check in with yourself and you you actively ask some very difficult questions. What have I done well, this Ramadan, what must be improved in the days to come? What should I have avoided?

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Who do I need to consult? Brothers and sisters? This is the epitome of success. My motive no Maharani, he said nya kulula Abdul takia hackday Hakuna Asha the MaHA Surbiton, the NFC Hibino share equally shrieky the station of righteousness cannot be reached, till a person learns how to be harsher in his self accountability

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than the harshness of two business partners against one another Subhanallah and that kind of ignore case would actually go to the extent of regularly putting his finger inside the flame of a candle reminding himself of hellfire as he would say to himself has Yahoo s feel this Oh, and F ma Hamelech Allah ma Sanata yo Mercado Oka. Y ma Sanata yarmulke worker the field is our Haneef, what made you do such and such on such and such day? And why did you do such and such on such and such dig, feel this

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in the new the news of handle Subhanallah that this approach will not only ease their accountability on the Day of Judgment tomorrow,

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but will also enhance their performance as worshipers of Allah subhanho wa Taala today worship becomes a joy and easier question. How do I hold myself accountable? What does it look like? Like what do I need to do? Here is a suggestion take note of it. Number one, start by filling the holes in your obligatory acts of worship, start with the with them? Are my five daily prayers lacking? Is my Zakah yet to be calculated and issued? Am I still neglecting the Quran? The obligatory dress code? Am I still not abiding by it? Start with the obligations number two, move on to the repentance from existing sins that are still holding on to your life. Am I still involved in secret sinful

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conversations? Or my yet to quit prohibited addictions? Is my hijab and public presentation of myself still lacking?

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Is my Fallout with such and such person yet to be amended?

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Am I yet to learn how to know my gaze once and for all? Am I yet to purify my income from the prohibited sources of money. So this is step number two, start deleting, remove erasing those sins that are still latching on to you. And then number three, now that we're done with the rock bottom, move on to the levels of excellence. Ask yourself questions like How often does my heart tremble the remembrance of Allah?

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Do I need to sleep less? am I wasting too

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Which time? Do I have a plan for daily Islamic learning? Who are my friends?

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What am I watching on TV and social media? Am I yet to crave those moments of privacy with Allah?

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Is my worship still a tick box exercise? Am I yet to prepare a project for my hereafter still? Do I still not know how to recite the Quran properly? Am I still struggling to put a plan for the Arabic language see the levels of excellence and the experience by the way of every professional in life, their experiences that accountability is the single biggest differentiator between successful and unsuccessful outcomes. We're all at the halfway point now of Ramadan. So let's show Allah subhanho wa Taala that Ramadan is of far greater importance to us than any other worldly affair. Oh Rama

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Murthy. Merci.

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Welcome Rama

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