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Ammar Alshukry
AI: Summary © The podcast " Number One Things" discusses the meaning of life and how to translate them. It uses the phrase "one thing" as a replacement for "one thing" in Arabic, and explains that "one thing" is related to "one thing" in Arabic. The speakers emphasize the importance of worship and worshipping in the context of the names of Islam, citing the loss of the military, the presence of a prophet among calf, and the presentation of the Lord as the only one who can truly understand the universe. The lineage of the Lord is unique to the creator and not comparable to anything the rest of the universe has experienced.
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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to another episode of the 99 names. I'm your host, Bill alstyne. And I'm here with hamato shoukry. tagging along for today's episode where we are covering a lower head and and I had what I had in my head. I had one in one. Yeah, well I had done it I had sometimes translated as the one and only the one and the one and only

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and what have you. So, we're going to go into a noir head and a hat as for Atala head, and why it means the one

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so what it can mean? The unique, okay? And why it can mean the one meaning one, like the lowest number, okay? Half of two. So that's, that's why, okay, or two times a half? Yeah,

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exactly. So that's one of the meanings of life, you say, oh, four times, is wide. But the other meaning of life is that the unique

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only this person is like this, okay? And so that's the second. So Allah is white in his number. And the law is white in his

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attributes. That's number one, asked for an A hat, a hat is used to negate. So if I say for example, the example that's given is, if you were to say, I'm up there, you will live Woohoo. Okay, you see, I'm Mark cannot be overcome by one person, okay? What is the connotation of that he cannot be overcome by one person.

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He could be overcome by many, two more three, or four or something like that, okay. But if you say a modern lady, or liberal, who I had,

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a mod cannot be overcome by then the meaning here is a man cannot be overcome by anyone. And so it doesn't matter if it's one or two, or three or 1000 or a million. So how do you translate in terms of one? So you don't say, does anyone?

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I mean, I don't know how some of these things are just hard to translate. Okay. That's the idea. So we explained and then if anybody has any great translations, so he's one and there's nothing like him? He's one and there's nothing like it. That's right, why they don't hide the piers 12 times in the hold on, okay. And then why? We have already mentioned when we talk about the name, alcohol, that advice is paired with alcohol.

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And the reason is, we spoke about that in the video, however, and I had, is only mentioned once in the Quran. And Allah, Allahu Allah had said that Allah has zillion is a lot is unique. And I think the, you know, the benefit of these two names is clear, in that Allah is one unique alone. And he is the only one with these qualities. And as such, he's the only one with these names. And as such, he is the only one who's worthy of worship. He's the only one who we should direct our hope and our fear and our longing for. And so the action item that comes from the two names that ally Dan and I had are very clear, and that is that you call upon him alone. That you seek Him alone, that you fear

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him alone. Well, yeah, cannot go do you alone? Do we worship? Well? Yeah. Can I stay in and you alone? Do we seek for help? And that you worship Him alone? But the word who I had or now go to?

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Well, not what it means to worship, right? But yeah, can we alone? You alone? You alone? Yeah, well, where does one come in? Or just the term alone? yakka when it is? So the idea here is that the phrase is originally Nabucco, and that's the way that it would normally be phrased. So if that was the verse and sort of defines how it'd be Nabucco in a study, you know, however, the iaca becomes a replacement for the cat, which would have been at the end of the word Yeah. is brought to the front. Okay. It is you that we worship, it is you that we seek for help. Okay, that is saying we worship you. And we seek we're giving emphasis to a lot Not only that, but when you take what is behind what

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is supposed to follow and you bring it to the front in Arabic That becomes restrictive, okay. You alone? Yes. And that's where the you alone becomes in parentheses. Oh, so it's an implication not a literal interpretation of the grammatical makeup of the verse. Gotcha. And so yeah, can I do it? Yeah, can a stain becomes you alone? Do you worship and you alone receive for help, okay. And that is because Allah is Allah and Allah is it? Gotcha. So what's the takeaway? And that's it to worship a lot to worship alone and to recognize that these attributes are his own because he is allied and he is that i think i think i think a good additional take home would be look, really take the time

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to understand sort of the

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sort of the lackluster two causes of revelation that are mentioned the first was the machine again in Mecca de cetera. So lost a lot

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And then described to us your Lord. Okay. Is he made out of wood? Or is he made out of silver? Is he made out of gold? Is that like a mocking question? That's not a mocking question. That's a coming from their perspective question as a people who are idolatrous, but they already know of a law as the Lord of all of their idols. But they're saying, first of all, not all of them necessarily knew that really, I mean, just just common sense. Like, how many Muslims know their theology? notably, okay, fine. But how many people from a group aboard? We're talking about people who witnessed the destruction of Abraham's army? Not all of them witnessed it? Okay. You're talking about 40 years

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later, a particular generation. Yeah, but there was still like, and it's been 40 years and human beings are the loom. carpooled, they are oppressive, they are ungrateful. And so it's not unreasonable, I think, to understand have any slot in worship that cow right after the sea was split for them.

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So it's not unreasonable for people to forget and people to worship a cow with the presence of a prophet among the golden calf, in the presence of a prophet amongst them after the sea being split for them. And, you know, it was that generation it wasn't 40 years later, right? It was that generation or 50 years later, either. So the idea here is they came in they said, total total loss, I said them describe to us your Lord. You're seeing your Lord is better for us. What is he made out of? Is he made out of gold? Is he made out of silver? And so a lot so he had revealed a lot to describe who Allah is. He's not he's not made of anything that is and he's unique to that. And he is

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an ally of summit. Yes. And there's nothing that's like him. And so the verses the verses of that sword are all reflective of that a lot is unique and alone, and there's nothing like him, not comparable to anything. And then there's another cause of revelation that in soybean field more than once, yes, like total fat, yes. Okay. And that's a that's a position that some of the scholars helped okay. The second cause of revelation was some of the Jews in Medina asked the prophet SAW sent him MC blend Arabic give us the lineage of your Lord whose son is he? Because some had said it was that is the son of a law really believe Yeah, they so they attributed whether which denomination

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of Judaism or what have you however, a lot of mentions that they in the Koran that they said was that is the son of a lone wolf who they call it was there who what like, What what? In English like we say, they say Jesus, I don't know who this person is, whether this was a particular denomination at a particular time that believed that was that was the son of God Allah knows best okay? However, they asked

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last that I send them Ansible and Allah but give us the lineage of his Lord who's fought who's you know, whose son is he and all of this Yeah. And so a lot is revealed sort of thing that loss, okay. And so both causes of revelation indicate and of course, the context of the solar indicate that a lot is at what Hayden had he is unique. And all of his qualities, when American law hakuin add there is nothing that is like him. And so if a person thinks

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of an attribute of a lot and feels like they can connect it to the creation and or say that the creation is exactly as it is, then that is wrong by definition. Okay. That's it. Cool. All right. Cool. Lesson.

In this 47th episode of the series titled 99 names of Allah, Ammara Alshukry talks about the name of Allah – Alwahid Alahad


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