Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P02 020A Translation Al-Baqarah 142-152

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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nama who want to slowly add a little Sunil Karim and my Bertha are with the villa him in a shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Rubbish. Iraklis Saudi were Sidley Emery was number of data melissani Guru Kohli probenecid In our in

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just two lesson number 20 Surah Al Baqarah. I have 142 to 152.

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say a colo. Soon he will say, a sofa her all the foolish ones mean from a Nursey the people ma what? Wallah home, it turns them away. I'm from Ebola to him their prayer direction allottee which can who they were or they her upon it

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to say Lilla he for Allah and mostly the East while maneuverable and the West yesterday, he guides man, whoever Yasha who he wills, Isla towards Serapion a bath, what's stopping him one straight

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what and Gallica likewise Jarrell now come we made you all Merton a community a nation was certain moderate

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justly balanced

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little corner Kulu so that you will become Shuhada witnesses. Isla upon a NAS the people way Hakuna and he is Anwar Sulu, the messenger RNA come upon you Shahida a witness warmer and not Jalna we made LKB letter, the prayer direction allottee which Kunta you were or lay her upon it INLA except Lena Aloma so that we know man who yet who he follows Allah sola the messenger madman from WHO? Young Colleyville he turns Isla upon RP Bay he his two heels

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were in and indeed cabinet it was like a view of a turn. Surely a big thing in there except either upon Alladhina those who had a he guided Allahu Allah. Warmer and not Canada he was Allahu Allah. Lilia that he wastes. Eman ACOEM your belief in Allah indeed Allah been nurse with the people. Little goof on. Surely most affectionate. Raheem isn't always all merciful.

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But in fact, not all we see. The caliber repeated turning. What do you hear of your face? fee in a summer the sky for so low? Surely no one Leanna we will definitely turn

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you they will return a prayer direction. The Baha you will be pleased with it. For Wally Sauterne What do you have? Your face chateau? Towards a masjid, the mosque? And Haram the Sacred?

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Well, hey Zuma, and wherever control you were, fo aloo so you altern would you her comb your faces shutaura Who towards it?

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We're in and indeed and Latina. Those who who do they were given al Kitab the Book lay on the moon surely they know and know who that indeed it and have the truth. Men from rugby him there Lord. Warmer and not Allah who Allah be Laughlin in the least unaware I'm about what year alone they do. wander in and surely if they

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Either you came and Medina to those who who do they were given al Qaeda via the book because only with every 18 sign man not who they followed they will attack your prayer direction

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warmer and not under you betta we are in in the least one who follows people at the home their prayer direction

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warmer and more bearable home some of them betta berry in the least one who follows they will at the prayer direction by then of some when in and surely if it Tabata you followed a when a home their desires men from bar the after. Ma that Jirka it came to you mean an enemy from the knowledge in NECA indeed you be then then lemon surely from of what do you mean? Those who do wrong

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and Lavina those who are Dana whom We gave them? Al Kitab the Book? Yar any foreigner who they recognize it gamma just as yardie funa they recognize Obinna home their children their sons?

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What in and indeed funny you can agree group men home from them laic to Munna surely they hide and help the truth were home while they yearn the moon they know

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I'll help you the truth middle Rebecca from your Lord fella so do not the Conan you will definitely be men from a Lutheran those who doubt

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while he called Lynn and for everyone and for each would you have done a special direction who he mover Lee here? One who turns do it faster vehicle. So you all here listen, you always al Herat in the good deeds Aina wherever the call no you all are you all will be yet he will come become with you all. Yet to become he will bring you all Allahu Allah gemmy altogether in Allah indeed Allah. Allah upon completion in everything for the urine always all able

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women and from Hazel wherever her Raja you came out for when Lee then turn what you hook up your face sharper towards a masjid, the mosque al Haram the Sacred were in the hole and indeed it

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Len HELCO surely the truth middle of beggar from your Lord. Warmer and not Allahu Allah below filling in the least unaware I'm about what dark maroon you will do

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one in and from high school wherever Harajuku that you went out for one leap and turn. What do you have your face Shephelah towards a masjid the mosque al Haram the Sacred Well hey Thelma and wherever condom you were for one Lu then you all turn would you her comb your faces shutaura Who towards it? Li Allah so that not ye Hakuna it is Lin nursing for the people are Lancome against you. Her jaton Any argument

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INLA except Alladhina those who follow who they did wrong men home from them, fella SO DO NOT THE SHOW home you all fear them will show Nene and you will fear me when he oedema and so that I complete near Marathi. My blessing my favor or lay come upon you while are unknown and so that you don't you will obtain guidance.

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Comma just as I will send now we sent fee come in you will

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Solon, a messenger men come from you. Yet Lu, he recites or they come upon you, I, Tina, our verses, we use a key comb. And he completely purifies you

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while you're a limo comb and he teaches you al Kitab the Book while Hekmatyar and the wisdom where you are Nemo come and he teaches you ma what lamb did not the Kuno you all were there or the moon you all know

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fed Caroni so you all remember me at Gore calm, I shall remember you wash guru and you will be grateful Lee do me one and do not that photo will need you all be ungrateful to me.

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That's the sort of the recitation of these verses

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sale Pulusu.

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Boolean machinery will not worry about yesterday me

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work at

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litem who had

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Lita Kulu shahada

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Basu Ali from Shahida

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one John

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mommy Debbie overall sued me upon Ivana RKB are

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10 in

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one catalog booty luteal di e man as

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long as you're not walking

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or doing

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that unwillingly

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total loss

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by when you hit a cache miss out on why you

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don't know who had come shot or were in Medina to look at

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blood be him we're not law will be law feeling

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what are in

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total kita they've been fully

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Debbie Oh either

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Debbie Debbie

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Walla Enid

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the manager

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mean I mean I can either let me not body me

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a lady

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who can I already

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we're in theory coming home led to moon and the

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and you have one bigger than earth and Coonan I mean a momentary one equals

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one li first study

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at Noma

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law who Jamie

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in law harder initially

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Cody Wyoming hi you too hello.

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Student How long were in

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DECA one hola homie walking in marathon

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I mean how are you?

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Messaging How long were hazemag Don't our load you have come shop over the

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gentleman in a lady in our moving home. Fella tough show home walk shoni you already

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tell you

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Lu Ali,

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Tina yet

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Tina was a good

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while you are limo communicator

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verge Kodaly a gold calm wash brutally you

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