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The importance of worshipping the Prophet Muhammad sallahu alayhi wa" and being pure in one's life is emphasized. The need for everyone to be aware of their weight and peace in relationships is also emphasized. The importance of Islam is discussed, including its teachings for health and well-being, wealth, and peace, and a recent event where a brother of theirs set up a food stall to sell cutting burgers. Prayer at night is suggested to bring light to the spiritual presence of the Prophet and their followers.

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Here's some of the law.

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Now blessings

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upon all the prophets of Allah started from DC,

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all the way through

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the sun, and unset you see upon them all the way through to Moses and Jesus, etc, upon them all. Until we reach our final prophet and messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam, we will have all the prophets that Allah subhanho wa Taala sent to mankind, and we send out peace and blessings upon them all. Because all the prophets that Allah

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all the prophets were Muslims, a Muslim can only be a Muslim, if he was to love all the prophets, and that includes the Prophet Jesus.

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And the Prophet Moses, peace be upon him, and

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our Prophet, they will all Muslims, they will all adherence to the faith of Islam, to the religion of Islam, what is my brothers and sisters? What is our health

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is learned, it comes from the word.

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it means sufficient, and it also means peace

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and submission.

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submission to go over it, it is a subdivision for each and every single human being that lives, his body and a soul. His body has seeds, the body has seeds.

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You need to, you need to breathe in oxygen, so that we remain nourished and alive. And also you have a soul. And the soul has needs as well as the needs of the soul, he says connects the higher authority to a higher being. And that

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is Allah subhanho wa taala. And so, my fellow Australians, what you saw today of the Muslims, and what they were doing in the dread, of dying, and prescription, you might have thought that this is incredible. What are these people doing? How come they put their head and their forehead onto the ground, who knows that we did that for our Lord, for our God. And we do this a five times a day, each and every single one of us here. This is not just the show for tonight. This is what we do every single day on a daily basis. And we find nourishment in this and we find peace in this. And we find tranquility in this, even in the most difficult of moments, even in the times of hardship was

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if we went through a financial hardship, if we went through a hardship of a loss of a loved one. If we went through an illness, a cancer, a disease, no matter what it is, we Muslims find peace and tranquility and our heart. When we pray in another you saw us, especially when we have our forehead onto the ground. We only do this for a higher deed. We only do this for our Lord.

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This is what the service, this is what it's about. And this is what the teachings of our Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is all about. When our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he was sent as a prophet to mankind. He only had 23 years to spread his message. 23 years old, see my call stallions, everyone you see here. He spread his message 1440 years ago, and his message and his teachings are alive, as alive as they get.

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This is our Prophet Muhammad. Ali usnm, 23 years. He taught us everything that we're supposed to know, that brings us closer to our God and grace, happiness in this world, and in this afterlife when we die, and then we meet our Lord. And eventually we enter the paradise to be in company of the prophets in the messengers in the righteous. This is what he had 23 yeas our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the greatest message that he came with to mankind to all of us. And this is the very same message that every single prophet came with. And that includes Moses and Jesus. They all came to save, worship one law, worship one law. They all came to save, and

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they came to teach mankind

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If there is nothing worthy of worship, except ALLAH, this is who is worthy of worship. Why? Because Allah, our Lord is created us. He is the one who provide for us. He is the one who sustains us, is the one who caused our life. He's the one who will take our life. And He decrees all our affairs, and

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therefore, he's no one else. Some people choose to worship a rock, what did the stone and the rock do to you? Did it create you didn't provide for your asone? If I was to push it, it cannot lift itself from the ground, it cannot defend itself. How do you worship a stone? How do you worship a rock that cannot even benefit itself? Nor can it harm itself? How can it benefit and humbleness and some people choose to worship other human beings? There are some that worship human beings. How is that the case? How can a human worship a human eye every single human being has a beginning? How do you worship someone that had a beginning. That's why he said, every single prophet would call to the

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Oneness of Allah Subhana.

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Allah aluminous worship 23 years, this is what the prophets of Allah who taught mankind, and since we establish, and you and I can come to an agreement that our Lord is our maker, and provide and sustainer therefore, he's the only one who has authority to command and to prohibit only him. That's why the Muslims worship Allah, they worship God, because they acknowledge that he is a creator, He created me, therefore he deserves my worship. And he deserves that I only worship Him and no one else. My brothers and my sisters, fellow Australians, exam is a religion of purity. It is a religion of purification, a religion of cleanliness, you see ISness, that we will do, we will clean it all up

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before we leave. And not only that, we're not only clean in terms of cleaning the streets, but Islam also teaches us to be pure and clean in who we worship. So we worship our Lord alone. Islam also teaches us to be pure in cleaning that which we put in our mouth. So we only eat what is wholesome, what is lawful, what is actually nourishing for the body. And we avoid certain foods, such as pork and so on, because this is harmful for the body. This is mercy of God upon us and his teachings upon us. And we are pure and clean in what comes out of our mouth. So the Muslim is supposed to speak certain words that are good, that are pleasing to Allah, Allah. This is what Islam is about. And it

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teaches us to be pure in our relationships, so that a woman marry. Islam is a pure religion. It teaches us to be pure in our relationships. It also teaches us to be pure in the way we dress. And it also teaches us to be pure in the way we earn our wealth. We're supposed to avoid interest in gambling and all that, which brings sicknesses and mental illnesses upon people, what has driven the people into doing all this other than the fact that they have transgressed against the laws and the commands of God, when you come to serve, and your abide to the pure teachings of his son, and you own us, that which is and you

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and your relationships and your financial?

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That is when non experienced peace and happiness and joy and success and that is when you celebrate your life, in this life and in your life, when our Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, and today, Medina, and Medina is a beloved city.

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And this is currently in today, in a country known as Saudi Arabia.

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He says to the people, three months, he walked in, and he was walking

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among the Christians, and among the Jews, he walked alone, but also community and the Christians and the Jews. And he said a few words, and you shine, I agree with

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her message. And he was so Mr. Rice message that he memorized, and he released it to the people when the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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Medina, he came in, and he said

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he said, Oh my god,

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He set up to set. Set the piece around you is a religion of peace amongst us. You see these two friends, when we see each other, we say Peace be upon you, my brother, peace be upon you, my sister. Look at the religion of peace restored, we didn't even rehearse,

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we get every house that you see how secret

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we stood, when you know, and then we bow down and repose three years, when we all feel it the frustration, synchronized movements, because this is what God teaches us. And if this is the religion of peace, you see how I'm all standing next to each other? Because the Muslims

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what we see out, what you see now is symbolic

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for what the Muslims and together wherever they may be across the hall, you know, when a

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when a fellow skillful thing he experiences is to know that everyone on his left and everyone on his wife is a brother, and a sister of his

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sallam said, as Xu salaam will offer him a forehand, he said, feed the poor and the needy. This is a message of our Prophet, feed the poor and the needy. And I want to make a comment here, you know, my fellow Australians, brothers and sisters, these are all vulnerable nights. This event is called Ramadan nights. But it is very important for you and I, to know how this all happened. Do you notice history of this place? Do you know how these things happen? This is how it happened. About 10 years ago, there was a dear brother of ours and he's here tonight. He decided to open a food stall here to sell cutting burgers. And the intention was with all the profits circulated, they will be sent to

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Syria to feed the poor and the needy in his first month of Omaha. This is how excited this was the spirit of aloha. Because this is what is self conscious. And especially this is not for the one. It's about feeding the poor and the needy, and then later on, and he stayed up until today. It evolved and it became him to something that is not what Ramadan. Ramadan is not about food stalls and eating, but you can enjoy what you want. And he put the lie, but you need to understand that Oh, no one is about worship. The month of Ramadan is about worshiping Allah. It's about feeding the poor and the needy is why Muslims are encouraged to continue to donate and to feed the poor and the

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needy, and especially towards them. Number one, we also feed the poor and the needy. And finally Nabi SallAllahu, alayhi wa sallam said, or some of you will be familiar with nursery M, that the Quran generated. He said, And mankind people pray at night, when the people are asleep, you will enter the paradise peacefully. And this is what the service you know, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam our Prophet Muhammad, he says to the people pray at night. He says this one world 1400 years ago, and until this very thing, every single generation that came from them until today, I

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like what you said, Our religion is not a word. It's not a religion of loves. It is a religion of action. This is why we're here tonight, praying in front of you, to show you the beautiful teachings and the peaceful teachings of our beloved religion, Islam. There is a religion of our Prophet and the regional prophets and the religion that is accepted by Allah to mankind. And in our prayer, we read words, these words you believe out the words of God, since

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each and every single word in this book carries a contains immense burden. So mankind we asked the most out of all the guy that did except from us

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that he sued us mercy upon us

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to cause our death among

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the most

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to open the house

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that hasn't become an open you produce, religion and authentic religion, and every single said you

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would be helping anyone who will.

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Feel free and feel happy to come and approach rows and outstanding whatever you write

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about the San

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Francisco Bay

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There's a

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of words that have come from the heart and have gone to the hard drive