Hasan Ali – The Six Lives Of The Soul

Hasan Ali
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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Miami to Miami. My

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name is wil minor Haman hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad, wa ala alihi wa sahbihi.

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Firstly, Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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Brothers and sisters, we're here to discuss and to hear about the journey of the soul. Now, so far, you're sitting here,

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and you're thinking, like everybody else on this planet, that this is my life. And when my life goes, then that's it. I'll be somewhere else. But we think of it as this is life. This is it. Now we're here. And all my family members and others who are with me, I wish I can stay for a very, very, very long time with my mom, my dad, my sisters, my brothers, and my nephews and nieces. Not possibly my husband and wife. But anyway, whatever the case is, with husband and wife, whoever it is, they want to stay for a long, long, long time. But we all know, we all know it's not possible. And what I want to say to you brothers and sisters is that we think that when a person has gone from

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this world, it is death, we call it death. It is the cessation of life, it is the end of one's life, and it's it's the gun and the end of this body, and this life is finished. Yet when the Quran was revealed, it gave a new term,

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a whole total new term when the Quran was revealed the Quran, yes, did use the word mote. And he said everybody has to take taste death.

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But he did not stop there.

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He said kulu nacinda, remote. And then with that added things on it said you terroir phone, you are being transferred, you are being taken to a new world, you are traveling, you are going from this place to another place. The Quran used this term, what does that mean? That means that you we don't actually die, we don't come to an end. Yes, we taste death. But we move on. And it's not the first time that it's ever happened. It's happened before that we move from one world to another world. So I want to tell you, brothers and sisters, that when we think of our life, don't think of a life on its own and don't think of death as the end of that life. This life is only one small part to a

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massive life Allah has created for us, in fact, we right now you, all of you who are listening to this, you are actually in some ways eternal. And in that eternal life. Yes, we had a birth somewhere, Allah created us somewhere, like created as we are the birth, and I'm not talking about the birth in this world. I'm talking about the birth of the soul. There's a time when my soul and your soul was created. And once he was created, it was never to go dead ever, except one death, which is the death of this world will be faced that death. And after that we just transfer and throughout this entire life, there are many times Allah transfers from one world to another world.

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And this five transfers. Each and every one of us go through the six whole worlds that we will live in five transfers, and six whole worlds. So we have actually got six lives in six different worlds, because each world transfers us to a new world. So how do

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you start with the with the first world and you think well, what am I talking about? Do you realize that we were as souls Allah has created us and he had created us from the back bone of Adam alayhi salatu salam, and Allah from there to khargone creator advise him as one single person who in his in his spine, Allah put the seeds of every single human being ever to come on this earth. All those words

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inside his spine, I mean you all of us, all the 6 billion together on this earth, all whoever you can say we're inside his spine. And from that spine allows them because the ability of, of this of him having children, most children, having children, those children have children is holding his spine. But Allah created of those spines he created and from those from the seeds in his spine, Allah created a why he created souls. So what that meant is, there were many souls that were created. And I was wondering, you are one.

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Now we don't know. We don't know yet as of yet, anything else except where we are. We're just sold. And there's Adam, Allison. And he's got a spine and in the spine, there are many seeds. And those seeds are going to be passed on from generation to generation to generation to generation. And somewhere down the lines along choose for me a body, a body and he will choose for you a body and we didn't we didn't actually know that. We were there in art school. This is our first life. This is where I was this is where you were. In fact, the purpose of the law. Horace Mann has told us that in this world when you actually see someone

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and you kind of recognize them, but you don't know when you saw them. And you look at them anything. I've seen you some I've seen you someone you can't actually pinpoint where and you haven't actually ever seen them on this earth. Our Prophet sallallahu wasallam has alluded that it could be that we saw them as a soul in Harlem lava in the in the world of souls where we live the whole life menu, we live there for 1000s and 1000s. And hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years. We don't know how long Allah azza wa jal kept us in a we don't know. When Allah azza wa jal made us a souls one day before he even sent any anyone before he said Adam Allah Salaam to the earth. And before he said,

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however, to the earth, we were sold and placed just two souls. That's it just reading each other. I didn't know you as my sister, if you my real sister in this world, no, no, no, you are just you just a soul. There's no there's no he or she, or anything about a soul. It was just a soul. And we converse with one another,

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whoever it was, and then one day allows was our tester. So he says, He brings all the souls together. And he asked me a question which is in the Quran. Allah says, what you've heard are becoming Danny

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fusi him, Allah azza wa jal asked me a new question. And he said, he said, alas to be wrong. He said, Am I not your provider that gives you everything you ever have? Am I not the reason why you're alive? Am I not the reason why you are surviving at this moment, and you have everything you need? And who like we didn't know anything else. We just knew there's a bunch of souls around here. The only focus we ever had was Allah. That's all the avenues we just knew Allah, Allah, Allah was it our breathing was a lot. Our breathing was a lot. Our knowing was a lot I was seeing was a lot. Our yearning was a law. And it's only a law law was sold around you receive it, but we actually

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individually have a law constantly. All we know is that our purpose is a law, just like the angels had a purpose and the purpose of actually being on this earth. And before this, as well as being on this earth. They only know how to obey a law. We only knew how to obey Allah and only see him as the prime focus for everything. And the last then addresses us and says Amana to provider and we said Bella Shaheed now, we all said in one go, all of us said, we said Bala, of course, of course shahidullah we are witness to this, then Allah to run to us and said, and Taku yo molokhia ma na Hunan havalim.

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I'm saying this to you today lest one of you says to me on the day of judgment that I wasn't aware of this law wasn't aware of all of this out of Oulu in nama Ashoka when I'm in Kabul, lacuna, we get an invite him or perhaps you will come to me on the day of judgment and you will say it was my parents phone. allies, my parents felt they were misguided and therefore I was misguided. Allah said already don't give me these excuses for the Day of Judgment. And what happened we were like, we were here we only know you as node. And then Allah brings Adam and Sam down to the earth and how far down to the earth and now they're going to have children. So as they have the first set of children, a

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lot picks two souls up

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whichever two souls into and you are going into the fetus of however, you are going into the features of Hawa and you are now going to become the the soul that is encased in this

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Buddy till I release you. And your mission is that when you get when you go to that body, you are to carry on seeing me as your provider, and you need to find you will find many things on the earth he was he was almost like unreal for some of us over the word. One by one believing I wouldn't want to lead. This was a comfortable world. We only knew Allah azza wa jal, and we were so comfortable and we loved this place. We only knew a lot. We didn't want to leave.

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And then comes a time

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when we had to leave. The question is did you want to leave? No, did I want to leave? No. And then when it comes time that my name is called that and I'm going to become I'm going to become Okay, I did not know these two souls before I did not know these two souls before. And like for example, my father's name is Allah. Rahim Allah, may Allah have mercy on him say me. And my mother's name was Rukia. May Allah have mercy on her say, I mean, both of them have gone to the next world. So I was I mean, I don't remember this guy's okay. I don't remember this year. But this is from the scriptures. I'm telling you that this is this happened. I came and you came to whichever Your parents are. And

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last, and you're now you know what the fetus is already there. The baby has already matured to four months.

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three sets of 40 days have gone by. And this is a hadith in Bukhari, where Allah azza wa jal then chose you to go into the fetus. And he said, you're going to become the one that will be encased in this body until I release you and this now this woman is going to be the mother and this person is going to be your father, this is a connection, a lot built, and anyone else who shared that womb before you or after you becomes your brother, or your sister. And that's it. But before that, prior to that, we did not have any mother, any Father, we do not have any brother, any system. And imagine when I was in the womb, and when you in the room, imagine we are now in a new world, we do not want

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to go, the angel comes according to the body, and the angel blows the soul inside inside the whole body, like you would inflate a tire, the way you would inflate a tire with air, this whole fetus had a soul breathed into it, the heartbeat of a fetus has nothing to do with a person being alive or dead. The thing to do with a being alive or dead is whether your soul has left your body or not.

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There are many cases in the world, sometimes people die, seeing the dead that the pulse has completely stopped. There's been cases where law has been cases that people have told me that firsthand, they've seen this

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that like a mother or somebody else who was buried inside the great dead did the janazah. And then after that they heard something, they heard something from underneath. And they took her back out Why? Because she hadn't died, the pulse has stopped, the heartbeat has stopped. But sometimes there are conditions that the soul is still there. And people don't realize that sometimes you wake up again. And it only takes a real expert doctor to realize if that case has happened with someone. So anyway, my point is that when we when we come into that inside there, Allah azzawajal sends the angel to my young foofy roar, he blows inside it inside this this, this soul loves me and I'm

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trapped inside and imagine now I'm here. Now what am I gonna do? All I see is what I see redness

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is my mother's womb, I see redness, you saw redness, and the fetus that's inside the

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only nose that is just there lying there. That's it. Movement is made whatever, but it doesn't have to do anything. It's fed automatically through a tube that goes straight into its stomach and into his belly button is fed. Now, tell me this year, let me ask you a question. If at that moment when the baby is growing

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at five months, six months, seven months, imagine there's two twins, I just want you to imagine is the two twins and as a believing twin. And there's an unbelieving twin for what what's going to happen in the next world. And the believing twin sister its counterpart it says Hey,

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it's me Love

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me you. Were going to be coming out here one day and we're going to go to another world. And the other one says what he's talking about. Are you talking about? He said, Listen, when we come out we're going to see big space is a space. I don't know no space. This is it. When you come out they'll be light they'll be color. They'll be texture, the the people they'll be language, the because they'll be you know, phones if people are busy. There'll be communication. There'll be buildings listen

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I don't even think about this. Have you ever seen that yourself? No, I haven't. Have you ever seen anyone leave this place? No.

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Have you ever seen anyone come back from that world you're talking about to this place? We mean you are and to tell us that all of this is going to let this happen. And they saw it firsthand, and they came back. No, I haven't. Well, you my brother, you are starting to lose it. No, no, no, no, listen, listen, listen, listen. Bah, bah, bah, when we go out there. Yeah, I'm telling you, I've heard this. I've heard this. I've heard whispers other things. Imagine the twin said, I'm just making this up. Yeah. But I want I'm gonna give you a lesson, I'm gonna leave you less. In the end. Imagine the twin said that when I was there, in the, in the, in the world of souls I heard I heard this is what

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happens. I heard this is what happens and you go out and you know what, when we go out, we have to leave ourselves to actually eat ourselves it

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has you crazy. You ever see me from here? Because no, but I'm telling you listen, I don't eat. I don't eat, I can provide you can provide it automatically. I don't know what you're talking about. The believer will carry on giving all these all these evidences. And the disbeliever is denying all these evidences on what, and not seeing anything, or not having the experience or not seeing anybody else come back and give them information. And it's all down to that. But we know, we know, both of those have to leave the room.

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And when they leave the room, you can imagine that there's going to be a great shock in that train. If you really never believe what's about to happen. What have I just said that you buy my brothers and sisters, because you know what, on this Earth right now, right now the believers are saying to the to the people who don't believe in this, when we die from this world, this is this is the third world we're in the first world was among

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the first transfer was to the mother's room. The second World was the mother's womb. The second transfer was to this dunya. The third world is this dunya This is our third life, guys wake up, this is our third life we're living. And the third transfer is going to be to barza a world track between here and the blowing of the horn, I will trapped between death and blowing of the horn. And we are saying to all the people who don't believe in this message. And I want to say today there are Muslims who are who are weak in their faith. And there are Muslims because of the interaction in this world. They have kind of lost the compass. There are Muslims who are now doubting the

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afterlife. There are Muslims who are saying Really? What about if we have reincarnation? What about you go out there as a soul and come back to stone. Or we come back to another animal or we come back to a leaf or we come back to a tree. There are Muslims who have been affected by the belief of atheism. And they're saying, Listen, we've never seen anyone come back. Have you ever seen anyone come back and tell you from the grave that he actually saw the other side? And he saw the angel of death? And he saw the world of angels and the world beyond this? And we will say Oh, the blue thing? No. And the unbelievers the non believers are saying to us, well, my friend, well, my friend, you

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going slightly crazy in there. Right?

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away. I say listen, when you go to the world, you're not going to be in this body anymore. You got to be different. And they're gonna say yes, my friend, we've seen all the dead ones lying in their graves, my friend you will ever lose, and you are getting a bit cuckoos

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And the thing is, Our Messengers have told us all the messengers, the Quran has told us that there is a life beyond this. And just like the twins, they deny one another statements, the same way that believers and non believers both will find themselves in battles that once we leave, and if you don't want to believe in this, if you don't want to believe in this, then you take a risk. And your risk is this, which is what was said in the palace of fear around

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surah number 48. Number 28 that you found. And you my coaches, my friends, this was a man who had a man in his heart but he hit his Eman And he said in yakou Caribbean family he can do if Moses or Musashi Salaam is a liar than his lie will befall him suppose you believe in Musa story that there's an afterlife. Suppose we believe in that and then we die and there's nothing Have we lost anything? No, we haven't lost anything. Have we have we lost that

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Anything No, we haven't lost anything. But he said what he saw, do you see buku miles

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to come. But if it turns out then when we die, my coaches, my friends fit around when we die.

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And we find out that Moosa was right, then part of what he has said, will be for us, and we will face the punishment for not believing in the message that he gave to us.

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Now, if you don't want to believe in any of this, whoever you are, and I understand this is a time of fitna and there are a lot of Muslims out there all you know out there, they're getting bombarded, bombarded.

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bombarded by trolls on Google

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trolls on Google, the internet site, people are calling me people are seeing me people are saying to me, what about these?

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Guys, guys, what have you been watching? What have you been listening to the Google?

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A Google?

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Listen to me, Google is not the place to learn your religion. Google is the place to search for items quickly. Google is a place if you want to quickly get some information. But Google does not give you

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it does not give you authentic information all the time.

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If you take a vacuum cleaner, and if you go to your room, and you post it with a vacuum cleaner image, you got a vacuum, you're you're the Hoover you room, you know you're in a clean room with a vacuum cleaner. So you're like, you know, Mr. Schultz, the guy with a big, big, you know, big big M 62. Sometimes you go inside your room and you start, you start sucking whatever comes in the way and you start sucking all the data and you suck the paper, you suck the pen and you suck, whatever. I'm drawing, printing sector curtain and you suck, whatever else comes. Yeah, well, that's Google, my friend. Google just sucks. Everyone's information lies the truth. You know, people fabricating

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people staring at other people's people making things that people are saying the truth about something, it just sucks everything together.

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Imagine you then had to take your vacuum cleaner, take the curtain out,

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take this, take the pens out, take the paper out. And they just keep the dead. They said Miss, you don't learn the dean from Google. There are others who are going to these TV channels. There's sheer channels, there's other channels. I don't know what qadiani channels, and I don't know what else. And they come with a mind. They don't know what they're believing anymore. I'm like, hang on a minute, Who told you to see that in the first place.

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And like buzz shake it was on. It was just on I was just watching it. Were you just on you just watch it. Well, of course you're gonna be affected. Now you're asking me to undo the damage in your head.

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My guy is Listen to me, don't just watch what you want. There are a number of people on this earth, who have had a blessing company with people who've had a blessing company with people who've had the blessing company with people who carry on you carry on who've had a blessing company with messenger sallallahu wasallam. And they were the Sahaba. Whoever has a chain linking themselves to that, then you stay in their company and you listen to what they say to you. Otherwise you will be off, you will off the mark. Now let's get back to our topic, which is this is the third world and the third transfer is going to be bizarre, and my friends will come to this world. And you know what, let me

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bring you back to life right now. You've been you've been hearing now Allah, and you heard about the state of souls adalberto abodo souls, and you heard about the mother's womb and now this dunya but let me tell you one thing.

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Right now you have parents, we've come out. We are brothers and sisters, Allah gave his friends. Allah gave this Allah gave his position in this world. Allah gave me intelligence a login site Allah gave me hearing Allah gave me a mind to think I like him freedom and lucky movement. Allah gave me beauty Allah gave intelligence a login skill along provides for me when I don't need to think about it. And I'm in a different life in different form. Now, Allah gave me so many friends and gave you so many people and so many things that are and then Allah gave me a house comfort, nice coffee, gave me a mattress and sofa and oh my god, you know, the drink next to me. And the TV said that on an Oh,

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it's so enjoyable. And I don't want to leave this one and some others. They don't like that. Some others is actually cha cha cha cha cha wanna talk to his friend talk to that friend talk to this friend today. They have so much enjoyment with their friends and family and everyone you know what happens? These people they don't want to leave. And if you ask if you ask them Do you want to leave for the next world isn't

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gonna leave you. I'm comfortable. We're comfortable.

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We're comfortable in the in the mother's womb. We do not want to leave Alabama. We did not want to leave the mother's womb and nobody wants

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leave this earth as the truth. Because there's so much so much comfort around. And the more you move in life, the more things you own. And that's what makes you become heavy on the ground. The more things you own, the more things you enjoy. That's what makes you happy. That's why zakka has become forth on this. Oh, man, that's so surprising in college. Why? Because the more you make to sell a person who is investing in this, and saving that, and the bank balance is here, and you are in a mode of Oh, well, I own a house. I own a car, I own a phone. Wow, all I need is

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a wife. Or some might say, Oh, I find

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some people they treat their WiFi more closer to them than their wife. I just want to say that Right, guys? Okay, so be careful. I know you guys laughing. You do the same to them. But anyway, so the guy gets this ownership and that ownership and slowly, you know what, you got your degree, your owner of a degree, then you're you're in a company at first you're working yourself up, and then you find yourself established in a good job, secure job, you come in home every day with salary, you've got, you've got kids, you've got children, you own those children, they're yours, the property is yours. And then you've got it, you've invested in a flat, it's yours, and you can't go on holiday,

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you spending your money, it's yours, and you save and you save, and it's enjoyable to spend that money, you enjoy the time and it's worth and who wants to leave. That's why Stan has said, Give why. And you have to give 2.5% Why? Because Allah does not want us to lose our moral compass. Allah does not want us to lose our compass, to forget where we going, we're not here to stay. This is the third life. Allah has given us six lives. We're halfway through or not even halfway in terms of time, we're only halfway in terms of the numbers.

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And Allah doesn't want greed to come in that makes us want to stay on this earth. And Allah says spend another reason why Allah makes us go to Hajj. Why, because he wants us to dress like dead men and dead women and go and celebrate a column here I'm here among among the Day of Judgment among among arafat, which is supposed to be a part of their judgment. Allah makes us by compulsion, he makes us pray five times a day why all human being Don't forget where you came from, where you going, you did not come from your mother's womb, you did not come from your father's spine. You came from Ireland. And where are you going, you're not going just to another house or another home,

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you're not just going to the great you're going ultimately you're going to an entire world where you will be eternal and Allah does not want us to forget that link. So he by compulsion he says I'm not going to make you pray five times in one part of the day I'm going to make you pray at one end fudger and the other end in the middle there's going to be acid on both sides there's going to be so hot and there's going to be Muslims on both sides. I want you to remember me in five separate paths a lot but on some Muslims come they say shake you know a lot of people Yeah, one guy comes to me and he says to me as a chef he said I pray a prayer work he said but you know I can't always pray so why

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can't you always pray? He said because you know i don't you know I said what do you mean we wouldn't be you know, because I see you know the cupboard that we've got here the storage cupboard I pray inside there so what he's praying inside a store and he goes I don't want to I don't want anyone to see me shake

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as a Why in the world are you doing historical because if somebody comes up basically just pretend not to pray

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the guy pretending to take something out and he goes just because of this sometimes masala is about so is it okay for me to hope come home at the end of the day and I'm so true some faithful to my Lord I pray

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in one go

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the guy's asking Can you do

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faithful to his Lord will do for Salah has no, no problem. Oh, my God, the guy the guy. What does he think this is? What do you think this is? If I told him my friend, you've got to you know, you've got to fly from here to Dubai and catch another plane from there. You got to fly to you know, whoever wherever Bangladesh, okay, you probably like that I mentioned. So from that you're gonna fly somewhere else to Australia in three segments and I told you you got to find one segment strapped in one seat all the way Come on is different is different. Allah told you five daily prayers. Why? Because he knows you're going to take a break. And then he wants you to get back in and pray and

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take a break and get back in and he wants to take a break. Take a break my friends, Salah fasting all these prescribed hours. Why? Because he wants to rule to connect to Allah.

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We'll add our our routes and where we go into the ACA and allow those elements to stay awake. That's why we are you saying to me right now, well, why can't we have boyfriends and girlfriends, because Allah wants you to have a life where you serious and you don't have so much love that because of that love you forget Allah because with the wife that love is not going to be everlasting.

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I don't think you got that.

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With a husband, it can be everlasting. See, when you see a person now and again, you say hi, how are you? Hi.

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Hi, do you have to go for coffee? Yeah, maybe have some food first and then we go for a coffee?

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Of course.

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Is that okay? They meet, they eat, they meet, they eat? They feast. Okay. And they do other stuff, which I'm not gonna mention. And after that.

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Thank you.

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Thank you, sir. See you tomorrow, I'm going to my father's house, I'm going to have a nice rest. You have a nice face in your mother's house. It's fine. So that's how they sleep. And that's how they live and is that boyfriend girlfriend you can leave, leave, leave them like this for 20 years, and they will be completely fine. But you know, the moment they have a husband and a wife first like husband and wife, you can't pull them away.

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They're like, Oh, superglue, man. And after a while they're like the two ends of a magnet that are opposite ends. You can't get them together.

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Because when they're spending time in stock now's responsibility. They don't like thinking, you know, it's not like Hi Hi How you doing? This like, hey, come over here I exist.

00:31:46 --> 00:32:23

So that's what Allah said no boyfriend, girlfriend. Why? Because you're going to have the love and because I love you forget Allah with the husband and wife the love is such that you have great love at the beginning. After that, it becomes just normal love, normal love. And then you can start focusing and thinking about life. Why did Allah say that the men can have gold? Why do Allah say men don't wear silk because Allah does not want this Islam. Allah does not want us to have a life and a comfort that makes us want to stay here for a long time. And forget our whole six lives. How many lives do we have guys? Six, the first step what is it?

00:32:24 --> 00:32:29

Allah Allah, Allah when Allah says, first transfer is where

00:32:30 --> 00:32:34

mother's womb, so that's where they, that's where the second life starts. The third life is what

00:32:36 --> 00:33:15

this world has said, this world here, the fourth life is bizarre. And the fifth is going to be Doomsday, and the sixth is going to be beyond that gentle jahannam. This is our third life. We've only had two lives. And we're going on from here. My brothers, my sisters, let us understand that the shadow has come down onto this ground onto the earth, so that we don't forget who we really are. We are not people who are just businessman or businesswoman. We're not people who are just getting degrees in a college and get married to someone on this earth, or just living in a house or just enjoying life. We're not someone who's going to just buy a fancy car in his life. And that becomes

00:33:15 --> 00:34:01

his goal, or her goal in life. As I've said once before, and I'm going to say again, that your car that you've got, please remember your car will go to the scrapyard and you will go to the graveyard. Your car will go to the scrap yard and you will go to the graveyard no matter how many cars have come to this earth. They've all gone to the scrap yard no matter how many humans have come to this earth. They've all gone to the graveyard. So wake up is not a place to just live, live and live. It's a place to live and then die. Allah azza wa jal said to Adam Allah Solomon he was sent here as the first human being, he said you will live here to hang tomato tune, then you will die. Allah said

00:34:01 --> 00:34:44

to my Elijah to john then to to him to Allah azza wa jal boo boo your return be my friends, once we have had this world. And we'd like the Sahaba of the Allahu said to the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam. And he said hunger Allah was the one who said messenger of Allah when I'm when I'm in front of you in front of you will feel like gentlemen, gentlemen in front of our eyes. This is the Hadith in Bukhari and then measure of Allah when we go to our families, our first men, as virtual Allah, when we mix in with the children and our families and our wives, that's when all what you've said in front of us and the feelings we've had start to disappear. A messenger of Allah, we don't feel the

00:34:44 --> 00:35:00

same. So I feel like a hypocrite. Now Rasulullah sallallahu has Maha to tell him that he will have a moment like this and a moment like that. It is okay for us to enjoy the world. Don't get me wrong. It's okay to enjoy the world. But please don't get sucked into that.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:45

as well to the extent that you forget that this was only one life out of six lives that you've got, just don't make that mistake. Because when the moment comes and when it's time for me to leave, and when it's time for you to leave, the first note will strike me is when the angels come, and it's a time for me to wake up. The first thing that will strike me and strike you is What is that? Oh my god, oh my Allah. Oh my Allah, Allah, Allah. Why? Because I was I am a soul. I'm not this body. I'm a soul. That's the first strike. Oh my Allah This is now going to be the beginning of the fourth life. On our law was a natural arises. Remember, like yesterday we'll wake up but that's why Toba is

00:35:45 --> 00:36:19

not accepted. When you see the angels. Nobody can repent to Allah. Nobody can do Toba at the time, when you see the angels When the angels appear to his death. That's it. It's finished game over your whole life that you had on this earth was only part of an entire life. And that's when you realize, you know what, I'm not going to go forward. And I've got no way to go backward back. Just like no child born on this earth ever goes back to his mother's womb the same way no person leaving this world ever comes back to this world nobody.

00:36:20 --> 00:37:01

And that's it now is the fourth world What is it is barza at the time of death. The soul then is reached by the angels that time we cut off from the people around us that time No mother no father, No brother, no sister, we know that time is just coming out of the body and it's me that the actual soul itself and I come out and at this time what happens is when they put my body in the grave, my soul goes to either a lien or C gene This is the life of birth This is the fourth life if I'm a good good good soul, I go to lean if I'm a bad soul, I go to see Jean both mentioned in Surah moto 15 of the Quran and what happens is a person when they make this journey, and they go there the Prophet

00:37:01 --> 00:37:34

sallallahu asthmas told us and he's given us good news about Lean Allah May Allah make us have them say I mean what happens is this we lose a family here you know we guys are so sucked in this world. So So that's my sister and love my sister. I can't live without my sister. Somebody will have the WhatsApp status. How do you live without your sister? Well, you didn't live without your sister before your sister came I'm sure you have to live with the sister of yours is the goal there you go. So anyways, we get so sucked up it's like you can't you know you so enjoyable.

00:37:38 --> 00:38:09

You got so sucked up you forget about the real life. And what happens is you lose your family on this earth and you gain another family on the other world. What do I mean? My friends our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has told us how the news reaches the gates of earline of whoever is coming from this earth. And they they're in a lien always saying to the angels who's coming who's coming who's coming on when they say it is Manohar Hussain, who's from IE one. Yeah.

00:38:11 --> 00:38:44

Whatever street that might be. The same. Anyone in the heart of Whitechapel is coming up. You know, no one who says dad, his mom that went before maybe his granddad and a great grandfather and his uncles and all they come rushing forward is any family members will come rushing forward to the entrance of the gate. They want to receive their child, their grandchild, when he enters, he now realizes if he's a good soul, only if he's only good songs happens. He now realizes that he's got a whole family out here.

00:38:45 --> 00:39:24

Not just the ones he's seen. He hasn't seen his great great, great grandfather. Even he looks at him. And they catch up on news and his father, mother, and others say to him, how's your sister? How's the sound of us? How song So what about the other one? Does she get married? Has she married? They catch up on news of this world? That's the first thing they do. But if it's a bad soul, then they go to see Jean and they don't see any families there whatsoever. And what a life that would be for a person to live live in this world and to end up in CG May Allah azza wa jal forgive us May Allah protect us from going they say I mean so anyway, this is the fourth world what happens in the

00:39:24 --> 00:39:59

fourth world? Well guess what? You get comfortable again if you lean you get comfortable you with your family, the families that went before you and now you're waiting for others to come from the world you want your sister to come to the to envy you hope she gets during the eat you pray she gets there early. That's why people on this earth sometimes have dreams How do you have a dream? How do you meet a person who's already gone? Well, the people in your league in the make a request to Allah. Allah I'd like to see so and so on my family member in the world in a dream if only allow

00:40:00 --> 00:40:36

wills they get the getting they get the wish granted so what happens? What happens is Subhanallah think of this This is amazing. This is amazing and this happens every single night. What Allah has done is during the night when you go to sleep tonight and I go to sleep tonight and last night and the night before that, and every single night in my life, what Allah says the Holy Quran pseudo Zoomer surah number 39. I think it's ID number 46. Allah says Allah azza wa jal and fusa in mot quality lamb, Timothy mannheimia, Allah catches souls twice, two times, once when you're dead, he catches you and he takes you transfer you to the next one. This is what I've just been talking

00:40:36 --> 00:41:18

about. And a second one where he catches you. And he releases you and then he catches in, releases and catches in releases and catches up, takes you up and takes you back down takes you up takes you back down for many many many many times. Every time I go to sleep and every time you go to sleep. The Quran says one Leti lambda moot v Miami ha the one the soul that hasn't died yet who who is in a state of sleep and a state of dreaming. And you what happens is my soul goes up there your soul goes up there. And sometimes you have a dream of someone on this earth. And that was how do you have evil his soul his soul got together with your soul? Sometimes it's your imagination. Okay, don't get me

00:41:18 --> 00:41:24

wrong, don't freak God don't see someone tomorrow and just say hey, I was with you last night sister.

00:41:25 --> 00:41:35

Come here. I'll see you. Sometimes your imagination. Alright guys, take it easy. Okay? So anyway, what happens is they they go to a place Allah will.

00:41:37 --> 00:42:19

The world Allah has created the world of dreams. Now every soul that has a true dream goes to that to that world. And whoever is in a lien if their request has been accepted, they also come to a lien and to meet in that state. And this is so quick, they can happen like a blink of an eye. It can happen like a blink of an eye. That's how we see people who have passed away, and we meet them in our dreams allow us. So anyway, if you want you might think well, that's some people dreams. Do you have anything physical? Some people say, where's the physical thing that forbartha confer the life beyond the fourth life? Well, let me tell you this. There's been many individuals in this in the

00:42:19 --> 00:42:34

past that this has happened to and it's it has happened again recently. With Eman Buhari Rahim Allah when they buried his body in the grave in his grave in Russia in bahara. In Russia, he was a Russian Imam Bukhari was a Russian

00:42:35 --> 00:42:40

you understand guys, we need to tell put in that Imam Bukhari was a Russian Allahu Akbar anyway.

00:42:42 --> 00:42:44

He when he was buried in his grave

00:42:46 --> 00:43:24

there was a fragrance of very strong fragrance of our ether and of great great fragrance of a nice smell coming strong, so strong that they've never they've never smelled anything like that. So the people came to his grave straight after janazah and they took soil from his grave, they took it home. This was like a whole piece of soil that's got this fragrance you could rub it on your hands, you could rub it on your on your body on your skin and you got really nice fragrance. So people then flock to his grave for three days. Every day they will take soil handful of hands full of soil and then the Aloma is time they make dua to Allah said Allah please stop this because a bit is going to

00:43:24 --> 00:44:06

stop and they said Allah Please take this fragrance away because we have to carry on refilling the grave every single day. Can you imagine? Otherwise, they'll take all the soil from his grave. On the third day it stopped. This is a well known piece about his life when he died. Remember Hydra mala and it's a very famous person that most of us are acquainted with. But it has happened again and again a man there's Maulana Muhammad Ali lahori Rahim Allah in Pakistan, a wonderful chef have so much admiration for I wish I had met. I never met when he died. He's janaza you know he's janaza Allahu Akbar. He's janazah to carry the carry his his body onto the shoulders of people. You know

00:44:06 --> 00:44:52

how long it was? He was 14 miles. 14 miles people stood and they just they just crossed his body over shoulder from shoulder you can imagine how many people were in his journals. This was back in the 60s or something when he passed away and you know what when they buried in the same thing happened a year in Bangladesh. Masha bamboo Rahim Allah who's a Wali of Bangladesh The same thing happened in the 70s when he passed away and guess what? The same thing like three days later a lot took the took the fragrance away and then 2014 this is gone last year but Masha bamboo de rocknrolla in Bangladesh. Suddenly his grave again gave a fragrance and it lasted for one whole day. Allah

00:44:52 --> 00:44:59

Hopper was a man who passed away 50 years ago his grave again gives this gives this fragrance as

00:45:00 --> 00:45:35

This is Allah showing us that the bursa is a real world. And it's a world where you will remain, though the body stays underneath there, the soul travels to a place called alien. But there's a connection between the two. And what happens is in this fourth life, if you ask anyone, do you want to leave this world? The answer will be what guys? The answer is no, just as you did not want to leave Ireland with the first world, you did not want to leave your mother's womb, the second world, you did not want to leave the third world, the dunya, the same will happen nobody will want to leave, leave if they leave.

00:45:37 --> 00:45:49

But if they can see gene, they will want to leave, they will want to come probably because they want to stop the punishment. They want to just get on and move out. But there might be a time when Allah will stop the punishment is a gene alone, he knows that. What happens after that?

00:45:51 --> 00:46:30

We come up on the day of gentlemen out What does Allah do, Allah that makes the angel blow the horn, and all the souls in a lien are killed off all that meaning that they cease to exist. This is not a real death. This is like another type of death. Yes, is a type of death. But we only taste a real death with the Angel of Death comes in, takes our soul out of our body, we always feel that once. So this is another time that everybody everybody's not going to get switched off. So Allah switches off all the alien people or the CGM people he killed, and he makes the end of life for all the people on the earth. And they all come to an end, and the whole world comes to an end. And Allah breaks

00:46:30 --> 00:46:53

everything that he ever created. He then takes it together, reshapes it makes it flat, and then he brings my body back wherever it was underneath the surface, and your body underneath the surface, he then brings a soul of a lean from 16 or lean, he brings it into the body. And then he tells the angel to blow again, it blows again. And then that's when we wake up.

00:46:54 --> 00:47:38

This is now another new world, this is going to be the fifth world. This is going to be the fifth world and a fourth transfer, we wake up just as you woke up that day, in your mother's room, you are a fetus, and you did not have any control over a body, Allah has not put you back again into your body. And I wake up and you wake up and this time, the only thing we do is remove and our heads move the soil from above. And whatever it is, and we come out we come out on the Day of Judgment. This is now every single human being every gene, every creation, every animal, every dinosaur, every single insect that a lot created, all coming up on the Day of Judgment, Allah will make every living

00:47:38 --> 00:48:19

creature Come on the Day of Judgment. And Allah will make all of them come together on one platform, one piece now this time, there are things that are different. Why? Because when I'm walking on the Day of Judgment, first thing is in the world, I had full control over my limbs, I could do what I wanted. In this world, I can't do that I have limited control over my body. Allah somehow directs me, I can't just run away in the other direction. It's just the force that brings me together to a centerpiece on the day of gentlemen to a center place the Day of Judgment. This is the day when if I was to see my mother than my mother was not really well Who is she? Who is my who is my father,

00:48:19 --> 00:48:38

who's my brothers was that they just souls that existed in Alabama law that were put into different bodies and and the connection was made between me and her womb. That's the connection between me and that man who was my father. That's why the Quran says that my family members what yo mydin Allah says

00:48:40 --> 00:49:16

sudo fana and Saba Bina home. On the day when Allah will blow a hole He will make the angel blow the horn, there will be no there will be no family ties. On this day. A mom does not see her daughter as a daughter. A brother does not see his own brother as a brother. And a wife does not see a husband as a husband and a husband doesn't see a wife as a wife. This is the day when Allah has created where we back again with thinking of us as souls. We have no connection with one another. That's why we don't help one another. We don't want to see one another. In fact, we'll run away from one another. The Quran says yo Murphy

00:49:17 --> 00:49:45

the day when a man will run away from his own brother Why? Because he's gonna ask me for help. I don't want to be in this position. What I have to turn him away and I have to embarrass him. That's the reason why and then the only concern is me me I was the soul. What did I do when a lot truck mean a body for only 40 years for only 60 years for only 50 years, which today looks nothing because today's life is 50,000 years.

00:49:47 --> 00:49:59

And Allah Allah was the first life was 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of years I lived you lived and the mother's womb was just five months because four months it was a fetus without you inside and

00:50:00 --> 00:50:46

Five months to birth is only the time you spend in your mother's womb. So it seems so quick and the world is what? 60 years. 40 years 50 years What? For the sake of me for the sake of me getting so accustomed to the world today I've got so many answers. It's not even look crazy. That's why people will say and the Quran says compared to the real life of a whole 1000s and 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of years of the soul compared to the Day of Judgment 50,000 years I have to live in this world here compared to the eternal Jana, Jana, compared to that they will refer to the life of the earth as what they will say Yo Ma, it was only one day some will say ashy. Haha it was only half a day even

00:50:46 --> 00:51:31

looks like a morning or it looks like an evening 60 years of life and they call it a morning 60 years of life and the Korean evening Subhana Allah allow them and then after that when when the hisar come this is now the new world. New World Either you are under the house of Allah with the messenger sallallahu alayhi salam drinking culture at his hands in a pool of culture a beautiful dream, either you are with the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam next to him and you part of the oma and Abu Bakr, Omar Osman Ali rhodiola Allah, tala Hans obeyed and all the Ayesha Abu Bashar and the Sahaba and the companions they are your friends on that day. Either the MBR musala salaam Salaam

00:51:31 --> 00:51:35

Alaikum. ala rasulillah salam Salam Salam

00:51:36 --> 00:51:43

ala Ibrahim alayhi salam, you have you have you shot you shot at a salon, you have a salon, you have no hair salon.

00:51:46 --> 00:52:01

Either. These are the people that you spend a whole banquet and a feast with, and you're in the company and quickly forget 50,000 years for these people. For these people. It will be like two records of the Sunnah of father prayer. That's how quickly We'll see.

00:52:02 --> 00:52:21

Either that life or the life under under under their judgment under the sun, a life where it seems like 50,000 years a life of desperateness a life of wanting to get across from here. People will be sold dress desperate, they will want a lot just sentence them whichever way a lover

00:52:22 --> 00:52:40

and then do the people want to move on from here this time. It's a yes. This time it's a yes this is the only time people want to move from this world to another world. Why? Because they don't want to stay on the Day of Judgment. If the punishment they don't want to stay in punishment. If they're having a good time they want to have a better time to go to Japan.

00:52:41 --> 00:53:17

Then Allah azza wa jal transfers as what happens any person who goes to Jannah if you go to jahannam, you get a different body. If you go to gender, you get a different body totally new life. If a person goes to jahannam, Allah will make the body grow big so that the punishment can be felt a lot more. Now Allah May Allah forgive us on my lifesaver, say I mean, so it's a new body. If a person comes out from jahannam to Ghana, or a person is going direct from the Day of Judgment straight to Jana, Allah has kept a special water called ma

00:53:18 --> 00:53:40

it's the water that gives life the life giving water allow you to wash the person from john with this water that will completely get rid of everything. Everything that had that was wrong with them. Allah will give you a new body and that body will be something no eye has ever seen. No ear has ever heard of a no mind can ever think of.

00:53:42 --> 00:54:22

And allow golden enter people the last life the sixth life for any man or woman is either jahannam or Jelena it's either the fire or it's the garden. It's either going to be punishment, or it's going to be delight. And what is that my friends we need to wake up and say to ourselves, we want to spend the 60 years here these 50 years yeah these 40 years yeah, these 20 years yeah, these 10 years I don't know how long you've got left. It might be one more year you've got left it might be half a year might be a few months or maybe few weeks that you've got left. I don't know you don't know. You want to spend the rest of the time for what for life on this earth or for a life that I have which

00:54:22 --> 00:54:54

is expanding from Ireland all the way to eternal Jana. See when we go to Jana Subhana line of him I want you to hear these words. This is going to be a party that's going to be held in Ghana. You know in this world when sometimes we are together and we have a lovely time with one another and we see each other and sometimes you get together you're on your sofas, couches, and and the food is being given to you and the drinks are going around and you're having a lovely sip and your lovely chat with your friends. And you say you know guy Do you remember that incident a dude with a you know, a two horse

00:54:55 --> 00:54:59

horse in a admittedly did you did it? You did? Okay.

00:55:00 --> 00:55:35

added, so the life is on the joke is on, you did something in the past and you talk about it. And the good times you get to you get to talk to one another about the good times in the past time. Well, in general, they're going to do the same thing. So I want you to listen to this. And I'm going to recite it to you. And I'm going to give you translation. And I want you to think about this party in general. And they're going to refer to our world here, they're going to refer to doubt in this world about that world here, they're going to refer to what they're going to refer to if they hadn't changed their life here right now, they would have been completely gone in the next world to janam.

00:55:35 --> 00:55:57

They will refer to what they will say that they'll never die, they will they will refer to the fact that they will never see punishment ever. And Allah azzawajal will give the biggest lesson at the end. And I want you to take this lesson with you what it allows you to just say in the Quran about that. And if you look in the Quran, surah number 37 and number 41, you will find this hour of the

00:56:09 --> 00:56:17

day the people of Ghana will be given provisions that they know of which is fruits, fruits, where they are honored with those fruits,

00:56:18 --> 00:56:20


00:56:21 --> 00:56:29

nary in gardens of delight many many gardens of delight where they where they can't see any days of worry

00:56:31 --> 00:56:41

kabini reclining just like we were talking as well. reclining on couches facing one another. You have rallied

00:56:46 --> 00:56:54

around them servants will be given drinks that will rotate around them. These are men and women in Ghana who've made it in Ghana.

00:56:55 --> 00:57:00

And these drinks are from a fountain and the fountain is of wine by

00:57:02 --> 00:57:11

Misha Eb white drink beautiful and lovely for those who drink it. laughs II have

00:57:16 --> 00:57:26

neither they will have a headache, nor will they get drunk from drinking so you can drink as much as you want as much as you want. And after that what will happen Allah says

00:57:27 --> 00:57:28

that you don't have

00:57:35 --> 00:57:36

to turn

00:57:37 --> 00:57:47

around there will be women who will have the eyes down the eyes are only for their beloved. And Allah says about them as if can never use

00:57:49 --> 00:58:04

like an ostrich or a bird that gives that has some eggs and saves and protects them from dirt and dust. These women in Ghana have got no dirt in the history whatsoever. A London says

00:58:10 --> 00:58:27

one of them asked his his friends in Ghana. He says hey, you know as the speaking and as they're talking, they're having fun. I'm lost with asking questions about this world. He says yaku Nick al amin, Al Mossad, JT Paula Paul

00:58:29 --> 00:58:39

can le buddy one of the new say, I used to have a friend in the world who used to visit me. And he used to say to me, Jaco

00:58:40 --> 00:58:53

elemina. Musab dirty Are you really serious when you tell me about the next world? Are you serious? We got to go to another world either meter now welcome to rob. Yvonne.

00:58:55 --> 00:59:08

Moon, are you serious? This friend who doesn't believe in the next world? He says he's serious we did. We bones we dust. We're completely finished. And then we get up and then Allah judges us on the Day of Judgment.

00:59:10 --> 00:59:16

And then Allah says, All Allah is the one who says this. Hello to

00:59:18 --> 00:59:31

all you people in general, imagine when this party Allah says, Hey, you guys have the party down there. Do you want to see that friend of yours right now? And a friend will say yes, yes, I'm allowed to see for

00:59:32 --> 00:59:33

Wi Fi so

00:59:34 --> 00:59:41

he will look down and allow make him see his friend were in the depths of Hellfire in the depths of hellfire.

00:59:45 --> 00:59:51

tele to the by Allah my friend in Jannah mama You nearly destroyed me you need to ruin ruin me.

00:59:52 --> 00:59:56

While I will learn Yamato Robbie, lacuna

00:59:57 --> 00:59:59

body if I have

01:00:00 --> 01:00:19

If it wasn't for for the for the gift of my Lord, I would have been with you with the people of hellfire. And then the people of gentleness, speak to one another. I've only got a few more verses and listen to this. But Allah says FM and nanobeam at the people agenda, look at one another. They say, Hey guys, do you realize this?

01:00:20 --> 01:00:23

There's no more death will never die again.

01:00:29 --> 01:00:49

We only had one death, one death, that's it. And we will never get punished again. The death of the world was the only death we ever had. There's no more punishment whatsoever after this. Now Allah speaks to us. And he tells us and I want you to take this lesson away from the six lives of man. I want you to take a lesson What does Allah say in

01:00:53 --> 01:01:34

this Surely, is the greatest success anybody can ever have. Greater Than you finishing your exam with three A's a stars, greater than you getting f a master's degree with a first honors degree greater than you getting the most beautiful woman in the society to marry or the most handsome looking guy to get married. The thing is greater than the success of getting married of having beautiful children of having a house gauging the success of having a wonderful car wonderful place on this earth. Allah says the greatest success is to be in that position in Ghana with friends talking about this and talking about the past and you've got nothing to worry Allah says limits

01:01:38 --> 01:02:22

like this old people who want to work and who want to compete who want to get somewhere you should try and get here and this is the most time for place. My brothers my sisters, I conclude my talk. When I say to you is I hope after this talk you realize that where we are right now is nowhere compared to where we are going. where we are right now is so small, so tiny, so insignificant. My brothers my sisters, forget the people who are on your back and trying to mess mess your life up. Forget them. Just do your amandi actions. Forget the workplace that puts stress on you just bear with it and do the best you can by pleasing Allah azza wa jal forget the few times you can get a

01:02:22 --> 01:02:49

quick quick money for a few pounds. Forget that my friend you want to make sure that every penny is spent in the hallway and and in the hallway so that we can have the rest of our lives the life of barza in your lead the life of the dead Jasmine would Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam and the life of Jana, the life of Jana, by seeing Allah azza wa jal in sha Allah say inshallah, may Allah azza wa jal accept all an accept everyone who has come here today.

Shaykh Hasan Ali delivers a talk on the topic ‘The 6 Lives of the Soul’ at the ‘The Journey of the Soul’ Conference held at The Waterlily, Mile End.

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