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AI: Summary © A speaker discusses the consequences of lying, including punishment and injuries depending on the degree of lying. They also mention that lying is a violation of promises and is a violation of guidance. The speaker warns against seeking attention and fearing failure to achieve goals.
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I'm from Cambridge. My question is

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how much will you get when you

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when you lie?

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Shall Thank you very much. So hi, just Hello. Hi. That's an excellent question. How much sin Do you get if you lie? Now really and truly the reality of lying is that there isn't one particular sin for lying. However, there are punishments depending on the degree of lying, and the reason why a person lies, the prophet peace be upon him, one said that from the punishments of the grave is going to be the liar. And it's actually a very explicit Hadith that describes many things that will happen in the grave, and one of them is a punishment for the liar. And that punishment will continue until the day of judgment. And that punishment is for the one who intentionally lies who lies for no solid

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reason, if you'd like there's no purpose behind it, maybe they're looking for attention, maybe they're just trying to stay out of trouble, whatever the case is. And of course, all of these things they are held on and discouraged in our religion. That person who lies them is a person that is dishonest when you are dishonest. Eventually what will happen to you is you become dishonest with your actions, you will become dishonest with yourself, you will become dishonest with the people around you. As a result, it leads you to other problem areas, it leads you to other issues that can be greater and eventually a person like that may destined themselves to the punishment of allies so

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agenda, so really and truly look at lying as a small door or a window to other great sins and other great problems. So this is why Allah azza wa jal constantly tells us in the corner and stay away from sin and fear Allah azza wa jal to the best of your ability. If you do that in sha Allah then all of the other problematic areas in the greater issues will be you will be protected from them.