Rising in Revival, Setting in Submission

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Imam Zaid Shakir clarifies what it means to strive for communal empowerment and how Muslims can recommit to this lifelong journey starting from embracing our strangeness and ending at submission.

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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR human happy to be

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LSE the university in

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Europe. SLM, wildly.

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good entire.

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Now you go Good luck bless you all,

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each and every one of you, as we should

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have brothers and sisters, family members, that love should be part of what sustains us. And we pray that we find that love within each other's hearts. And we pray that it's a function of our love.

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And our love for the Messenger of Allah. So

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I just want to flip the script, as they say, and as opposed to look at the journey as a rising Bible study and submission,

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setting and submission in order to rise.

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And the context for just a few remarks, sharing a few remarks with you.

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We'll start with a casita attributed to shave

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in the blue sea. And he says,

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terms of setting and sufficient attain *ery Vina, we've come to you at a state of need over one dependent upon a lot of money.

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Yeah, 102 for karabo. On a lot

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of humanity, humankind you are in desperate need of your Lord of Allah and a lot of our needs will be.

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So the beginning of our revival is our submission, acknowledging our weakness, acknowledging our need for our Lord, acknowledging the need for divine guidance. You mentioned yesterday, this podium cannot ascribe meaning to itself we do that. And we cannot, because we created it to be a podium. And we cannot ascribe meaning to ourselves like the podium, rather a lot of talent who created us ascribes meaning to us. And so until we acknowledge our need for a lot, the need for divine guidance and need for divine assistance, then there can be no real revival. And we see

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repetitions of the failure to truly revive not just our own work, but the direction we're taking. As a human species.

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We mean revival, reviving as a human species. So the first step attention to capital,

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Alina admitting our need, and admitting the power of our Lord,

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for an telenovela vaccine, and understanding the good that we enjoy comes from Ohio and Tennessee, you are the one that

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continues to be good to us. Until they developed as a vaccine. We're not the source of the good we enjoy. We're not the source of the good, we enjoy a lot of time is the source and again, acknowledging that is to submit and to humble ourselves and to understand, submitting, translating into humility

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translates into the Bible, to law that I had to really let go of our law. No one humbles themselves except for the sake of Allah, except that a lot elevates them. So there can be no revival, no elevation without a law. And so that requires us as a human family, many of us as Muslims, again, necessarily Not a single individual in this room, but individuals out there and the owner will aggregate themselves and think they can play God. We can't play God.

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We have to submit to our Lord submit to God submit to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And part of that submission, is acknowledging the source of the blessings we enjoy. You didn't bring it to yourself. I didn't bring it to myself a lot. Carla brought it to all of us as a test. attain a good faculty here then the Lena went and tender the lung test in a

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When I was 10, cooler fondling Assa t adorable and the minca are wet tena, you've gotten us accustomed to being the recipient of every good. We're all one tener Kula footmen. Perhaps the good you've gotten us to be accustomed to receiving will continue.

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I certainly

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want over 10 akula for the NASA you're doing for lead the main care, our tender that would you have a customer's to be seen. We'll continue.

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So the clean water we can drink

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by just turning a tap and not walking five miles to a muddy pond

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that's shared by all the animals in the vicinity. The hyenas go there, the lions go there, the zebras go there and they drop their dog around the vicinity and when the rain water comes that and that's our drinking water

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or our cooler button and I say do hola demon camel What?

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So perhaps the good that Google endures

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if we are humble and acknowledge that is a gift from our Creator

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mazagon cashew our focus woodenly will be hope we can

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Oxon Muna and so if we acknowledge a lot of times as the source of our good we will love a lot

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if Dr. Bass was mentioned to bless him to move Alan have been an asset a

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human hearts have been naturally predisposed to love those who do good to them.

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And have given us a beta. And so we recognize the good men enjoy the clean water, the food, the fresh air, we can be in and Shanghai, VG with mash on our faces so we can read the air. We're not we're in Southern California, with Orange County. And that breeze rolls off the ocean or flows down from the hills. And we say

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and then we are not less from Allah that good. You will add to Kullu is natural for our hearts to love the source of good and we understand that is not me why there's so much narcissism because people think is because of what I did is because of what I did is because of me. And so self love to relate to who I would have been an asset at hand. If you think that God came from that work so hard to get all this that you will love yourself. But if you acknowledge is from a loss of Hannah what Todd is from Almighty God, you will love Allah subhanho wa Taala

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that makes sense. Does that make sense?

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It makes sense.

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Misaki do cashew Have you been hurt me? KENNETH walks out man. You are your poor wretched servants have almost been driven mad. Some people say a loss derive for weatherhead Some said Allah who said derived word Allah has some say well I have to be confused

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to be and almost man out of love. So based on that this is how we should love us deeply. You say he's madly in love doesn't love is coming or going walking like this He thinks he's gone like that. In reality is walking like this and doesn't even realize it I'm in love

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my sad kiddo cashew a full cut Mooney who be a hook be cat it walks on your your wretched dish helpful.

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serpents. They've been driven mad by love and that's the greatest thing to aspire is someone in

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Oxon Hill now why because if every good is from our Lord, that we enjoy every blessing we enjoy. Then the greatest thing we can aspire to is the love the source of that good

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firmare Alina I had when I

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was still falconry lovers but would miss Luna and in terms of wealth and independence, there is no one like you will not be Latina.

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In terms of need and impoverishment. There's no one like us. You

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Fill factory lovers, with Luna

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this addition to reality brothers and sisters, and this is the foundation of submission. You know, it's all from you. Yeah Allah, I have nothing to say nothing to do. Ultimately, we have a lot of work to do. But ultimately is your blessing and your guidance and your tofik you're facilitating my success.

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Run a nightcap, Phil Cooley and I'm in Baghdad felice, Amina and reshape Atlanta. So we see you manifested, and every

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thing that we do for a nice coffee cooler and remember that when a sermon and we share with them, we have nothing to do with the outcome of our film.

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That submission. submission is to understand and to internalize the reality that we have nothing to do with the outcome of our fair and that's why we don't break the rules. While we try to accomplish the change. We want to see the world to get roped into law for that top global head tilt camera dude was the lead time to do that. These are the limits set by law don't approach them don't transgress them. Why? Because you're transgressing the limits isn't going to breed success you might multiply and compound the failure because one muscle in less than a day as his

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as his or her killing victory on the consumer lager might be the wives.

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So Renee Kathy Cooley better and we see you manifested in every affair while a semi net and reshape or letter. We have nothing to do with the outcome of the affair. There are a few more lines, we'll skip them consistent with the subject. here's the here's the clincher

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IE that the company had in mind for unhappiness at the NFL arena. There's the revival. It started with submission, attainder Kevin Falcone? Yes The Lena and it ended in revival either put your hand in my ear, in every situation I find myself in you are with me that I'm having these

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aleena with you carrying my low, I am wealthy and I am free.

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He then he that contest de Kooning had in my

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other NFL Alina, but that freedom, that wealth, that strength, that ability now to revive and to revive others. It came and comes from Allah subhanho wa Taala. That's the revival. So we can submit and we can humble ourselves. We can say Samira, now when I pour the frog and go up, and that we like atmosphere, we hear and we obey, forgiveness is yours, our Lord, and unto you is our return. When we can do that, you see amazing things happen in the world. That's the power that gave that handful of scrappy

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people around the profit civil line and send them the power to change this world. You think it came from them?

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It came from a law as

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a chef muslimin was telling you earlier

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on the seminar as soon

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as we got what she was telling you, and I was back there listening, along with the rest of the that

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this is related to victory, and the victory coming from a lot, not from us.

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It comes from a law. So we have to submit. And that submission is expressed in semirara that we hear was revealed to us through revelation through the end of the process that was set up to the consensus of our scholars and then handed down to us and is that in a deed for loan that is

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now called adventure.

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Lacan and up Karla Mencia, Masha, that tre authentic, the verified trains of tread chains of transmission are an integral part of this religion, work not for those trade chains of transmission. Anyone could have said anything and attributed to Islam. We don't say anything we say, are transmitted from our forebears, and we receive it send me if we hit and we follow sapana and we acknowledge that we're going to fall short from time to time and we're going to be a nice

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Have repentance from our Lord, will fraud that kind of abandon forgiveness as your as our Lord, because we're your imperfect servants. And we were created to be that way, if you find within yourself an imperfection, brothers and sisters, and this is a part of submission, when we get rid of God, so when when, for example, Nietzsche talked about the death of God, which didn't mean, it didn't mean God is dead. He was an atheist. What he meant was that the values

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that arose from the Bible,

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which originated as a revelation from God,

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that with the rise of Western modern society,

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those values were dying, and the greatest value was compassion for the neighbor. And so God is dead, meaning the morality that was birthed in the church, based on the revelation of the Bible was disappearing in the world. And with this disappearance, compassion, love thy neighbor as thyself. And Islam has a whole chapter on loving and good treatment of the neighbor. When that disappears, you will find

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what we have in the 20th century, Nietzsche predicted the world wars will have these brutal conflagrations were no civilians, children, women, no one be spared from the poison gas from the aerial bombardment. That's what he meant by God is dead. But when God dies, we start talking about the Superman the ogre and being

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the one who elevates himself to position now he or she can play God.

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This what that means

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was this man telling us we have to be the humble servant, not the super men Superwoman. But no one who can humble himself or herself before our Lord and then be made great and strong and mighty through Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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That's, that's the battle that will only come when the strength, super human strength comes not through a transhuman, bionic man or woman with a computer chip in their brain and artificial intelligence that's 20 times more powerful than the brain of the human being that invented the thing in the first place.

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No, no, no, not not through that, through humbling ourselves and acknowledging our own limitation, and acknowledging our need for God. And acknowledging the loss of kind of autonomy and acknowledging that we

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have to be compassionate to each other.

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And love thy neighbor can never be and doing good for the sake of good health. Just a sense, in a sense, is the reward for good anything other than good altruism, goodness, for goodness sake. What did they teach us for converting to Islam and went to Sunday school, one of the biggest lessons, virtue is its own

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reward versus its own reward. How to just a second in a second.

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Because there is a reward.

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We do the right thing because it is the right thing.

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And the people don't appreciate it. A lot of time Almighty God appreciates and that's good enough for me.

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Conclusion will probably come up again. Rob banner, forgiveness as your brothers and sisters you might think you've done some soul terrible. You slipped up at the party that you weren't supposed to go to. Because you knew there's a lot of stuff there to make you trip off. And you went anyway. And you tripped up, Brother, you did something someone shouldn't have been with in the first place. Now you're burdened with guilt. ask one question system.

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No matter what you did, did you kill 100 people?

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Anyone here killed 100 people raise your hand?

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Raise your head.

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I know you didn't kill 100 people. You won't be wearing glasses. People are aware those kind of glasses will kill people. You to chill to kill

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Not only killed 100 people, what's the point? If a law forgave someone who killed 100 people, and then never did a good deed in his life? No prayer knows that cat, no height, no omura no soda, no fasting, nothing. The person only tried to go to a place where they could reform their life. A lot can forgive you.

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And you're praying and you're fasting and your covenant msls trying to learn something about your religion.

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A lot has to give us just relax. It's all of us Alright, who found a cover up banner? forgiveness is yard all yours are Lord, when they can mahseer and unto you returning. So that would be viable, the real me Bible. Rather we succeed in this world and we may we work hard, maybe we dedicate our lives to it and our different capacities and realms and spheres of influence. But the true revival is the revival that occurs after we rest in the great

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guys the true revival. And may Allah blessed us to be revived with a good record from what we did in this world, not just in our relationship with each other. To go back to theme we were mentioning,

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based on that,

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based also on our relationship with ourselves

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and that's a healthy relationships. So we mentioned the

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and that regard, when we say a hustler, tempo and English lead you to follow follow follow it up with a good detail. we'll wipe that out. We could also be in the gym for an yamana 10 for London and beyond lay on for 10 for 11 men yet for a man was abin illa. convinced we were heading for a day after the real revival, no amount of wealth of children will be of any benefit on the the only one benefit of that is the one who come to you for a loan with a rectified heart. So may we focus while we focus on reviving the oma and reviving humanity. We also focus on reviving our hearts

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because our hearts can become hard lumbini lady in ermine Latasha Lee the karela woman

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when I can do to get a cup of coffee, Paul Allen Who am an asset guru boom, like a deal with minimum fasciae

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wylam who no longer have to have as not the time come for the believers that their hearts are softened by the remembrance of Allah was meant to be built from the truth. And they're not like those given the Scripture before that when the time becomes long between the time the Prophet came to them and the time they live and the time they converted.

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That when I first converted I was filling in and filling in anymore for a dog on a banana or concert kulu and the hearts became hard work with you and move fast record and many of them became horrible profligate.

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Why don't know and no law how you feel awkward about the movie and know that a law revives the earth after his death. Meaning a law revives the hearts after the deaths. They in our hearts we by far coming together listening and learning, sharing heaven Camana camaraderie SP SPS breeding core, may the esprit de corps put some spirit back in our corpse

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so it means

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mellow revive our hearts after the death will help us with those revived hearts to revive this

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and make this revived oma be a source of revival for this world, and that we all be successful when we're revived after our death.