Our Reasoning Ability Vs. The Qur’an

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Allah,

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Allah, Allah,

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Allah, Allah,

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Allah, Allah.

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Some of the dangers that arise when we claim that we will listen to our article, even if it contradicts the Quran, we listen to what our intellect say is the truth, even if it contradicts the Koran, we will follow the after over the Koran. This is actually very problematic for multiple reasons. First and foremost,

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the purpose of the Quran becomes meaningless, there's no point to have revealed the Quran then, if you will follow what your common sense your wisdom, what culture what our culture tells you, and say this will always be above the Quran. Then what is the purpose of revealing the Quran? And I want to make a very significant point here. Our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for 40 years. What he did not come down for 40 years he was not communicating with Allah. During those 40 years. Did he know the details of revelation? How many times to pray? What are the details of heroin and heroin? Yes, he knew the broad heroin heroin. Yes, he knew not to worship idols not to womanizer he

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knew the broad but the detailed commandments of the shediac Did you know them? No. And Allah reference this this in the Quran, what was the other girl bought land? For Heather? We found you not upon guidance. We were the ones who guided you. Allah says in the Quran, Omar contemporary multi tambul and emanuela can Jana who know Rhonda DB Manisha Mary Bettina, you did not know what was the book or what was a man until we revealed to you the light from us. So if our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was unaware of the details of how to live his life, until the Quran came down, how about the rest of us.

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And this is the fundamental difference between philosophy and the Abrahamic tradition.

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That the science of philosophy is based on that simple premise that our minds can derive all ultimate truths.

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We don't need any communication from Allah. Whereas the Abrahamic tradition, and in particular, our tradition, the Koran tells us very clearly that the brain can only take you so far. But for the rest, you need the whole

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point number two here.

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There is never an actual clash between the Koran and between human intellect, there can never be an actual contradiction. And I explained why very briefly, and that is that they both come from Allah. The Quran is Allah speech, the intellect is Allah as gift, and it is impossible that allows gift will contradict Allah speech. Therefore, anytime you think the science or intellect or our culture, or our human derived sciences contradicts the Quran, there must be some type of explanation that is not contradictory. You must work out a relationship between the two. Number three,

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after or intellect

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does not have a precise limit,

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every society every civilization, think certain things are reasonable, whereas another society will think it is unreasonable. And all you need to do is to look at the last 200 years of our own Western thought the last 300 years, the last 500 years, what this society thought was reasonable right now, their own parents did not think was reasonable. The limits of freedom, the limits of sexuality, the limits of modern culture, what we believe is reasonable 50 years ago, they didn't think it was reasonable. 100 years ago, they thought something else 500 years ago yet something else that which is reasonable evolves from every society and every place and every time.

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And we don't even need to look at history. Every one of us in this room, we have come to a point in our lives where we were certain something was the most reasonable thing for us to do. And we might have even done that. And then we realize my god that was so foolish, how could I have done that? I made a mistake. What is the show us our knowledge, our minds our intellect, our reasonability is relative changes from time to time place to be

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Place culture to culture situation to situation. Whereas the Quran is eternal. The Quran is forever. The Quran is carambola. It doesn't change. So why should we prefer that with changes every decade and abandon that which is unchanging.

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reasonability shows us that there is no such thing as a standard of reasonability. Think about that. There is no such thing as a judge of what is reasonable and what is unreasonable. And again, as I said, all you need to do is look at today's modern society will law he the parents of this generation, back in the 50s, would never have approved of much of the lifestyles that now is common in the Western world, they would never have approved of it and their grandfathers before them and their great grandfather's before them yet. Now it is considered reasonable. And anybody who opposes those lifestyles is considered backward, considered fundamentalist considered this and that. There

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is clearly a change going on what's changing, have biologically humans changed? No, we're still the same. We breed the same air. We still eat the same food. We still drink the same water. We're still same biological species. Yet, our values have changed our akal has modified what we consider reasonable has modified

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in a feed dounia.

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