Are we refined characters or a plague on society?

Zahir Mahmood


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Just as good characteristics and then there are those who are literally taken assassin by Allah that they will make sure they're late every time you meet them

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they will make sure that they will be late if they tell you throw it will have to be 10 past 120 plus 12 no earrings oh yeah I'm just gonna leave home one off to off every single time you're late see for the likes of us and I speak to myself first we don't even regard them as good characteristics

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you know we're so far from being refined characters that we don't even regard punctuality unless you got to go to work and you can get sacked

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for a meeting meeting

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you know forget meeting okay if I can come 10 minutes late for I can come half an hour is no problem. Let me inconvenience everybody else in the meeting no issue I'll come 20 minutes late I'll come home for now. Let them wait.

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We are so far from having a refined character that these are known within our cart

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you know, honestly, Allah save us you know honestly, I sometimes look

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at our communities

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and I think wow

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you know, do these people actually even have the right to be defined as human beings that alone Muslims.

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Some of the cases which are bought to us, I honestly think I said Are these actually even didn't even deserve to be a label of a human because they've got no humanity in them.

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They will no human it is the limbs on steroids. But so Pamela used to speak to them on a day to day basis.

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And he'll think you're talking to a middle momineen

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and when you hear about what they call what he gets to in his private life, the way he behaved with his parents, the way he behaved with his wife, the way that she hated behavior, the husband, the way they behaved with their neighbors and anybody that they did daughter knows, he think you know, in the human being, because because because not many non Muslim wouldn't feed an animal the way you treat another human being.

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And this is the beauty of the Day of Judgment, because the wisdom of the Day of Judgment is that everyone will stand in front of Allah smart Allah you got away with in this dunya but you will not get away with it on the Day of Judgment.