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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of staying in a one-stop field and not letting things happen in the past, as well as protecting one's health and money and graduating with a clean life. They emphasize the importance of staying true to Islam and not giving promises. The crisis of desperation and desire for a clean life is also highlighted, along with the importance of graduation and graduation for one's happiness and success. The speakers stress the importance of protecting one's health and money and not letting things happen in the past.
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In the hamdulillah Hinata, who want to stay in a one stop field of winner oh the winner him in Shruti and fusina will see Dr. Marina Mejia had to hinder who Philomel de la Wilma usually further her the Ella wash Hawala either Hi Lulu Hua Hua la sharika wanna Muhammad and Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam about over in the Hyrule Hadith Nikita wala heater

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were hired on how do you how do you Mohammed in sallallahu alayhi wa salam mashallah was the third to her were coulomb data in the attempt Allah Allah, Allah, Allah to infinity and my bad

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will pass now the midpoint of Ramadan

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and whatever it passing day we come to the realization that it's possible it is going to end with every passing day we must also come to the realization that as the days of Ramadan pass, the Days of Our Lives also pass. Every day that passes that goes away that slips from us, is like a page of a book that we turn until we reach the end. And when we reach the end, that is the death by which we meet Allah azza wa jal and we meet our reckoning.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Sakura tool novelty will happy that he cannot continue to hate. The hardship of death brought the truth rug the hub.

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And this is the thing that you're trying to run away from but you could not run away from

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what truth does death bring?

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The bat the matter of the fact is that we as we are living we are under the illusion that we will live forever and we collect from this dunya as if we will live forever.

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We don't really believe that we will die.

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We have promises from Allah azza wa jal and promises from the Shavon.

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And we believe mostly the promises of the devil the shaytaan rather than the promises of Allah azza wa jal, we don't really actually believe that we will die one day.

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Yes, theoretically we do. But in practice, we don't. Until the news of an approaching impending death comes and all of a sudden it shatters the illusion that we have. Oh, this house is not really mine. I'm gonna leave behind this car is not really mine, this money is not really mine. This clothes are not really mine, this body is not really mine, where will I go now? And you look to the right and you look to the left and there is nothing to hold on to except the Mercy of Allah Xeljanz because you know that everything that you have will stay behind, and only Allah xojo ELIZA

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will hold the shape on a monopoly you and unweaned Allah who are happy to confer left to come. It says at the end of it the shaytaan when he talks to people in hellfire he will say Allah had made true promises to you. And I made a promise but I betrayed you. And I had no power over you accept that I asked you to do something and you did. So don't blame me.

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If I simply suggested and you followed my suggestion, don't blame me. I cannot save you and you cannot save me. Look at that ultimate betrayal.

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Where the shaytaan Who beautifies everything that we do to disobey Allah has voted and makes all those false promises. On that day he will say yes, I didn't make promises, but I betrayed you. Why did you believe me? If Allah made different promises to you?

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When death comes, it shatters as we said. All realities accept the reality of Allah give me a little bit more so I can give one feel for me more as of now Coleman Coppelia Yachty notifier full of below 20 Algerian Caribbean fossa

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it's a suspend from what we have given you before death approaches you and comes upon you amusia Allah Delaney don't take my soul yet so that I can give sadaqa and be righteous and Allah Subhana Allah Allah says that when your time is up your time is up there is no delay.

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And since we don't know when we are gonna die,

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we have to rush and do what we can when we can before die Catan comes when we cannot

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what he said he thought about doing the DNA I'm not gonna say the Hatter either hover mode to color in the two which will earn Tober and what tilde is, and how much do we need tells you.

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A lot of us think to themselves. I'll have Toba when I'm 60 When I'm 71 I'm retiring later next year tomorrow, and you keep delaying and procrastinating when it comes to Toba until death comes and Allah says Toby is not for those who commit sins up until the moment when they're about to die and they say I have ruined

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And I am done now with it

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that's not it. Allah says wire to bounnam in Caribbean he says that you repent and the haste to repentance Subhanallah so he's done convinces us that we living under that facade or and the lead illusion that do whatever you want and Allah will forgive it. We're in need of a thorough Lehmann tabber Well, Mina, well I'm you know, sorry hon for metadata, Allah says, I will forgive. But who is the one who will be forgiven? The one who simply wishes for forgiveness? Or the one who is what tab he repents. He says, I regret what I've done, I will stop it. I've done something wrong, I am ashamed of it. What am and they have Iman and the push themselves to do good deeds, and they follow

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the righteousness of Allah, the guidance of Allah azza wa jal, that is the one who receives the Talberth. Now the person who says Allah will forgive me and then we say, Well, what did you do for Allah to forgive you?

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How did you change for lots of forgive you?

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So in this Ramadan, I want to ask us all what are you worshiping for?

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We are actually worshiping to save our souls.

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We're worshipping to save our souls from the love of the dunya from the love of this world from the temptations of the Shavon. From the sea of sin that we are drowning in. We have to worship in this Ramadan because our life depends on it. When we make do, we have to make dua with desperation and we have to feel that desperation.

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Imagine Subhan Allah if we were to end up in the grave, punished.

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Imagine if we were to end up in the next slide punished. Meaning not just simply theory of meaning reality? Do you want this to be the end of your in my life you live this life you eat about you want your drink, whatever you want, comfortable life, but when you enter into the grave of Allah has you and the angels of ALLAH asking you to have no response

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Subhanallah I am reminded that when a person is in the grave,

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and that he will see an ugly, repulsive approaching person coming to him and repulsive clothing in a foul smell. And he comes and sits next to him. And he says, Who are you? And he says, I am your evil deeds.

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What are

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both the and Bartylla? He said he and female say, it says I am your evil deeds and I witnessed you. My experience of you was that you were slow when it came to Allah's obedience fast when it came to his disobedience.

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On ask you, is this not a summary of our lives? There's when Allah wants something from us. we procrastinate. And we find excuses and our bodies become heavy. And we don't spend any money and we hold back. Yet when it comes to the dunya the pocketbook opens, the checkbook opens and we rush and we find energy.

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Where does this energy comes from? It comes from love for the dunya that values it.

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But insufficient love for the earth, you know? Because it doesn't make sense for us to love the app ever more than the dunya but spent less on it. Yeah, you under the NAM and Omala

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visa vie rely

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on obey to be hayati dunya.

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Allah says, Why are you who have Iman, when you're asked to set forth for the sake of Allah azza wa jal you become lazy and you cling to this earth?

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Are you satisfied with this life instead of the ephemera?

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Indeed, the joy of this life is almost nothing compared to what you will find them.

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But again, does it not summarizes

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the fact that when Allah azza wa jal says to us do something, read the Quran.

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So they don't have time for it. Read the Quran is so heavy to read the Quran. Yet go on social media I can spend hours

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Why is it when Allah asked you to do something we become lazy. But when the dunya and the CHE upon and the world and our desires they ask us to do something we readily respond.

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So in Ramadan, we have to realize a crisis and the crisis is a crisis of our souls. You're asking for the most important thing that you can ask for which is your salvation. Nothing matters compared to it. Now money now worldly success, not promotions, not bigger.

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houses or smaller have nothing in the dunya compares to it is if Allah gives you salvation in Ramadan, then you have one. And if you lose that salvation in Ramadan, I'm asking you when you're going to have any better time to ask Allah azza wa jal are we closer throughout the year than we are in Ramadan. Then we have days left of Ramadan take advantage of those and push yourself as much as you can and make it for the sake of Allah azza wa jal who probably had that was the hula you would have been for something.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Hamdan cathinones Gibbon Mubarak and Fie, who also divorces him will also be Muhammad. Ali he was so happy he was sitting them. gather as many good deeds as you can come close to Allah has ordered and know that whatever you get for his sake you will find and whatever you miss Allah azza wa jal either can forgive but he will also may ask you about it. So as Allah's forgiveness for what we have missed, and decide not to go back to it and have a sincere repentance with him subhanho wa Taala there's a hadith where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that when a person is buried and he's in his grave, this Allah occupies the position next to his head. And so yeah, I'm occupies a position on his right, as a cat occupies a position on his left, and the remainder of righteousness of southern mobile ma who for now and then munkar occupies a position at his feet. So if the torment of Allah Zeldin would come to him from the top this Allah says, No, I'm occupied this place is occupied to go somewhere else comes to the rights fasting will say it's occupied, comes to the left as a curse is occupied comes from the feet angle from the feet direction says it's occupied. So he is spared the

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punishment of Allah azza wa jal because of these things that he had, she is doing, but when the unfortunate is in his grave, and there is no Salah punishment comes from the head, and from the right and from the left, and from the feet. So when we're saying we are really striving for our own our own salvation, we are really are striving for our own salvation. Take care of your Salah, now and after Ramadan. And I want you to remember this, Oh, what am I used

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to medicine and the first thing that Allah will ask you about on the Day of Judgment is your Salah. If it is good, the rest of your deeds are good. If it is not the rest of the deeds are corrupt. So understand that when you are going to die. Don't live based on wishful thinking when you're going to die you will be asked about your sedan. If you don't have your sedan, I want you to ask yourself, What are you bringing to meet Allah azza wa jal What are you coming with? If you don't have Salah if you skip it, if you hear the then if you sacrifice one or two or a few days without salah, what are you going to meet Allah azza wa jal with so your Salah and take care of your fasting and pay us and

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do as many good deeds as you can. And the last 10 of Ramadan are approaching. And this is the best of the best of the best. And this is when Rasul Allah, Allah, His Salah was sit down with huge push himself to the maximum to what you can do not to the breaking point but to what you can do. So if you have not been stopped doing what pleases Allah Zhou did. And if you have been fortunate enough to do something, double that triple that do more of it, and know that they are very few days and once they are gone, they are gone. And when the day of eat comes, you look back at all of this and you will see what did actually happen. You will not feel the pain you will not feel the tiredness

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but invest for the hereafter. These are the moments and these are the days and feel that your soul is at stake. So when you're asking Allah zoton asking like a person who is drowning, that desperate, that desperate and when you give so that gets stirred up how to save yourself and to save your family. And when you first say to yourself, Why am I fasting? I'm saving myself from hellfire. That is a burner that is worthy of being pulled out a bad deed is a you keep your account and never neglected and populate the houses of Allah azza wa jal and remember Allah azza wa jal often if you tell me if not in the mood, I'm tired I'm I'm simply not in that mode of worship of Allah as though

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Did you say get back into it? And the easiest way being Allah assertive to get back into it is by think of undoable

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if you have any difficulty now see, Allah helped me with it. And he Pena Allah helped me with it. Not enough Tanya, Allah helped me with it, but just run

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towards Allah turned to him, and you will see something that will astonish you I ask Allah azza wa jal that if you make such a dua from your heart in this Ramadan, that Allah azza wa jal will show you something that will astonish you. We Allah has revealed bless you if you turn to Him and you say yeah Allah I'm going through this, my heart is not with me. I don't have appetite for a burger I asked Allah that if you do this and if you ask Allah for it, that Allah azza wa jal will give you that appetite that grace of him subhanho wa taala. But you simply have to do what one it and you have to ask for it. So he the decree of Allah azza wa jal and key especially on a day like Friday

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like this, a Salah and A salaam upon the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam, and keep seeing a stuck federal law. And also today as a Friday the last hour of Friday, always every Friday but in Ramadan, special and special and special. There's an accepted to so when you pray, you're awesome. Before you break your fast, sit alone with Allah azza wa jal and tell him everything that is going in your life and ask Him for everything that you want. And don't only ask about the dunya asked also about the Afghan

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Allah so did our humble Rimini give us the best of this world and the best of the next we Allah as though didn't make this Ramadan the best Ramadan that we have encountered. May Allah enable us in this Ramadan to make plenty of DUA and we asked him to accept that dua from us we Allah Allah was to remember him often in this Ramadan and free us and our loved ones from hellfire May Allah as though gentlemen Revive Our Hearts was EMA your Allah Yahama Rahim in our hearts are very distant from you. So as he is that you bring our hearts back to you and revive them with the man and that you will do with increases in your love and love of your Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam where as you will allow

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me to make us as those who fast Ramadan Iman and whack the server and access that from us and who pray at night Iman and the server and access that from us and make us of those who when related to Patreon well al Amin and access that from us last year will allow me to forgive us all of our sins. Yeah Allah grant us a sincere repentance. Yeah, Allah grant us a sincere Toba from old sins he will add I mean, you Allah make us of those who die as Muslims who are resurrected as Muslims and enter the Jannah with the Prophet sallallahu ala you and your Sydenham Yola cleanse our hearts from old disease yellow but Al Amin make us generous with our time make us generous with our money make us

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generous with our bodies make us pleasing through the autumn but Al Amin and make your displeasure very distasteful to us. Hola. Hola, Tina Petunia Hassan ovilla Karate Hasina working out either no Aloha Marina I don't think Rico a shipwreck

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Aloha Magellan me mon sama Iman and YT server when we remember Parma Ramadan Iman and YT server when we met Palma de that's a Padre Iman and YT server Allahu Allah has nothing to do our is just for a few Ramadan Allah Allah to fie hit the pub and what does that mean? I mean and now a lot of Magellan I mean remember who Fiona who officially Ramadan Aloha Magellan I mean man Rufio Allahu fischeri Ramadan allah how much as an amendment who fear Allah Hafiz Sharia Ramadan Allah who has no control of doses either Allah Who ministers who can feel doses Allah Allah who minister who can feel doses Allah, Allah hermana Oh, they'll be coming and now Hola. Hola Mundo Oh, the becoming an Allahumma

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now Oh, they'll be coming on now. Hola. Hola, Helena lubaina Hola. Hola, Helena. Obinna. Hola. Hola. Hola. Nakuru. Bene Hola. Hola. Iman Anna. Hola Hola, Iman Anna hola hola. Did did Lana Iman Anna Hola Hola. Hola me Manya are people we are minimum some of you I think all of us was that we wanted the shape on Allah Masha Allah minimum sadaqa of that character but rasool Allah Alayhi Salatu was Salam Yeah, how you we are a human will be romantic and a study. Also the Helena Kula wala taking you the unforeseen

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