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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of having a strong heart and being kind to others, as well as struggles with addiction and negative impact on one's health. They share examples of people who failed to meet obligations and causing harm, as well as the importance of finding support and happiness in one's life. The segment ends with a recap of the messages conveyed by the speakers.
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I'm Michael

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how are you I'm fine.

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In Al Hamdulillah Hina Ahmed who want to stay in who want to study who want to start Pharaoh. Well now they will let him introduce them Pacino sejati or Molina yeah de la HuFa la mobila Alma yoke lil fella her the Allahu eyeshadow Allah, Allah Allah Allah who the hula Sharika wash I don't know Muhammad and Abu also Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad was early he was Sufi he was a limit Allah whom metta Sleeman, Kathira and my bad, all praise due to Allah and His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is the

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only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last and final messenger. My dear brothers and sisters, there are so many good deeds and from Allah and that we do so many opportunities for us to grow our relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala and with the people around us, and there is no doubt that the main focus of Ramadan of Siyam of fasting is your heart. It is not about your body, it's about your soul. It's about your kidney, your your spirit, spirituality, it's about your connection with Allah subhana wa Tada. It's about how much that you have turned this heart that exposed to so many distractions during the year. So many things that it

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is like the prophets of Salaam, put it's like a poison in your soul on your heart and a daily basis to the extent that the poor and the poor and you're burned from inside. Then when you start praying when you start doing the good deeds you purify yourself. And one of the thing that I would like to point out today, that among the people of Ghana, a person who Allah have giving him a merciful kind heart, it is this heart. That was the reason for it to me for this person to be among the inheritors of Jana. It's not the amount of fasting and prayers, which is important, but also something so unique about this person, which is carland W sal Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam, a halal Jannetty

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Falletta the people of paradise are three kind. Those little tiny mock sitting Mutasa, deeply more felt. A person of authority is

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rulers or managers or a CEOs person of authority.

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And that person is generous.

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If that person is

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wise, and not person is

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MCSA fair unjust

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if that's three quality and that person, Lee of leader dot among the people to join and the second person What did you learn rocky Carl? Yes. What did you learn rocky Carl Billy Cooley the portobello Muslim, someone who has heart is so soft, full of mercy towards relatives, and towards any Muslims, it doesn't matter if they are close to him or not, they're related to him or not, then always have that soft spot for them.

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And that's a quality that is so beautiful, then when Allah subhanaw taala bless you, that you have that you feel what other people's going through that, you know, to have that empathy, you know, to have that connection with others, that you suffer for other people's suffering or you feel the suffering of others. You relate to it, you don't just see it and you just walk away. You didn't see it and you just flip the channel. You know your heart move by that. When you need that when you know that there is people need your help, and you can help. You didn't just walk and give them the cultural shoulder. That's not the quality of halogen. And the third one the Prophet sallallahu

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sallam said Wi Fi for metafit Endure al a person who's poor have a big family. Yet he will not ask people for money. He will not beg and beg or ask people for money. This hadith reported by Muslim also must have reported another Hadith that did not be so Salam said there is people will enter Jen not because they fasted a lot or they prayed a lot. Carla Lee Sang cathedra salata nauseam when I can Kullu boom Katha URI viva. It's like the White Pigeon. You see the White Pigeon how clear why it does. It's clear he's so he said their hearts is so clear from inside.

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There's no darkness in it. They don't have envy and hates and and you know this harshness in it. They always want good for others love to see people's happy. He had a this is all this quality. Make the person always good to others. You remember in the process Salam said who's among you today fasting I woke up said me. Then he said Who among you have follow a funeral somebody died and you follow this John as our worker said me. Then he said the new among you today have visited a sick person. Abubakar said what me? Then interview SallAllahu Sallam finally said I knew of giving charity sadaqa today donated something today he said me then in Nebby sossel himself Carla mehg Dima

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and a few Muslim he said SallAllahu Sallam they will not be in all these deeds done in one day by someone unless this person among the people of Jana.

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Look out too for our fourth thing. Three of them is about others.

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It's about being kind to others doing something good to other out of the four

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yeah call or leave the toilet. We'll have your CSM role or SWAT Mermin had in our the alcohol ban Surah Illa Hola. Hola. Hola. Humann Danica Soto looked fun, either Anessa to be Hina Eva Jarrah la calma if in Hidary he had that through the hand, come to Tara do hurry battle evil. Earlier the Alon said anytime you make someone happy, that happiness inside that person's heart. Allah will reward you for it with the reward that will come as a form of relief to you when you need it the most when you are in trouble,

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and also an animal Baraka Rahim Allah. Once a man complained to him about a certain type of disease and his knees and his legs. And he said I visited every doctor I've been chasing every doctor and looking for there's like something comes basically like a bleeding

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out of none. MOBOTIX said he's not a doctor nilotic said you did your Jani you did all the all the medicine that none that time no solution. Karla habila Out of the inlays FEMA

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whatever we have been on earlier. Lala hubby logically hadn't met up for microdomain Come in Alma.

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He said to go to a land where there is no water, people need water help to dig a will. And maybe by bringing that water to people to drink from it and to maybe Allah subhanaw taala inshallah will stop that

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person and things that coming out of your knees and your thigh the lower part here thought he said they did. And Allah Subhana Allah Curie in a matter of months, and that goes with what the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, Thou will not Allah can be set up the process Salam said, heal your sick one through charity through charity. Yes. Yanni there is a story reported in the books of Hadith about Ben Jadon. He had he came out and he saw one of His sheep camel filled with milk. Yeah, Akkad hollybeth effort German, so much milk in it. That's a very good camel. He said this is the bisque MLA ha. And Allah says you will not reach try chestnuts unless you give from what you love the most.

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He gave it to his neighbor who is a poor.

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He went to the desert and he fell in a sinkhole feed them into the Sahara. He was there for three days. Nobody rescued him he couldn't get out. And he said in the two first two days, I are the first three days I've been receiving this beautiful amount of cold water like I don't know where it's coming from. But I see this water everyday go there. And I thought maybe in the night some water comes I don't know where it comes from. It's so sweet and nice and not that so it's not salty, so I keep drinking it and that's how I survived for three days. And the fourth day or so. Nothing. He felt that he didn't find any water. In the fourth day he was rescued. So then you go back to his

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family and he said he saw the she camel back in his barn

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his children after he was missing and that time you know if you lost in desert there's no way you're coming back. So the thought is like gun. What they did, they went to the poor person. They said hey, you have to choice we're gonna give you a camel and we take our sheep camo because there is more benefits in it or we're going to take it or you get nothing. So they took the sheep Camelback. He said When did he do that? And he found that they do that the day that the water has stopped coming to him and his sinkhole.

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Yes, good deeds and set up on being merciful to others is something that so dear and so beneficial to you. You have called the NABI sallallahu alayhi wa salam

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Mannlicher, Hamlet or hell, those who have no mercy, there is no mercy for them. And nobody saw Salam said, be merciful to the people of Earth. So the one in the heavens will be merciful to you. It will humble and fill out your humko Memphis Summit. He sits on solemn as a burner I'm reported, however, Abdullah hacer la mujer de la hooter Allah fear kalbi hero Mata little Bashar and loser and the distance person who have no mercy in his heart towards other humans.

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How Rama that mercy in your heart is that mercy is what led to a woman who is a prostitute who do something so evil so bad, so so wrong morally and we all know that but without with all this, she had a mercy in her heart towards what a dog

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that she risked herself to go and get some water for the because of the not because of because of that mercy that she had in her heart toward that animal Allah's bottle into her gin. But look with this mercy taken away what happened? Another woman the process and told us that he saw her and hellfire suffering and hellfire. Why?

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Because she had a cat. And she had no mercy towards the cat. She looked the cat up. They didn't feed the cat. They didn't let the cat out to eat on her own. Until could die. Yep, Allah wa sallam. I saw this woman and hellfire and the cat scratching her face in her chest and hellfire because that mercy is taken up.

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In Nabi SallAllahu. sallam said, three people Allah will not talk to them in the Day of Judgment will not even look at them. I'm not purify them, and will not honor them. And they will be punished a severe punishment. Who are they? Among them somebody have no mercy in his heart. He had water like a well or ISIS and he came next.

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And whenever someone comes to drink, he said that's my water.

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That's my well that's what I found here. I came here first.

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And he will not let them drink even though they are traveler in the desert.

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Allah subhanaw taala and the day of judgment would say, this person, he said, America Leo methodically camera monocular camera man at the favela, Marlon pamilya.

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Today you will not take from me any grace,

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any mercy, as you have not shown mercy to the people for something that you have nothing to do and you didn't even make that water. You found it. I'm the one who provided the water to people.

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And you can make the analogy and so many things

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that you hold back and you don't share and you don't give and you don't be nice to others. You know?

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Yeah, Corleone. And that's something that I hope that we work on it that we we make sure that we have that connection with people empathy, and we work on the mercy and our heart and to Phillip with mercy. May Allah subhanaw taala make us among those who have mercy in their hearts to others, according masonite to myself for Allah honey with

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him that allows salatu salam ala Rasulillah Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam kind of Adam and Nazmul Isotta leanness in Ibiza Salam was so incredible when it comes to connecting with others have feelings about others have support others be there for others when they need help, even with words it's amazing how he was still Allah audio audio Salah how that kind heart that he had and his companions like that so the more you follow the Prophet Salla solemn footsteps the more you'll find yourself always there when when a need is asked from you. You have all Majah had I was with Abdullayev neuro model the greatest companions I was with him to serve him but actually I found him

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he serving us or if Amanda Khalifa the president

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he will walk up in the night to PRAY and He will start preparing the water warming the water and stuff like that. Okay.

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They said they told him Yeah, and he led to the servants do that for you. That's all work to bring the word from outside turn turn basically put it on fire then you put the pot it's work then they told her if not lifted the servants cannula no these servants work so hard in the morning and the night is their time to rest

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I'm not going to do that see how nice they are a lot of knobs that is how merciful yeah I'm not I'm not disease was sitting and it was very hot. So yes two servants are slave girls they were like having like a fan your Hunan

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so, it was very hot. They fall asleep they woke up and they found on dialysis actually doing like you know doing the fan for them to call them that they got scared he said Nana kala Nama and Tamashiro mineral battery like be like a human. I saw you like so tired and like you know heat it so when a call bring it the bring cool priests to you. These are hearts that full of mercy no arrogance in it. You know, I will end with this interview sal Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam said that we had it near Omar. I have been nasty it Allah and Pharaoh homeliness, the most beloved people to Allah, the most beneficial to others, habit Armory in Allah, the Most Beloved deeds to Allah to make

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someone happy now to help Muslims who are in trouble to get out of his trouble, or to pay their debt or to, you know,

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provide food for them when they are hungry, and walking with my brothers to accomplish his affair, or like help him to accomplish a fair whatever he needs better than making a T calf in domestic for any a whole entire month. My brothers and sisters, I hope and I ask Allah subhana wa Taala that he makes us among those who have merciful hearts and hearts full of mercy and, and full conviction and towards helping and lending hands and being willing to do what is right and what is good always. And I will say this,

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especially to the young people who are listening to me today

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that start with your siblings

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and to the olders

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I found that so many times, siblings are so mean to each others.

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I can't Don't tell me. You have a good heart, just because you're nice to the people of far away from you.

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If you really have a good heart as it starts with your own brother your sisters with your own family members they are the one who you should who deserve your love and mercy and support and kindness the most then it goes after that to relatives then goes to community members

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I don't know how can people so taken away that mercy out of their hearts that they willing to heart each other harm each others

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you know what's so harmful

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when not only you physically hit someone or or assault someone but when you corrupt them to expose them to drugs to smoking, expose them to bad habits

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it's no mercy

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to hook them up and stuff like that so you can make a quick buck

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it's no mercy

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when you cheat and you sell things which is not right.

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Just because you want to make a quick profit

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snow Hart is no Heartland is no mercy and art it's no connections no brotherhood.

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So I hope this will bring this message go far and bring us as a community together like what the process alum said. Ken just said the law had like one body

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method meaning fish fee for business law. We are one buddy in what sense? Like in business no one buddy in what he sets all Salah fee toward him. Ouattara HMI him when it comes to the love and mercy towards one another.

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That's where we are one buddy

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Allah Mohammed Leonard ham know if you know our fun. Well, I couldn't lose it. Taco Bell Nasir. Hey, I'm Melina Allah who made Minnesota Colorado to Colorado Alena, Hola, molto, b1 NFE Philistine Allama del delta Sylvia

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lot of minion Ahsoka haga Yom yada Jalali Karim and two very German Muhammad Amin frequently McCann acaba McRobbie and frequently makan on totally Dana and then Medina and tune zilara Mata Kobayakawa vena cava, the Masjid 123 column Amphicar, la Allahu ottoman and Kira who abdomen ALPA agreement a coma with the Cabal Khulna tama, the hammer inside it and fee here the Galileo Quran. I said who has learned fairly early Dino and your hammer mo Tana, I asked a lot to forgive our sins and the sins of our parents and to forbade us and them and or family or spouses, children, family members to be touched and seen even by the hellfire and we ask ALLAH SubhanA data by His names and attributes to

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bring love and mercy in our hearts in our homes towards others and to make us among those who are beneficial to others and we ask Allah subhana wa Tada

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to bring comfort to those who are suffering around the world and victory to those who have been abused around the world. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala by His names and attributes to put his blessings His mercy, His generosity, his reward in the semester and the people who attend this mustard on the ask Allah to give those who gift to the mustard ask Allah to bless those who are blessing us very of their presence in the mustard and praying with us. I ask Allah subhana wa Tada to honor those who honored the mustard and to plus our community and to guide and to aid those who lead any affair in our community. Allahu Allah Amin accomplice Solitaire, hunka hunka, allah

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sallallahu wasallam Navara Kala and a Vienna Muhammad Ali.