Ali Hammuda – A ‘Trust’ Betrayed

Ali Hammuda
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is highlighted, including the implementation of the Day of Judgment and the recognition of trusts. The importance of trust in religion is also discussed, along with the use of words like "people's love" and "people's love." The speakers touch on various topics such as the end of the world, social media profiles, and the meaning behind the "people's love" concept. Fear is emphasized as a need to avoid fear and find ways to achieve goals.
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Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah who said

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in Allah HYAH Moroccan and to do it in, li ha.

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Allah instructs you that you are to return the Amana the trusts to the rightful owners of those trusts.

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What either Hi cam don't buy in nursing como Bella Hadid and that when you judge between people you judge with justice

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in Allah honey I Melia I look on be How excellent is that which Allah instructs you to do? In Allah haka in SME I'm definitely era Allah Almighty is ever hearing and ever seeing

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the scholars of Tafseer are almost agreed that the verse that you just heard from Surah to Nisa

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was revealed in the context of the conquest of Makkah, after 23 years of struggle, planning and sacrifice, Allah Jalla Jalla Lu who allowed the light of Islam to illuminate the whole of the Arabian Peninsula,

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and he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam entered the city of Mecca and one of the very first things he did after removing the idols was that he took the keys of the caliber from Earth man ignoble ha.

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And he handed the keys over to Allahu Akbar, signo Abdulmutallab, I need another narration to it even though maybe you find it.

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And the moment he walked inside of the cabin to pray, Allah who revealed the verse that you just heard, Allah instructs you to give back the trusts to their owners.

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So he came out of the car

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and he called for us magnetar, and he gave him back the key and he said how can we if the Hakka Osman and yo yo mobile Renoir Ha, take your key back off man? This is Allah's instruction. Today is the day of loyalty and righteousness.

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Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his life was defined by the upholding of Anana the restoring of trusts to their owners. He was Amin, a trustworthy individual and they knew him as a mean, a trustworthy individual. He advocated it, he called towards it, applied it and he told us that towards the end of time, one of the signs of the Day of Judgment will be people will lose and

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the trust's wouldn't be abused.

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And that is why Buhari narrates on your authority of Abu Hurayrah that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was one sat with his companions speaking to them.

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And an Arab Bedouin man came in and interrupted the speech and he said matzah when is the day of judgment. He wants a date.

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And so some of the companions they said samyama called wala Kenya who carry her he heard the question, but he didn't like it. That's why he hasn't answered.

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Other companions. They said beldam Yes, mama called. He didn't hear the question.

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And when he finished his speech, he said, he said you know it, sir. Whereas the man who inquired about the Day of Judgment, the Bedouin said ha ha Rasulillah Here I am, it's me.

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And he said to him, either boo yah till Amana from further research, when the Amana the trusts are lost, then wait for the day of judgment that will be a sign.

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So, what is Amana? That we are loosely translating as the trust is it limited to money that is given to you or belongings when someone travels that you have to give back in full? Is this just an Amana? Or is there more to it? Because there is something profound and huge connected to the concept of Ananda. The Trust's because the heavens and the earth and the mountains they refuse to Barrett

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Allah agenda generic who who said in now out of Ananda ALLAH SubhanA wa t when are we will zhiban

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we presented the Amana the trust to the heavens and the earth and the mountains. And they all refused it for abena. And yeah, I mean, they're not just that we're as thorough in Armenia and they feared it. No way. They understood that being a person carrying the Amana means accountability on the Day of Judgment. They said we don't want it we are afraid of it. Allah said wahala Helene son, but man accepted to carry it.

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In Hong Kong of Allah woman, Jaya hula, Allah said he is on

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Just he is ignorant.

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What is ammonia?

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I share with you a quick tour of definitions given by our predecessors as examples of what the term ammonia includes so that we know what we are speaking about this afternoon.

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Abdullah he does he said I'm Anna to heal for you to let if Tara Hala who Isla Abadi, Amana, the trust is the obligations of Allah.

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Ebola eylea He said I'm Anna to here now O'Meara will be here one one. Amana is the prohibitions and the obligations of Islam very similar to the first definition.

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Al Hassan Al bacillary, he said, Amana to hear Dean for Dino Kulu, Amana, Amana is the religion of Islam, because the whole religion is but an Amana trust.

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So, you see the concept of Amana is not just about money you keep in a store for your friend or your family member.

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And Ananda is something that moves with you when you move. It stays with you when you stay put. It creeps into every one of the departments of life and will bring with it a question on the day of judgment. And that is why arise he he said in his tafsir muamalat When in sunny in an takuna Mojave, I will not say any nurse, I will not infc He will put them in rehire Annette if he had the hill Acciani Farah,

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when you interact, he says, you are dealing with one of three categories.

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Either you are dealing with your Lord jelajah land,

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or either you are dealing with people or either you are dealing with yourself, he said, and a Muslim has to uphold and honor the trust in every one of those three categories.

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So Amanda, the trust my dear brother, my dear sister is a huge concept in our religion. It affects us every second of our life. And there will be heavy questions to expect on the day of judgment and I give examples.

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Your family members My dear brothers

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it's not just a privilege and an enjoyment it is primarily an Amana a trust and there will be a question about it. yomo piano?

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Yeah, are you Halloween man who was a honeycomb Nowra Allah said, Oh, you who believe protect yourselves and your families from the hellfire. It's an Amana?

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Your husband, my dear sister.

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Is an Amana a trust from Allah that shall be asked on the day of judgment. And that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to the auntie of Hossein hypnosis and when he said to her, are you married? She said yes. He said, Can you for Auntie mean who How do you behave with him? She said, No, who must have thought I tried to give him everything he needs as much as I can. He said to her from glory and demean who for him no matter who agenda to keep I'm gonna be very careful how you are with your husband because after all, he will be your paradise or your hellfire. Amana

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your employees who work for you.

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They are Anana a trust and there will be a question about them the day of judgment

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are two ajira at Yahoo Cabela. Ano G ferrata prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam said give the employee his wage before the sweat on his forehead has a chance to dry. Give him his wage. Don't delay. It's an Amana.

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Your time

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dear users of the internet and social media Your time is an ohana and there will be a question. And that's why when the people of Jahannam are roasting, and they will beg for a second chance. Allah will say to them our them no, I'm miracle that God will be human that God did we not give you lives long enough? Did we not give you time such that if you wanted to benefit you could have remembered

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time is

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your private parts, your desires, your lusts.

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Here is an Amana a trust. And there will be a question about it on the day of judgment. And that is why in some narrations attributed to Abdullah Hypno mother that when Allah Almighty created the private part, he said, Harvey he had that to her and father in law. This is an Amana that I have hidden with you. So beware of using it except where permissible? The Hijab is an anon the Quran is an Amana mum and dad. They are an Amana. You're healthy Lee

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Your sight your hearing even your thoughts. They are an earner in some our bus or our full adder kulula Iike and who Missoula, Allah said you're hearing and you're seeing an even your heart, there will be a question about them all on the Day of Judgment. Therefore,

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how beautiful were the words about Hassan when he said Amana is the whole religion

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and the whole religion is but an Amana Al Hamdulillah

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there is a another Amana trust

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that many Muslims are complaining

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of an inability to honor it.

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And Amana, which they say we are betraying several times a day and we don't know how to stop. Which Amanda is this witch trust.

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This is the trust of access.

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In the 21st century, you are able to access a sin that our fathers and great grandfathers needed to go to great lengths to access.

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They say this is a trust and I am failing on almost every evening.

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What do I do?

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For a moment I shift your attention to an idea from Surah tuna EDA, when you hear it, some of us may not understand what is immediately implied. The IRS says Yeah, are you Halloween? Are you who believe

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Laolu one Kamala who be che Mina Sadie Diane, who who Id come What are you Marshall come Niala Mala who may Yeah ha formula you.

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Allah is going to test you with some of the game animal, game animal meaning the land animal that is hunted for food, Allah who will test you with some of the land animal that is hunted for food that your hands and your spears can reach. So that Allah may know or may make clear, so that Allah may make clear who fears him in the unseen. What does this mean?

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The scholars have said that this idea was revealed in context of some companions who are in a state of Iran, in the state of pilgrimage. And you know, when you are in a state of Iran, one of the things that you cannot do is hunt the land animals for food.

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So they were there in Iran, and they were walking, carrying out their pilgrimage, when all of a sudden, animals that were usually so difficult to hunt, gathered around the Companions, they came to them, they were beneath their feet. And bearing in mind, the hunger of the companions, and their poverty, for the most part, not a single one of the Sahaba reached out to one of those animals, despite their need, and they were within reach, and their spirits could reach them as well. Why did Allah test them in this way? The verse said, so that Allah may make clear who fears him in the unseen

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now I shift your attention. And you will say to me today, in the 21st century, just 50 years ago, it was impossible to communicate with a member of the opposite gender without so much planning and hard work today, what do you need?

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You need an 11 digit number.

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You need a social media profile name. And lo and behold, you have 24 access of unfettered communication to him or to her.

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And who was looking no one other than Allah. You will say why? Why this fitna? Why has our Lord subhanaw taala allowed this test? Why is it that my child is able to access all of the ideologies of the world from within the confines of his own home? All of the cultures, all of the social perversions and all of the fetishes of people in the eastern West, they see it in their mobiles and their computers. Why would my Lord allow this type of test in my home and the home of the Muslims? And the answer is the same as what you just heard in the verse. Lea Allah, Allah who may your Hafele who will drive so that Allah may make clear who are the ones who fear Him in the unseen

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how awful camminare

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it Harakat Citra daddy

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wondai Let them be our moving them be felt.

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The fear that came into your heart, my dear brother.

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When the wind started to move the curtains have

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Your door when you were committing your sin fearing that someone has caught you

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that fear is greater and worse in the eyes of Allah than the sin itself. That fear should have been for Allah

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Yeah, I can carry him later can Walia and Linda he fit by him. I do wonder he feels badly. Beware of being an ally a Friend of Allah in public

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or an enemy of Allah in private

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either Mr. Tyler Lee, Robbie and Mr. Hated are Sunni.

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What to feed them that mean hunky wobbly iced tea?

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Either hello with a very button fee of all met in one nap. So the idea to elect torriani Foster him in another real Isla he Wakulla in the Halacha vada Irani

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This is a contradiction in the personality of a Muslim and this is unacceptable.

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And whilst people may not discover this contradiction today in you,

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it will be discovered on the day of judgment if it is not fixed today. And that is why ignominy generates and I will conclude with this

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on the authority of the Taliban, that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam said the alamin aqua, mighty tuna yo multi multi Bahasa Nitin intelligibility hermitage de la I know people from my nation he's had who will come on the Day of Judgment with mountains of good deeds Allahu Akbar and Allah Who will get them one after the other he will make them into rubble, nothing worthless.

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But he will Hala hubba and man Flora scattered dust.

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So the narrator's that will then he said, Yeah rasool Allah He said homeland urgently him Lennar and learn Hakuna mean home Anakin, Allah and Allah, messenger of Allah describe them to us, give us their characteristics, just in case we are the people amassing all of these good deeds and they will be nothing on the Day of Judgment. What do they look like? He said, in our home in ecological they are your brothers. What means that you come there from your race?

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While you're doing the mean a lady come at a codon, and they even pray at night the same way you pray, what went wrong?

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He said Well, Latina Hong Kong mon either Hala will be Maha Milla him.

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He said the problem is that they were a people who when they were alone, they would step over the limits of Allah Allah.

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What do we do from here?

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This is a Muslim.

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Some of you will say, my hair is standing on end. What do I do to uphold this amount of access to sin? What do I do? I will suggest three things in a minute or two and the first

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a wholesome retreat to the book of Allah

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to recite the Quran with threadable with contemplation

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and that is why even Taymiyah he would say in Santa Clara Al Quran Allah Tada Bara, who can early coming up well as barbil Mani Atilla who Minal nasally, Amin Ballia.

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He said a person who recites the Quran with thought contemplation this becomes one of the strongest barriers between him and sins or at least some of them find a way to access the Quran to recite it with contemplation. That's number one. Number two very quickly ensure that you worship Allah privately were no one can see you give yourself a portion of private one to one even if it is a minute a day.

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And that's that's why you Blanca you and he said, the noble Hello it us non empty concert.

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Why bother to help us loose habit.

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The sense that people do when they are alone is the main reason why people go astray

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later on in life. And he said similarly, the good deeds that you do when you are alone will be a main reason why you will stay steadfast upon their religion. Lastly, on my final message,

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dear brother, this sister who is afraid of the trust of access, I say to you message number three, connect yourself to something that is bigger than you.

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Work towards an Islamic vision project that is bigger than your mirror reflection, your career ambitions, your wage, and your health and fitness. Connect yourself to a large Islamic goal and work towards it and watch how automatically most of these whisperings will be evicted from your life.

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In my short experience, I have seen that in the most of the cases I've come across brothers

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and sisters who are constantly dipping in and out of haram, observing that which is haram, communicating, moving in and out of relationships, exploring different drugs, using different applications, whatever they may be doing, doing strange things to their body, most of the times, it's because they are bored.

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There is an emptiness in here.

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So they need to find something to fill that emptiness.

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Whereas the people have high aspirations like you who are digging wells, who are starting charities, who are learning knowledge, who are perfecting their reputation. They are doing something that is bigger than their dunya they are far too busy to be slowed down by these fetishes and these whisperings the glow of their objective the follow is so bright that it has eclipsed every other satanic whispering. They make mistakes and the Select but when they do they stand up again. They say Estelle field Allah and they have a Northstar that they are following. They know the path that they need to be on. Connect yourself to something that is bigger than your dunya

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These are three concluding messages I wanted to share about the test or the manner of access we ask Allah to give us protection in our children law McFeely Muslim in our Muslim

A Friday Sermon

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