Laylat Al-Qadr, a gift from Allah swt

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The worship in these nights, if you catch the little cuddle, which is just a few hours from your time is going to equal in the skill, better than 1000 months of worship that had no leader to other in them. What does this mean? You know what this means? This means Allah azza wa jal is given us a chance and an opportunity to reach the rank and the levels of the righteous people of the past that lived hundreds and hundreds of years and worship a lot during those hundreds of years.

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You know, for example, Adam alayhis salaam lived 1000 years, no hallelujah Salaam. He lived 950 years just giving down with his people love on him, he must have lived longer than that prophecy. No more Sally Sam lived hundreds of years, there would live hundreds of years. The writers of the past lived hundreds of years. And our the members of this oma are only going to live between A and B, they're going to live up until 60s 70s. Let's say well, what are you going to live?

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So Allah Sohail gave us a little cuddle. If you were to worship Allah during this night, you earn

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the reward of worshiping Allah for more than 1000 months, which is a lifetime. So if you were to live to witness 20 or more bonds in your life, that's 20 little cuddle, right? Which equals to what almost approximately what 2000 years and better than this in your record of good deeds. In other words, you caught up you caught up to the righteous that lived in the past you caught up to them

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for this is the importance of this night.