Mufti Menk – Who is the best?

Public lecture delivered in Accra, Ghana during the Points to Ponder Tour. Do you wish to know whom Allah loves? Why does He love such persons? Do you want to know if you are in that elite group? Or do you require some special impossible to obtain ‘passcard’ to enter this group or could it really be simpler than pulling all the strings attached to all your networks?

The answers to these questions and more are within this talk of  Mufti Menk wherein with references to sahih hadiths, the mufti  identifies 8 steps to become the best, a state every Muslim desires.

Listen to this talk to discover how you and your loved ones can seek and be the Best in Allah’s sight. And pay close attention to the Mufti’s closing statement. It is conveys an important message to all of us.

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