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Your undertone is saying yet they don't deserve to live so let's is raid zero this is exactly

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what I said and this is what I asked for

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you have absolutely no sympathy for the Palestinian killing because you don't put words in my mouth no no seriously I

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do your your your entrance into this conversation is extremely racist because he said the Arabs has been killing each other first of all the Arabs Bassem Youssef and hamdulillah Bassem Youssef. He was on the PBD podcast, a conversation is extremely racist, because he said the Arabs has been killing each other. First of all, the Arabs have been killing each other. These are called either proxy wars or civil wars, you did a great job. And I want to commend Patrick for Finally, having someone on to represent the truth on what's happening in Palestine in the Hawza. There is really for 100 days, they have brought they had dropped almost three nuclear weapons on an open air pressure, the prison

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and all because of Hamlet, as they say, better late than never just considered as part of the free word because they're secular, because they are democratic, and they are committing war crimes every single day, I understand patched in a very tricky situation. He's got his good friend and co host Zinus. Adam, we pray that God Almighty opens his heart, that the truth, I have never seen a secular democratic country that would actually give contraception shots to its own citizens, to their Ethiopian Jews, and make them not to reproduce. And until 2013, they have confessed to it that they have been doing this for 10 years. That is not a democratic country, because it's becoming more and

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more clear, more and more apparent. You've got people like Joe Rogan, who's seeing really what's going on, like they've destroyed so much. You've seen the footage, the recent footage, crazy mosques, it's not bombing mosques, bombing things. It's let's go to this clip on the PBD podcast. And I want to stick with this word, this term that Boston called Adam out. And that's exactly what you're saying. They're just like poor people killing each other. And we're just like they're watching. No, I'm sorry that dude, I like you. But seriously, your undertone is pieces from the beginning until the end, you are looking at those people are lesser people who have made bad

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choices. And because they are poor, they are okay to be informed by Israel. Now, let's analyze this this term racist racism, I have never heard heard a secular country, a democratic country that would kidnap little kids from Yemeni Jews in 1950. And then take them away and then tell their parents that they die. And they did that in order to instill

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synthetic DNA in their population. That's why DNA that's why DNA testing is not allowed in Israel. I mean, this is the disgusting word that nobody wants to be called. And it's something ugly, and is something that God hates. I mean, we know beautifully in Islam that the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon He condemned racism as a very authentic saying of his, he said, there's no difference between the white and the black, the Arab and the non Arab. What separates us is our piety, our closeness to our Creator, our God, consciousness, but we see this as a pattern we see when you when you start taking a deep dive into this, you have prominent Jewish Israelis who are

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calling this ideology that the co host there Adam is upon this is a racist ideology is not coming from me it's coming from x actually, are Israelis, Jewish people, let's look at for instance, the song ism is racism. Israel cannot be both Israelis either a racist Jewish state, or it's a democratic state for everybody. And that's what I would like Israel to be I'd like democratic solution, one state with equal rights for

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all its inhabitants.

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Your organization, Human Rights Watch, issued a report last year about Israel. And the conclusion was, it is an apartheid state, you had a Rabbi David, who was sharing his story, he was here a guest of mine on the D show rabbi, and he went down to Israel and he raised this story and there was a little boy, maybe six or seven year old boy, bleeding from his head, he must have cut his hand on a broken bottle, bleeding and crying and, and there was two policemen there. So I went to the boy. And I said, you know, come with me. And I took him to the policeman and I said to the policeman in Hebrew, help help this boy. And they said to me, why are you talking about he's an Arab? Do you

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know, just get rid of him? So that was my first experience. I just replaced the term Arab with Jew. Imagine that. He's an Arab. He's an you know, just get rid of him. we'd all agree that's disgusting. That's racist. And the rabbi he went into cognitive dissonance for a long time, this is probably what's happening to to Adam. When you get into state the truth is coming to you and now you don't

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Don't accept it. And now you're in this state, right and cognitive dissonance and you're you can't accept the facts that are coming to me. So that's why if a person is sincere and they want to know the truth, they need to take a deep dive and he's talking about getting his facts. Well, he would say these aren't facts that you get from Fox News. Morning, I read the credible sources, Wall Street Journal, Fox News, he's getting the stuff from from mainstream media propaganda machine, he needs to go outside of the mainstream. Okay, that has a certain narrative propaganda that they're pushing. You gotta go outside of that box Israeli babies. I think that story was refuted, wasn't it? Many

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times it wasn't the biggest story. What's your point? There's also an individual that I really nominate to be on this PBD podcast, Patrick, I love to have him to make the connection. So you have Miko Pillet. He's the general son, he's a former US special forces with IDF. Father genuine Israeli army. He's also using this word racist. He's also exposing this. Let's hear what he has to say about this. Zionism is a racist ideology.

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The State of Israel is founded on a racist ideology.

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Israel is an apartheid, racist, violent regime that has taken over Palestine. That is how

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we need to talk about it. I didn't learn about Zionism in a college course. I didn't learn about Zionism from a book. My grandfather signed the Israeli Declaration of Independence. I grew up in Zionism. I know, Zionism is

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and I reject it completely.

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You have to reject Zionism. If you have a conscience to be proud of being a Zionist. What else is proud of being a pedophile? I mean, what is next? Again, it's a very ugly words very, it's ugly, this gusting word. And this is the root of the issue. So if you're connected with this state here, you're connected with it, then do we have a right to ask? I mean, is this something that is a part is we can't open your heart to see but is this a part of your ideology is I mean, because you have so it's a pattern we're seeing many people form a Zionist and others who are coming out and they're using this term, they're saying this is what it is because Israel is for Jews since the beginning of

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the Bible. That's number one. Number two, the Arabs have no right to be dead. They are forcing us to kill their children to defend our children. And we can say this is the only democratic This is the only democratic state and data and paint this picture of this fairy tale picture. And then you see how even Christians are treated. Recently Israeli channel 13 Reporter Yossi le went undercover as a priest for a day, dressed in a robe he walked through the Old City with Franciscan father Alberto. In the first five minutes he was spat out five times by Orthodox Jewish Israelis. This is the situation he Christians and Muslims are suffering it's not just this in here it's not democracy in

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here we are treated like a low plus people here in this country in Israel. We face all kinds of discouragement discrimination everywhere wherever we go you are asking is irrelevant treats Christians or Muslims different No, it's exactly the same you are under the same occupation you don't have like a human being right. And is this all Christians generally or anybody who was like my Jewish I think and our friend Patrick he's our mania and ours are Syrian also and we see how they're treated there's no holding back even on them also those ranges extremely short. They don't want us basically they they tell us every time they we don't want to get out of Israel and we don't want to

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wait this is our land we don't have any problem there have have problem not only with our minions all other religious, non Jewish like Muslims, Christians, Assyrians not to mention Muslims Yeah.

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This is Joyce

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so when you see these clips, they're all over there. You know, the truth is coming out you're not going to get this from the Fox News. You're not going to get this from the mainstream source you're gonna have to go outside of it. For people like Adam and others. There was a woman that was named Dahlia she came out on the news really podcast and you said that everybody in the caboose retired and then we went out and we say these really thank the ones who fired on the whole carpets. This is bull* stories or anything the IDF is just coming in and then just spraying down kibbutz is that's like saying American troops are just coming into a conflict here at school and just spraying down

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fellow Americans the honey bull* called the Hannibal protocol. Look at it. Yeah.

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You will look it up.

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the full deal back to the SATA cables key key mark, you've given me

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the unit but oh lemonade, and you're going to have to listen to people who were also putting their neck on the line like the Miko pillage the Jewish historians and Jewish academics and Israelis who also their humanity is on, their humanity is on and they're like, Hey, we don't stand with this, this whole idea of sneaking, it's all or none, no Israel have actually done a lot of criminal activities that a lot of Jews do not agree upon. And a lot of the people who go out in New York, in Brooklyn in Los Angeles, these are Jewish people shouting, not in my name. Many of those people are actually

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Holocaust survivors. They Gabor, who was like a very famous or local Holocaust survivor himself, and you say, Israel is a Zionist terrorist apartheid country. So if you think like I'm saying this because of my Muslim, Arab background, listen to the other Jews. They're saying that Israel is the criminal here. So Bassam use of he went to the root he saw past. You know, he saw the questions being put out and he saw the underlining root issue what what it was all about, and this is that racism that comes out. And we've seen the true face of people. And we see I mean, the people of humanity, people who are seeing a Vinnies humanity is on you can see even and this is my thing from

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the beginning. It's the children. It's the not eight to 9000, children, the the co host, they're the other co host, he stepped up and in many situations, he's also questioning he's like, look at the kids. Look what's happening to the kids what you have the majority of kids who are being blown to smithereens, how many people are you going to continue to kill in order to get your revenge? Alright guys, so I just wanted to touch upon that real quickly, this point here, and I don't really see anybody who calls himself a Christian who espouses many of these verses from the Bible, love your neighbor, turn the other cheek, you love your enemies. Blessed are the peacemakers, and you have all

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of these teachings of Jesus Peace be upon and calling him the Prince of Peace. But I think here I had, I really recommend people watch the program I did with elder pastor who kind of dismantles and talks about how this came about the support that Christians because there's more Christian Zionist, how they fell into this propaganda with the Scofield Bible dispensationalism. He goes into the history. And then you had this con man who went to jail came out and all of a sudden began he got his DD, the Cyrus Schofield and he got funded by the Zionist organization of America. Then they went out and they printed over a million copies of the Scofield Bible, and in there the exegesis of

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certain verses, whoever blesses these blessed whoever curves these curves, and that's the bread and butter of it. Many other verses from the Bible, he translate these connecting it to the modesty of Israel. And these fakes fake prophecies is the Third Temple being revealed. I don't have to guess about this. First of all, let's look at Bible prophecy. Pushed prophecies that have nothing for the first 1800 years to do with anything of Christianity. So when Christians know this, when these things can get unpackaged, and they can see that this really has nothing to do with Christianity. These are things that were conjured up. And these are fake prophecies. This is not anything to do

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with real Christianity, then they will be more inclined to show sympathy and support rather than supporting a modern day genocide that's happening. May God Almighty open the hearts of the people, and help them to see clearly as many are starting to see. Now look, I used to be a Zionist. As you mentioned, I'm a Holocaust survivor. Zionism was very important for me as a salvation of the Jewish people.

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Until I found out that

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the state was founded based on the extra patient, the explosion and multiple massacres of the local population. And that's not historically controversial, but this is something that's very important to look into. I have the this is if you want to watch that video, we're going to have it here. Check this out for our Christian friends and neighbors. So they can go ahead and get out from under this deception this programming that they've been hit with and that's why they're feeling it's a part of their their creed their faith to support something like this one it has absolutely as the pastor my guests came on has nothing absolutely nothing to do with Christianity. Thank you for tuning in. God

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bless Peace be with you. A salaam aleikum, subscribe

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No, sorry. You know what Islam means? Islam?

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No, we've been told that they're out to kill us all. That's what you've been told that Muslims are out to kill you all.

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