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Ali Albarghouthi
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In Al Hamdulillah Hina Meadow who want to stay in who wants to Pharaoh when I owe the billahi min sharoni and fusina was he RTR Melina Maja de la who Fela Medina woman lil fella Heidi Allah

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wa shadow Allah Allah in LA who was the hula Sheree Kala why no Mohammed Abu war Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam.

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I'm about to have her in here and Heidi Nikita will la heeta Ayana wa hiren * * Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or Sharon Moreno to her Hakuna Matata teen Viva la Vida tiempo la vaca La la la la la.

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We begin by praising Allah subhanahu wa to Allah and thanking Him

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and seeking his help, aid and forgiveness and protection from the evil of ourselves in the sense that we do, indeed who serve Allah guides no one can lead us astray and who serve Allah leads us astray no one can guide I bear witness that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah alone. And then Mohammed Salah Allahu alayhi wa sallam is his slave and messenger. The best of speech is the book of Allah. And the best of guidance is that of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the worst of religious matters are those that are innovative and every religious innovation is a bit every bit dies misguidance and every misguidance will be in Hellfire a bad

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few days

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until the start of the month of Ramadan.

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And each coming on this month, each arrival and each departure

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marks this phase in our life.

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That chapter that we write

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and based on we will stand before Allah azza wa jal

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it is this important annual station and marker

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which Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam spoke about Ramadan Isla Ramadan

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when he spoke about a loss, forgiveness and stations in your life.

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He mentioned the five daily prayers

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and the Juma to Juma Friday to Friday.

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And then he also said and Ramadan, Ramadan

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cafaro to Lima by inna Houma. They'll expiate and remove the sins that are in between as long as the major sins are avoided.

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So here is saying sallallahu alayhi wasallam. When you leave Ramadan and then enter into another Ramadan, you're going through phases, it's a marker and annual marker,

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and how you receive it and how you leave it depends on how much Amen, but also what type of person you are and what you want out of this month.

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See, when it comes to this month, we are different types of people.

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There are people who are reluctant

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or even dislike the arrival of Ramadan.

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And there are people who are indifferent.

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They go into the month and leave it simply because it happens and it ends.

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And there are people who

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receive it with a bit of reluctance because they're afraid.

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Afraid of the hardship that is in it afraid of what they'll be able to accomplish or maybe unable to accomplish.

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And there are some people who receive it with some joy because they understand that despite the difficulty in the month of Ramadan and there has to be some challenges in the month of Ramadan otherwise you're not going to get that forgiveness for nothing.

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There has to be a challenge obstacles in the month of Ramadan for you and I to overcome. Because without that, how are you going to gain that forgiveness? Why are you getting Jenna for these deeds if they are not challenging in some way or another if they're not going to demand something out of you and from you. But despite all of this, despite the challenges, they also understand that Allah has no agenda.

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had given so much for those who worship Him in the month of Ramadan who look forward to it, who are planning

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to get the most out of Ramadan.

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So getting what you need to get out of this month depends on how you plan for it and what you want to get out of it.

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And again, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam alludes to us planning for Ramadan. When he says sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, mon sama Romana Eamon and YT server, Wolfie Allahumma at the moment and be the one who fasts Ramadan out of Eman

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and ft seven, anticipating the reward from Allah, his and her previous sins will be forgiven

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when he talks about a man and yet he said the Prophet sallallahu. wasallam is talking about someone who's conscious of what they're doing and why they're doing it. Someone who's planning and they want something out of Ramadan, they're not simply being dragged into the month and being dragged out of the month fasting, because simply everybody is fasting, and simply that's what I've done in the past. And that's what I expect to be doing now and in the future. Because my parents, or my spouse, or my children, or my neighbors expect that of me. So that's the thing that I'm going to be doing. This is a person who's being dragged in and out. And it's good to have a habit and it's good to have

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good expectations that force you to do the good thing. These are not bad things. What is bad is that use only simply do it because of habit. But Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said in that Hadith that you probably have heard last year and the year before and you heard it this year. Eman and YT Saba know you are fasting, your fuel is a man.

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I know about the expectations. And there are good I know about the collective fasting, which makes it easier and that is good. But why are you doing it? He man and what is

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the fuel that is pushing me to keep fasting every single day, even if the hours are long, even if I don't feel like it even if I'm getting weaker.

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Is because Allah loves it.

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And because it would be a sacrifice that Allah will reward me for. So it is a sacrifice, probably is easier to eat, easier to cheat,

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easier to take a shortcut. But when you actually fast and you fast because you know Allah is watching you. And Allah loves this out of you, and Allah will reward you for it. And that is your motivation. That is even because they want to invest in my hereafter. And it is Saba, that's your goal. That's your plan. I want to last forgiveness, I want a law to put me in gender. And because of that,

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I'm going to do things in the month of Ramadan to secure me and last forgiveness, I'll be fasting this way I'll be praying this way, I'll be reading the Quran that way. And that is a plan for those who are fasting that will help them fast

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and gain what they need to for the month.

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So either can live throughout this month indifferent. Or either you can live throughout this month simply to eat and drink when you are allowed to eat and drink and socialize and the remaining hours. And that's the joy that comes to you from the month of Ramadan. And it is a legitimate mobile joy. But the real joy out of the month of Ramadan is when you worship Allah and it's difficult. And you know that you've done that for him. And now you're anticipating that reward from him. subhanho wa Taala. So you need to spend some time before this month asking yourself, well what is it that you want out of this month?

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And what is it that you're planning to do in it?

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And both of these questions and the answer to them depend on who you are at this moment.

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What have you been doing before this month? What problems are you going through? What bad habits do you have? You want to get rid of? What good habits are you missing and you want to embrace? What is it that you want? Ask Allah azza wa jal for yourself and for your children, for your family, for your community and for Muslims all over

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what is it that you want to accomplish at this particular stage in your life?

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And if there is any time of the year where you could ask Allah azzawajal and be close to him, it is the month of Ramadan if there is any

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Any time throughout the year that you can actually change your life. Or Allah equips you to change where you can be a better person, and that betterment that change could be more permanent that all the other tries that we did and we failed. permanency can be achieved. If you push yourself in the month of Ramadan,

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you could be better.

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If you take steps towards Allah azza wa jal in the month of Ramadan, so every single month,

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every single year, as an opportunity, a renewed opportunity for you to come closer to Allah azza wa jal to look at the past year and said, I've done terrible or bad things. I've neglected some of Allah's commands. But here is the time the opportunity to reset all of this and come back to Allah azza wa jal to erase all of these sins, to come back to him subhanho wa Taala

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with regret with humility, but also with renewed hope that whenever I come back to him, he'll receive me.

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So Ramadan is that anchor, and once you land before you land, he must have a plan.

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How will you fast?

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What bad things how we've been used to doing every single day.

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But you said now when the month is gonna start in sha Allah, I'm going to try to stop

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or good things that you've been telling yourself, I want to do this. I know I can do this. I've been always longing to do this.

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Praying on time, I've been missing my Salah. But now I should be more serious about this. Because without Salah I have no focus, no compass in life, no security, no peace. So I need to pray on time.

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And I need to come back and establish a relationship with Allah in the house of Allah azza wa jal. This is the time. If you've been absent in distance, this is the time to come back and re energize and enliven your heart.

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And the challenge here

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is what

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challenge here is to rediscover all of these meanings in the month of Ramadan.

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The fact that it is keeps repeating makes it difficult for us to discover what's new about it. But if you dig deep, and you only going to get out of Ramadan as much as you're going to put in it,

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if you don't care about it, it's not going to care about you. If you don't care about your Salah, it's not going to give you much back. If you're not going to care about your hygiene ombre, you can travel and come back the same person that left and if you don't care about Ramadan, you're not going to get much out of it. But if you insist that you want things out of it, for your own sake before anybody else, if you insist that you want this Ramadan to be different than in fact every single Ramadan could be different and special and new. If you insist on it, then Ramadan will give you something because Allah azza wa jal is the most generous.

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So what is your plan? And what do you want out of this Ramadan? If it's healing of the heart, if it's healing of the body, if it's taking care of your children, if it is past sins that you aren't allowed to erase, if it is assistance in the future that you want from Allah azza wa jal. All the tools are there in this month. And Allah azza wa jal is calling you back. And it's enough to know

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before even knowing and you heard this hadith that the gates of Jenna open in the month of Ramadan, even before you knowing this,

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you understand that the Koran was sent down during this time.

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And if you know nothing, you will know that the greatest drama that humanity has received is this book.

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So if Allah had chosen this particular month for the greatest Rama to descend, you understand that this is a month of mercy, of Rama of acceptance.

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So there is no surprise then Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says the gates of Jenna all of them are open.

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The gates of Hellfire all of them are closed.

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That means that Allah as though it is inviting you

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and it's up for you and me, either to accept or decline that invitation. So ask Allah azza wa jal to make us of those who are successful, alert and conscious in the month of Ramadan. Among those who are accepted, not among those who rejected a hoodoo holy Heather was the funeral law. He confessed a few

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hamdulillah Hamden Catherine de Navarra confy Well, Sally, Sally Manasa de Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam

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was important in the month of Ramadan and even before it starts is

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one of the easiest thing that all of us can do.

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But that assists you in achieving whatever objective you want and to protect you from whatever evil you're afraid of asking Allah azza wa jal.

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So begin from now if you have not already started to ask Allah azza wa jal to make Ramadan, a blessed month for you, for your family, to enable you to worship Allah in it to accept your worship in it. And whatever particular worship you are interested in, you want to develop, you want to come closer to Allah, ask Allah azza wa jal for all of that. And the beauty of

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whenever you make dua, but also in particular, during the month of Ramadan,

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is not just simply getting what you've asked for. But when Allah azza wa jal says, What a bad deal in a hurry

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when my slaves asked you about me,

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I am close, would you without a die either? And I answer the call of the supplicated when they asked me, What is

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great about da

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is the nearness to Allah xojo and what it does, it brings you closer to Allah and brings a lot closer to you.

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What do you want to get out of it out of that? This particular thing that you're asking for, I want to be I want to go to this college, I want to marry this person. I want to do this, I want to do that. This is secondary. But the most important thing is that it brings you closest to Allah azza wa jal, and you can feel it when you make that dua.

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So if you are distant, you say I don't know how to come back.

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Just raise your hand and ask Allah zildjian if your heart is elusive, you're trying to catch it and bring it back to Allah but it's not yielding. Just simply raise your hand and ask Allah xojo for that. If you encounter any difficulty in the month of Ramadan, or your family does, just series your hand and ask Allah azza wa jal for ease. If you are finding that a bother to be hard, and you're not finding to be sweet, raise your hands and ask Allah Zota to taste that sweetness. If you encounter a difficult situation and Ramadan, and it's becoming difficult for you. Raise your hand and ask Allah

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because Allah said, in that I, I'll answer your supplication if you ask me. So man from now start asking Allah as though God Allah helped me achieve whatever I can achieve in this month. And in addition to

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the remembrance of Allah has

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to constantly

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keep Allah on your tongue,

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especially praising him and hamdulillah

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and asking for forgiveness, a stuffy little law

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and La hawla wala quwata illa villa.

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There is no power except with Allah azza wa jal when you need assistance. That's what you say. When you realize a beauty in your life that you want to continue. That's what you say, when you're weak. That's what you say.

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stuff for law all the time. If you don't have energy to worship Allah, you don't have the appetite, say a stuffer Alon keep saying it.

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Say that hola La quwata illa Billah and keep saying it And with time and as you enter this smile, this Ramadan with that intention with that mentality, you'll find that Allah azzawajal in changing your heart, and your mind and your body as well.

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And you could win and be among the winners in this month.

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Because of the sort of lyocell Allahu alayhi wa sallam said misery to he or she who enters through the month of Ramadan and exits without being forgiven. But don't leave man for misery to them. He'll be humiliated because the forgiveness of Allah as of June is being offered on a plate to each one of us. And for us to simply leave that month without even taking some of that is that complete loss.

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So we need to do something and in that, seek the middle path. Some of us when we enter into the month of Ramadan we're so excited we push ourselves so much that we get frustrated and then we quit in the middle we put too many too much expectation on ourselves. I'm going to read so much of the hold on do so much here do so much but no we fail we fail because we're not ready. Now our expectations are not real. And some of us

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Hardly push ourselves to do anything extra. And that's also a loss.

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But the path lies in the middle. And Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam said at a community, you may have to tune in Allah Allah mailloux had determined lower in the Hubble, Emily De La Jolla, Toma who were in college. He says take on a workload or a worship load that you can tolerate. Because Indeed, Allah is not bored until you are bored. Allah have, you know, opinions about what that means. But at least it means that when you get bored and tired with an action, you stop, so Allah stops rewarding you for it.

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But he said, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the most beloved of deeds to Allah azza wa jal are the ones that are consistent even if they are small. So consider now what you're doing in terms of the worship of Allah zildjian and add to it's something that you know, that I'll be able to do every single day,

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not just the first week and I'll quit but I'll be able inshallah to come if you have not been to the masjid for a very long time, except on Fridays you can tell yourself outcome for one Salah, not the five, be realistic, but at least one Salah but I'll do this for throughout the month, that's my minimum. If I have not been reading the Quran at all, at least I will read five pages, at least five pages or 10 pages, whatever you can, but that is the thing that will be my minimum, I'll not stop. So whatever your minimum is, whatever you can do consistently without interruption. Make that your goal and Ramadan.

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And the path of righteousness that will take you to Allah azza wa jal are without limit in the month of Ramadan you can do almost anything.

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There is salivarius Koran there is fasting. There is sadaqa

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if you have money but you say I'm weak when it comes to Salah I'm weak when it comes to the Koran, but you have sadaqa you have money.

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Then give those who are in need. Mufasa amen fella homie through a jury. He says if you feed a fasting person, you'll have the reward of their fast without taking anything from them. So find those who are in need in your community If you cannot find them then in another country and feed because Allah zodat has given you multiple ways to come close to him if you are weak in one area, complemented by strength in another area, but be consistent and rush towards Allah azza wa jal try your best don't overwhelm yourself but try your best and keep asking Allah azza wa jal for sincerity and choose the action choose a type of worship that can that's going to reform your heart

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because the idea there is not simply a repetition of a burden that does not touch you. But whenever you are trying to worship Allah zildjian when you can ever you're going to pick up the Quran and read it or come to the masjid to pray your Torah we or endure fast or start your fast connect your D to your heart. Have it reform it, have it revive it feel it inside, because this is how you start actually enjoying your fasting. Even if it is long or enjoying your Tara we even if it's long because the longer it is and the more hardship that is in it. You're feeling that Allah is odorless taken away your sin and is building for your house in general. And when you eating your food when

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you break your fast Remember, the most delicious of food will not do not taste here. But in general

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the most beautiful of pleasures you're not going to enjoy here. You're going to enjoy it in general. So let all of that be reminder of that's my home that's my destination that's my joy. Say for it, work for it sacrifice for it. That's what the month of Ramadan is for. And I'm not gonna forget insha Allah to remind you, since the brother is asking you to donate to help the house of Allah Zoda to be built and worshipers of Allah azza wa jal to find refuge in it. And Muslims, young and old to come back to the house of Allah and study Islam in it and grow in it. I'm not going to inshallah forget to remind you donate and let that be the start of righteousness before the month of Ramadan.

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Get your hands and your pocket ready to give, even if it's little, even if you're not a rich person, but always have that habit whenever a person is asking to take something and give it for Allah azza wa jal because you want to find that thing multiplied when you meet him. subhanho wa Taala we know that we make so many terrible things in this life, so many sins. Let now this sadaqa erase some of them. So ask Allah Zoda Rabbil alameen or hamara herminia Allah we asked you to open your our hearts for the month of April.

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Hold on. Y'all are open our hearts for the month of Ramadan. Yeah Allah open our hearts for the month of Ramadan. Allah help us and our families to find joy in it. Help us in our families to be forgiven in it. Help us in our families to worship you in it and have Allah find joy and comfort in that worship. We ask you out of bed I mean of those to make us of those who will fast the month of Ramadan, amen and YT Sabha and pray throughout the month of Ramadan, amen and YT Sabha, and whose worship will coincide and be accepted on the night of later to Qatar, amen and YT Sabha makers among those who are forgiven and our families and the Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam make us among

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those who are blessed in this month among those who will make dua and there is accepted in this month er hammer raha mean, we ask you in this month to remove the troubles of the Ummah, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to take all their pain away and to unite them upon your book and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, whereas you to guide us all to the straight path and to help us and protect us against all fitten that which are apparent and that which are hidden well as curable, Allah means to cleanse our hearts. We asked you allow me to make the hereafter our greatest aim and joy, not the dunya your hammer raha mean, Aloma Tina for dunya has no authority has

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no joaquina either, but now allow minister local agenda dormakaba idiom in our environment when the becoming a Natty or Makarova II have been calling what I mean when I say look, I mean hiree masala kabaka Mohammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when I will be coming shortly Mr. De camino Abdullah Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Lama Yama Oliver kulu with a bit kulu Santa Ana de la familia Masada Ubisoft kulu pinata it. Yahoo yahoo mobile rahmati canister reef or sled inertia and an akula will attack in either unforeseen time

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