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Why The Prophet Received Revelation In Different Ways

Kamal El-Mekki


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Desert Rose: Why Prophet Muhammad Receive Revelation In Different Ways – Kamal Elmekki

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Why did the Prophet sallallahu Sallam receive revelation through many different ways? The mother Institute presents q&a with Gamal el mekki. Sometimes the prophet SAW Selim received direct inspiration from Allah subhanaw taala. Sometimes he saw jabril and Islam in his original form. Sometimes he just heard that you braid, Alison. Sometimes debris, Larson would speak to him, but it would be so difficult and so heavy upon him that the camel who's sitting on would buckle would kneel down, and he would start to sweat and they would see how difficult it would look upon him. And other times he would just get inspiration through through dreams. The answer is that each one each

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different approach is appropriate for different scenarios. For example, sometimes it's a matter of location, the prophet SAW, Selim sees a true dream, where he sees punishment in the grave, or he visits paradise or he sees people punished in the alpha. So it more appropriate here that he sees the dream as opposed to actually being transported to gender or transported to the next world just to see something from there. So that makes sense. Sometimes the prophet SAW Selim is being challenged, the Qureshi will go and get questions that the President can answer. And then they would come and ask him that question here. It is more appropriate that he has his composure and he gives

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him a strong confident answer, because they're trying to challenge him, as opposed to at this point, hearing the ringing like as we call it, the ringing where the problem is sweating, and it's difficult upon him at a time when he's being challenged by his opponents. It's not appropriate here. So here, he only hears the angel and it doesn't have that dramatic effect on him. So he's confident and he's answering back. And sometimes it's not appropriate to see jabril in his original form, because remember, the prophet SAW Selim was of the bravest of people. And the first time he saw jabril, in his original form, he fainted. So imagine now that people are sitting around the province

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of solemn they asked him a question, and then he sees jabril in his original form, and everybody else's job written in his original form, and the old faint and panic and so on. So sometimes it's appropriate that the answer only comes to him where he hears the angel speaking. And that's it. And that's the reason why there are so many different ways to which the promiseland received revelation. Those are the types of questions we're going to be answering and even more in the upcoming course Desert Rose, the Mexican era of the Prophet sallallahu sallam.