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AI: Summary © The transcript describes the importance of shaking the trunk of a palm tree and the holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy. Jesus used the symbol qapqah to symbolize the journey of the gods and the holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy. Jesus used the symbol qapqah to symbolize the journey of the gods and the holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy. The culture of the Arabs had certain cultural traditions called Shama colada, which they had in their culture. The episode discusses the importance of Islam, including its meaning in terms of its spiritual nature, its meaning in terms of its spiritual experience, and its importance in driving inspiration for the spiritual experience of Allah's subhanaw taala.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah who Allah and he was over here, my

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brothers and sisters salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Today inshallah will be a short lesson until mother because we don't have much time but we are going to cover a few points from the story of Ibrahim alayhis salaam, which we finished off last time.

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And we reached the part where his main alayhis salaam is growing up in this desert, in a desert

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where there was no people. That is the place where Ibrahim Ali Salim was commanded to leave his mother. I mean, his wife hajer, alayhis salaam and his newborn son, Ismail, Elijah, his son, and

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he left them in the middle of nowhere. And he stood up and walked away.

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And she said to him, just recapping here, she said to him, element petrochina. Who are you leaving us to you, Abraham? Who are you leaving us to? And he wouldn't reply.

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He kept walking. And she kept on asking element that Roxanna, who are you leaving us to? And he still won't reply.

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The scholars say he didn't reply, for many reasons that we can assume. So that his his his compassion doesn't beat or overcome

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it his fulfillment of a lost command.

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So he kept going, not even looking at them. Finally, her alayhis salaam

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she came up with something which she had just temporarily forgotten about. She asked the question, she said, low, America, Heather, did Allah commanded you to do this? And he said, Yes, ma'am.

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in their own language, of course, Hebrew, Aramaic, whatever language it was.

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She said, even linea de Anima. Therefore, Allah will not

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forsake us.

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He won't leave us alone. He'll be there with us.

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These are the times when a human being has exhausted all their efforts.

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One cannot say, I'm just going to sit at home.

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And let ullas risk His provision come to me.

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No, this is not in accordance with the sooner Oh.

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And one cannot use this story to say Hi, Joe said,

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Allah will not abandon me. And so I don't have to do anything, whether I do it or don't, I'm not only going to get what Allah has written for me, yes, it's true that you're going to get what Allah wrote for you.

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But not because this is only because what Allah wanted for you, there are things that you're going to do wrong, and Allah doesn't want wrong for you. So it's a contradiction to say that he wrote it as in he forced me to do it. A law wrote things that he made,

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will come to you without your permission, without your control. And there are things especially when they involve your

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work, your action, which he wrote, based on his knowledge of what you're going to do.

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So that's why when we say what Allah has written, for me, it has two meanings. Number one, that there are things such as there is your provision.

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It's detail, the amount of it

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is decided by our last panel.

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And the law is fair, he gives you according to the circumstances he is created doing.

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You might say I worked for it, and I got this much. Yes, part of it's true. But part of it is also Allah has either essentially limited it, or he made it a lot. So that's one way. And the other way is that Allah knows what you're going to do. And he wrote it, it means it cannot change. Because then you're saying that he doesn't know the future. If it changes, then it means Allah doesn't know the future, in that sense. So you have to believe that Allah had written it knows it, and as part of our credo, that Allah knows the future and what you're going to have or not have, and some of it is based on what he knows you're going to do. And based on that Allah knows it and written it, it

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cannot be changed. The angels cannot change it, no one can change it.

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Has or Allah has said I'm exhausted all her ability, and you can see that right up to the last moment. She's questioning.

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Ibrahim alayhis salam because that's what a human does. You have to exhaust your efforts within your human ability.

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So she said he lamented, well, who are you leaving us to she's thinking on a worldly level. Because right up to that point, they had been doing things that are controlled by humans, the walking the government to the desert, the little amounts of food and that which they had prepared, right, they're being together, this is all their choice based on the last comment.

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The only divine thing about it is that Allah had commanded it till now. There's nothing extra to that.

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So she says elementa through Cana and finally when she found that this is something beyond

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human control, there's there's a command here there's something's going to happen which Allah spent Allah has decided that it was going to happen, something beyond our control, which exists till today. The effect of this was that he was going to bring out

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one of the most remarkable

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practices of unity with Allah subhanaw taala unity of of the of the of Allah's creation, and their connection with Allah till the last hour.

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He's going to establish Hajj

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when she noticed that this was a divine thing, and that Abraham on his center is not responding. She thought, Well, my husband who is a prophet of Allah, a messenger of Allah will never neglect me. Only in one way.

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Only in one way.

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When Allah has come into the has interfered and say and made a command,

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we all submit to our last panel dad, there are no questions asked about that. And this, these tests are greater for the profits. No, none of us can give an excuse and say my tests are big. Some of us artists are big, but the tests of the profits cannot be cannot ever be compared to any test of humans.

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Because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and this hadith in Bukhari and the Muslim and they may differ a little bit in letters or wordings, but he said, I should do Bella and lamb. The most who go through trials in this life and calamities are the profits

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from an M cell fl empfehlenswert the ones who are more like them and then the ones who are next more like them. Also melody in a row. So sometimes it's a melody and

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then there's one after me and there's one after that and

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in that degree

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so how Jordan said

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then Allah will not lose us, fellas, this is beyond our control. Now, I put my full reliance upon a lot and I don't need to do anything anymore. At that point, you don't do anything you just wait. But you still look what she still did. She still used what she had of water and food and she still began to walk between the hills looking for help, because Hazara is sent and is knowledgeable for clear,

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very understanding of laws, laws, she knows that Allah will help you, but the nature in which Allah has created you in

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so not Allah has a lot of holes in local and soon Natalia Hinata, hopper nsra Hi, there is a way of life there is a nature there is you know, a nature that allows manner created within us. You cannot change it, it has to exist. So part of this nature is that you must work within your human ability to provide food to go and search for help. And all that stuff is what hazard as Sam was doing. As for the reliance part.

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She had to leave her husband.

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She can't rely on her husband anymore. In fact, she can't rely on anyone else.

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Except for a loss pinata and the reliance part what's going to happen after all this, what's going to happen when all my food normal water is finished? What's going to happen when I can't find help? What's going to happen when everything is exhausted. Allah will come into the picture and he won't let me go. He will not lose me.

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And I will sell if our predecessors had this common understanding to inserted the survivors of the province of Alaska

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when a man entered the message of the Navy, and he found out the law, the son of Amato, the law, one woman and the man lift, he had his horse hair his camel with him and he entered the masjid and did not tie his camel.

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Outside it didn't tie it. It just lifted.

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And the men of the law said Why did you leave the camel outside untied?

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He said I'm making tawakkol I'm relying upon Allah Spano Todd. He will keep my camel if he wants to. If it's written for me to stay in other words,

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Abdullah I'm going to sit to him aircon

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No, this is not how our call means tie your camel with our code and rely on the law at the same

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you do within your ability and Allah does say no Quran Allah la salud in sunny la mesa man will not receive except that which they work towards what Messiah who so for Euro, and that his actions are looked at monitored from a user who does alpha and then afterwards in the hereafter Allah gives them their reward

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or their punishment. jaza is the consequence, it will give them the consequence. And oh fair, in full justification.

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Full, you deserve a good reward, it gives it to you in in its absoluteness. And if you deserve the punishment, he gives you an absolute justification.

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So, we have to work and a lot looks at our work in general we have to follow and abide by that.

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So Hobbes is to always say this, that reliance upon Allah subhanaw taala is to also exert exert your efforts,

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has on a solemn giving.

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And she started to go between the hills looking for help.

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On the seventh,

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on the seventh walk, and by the way, in between the hills, there was a ditch. And to give you some details, I didn't give him my last class, there was a ditch like a

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dip in the path, something like that. You know, when you're driving and you see a sign saying a dip ahead, so like that, and it was only about a low either maybe be

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five meters or seven meters in length. And that dip that she went into, was part of the earth when she dipped in as she was walking from Safa and metal where the two hills should, obviously she had to walk down that dip, because we're so huge in width. And when she walked down that dip, she noticed that she couldn't see her son, her baby, she's gonna she had to look out for him mother's instinct.

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So she began to walk fast in that deep, why she walked fast, so that her son is may well not stay away from her eyesight very long

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as you can see now understand the reliance and exerting your efforts here. Isn't that right? And also which I wanted to mention, I just can't move on without mentioning this in relation to reliance upon Allah and doing what you can is the story of Mary Mr. Lee has sent him which will come in shuttle in later classes to come, Marie I'm the mother of Jesus Alice and I'm Jesus Christ peace be upon him. A Sally sent him when she was giving birth to a Sally's salon beside a dead palm tree did it has no fruit it's not nothing.

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Yeah, and it's dead natella dead palm tree and she was in labor.

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And what did last month that I sent in there I hate to say to her, some scholars say there's a Sally said Emma said it to her and some say was really nice to them. But the point is the message came to her saying, well, who's de la ke which isn't in which is an inocula.

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Shake the trunk of the palm tree to sell Qatar Lake eurotop and Jenny, raped palm bribed dates will fall upon you.

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We'll talk about that inshallah later causes to come. But the point I want to make out of this is a woman in labor did pantry and she still has to do some kind of effort within a human ability. And that is to shake the trunk of the pantry. And she can't How can shake the trunk of a pantry. You'd have to be a an elephant with tusks, but she had to at least touch

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the trunk of the palm tree, even though she can't shake it and there are no dates on it, even hoozy touch it and watch what happens. Another lesson can sit there and say a local one without you exerting This is ridiculous.

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This means don't pray, don't fight, don't do anything then. And just wait if you go into * or heaven, hello, hello paradise. This is not accordance with the center. And we have nothing to do with our laws, knowledge, etc. We believe that he knows it all. What we do is a different story.

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And this is one of the cures for psychological problems in people and depression and loss of helplessness a lot how's your work? Go ahead. Don't worry. Allah has fear and he's just and don't worry about what he does, you cannot understand his knowledge.

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So she went down that dip. And that is why today when we walk between Safa and Marwa

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we rush at a certain distance, now they've got green lights. There's no more dips over there. But we actually have to rush and for some reason, only the men do it. They rush. Why? Because the prophet SAW Selim did it and the women didn't do it. It's quite strange because women should do it and copying their mother. And we call her mother mother. hairdryer Allah has said and but it's the men who do it. So panela

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Aloha island with the wisdom is of that. But what I can tell you is that those who claim

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that in Islam women are inferior. Here you go. You've got men who emulate the mere description to detail of the walking of a woman

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who used to be a slave of a king of Egypt. And she was

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freed. And Abraham is in America as a second wife.

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And she was left in the desert.

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And we meant till today to the last hour emulate the walking style

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or the walking habit. The Walking description of Hajj Allah Hasina.

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So she is her legacy.

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On the seventh time, she was on Madeira

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she was on suffer do I remember we started stuff and finish up metal right? Okay, finish that matter where and she heard a voice, a sound a sound. And she said to herself saw saw speaking to herself when you're alone sometimes speak to you so. So she's like that. And she went back and found water gushing out of the earth.

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This is now the divine intervention from Allah Spano died

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last month that I came in and he ordered that water will gush out of the ground.

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gibreel Allah has sent me coins as I had it up I sent him had come down tapped is in the form of a human tapped his foot on the earth.

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I say the form of a human because the word qaddoum is used that he tapped on the earth. And

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the water gushed out, which we now call Matt Zamzam. And the reason why we call it Zem Zem is from the meaning of the word zoom. Or zoom me would hazard alayhis salam said to the water zoom me. She started gathering the water and saying to zoom in, shrink, shrink. And that's why it was called Zamzam coming from the word

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shrink in Arabic. So this is why it was called Samson. And it's Malay said I'm drink from it has our drink from it. Now there's something very special about medicines.

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She ran out of food, and she ran out of water. Allah gave her water, not food. Well, at least not the food that we know of.

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Yet they survived on water

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without any food

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for a while, and he alone knows how long they stayed there for that long.

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But I do recall for years I had this about

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a companion of the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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I think it was up with the Allah Juan.

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When he stories that he wants, he heard about the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and he went from another tribe to come and see the provinces and and meet him. When he entered Mecca. He found

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that people resented the province syllabus and they were enemies. And he didn't know this. And when he asked people, where is he? And when he asked the people, where is he? They began to torture him.

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They beat him. They said, What do you want with this man? Tell us where he is because Islam was this Muslims becoming a secret that time so when he said Where is he? What do you want with him? And he told him, I just want to hear what he has to say they started to beat him up. The courage, the meccan courage mushrikeen, the idolaters of courage.

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When he found that this was a problem, he couldn't escape, they wouldn't let him escape. So he hid. He hid in he said, I hid somewhere inside of the harem where the Mecca is around the Kaaba and no one knew where I was I hid in a dark corner somewhere in there. And no one knew where I was and I couldn't escape, because people always there and I stayed there, he said,

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for about two months hiding

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and he hid. He said, I had no food, no water except for some some water every time I had a chance I would very suddenly and go out, creep out and I drink from Zamzam. He said what law he he swears by las panatela He said, I carried meat on my body. This is how he says the expression I carried me to meaning he started getting fat. He carried fat on his body from just Zamzam water.

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This isn't the seat of the process for them, you can see it very it's no dispute about it. He said I carried meat on me. Instead of getting skinnier.

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fugitive getting skinnier he put on weight, just from medicine. So the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he said that medicine is also food. Medicines is also food.

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Nutrition. That's why I don't know if you've experienced it when you actually drink it doesn't taste like the rest of the water. It has a heavy taste. Some people can't drink too much of it and sometimes it's a burden to drink a lot of it. I remember when I was in hajj, may Allah Subhana Allah granted to me It hasn't been there yet and accepted from you. When I went to Zen drank from the Zamzam. I remember being really thirsty, and I drink and I'm thinking back in Australia, you can drink lots of water and you drink and you can hardly barely finished about half a glass of it.

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And then you have to wait and and drink again after a while.

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And swallow soda Kurosawa remember the hardest props are send them that it carries food. It is food and quench your thirst

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for Zamzam she survived on it.

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Then there were something happened. Not only did this divine intervention come from Allah subhanaw taala. First is five other food and water then Allah subhanaw taala sent people to her.

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There was a tribe called Benny Jota home, Bernal Jerome. This is a tribe that existed in Yemen, Yemen at that time, or this particular tribe in the area they lived, there was a tremendous drought. And there was hardly any more water in there and people running out of supplies and food and so on. And Ben Judah home came to a point where they decided that the tribe has to leave, otherwise they will die of starvation. So they left Yemen, and they went in search of a place where they can survive and live. So they're walking in the desert, you know, the Arabs, especially the better ones Yemenis are very, they're known for their better one nature. They know the deserts very well. And

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what they saw was they still look for signs of any life. What they saw, were birds or vultures or,

00:21:52 --> 00:21:58

you know, birds flying in circles in the sky. And when they saw this, they knew that there was food there.

00:21:59 --> 00:22:03

Either dead carcasses, or there was life there water or whatever.

00:22:04 --> 00:22:13

So they headed towards where they saw these birds. When they reached they found hydrolase sat down with us and they found this woman, a mother with her baby.

00:22:15 --> 00:22:24

One might think strangers meeting a woman and a child. They'll just kill them and take over. But Ben Jerome did not do that.

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00:22:27 --> 00:22:38

It was the will of last month that I that this particular tribe came the Arabs. Now these banner Jerome worthy, they like the original Arabs. Like they're the heart of the Arabs.

00:22:40 --> 00:22:51

So what happened was, they found this woman and this child and in their culture in their tradition. They had something called Shama, Shama colada.

00:22:52 --> 00:23:08

The honor which they had, if they find a woman alone, they don't harm her. They don't harm the weak they don't harm the innocent like that. Any men coming surrounding a woman they weren't attacker, this is this is a this is this honor to them, and they try.

00:23:09 --> 00:23:46

And when a guest comes to them, for example, they have to be extremely hospitable. These apartments part of the shame of the Arabs and the generosity in the Quran, they had all these particular cultural traditions which they stuck to. Otherwise they bring shame upon the tribe. So they wouldn't touch her or her child. So they spoke to her. They said, What do you want, so that we can share this water with you? We're people who have run away from our lands, drought, we can't live there anymore. She said, pay me a wage, pay me a wage, and you can share half the water for your tribe. I'll share it with you. And truly they promised it and they stuck to that agreement. This is also part of the

00:23:46 --> 00:24:02

original Sham of the Arabs. That's why you hear about it in Jay Hillier the errors before Islam. They still had these qualities. And the Prophet Mohammed Salah Selim actually acquired these qualities from them from his uncle Abu Talib and his grandfather muttalib and the rest.

00:24:03 --> 00:24:10

They had this with them. This was a tradition among the Arabs and it's no coincidence that Allah chose the Arabs with this message.

00:24:11 --> 00:24:18

Yes, they had some other issues. They still tribes attack tribes and so on and so forth. But this was their

00:24:22 --> 00:24:36

they lived with her among them and they built their homes and hearts around them. And how do I sell them live to this man she did not get married to anyone of course because she was the wife of Ibrahim Allison. And this may Allah Selim grew up among Benny Benny German.

00:24:39 --> 00:24:40

When he was about

00:24:41 --> 00:24:44

some scholars say 10 years old or 12 years old, just blossoming.

00:24:48 --> 00:24:59

Allah says in the Quran, Allah Masha Allah who Saia when is married alayhis salam reached the age where he was able to work with his dead

00:25:00 --> 00:25:47

Father goes ahead with his work, children, you know you there is an age where you know that your child can now accompany you to your work or whatever it is for them Bella mahasaya sigh means to go and get your needs to search for your needs for your livelihood. And so when it's medicine and enrich the age, being able to accompany his father to get their livelihood, some say 12 years old, 13 Allahu Alem 10 Allah subhanho wa Taala he commanded Ibrahim alayhi salam, a second trial. Now this one was even bigger than the first. It wasn't just one way had to leave them. Now it's even bigger than the first. What was it? He showed him in his dreams, a command prophets, messengers of

00:25:47 --> 00:26:00

Allah, they used to receive washy ways inspiration from the angels from a Lost Planet data through the angels in two ways. And some of them in set like Mahabharata and received in several ways. There are two main ways either through the angel himself in real life, or through dreams.

00:26:01 --> 00:26:12

And dreams also involves something called inherent in him inspiration to feel something to have the words in it. So my son saw in a dream. And he sort of first time, second time, third time.

00:26:15 --> 00:26:26

Maybe the first time it was a false dream, maybe second or third time. And he did not question the commands of Allah subhanaw taala at all. Like he didn't say to himself.

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And maybe the dream means a metaphorical meaning. Maybe it means that, you know, killing means something else. What he saw was that he was slaughtering his son with a knife.

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And Brahma said, I knew exactly what it meant. And he did not give any interpretation of its meanings, you know, like some Muslims today, week in the fear of Allah subhanaw taala.

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If a command of Allah His Messenger doesn't suit them, they'll give it their own interpretation, so it can suit them. And therefore, behold everyone how many sects and groups we have today.

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Some people cut and paste a lot of information, they hide behind usernames on the internet.

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Oh, God, I can't stand this peoples upon a low cut and paste and don't even know what they're talking about. And when you come and look up, you find that there's lots of information and background and context which they've missed out.

00:27:18 --> 00:27:32

To me, a lot of them, some of them and handled are genuine and really good. But to me, a lot of them are not better than those who try to put problems in the religion like the orientalists. In our Deen. They cut and paste the miss out a lot of things and then we get up and we fight. Why are you cutting and pasting

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if I didn't give it and he knew exactly what it meant, and he carried it out like a men. He went to his son, he smiled. And he wanted to share the reward with him.

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He went to a senate said in the era of filming me any of the bulk I have seen in my dreams that I'm slaughtering you, it's made your profit, you know what that means? From voter metadata. So I'm asking you analyze, what do you think?

00:27:59 --> 00:28:18

And this is an example of how fathers and mothers should share good work with their children only for example, I used to, I see sometimes in the masjid when there's a box going around or some some type of donation. I see fathers giving money to their children say go and put it in the box of donation.

00:28:20 --> 00:28:35

That's that's marvelous and it's wonderful to see parents sharing their rewards with their children and young so they know that this is a good act. So you don't have to share it yourself and your children share good acts with you take them with you to the masjid unless you know they're too small they'll cry too much

00:28:36 --> 00:28:51

and share with them the good rewards for unlocked phones or metadata. The test is not only for me yes married the test is also yours. So now you have to decide is male Ali said and did he hesitate did he give an interpretation imagine imagine your father coming to you and saying to you I need to slow to use some

00:28:53 --> 00:28:56

Allah told me to slow to you get a knife and cut your throat

00:28:58 --> 00:29:07

I remember I used to run away from my dad tried to justify everything even I've done something wrong so he doesn't you know smack me or or punish me in some way

00:29:09 --> 00:29:21

please that alone never do it again I promise I'm Nana please come on you don't understand was my brother who made me do it and so on when you were kids? What did his male allies Salam do? Allah says in the Quran? Call

00:29:22 --> 00:29:27

me my father with all respect with all respect Yeah, Betty, if Alma to

00:29:28 --> 00:29:33

do exactly as you have been commanded, said that you do any

00:29:37 --> 00:29:59

meeting you will find me out if Allah wills among the patient ones. And it is also a lesson that we should never praise ourselves of God which never say, I am so patient. I am so God fearing me telling me to fear Allah you fear Allah. Me May Allah guide me May Allah guide you. While you're telling me why what did I do never praise ourselves and put

00:30:00 --> 00:30:22

He said insha Allah if Allah wills are among the most patient ones and he is a messenger of Allah, he was at our school and in our view as a messenger and a prophet ismaila isn't it? So he's very careful these prophets. if Allah wills I am among the Serbian because this is a virtue. Allah says fella to come full circle, who Allah will be many taco. Never praise yourselves. He is the one who knows who truly is righteous and God fearing.

00:30:23 --> 00:30:28

He did not hesitate evident with the command of Allah Spano Todd, when it was clear, he carried it out.

00:30:30 --> 00:30:32

Not but it means this some but it means that

00:30:35 --> 00:30:51

hijab what's hijab, hijab means prevention? Well, the handle and preventing I don't need to wear the scarf and wear this and the man comes and says it's only for women. There's no hijab, that applies to me because I'm a man. There's hijab that applies, you should go and study what it means, and then try to justify and make different meanings to it.

00:30:54 --> 00:31:25

I met a brother who said, Brother, I don't need to pray. Why don't you need to brace it? Allah says Salat prevents from harm from munkar from bad things and I don't do bad things so I don't need to pray. Just interpreting in the way he wants to interpret. When Rasul Allah Allah Selim himself prayed more than all of us. Why would he pray? It's a Silla it's a connection to new and oldest pantile. This brothers surely does not have a connection with a lie should see the problems in his household. See problems in his children. I don't want to mention it because then it may be identified.

00:31:27 --> 00:31:40

justify, but when it comes to worldly reasons, were the first to do it because there's a benefit for us. Remember, we forget the benefit of the hereafter. And if I mess up my do as you have been commanded to do then insha Allah homina savini

00:31:42 --> 00:32:12

he put into the ground, face up, face up, his face was up. In Hadith it says, His son said to him, yeah, have you please turn my face over. So you don't feel compassion and you stop the command? Turn my face over. And that's what Allah says philam Lemma what Allah who will intervene when they completely surrendered to Allah this is this is real Islam. This is what Islam means. Allah is giving us the utmost meaning of Islam, and he put his forehead to the ground. Something happened.

00:32:15 --> 00:32:31

I will tell you inshallah, next week, same time at seven o'clock in sha Allah meet me here because now time for the event and salad comes before anything else. So I see Michelle on next week, same time, seven o'clock we start sharp until another in America low FICO. joaquina.

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Mohammed while he was on

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