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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum, wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My dear brothers and sisters in Islam.

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Welcome to the final episode of a beautiful series Indeed, for me at least, was an emotional roller coaster, a beautiful walk down memory lane. But now let's take it home. Just a quick reminder for my dear son in law, my dear daughter, and I talked about some of the secrets, I remembered some of my own. I remember when I used to travel, and I still travel a lot, but I used to travel very late. You can mail my stuff over. But when my wife came with me, she was to open all the doors and get all the luggages out I actually used to be concerned. are you packing? Or are you leaving me?

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And remember,

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when you say I can,

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yes, the word I love you is an art. And as I said, you can do it just in a look a touch a field, but he can hear it never the same. Why don't I tell you I love you. Because I already told you, I love you. And I told you once for anything changes, I'll let you know. And thanks for playing Nice try, it doesn't work that way, indeed, is a lot more to come. But today, we're gonna finish it up with not rights but duties is not a court case. That's why when I talk to the couples, I'm talking to the best couple. Now low productivity will go on this journey. But I want you to raise a banner. This banner is in vitam 11 tarso Lavina. And Allah Allah, Allah v comm which means if you insist but

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disobey Allah in treating me, I insist but to be Allah in treating you why, because I will not be held accountable in front of Allah how my wife treats me. But I will indeed be held accountable in front of Allah and how I treated her. And that's the bad I will do. So I will talk to you my dear daughter, how to look after your husband. And to you my dear son Allah, how to look after my daughter. I want to reintroduce you to each other. Indeed, you will understand what I mean after this. Because if you know who you're talking to, you know who you're dealing with. You don't have to worry about here, but you will worry about the hereafter. So now let me reintroduce you to one

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another. I know you know each other, but let me reintroduce you to another coordinate coordinate.

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My dear son in law, my daughter is a gift, a coordinate and a gift that was created for you that means you have to maintain the gift in how you act and show her how you deal with her according to her and sooner you will be grateful to Allah for the gift he's given you.

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And then please understand that she was created for you from you. That means if you Harmer as if you harm yourself, and the reason for creation is with a schooner Leila, she is your source of peace and tranquility. That means my dear daughter he is supposed to run to you for peace and tranquility, not run away for you for peace and tranquility. So be to him like Khadija was like Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, what are the Allah and how am I to manage mine?

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Please make sure again, I reiterating a best friend that Oliver indeed is extremely important.

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The other one My dear son in law is if he makes a mistake, and she will we're only human. She's in the hole, dig your way out of the hole don't bury her, like Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam did without a shadow delana

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and number three is don't ever stop dating her.

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Allah Allah Subhana Allah Allah says, Well, I wouldn't know Mr. Liddy Allah, he never maruf which means if you ask me to look good, you have to look good. If you ask her smell good, you have to smell good.

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And everything from now on, please give before you take and lead by example, in order for you to be followed. Simple.

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Please also make sure you give her a nickname.

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Our Prophet sallallahu Sallam called Irish Irish. You know, that means you can call her Didi, dada, do do whatever it is that you want to call her, by all means feel free, whatever it takes, as long as you have that love that Terms of Endearment between the two of you. Understanding that she is not just a miracle, Allah subhanaw taala says that she is the best thing in life.

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But Arjuna enough adonia hustler scholar say the best thing in life is a righteous wife.

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And she's a beautiful tree. So my dear son in law, you're the gardener now. The more you invest in the garden, the more the garden will bloom and flourish and give back. If you neglect the garden, it will be there and get nothing back. So remember, you will only reap what you've sown. So when you've sown, you've said Bismillah

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and the water is lawful source of income.

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The tree has to be supported with Cortana sooner otherwise it will lean but will be uplifted from the fitnah which is the wind.

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And indeed understand that the wind and that boat is this life. There is no smooth sailing here. There's high winds and high waves. Remember to help one another to reach that boat to the safety of the gender after a long healthy life. Once you have this quiet and so now you trim the branches with the Flavio character, the fruit will come as you investment because the best money is spent is the best money spent for your family.

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also understand that Prophet Mohammed Salah Selim says, A dunya Mata, Mata dunya xojo salejaw life is a mere pleasure but the best pleasure is a righteous wife. omen. hardtops is Kenya's mchunu Zuni among the treasures of life is a righteous wife. So you will understand who she is to you.

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And now, please remember that you have financial rights. She is from where you eat, she lives where you live, she dresses from where you dress.

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And remember, my dear son in law, it is a simple methodology where prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us who the best of men and I know You the man

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he put his eggs in one basket says the best of you men the best his wife.

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Why? Because your wife will know what they do pm Laila or not do liquor or not lawyer gays are not to betray or not truthful or not, and so on and so forth. And that's why I'm going to tell you my dear son in law, he is your key to be with him agenda because he said the most beloved to my heart. And closest to me in paradise, as you heard earlier, is a hypothetical by far the best of character. And since your wife, my dear daughter, sees you in the morning, noon at night, here's the good, the bad, the ugly laughter soars in tears. She knows your true colors, your religion and every secret and intimate research. She knows directly who you are, she will know who you are. So if you really

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want to know who you are, ask her. But ask her on a good day.

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So she is up to be with him. I want you to hold on to the key, as if your life depends on it, because it literally does. My dear daughter. The key is coming back to you. So when you look at your husband, my dear son in law, you look at a master key, not just the key, he holds 15 keys, seven keys to close the gates of a fire at ATMs to open the gates of paradise. Please understand that Allah subhanaw taala told the winners and I want you to be a winner. Three types in the Quran. The highest one for many

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of us was the one that was defended and protected. Now fire granted permission to interpret is indeed that's the ultimate triumph. So let me tell you how you be a winner today.

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Please remember Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam when he asked a woman Are you married? She said yes he didn't say do you pray?

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Is how are you two husbands? I do my best is good because he is you're having where he is you help? Let's now protect ourselves from Hellfire first, when prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said yeah Mashallah nessa Oh woman the folks Why do I see more instaview will be going to Hellfire May Allah protect us? Yup. I mean, they asked him why? Because you harm your husband with Ethan and you're ungrateful to him for what he does. Is that amazing?

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So they couldn't believe it. How could that be? says your he's good to you all the time makes one mistake you will say I have never seen any good from you. But that's not you. Right? My daughter must be the lady on the Mars because all sisters on Earth are Angeles, Masha, Allah, I'm so proud.

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So before you say anything to him, he better think twice. You want to know why. years have no gate. Your eyes have one lid. Your tongue has to gates, your teeth and your lips. Remember again, before you say anything to him.

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He better think twice. That's how you close the gates of Hellfire because the tongue will Lewis in the Hellfire and that's what that he states. Please remember to remember the good and forget the bad because that's what it says. And also understand. My dear daughter is the key is to open the gates of Paradise is also through him.

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When prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he had a complaint from asthma. Cynthia said. She said you were sent a man and woman equally So why do we get the shortness take I'm paraphrasing

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says you are a delegated woman's smart intellectual individual. Go back and tell woman folks that you being a good righteous wife Your husband is equivalent to everything you said. So my dear daughter, I'm going to give you 448 and 641 that he says if you pray your five prayers faster, monitor Ramadan, protect your chest he will go to your husband a gates of Paradise will open up to you. If you want to reward for had your own congregational prayer following Genesis wounded for the sake of Allah, even martyred for sake of Allah all you have to do is one thing be good to that man next to you.

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Easy, isn't it? Yes, indeed. Remember, I don't want this to be a court case. So it takes me to a judge, should I help? His wife said, I don't know you don't know me, please tell me what you like I will do and tell me what you don't like I will not do. It's really that simple.

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My dear son in law and my dear daughter, so let's finish with the past and go through the negative and understand we're only human, you're going to coral. So if you do, I want you to be part of the solution, not the problem.

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So if you come to me with a solution, you're part of the solution, there, here's what I'm gonna ask you to do, I have a concern. And here's my suggested solution, and he is going to help you to implement it, I love you. Now, you're not trying to nail me. Remember, don't do the selected one there. If you see the negative only, it's called the missing tile. If you see a ceiling that is only missing one tile, you will see that that's the filters theory. So you have to have filters, negative filters, or positive filters, whatever you see, you have to be three, three positive filters, please understand that. So if you do have an issue, here are the rules, the golden rules in order for you

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to be come in peace, inshallah. The number one is Take a chill pill.

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Relax. Remember, number one is pick the right time. Now the time we're distracted, and you don't have time for you pick the right time. And number two, please understand is how you start is how you'll end. Otherwise, we will put fences up. So extremely important to understand the sandwich theory. I love you, honey, I have a concern. And here's the solution. But here's what I have to do. So it's a positive, negative, positive. So it's sandwiched. And remember, men do not want to be told what they are. Or what they do is like, honey, I'd appreciate if you can do this for me, not just do this for me, it's a huge difference. We want to get recognized and get that because we have that

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testosterone going in. So please work on that. Please understand that part.

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Number three is Speak for yourself. Because if you say you don't know, yes, I don't know how you feel. So speak, on your behalf. Don't speak on my behalf because you don't know what it is. And make it short and sweet. And straight to the point. And please do not assume it's safe not to assume. Stop, pause and listen, just concentrate on the saying reiterate the fact and make sure you understand it. If it works hamdulillah if it doesn't work, move on. It's not the end of the world. Now how to finish on the positive and Sharla happily ever after. First of all, understand one another, do not judge each other, but you trust each other.

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And understand also, that we take the good with the bad and become stronger for it. It's a commitment. And also respect each other. It's mutual. Not just one way is definitely both ways. And they're honest with each other as a couple. You have to otherwise it breaks, they'll never come back. It's very difficult to do so. So mutual trust is extremely important, not just mutual respect. And find the joy in every little thing. No matter how small or big. Just enjoy your life together and embrace each other. And differences. It makes you unique. So sure you can argue, but fight fair. And they do have fun to skopos that I have in mind. Yes you are. And even when do it absolutely

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nothing at all. They still have fun together. I just need to know that you're here next to me, as all it takes. It puts a smile on my face.

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And they cheer each other on the very supportive and you encourage each other that I know.

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And they love each other flaws and all.

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And if you're lucky, just that they found each other.

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Be grateful to Allah that you found each other and they support each other no matter what. We don't kick them out when they're down. So remember that Khadija raised Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam when he was doubtful is Lau Allah Allah Yosuke Allah Buddha, you will never let you down because of 123. Remember that she mentioned the positive, not the negative.

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And the understand that in sickness and health

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is more than just a phrase. It's a promise.

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And by the way, congratulations is due.

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I heard you're pregnant.

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I have goosebumps as I'm speaking on life.

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finally going to be a grandfather waited for a long time for this.

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So my dear daughter, go get him tiger. Remember what I taught you.

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It's your turn now.