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Peace be with you. Welcome to the D show. If you have not subscribed, subscribe right now my next guest grew up in Baltimore. She is a graduate student and pursuing her MBA. Her mother is a Baptist minister. She grew up in the Baptist Church and was in a Christian sorority, thought Islam was of the devil, that she started using her mind and came across a Muslim who corresponded with her talk to her and her heart just connected and she's here on the D show to tell us how she went from confusion to a way that's clear, straightforward, and is the way of Jesus. That's right and all the prophets of God. So this incredible story with my next guests don't go anywhere. Exciting. Exciting.

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We'll be right back.

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This is the

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end Welcome back to the D show at our special guest Bianca salaam aleikum. Bianca, peace be with you.

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Thank you for being with us here on the D show. Thank you so much for having me. Now, I opened up the show and I talked about your mother. She's actually a Christian minister, you actually came from come from a Baptist Christian background. We're in a Christian sorority, and tell us about somebody that you're currently studying to get your MBA.

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Tell us a little bit more about yourself. Well, I'm 25. I live in Baltimore.

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Working on my MBA, and shalabi, finish finished by next year. I didn't grow up in a Christian family we used to attend the Baptist Church on some of my family members still attend, some don't. Currently, I grew up going to church every Sunday, we didn't really go to Bible study. But we went to church every Sunday, sometimes church would last three, four hours. And once I went to college, I decided that I wanted to figure out who God was on my own. And still just having that Christian background and not really knowing anything else. Besides that I sought out God in the church, and also joined the Christian sorority, and I asked I explain more about my religion. You had mentioned

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something about thanking the Creator who brought you out of discontent and confusion. What was this discontent and confusion that you were in? Before Islam?

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I feel like I was at a point once I started searching for God on my own. I followed it to a point where I hadn't I hadn't found God, I joined the church on my own away from my family. I went to church every Sunday, I went to Bible study, I went to the meetings, and something just didn't feel right. And I started not going to church. I started staying home on Sundays, and I felt so bad. But

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it just it wasn't there. I didn't, I didn't know what it was I didn't understand. And then I met a Muslim.

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And I said, Oh, that's that's your religion. And that's a whole different God. And that doesn't make any sense. And I'm a Christian, and I kept with my Christianity. Until one day it kind of clicked in my head. And I'm like, Well, wait a minute. This is answering the questions that I've had all along. Let me figure out what this is.

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What were some of these questions that you had actually asked my mom one time?

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What is the Holy Spirit? Can you explain this to me? Whenever I went to church, I would always see people jump in screaming and it was the oldest is the Holy Spirit. This is how we worship and praise God. But I never felt inclined to jump and scream and fall out of place went out to church that says that that's wrong for anybody else. But for me, I never thought that.

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No, it is the Holy Spirit.

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Spirit is causing you to jump in act this way. Those are some of the questions that

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Yeah, that's a good point. And that's one of the things beautiful things about Islam, that it causes you to think, you know, it's not just about emotions, and being full of some kind of spirit. And you actually an academic, I mean, you're someone who's pursuing a degree, an MBA, I mean, you're somebody who is using your intellect your mind what God gave you your common sense. Right, right. And did you find Did you did you find that Islam was connecting with what was in your neck nature and with your intellect? Absolutely. For one.

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I think that

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as long as it was me, when I saw that it was it was so simple. It was so direct, you just connect with it. And that's it. You don't have to keep in Holland. You don't have to make your prayer better than the next person's prayer because we're showing how we should pray and to me just felt more authentic like that. God, just

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He shows us how to worship him. You don't have to wonder you don't have to try to figure out if my prayer was better than the next guys. Anything like that. The first time that I actually went to a Masjid, I was so nervous. I'm like, Okay, well, what's gonna happen in here? I don't know, these people. I don't know where I'm going. Some sisters grabbed me. They said, Come, we'll show you how to press. I'm not afraid to say we'll show you. And when I put my head on the ground, I said, Wow, this is amazing. I didn't know what I was feeling. But it just felt so amazing. And as I started reading the Quran, it just felt even more amazing. Like there is an ayah in the Quran in surah

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Alamo. If I can read it. Is that okay? Absolutely. Yes. Okay, um, what translation says, Do you see that if your strings come dry, then who can supply you with clear flowing water?

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And I said, Wow, it absolutely blew my mind, dad in all the other things that I've read and learns about the answer to a lot of the questions that I had in Christianity. It just it blew my mind was amazing.

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That's interesting. You said there's there's no hoop and holler.

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It's pretty straightforward. Where should the Creator, not the creation, and when you put your head on the ground, I mean, you didn't do anything different than what Jesus did. I mean, it's quoted in the in the Gospel of Matthew that he went a little further meaning referring to Jesus, and he fell on his face, and he prayed to God, that's the god you're praying to.

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So you leave. Do you find more and more? I'm sorry, go ahead.

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I was just saying a prayer still one of my favorite things, because it just it feels so authentic. It just is amazing. I can't describe it. And I just, I think a lot like he was saying that he guided me to this path. Even when I had learned about Islam before, it still didn't connect with me. And I was still closing it off, like, Oh, this is not for me. This is strange. That's a different God. And so a lot of kind of opened my heart up to it. And then I just saw how beautiful Islam really is. Do you find like most people do, who come? I mean, I've interviewed many scholars of the Bible of Christianity, who the more they they learned about Islam, the more they saw that this was the

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authentic original message of all the messengers that submission is surrendered to the Creator, worshiping him doing His will,

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on earth as it is in heaven, the same as you see in the Lord's Prayer, just worshiping God, no middlemen. Nobody in the middle between you and God, no saints, no idols, nothing. Pure monotheism, and then all the other rituals that they grew up knowing about, but not knowing how to implement, but you see, are you starting to see, for instance, somebody now would look at you and, and you see Jesus, mother, Mary, you cannot tell the color of her hair because she's wearing what you're wearing? So another tradition right there. I mean, are you seeing this, the more and more you study, Islam?

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I am seeing I'm learning more interesting things every day. I listen to your app. Actually, when I'm at work, I listen to other teachers when I'm at work. And life SEO is starting to make more sense.

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Then, and if I mentioned, one of my friends asked me to become a Muslim, what do you think is going to be the hardest thing for you and actually saw her covering my hair is going to be by far the hardest thing for me. And there were a lot of things that go along with that. I'm not going to get into that. We have limited time. But once I I converted it took me a week before I started coming on here. So once that's covered my hair, I felt amazing. I felt beautiful ourselves respectable and I didn't have to worry about is my hair looking perfect today, or is this person gonna like my hair? Is this acceptable? And it just is amazing all around. You just you find out more about yourself and

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about life as you go through Islam more every day. We're gonna go take a break. We want to know about your parents reaction. I mean, being from a really staunch Christian background, we have a lot more to talk about with Bianca here in a D show don't go anywhere. The question is about whether Muslims are not good citizens. The Constitution defines what a good citizen is. And the preamble it says we the people of the United States, form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility. To me, most Americans say that as a good Muslim. And most Muslims can say that Muslims have to embrace that most Muslims are good Americans.

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Back here with Bianca, on the D show. So Bianca, you made this very important decision. Now before that is a lot of misinformation out there. And you had mentioned that you had at one point like most people thought that Islam was of the devil. Yes, yeah.

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And tell us about this.

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Growing up a Christian, you're one month is a year. But I was taught that anything that's not Christianity is of the devil is the devil trying to distract you and things that you don't need to get into things that you don't need to worry about. And I think the media played a pretty big part in what I thought about Islam. And I'm sure other people have seen things that can seem a little scary, a little confusing in the media.

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So, again, just being taught to stay away from those types of things, and I thought it was the devil with the Western Christianity. How did your mother now is it your mother, also your father, who's a minister in the church?

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Is your mother. How does she respond? When How did you tell her? Give a penis a picture? How did you? Did you just come up to her and say, I've accepted it. So how did you break your break into this conversation?

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Well, I didn't tell her for three weeks after I converted, because first I was nervous. And then I felt like okay, I just wasn't ready to have that type of conversation with her because I knew where I could possibly go therapy and Minister. After three weeks, I have crazy. Lucky's Give me strength and courage to just tell her because I don't have to keep hiding. When I walk out the house, I don't want to have to worry about wrapping my hair in the car, I wouldn't be able to feed myself. So I just went to her. And I said, Do you remember when I told you that? I didn't fully believe in Christianity, or I didn't think it was the correct way. She said yes. And I said, Well, I'm not a

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Christian. And her mouth kind of drops a little bit. And she's like, What do you mean? So what are you and I said, I'm a Muslim.

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And she just stared at me. And I could tell that she wasn't ready to talk. So I left her alone. And a few hours later, she came to me and asked me, so what prompted you to make that decision? And I told her what it was and she wasn't angry with me. She said, you know, I'm not gonna push you out, you're wrong, you can make that decision. I'm very disappointed. And I do not agree. But you're old enough to make your own decision.

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There's a, a really unique and amazing story about a really just unfair Christian King, that the Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him when the Muslims were being persecuted. He sent them to me.

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And there was this king there who he said, go and be with him to escape persecution. And he's a fair and just ruler. So at that time, the pagan came from Mecca, they tried to bring the Muslims back.

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And there was a court at that time. So the Christian King joshy, he got to hear he wanted to hear what because again, there was this negative propaganda against the Muslims. So he said, Let me hear what you guys are about this message. So they recited some karate, they explained Islam. And he said, these two are from the same beams of light. And he accepted them in their kingdom. He was just unfair later, the more he learned about Islam, he saw that this was the exact same message that Jesus brought that submission is surrendered to the Creator, not to create, he accepted Islam. So I'm sure many people when they start to really see the similarities, and they see that this is like

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you have seen the original message of Jesus, because obviously many Christians also they don't agree with this Trinity, Father, Son holy goals, but when you tell them only God, just one guy, that's easy. A child can understand this. Absolutely. I think that for some Christians, it's really hard to accept that the Bible and the Quran have a common source, because it's that little thing, the Jesus being God's Son, element that makes it completely different. And I've even heard a Christian come up to me when I was walking in the street and said, You said you're going to go to *? And I said, Well, why is that? He says, because you don't believe Jesus is the Son of God. And I said, well show

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me where Jesus said that he was the son of God. And he couldn't show me and he just kept going on and on about, you just have to have faith. And you know, the thing is that a lot of your

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kids with them, and nobody can show me this proof, yet. People will hold so tightly to this belief. And after a while, it doesn't make sense. Yeah, that's powerful. When you ask people I mean, sincerely Look, if if I'm going to go to *, based on what you're saying, provide the evidence. Where does Jesus who we love and revere is one of the mightiest messengers of God? Just like Abraham, Moses and all the other messengers who brought the same message of Islam submission to the Creator, not the creation? Where did he ever call people to worship himself as a god or literal Son of God or the he came to die for the sins of the world? It's nowhere you have ambiguous statements

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that you can interpret that way, but clear, unambiguous, it's not there. Now how about many people, they end up getting to tears from Islam because of all the negative hype, propaganda against Islam. Did this affect you? And many people they end up realizing if they

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Investigate Islam that Islam is the truth. But they're not courageous enough, because what is my What are my parents gonna say? What is my community going to say? So they cover it up and they walk away? You didn't do that. But did you have that trepidation in your heart now?

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I think I have it now. And I have to pray a lot.

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Because, again, it took me a week before I even covered my hair after I converted. And I was nervous, like, even with my job, because when I came to my job, I was a Christian. And I didn't cover my hair, and I didn't dress a certain way. And now I'm coming in in the middle of the week. And I'm covering my hair. everybody's like, Whoa, are you having a bad hair day? Whoa, I thought you just liked the sound, I have to explain to the nominee Muslim. And I think that maybe the media, it did play a part at first before I even knew anything about Islam. But once I started learning about it, it's like you can't deny it. You just can't you sit and read the Quran. If you pray even before

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you just pray, you cannot deny it at all. It's just so amazing. The main thing that we've seen is, is and the most important thing, obviously is just connecting that heart back to its maker. All of the injunctions that come now are just for our own benefit. Many people don't realize that, that everything that the creator told us to do, it's good for us. And the things he told us to stay away from is harmful. There's great wisdom behind it. So Islam is not just a bunch of do's and don'ts. But the main thing is connecting to God alone, dialing up to the creator alone, worshiping Him alone. And then you get to know your maker, and then you just want to please Him you want to do what

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he wants to do. And then you get double benefit. Because now you get to benefit from all the good that he's told us to do. And this is so amazing. We're gonna take a break and ask you some more questions when we come back. How's that sound?

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We'll be right back with more with this wonderful story here on the show. Don't go anywhere. Slump says love all mankind. That's why we're sharing this message. Because we want the best for you and we want the best for all mankind. Please subscribe to the show. Follow us on our official Facebook and Twitter pages in the links below. Please also help support the show by making a donation in the link below.

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Back here on the deen show. So tell us now you meet a Muslim and he starts to or the person starts to tell you a little bit about Islam and what else? What else was it? Did you watch somebody? Did you? What did you? How'd you find out about the deen show?

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Well, actually, I started searching for Islam and just to gain more knowledge about it. And I came across the deen show on YouTube.

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And I just couldn't stop watching the episodes. It was interesting, like from the guests that you had on to the topics. It was just amazing. And I kept watching it. And I gained so much knowledge. It was actually one of the factors that helped aid me in my decision to convert to Islam. And like he said, I didn't need a Muslim. And he started teaching me about Islam. And this is when I was still a Christian, but not really. And he asked me Okay, well, if you're a Christian, then explain to me the Trinity. And I did and I thought I did a good job. And he said, Now think about what you just said, Does that make any sense at all? And I said, I'm actually not good. doesn't make any

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sense. Oh, and he's like, okay, just do this. read the Koran, learn about my religion. If my religion is better than yours, learn more, and then become Muslim.

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And I'll learn more about it.

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Have you made that proposition to your mother to pick up the Quran and just read it for yourself for herself for people in general? Anybody that's a that's out there would you strongly recommend this? I would strongly recommend that I haven't recommended to my mother. I am not sure how she would take that. I think I'm kind of like an easel where because she's still kind of upset about me being a Muslim in the first place. But I would definitely recommend that she read or anybody else read it just by themselves and, and just learn there's there's a lot of different ways that she can learn about and you can listen to different apps, you can listen to different teachers, listen to the

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show, and you'll learn so much. And so much. Tell us Bianca you know that in the university in this day and age, you know, people are just going away from religion. What advice I mean from from your experiences you you're going towards the natural way, you know the way that because we know that the same way that the body needs nourishment, food and water, the soul, the soul needs that nourishment needs to be connected with its maker and the side effect to it not is depression, drug abuse and all the other pitfalls that people fall into.

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And you probably see this, you see a lot of people on antidepressants, suicide is on the rise. And these are those direct side effects of not nourishing the soul. But a lot of times people don't even want to have that conversation, right and that certain age bracket

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People think we're going to live forever just party and wait for the weekend. How did you not fall into that?

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Or get out of it? If you were? or How did you not fall into a stay in it and get to where you are now to even be thinking about more of something noble like this?

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Well, it is, it is a challenge, especially when you grow up around it. Here in United States. And in Baltimore, I live in a big city. And it is everywhere you have friends, I have family members who go to clubs, and we'll hang out and drink it. And they might not be you know, they manage like a lot, but even a little bit, and you can see the effects of it. And I think that it's just easy not to be religious or not to study or have faith. And it's, it's fun. For some people, it's fun to have a lot of fun to go dancing and drinking and, and hang with your friends and not worry about, oh, I need prayer or I need to read the Word of God or even to think about God, it's easy not to do it. But for

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some people, it is fun. So it does happen. But like you said, we do need spiritual food and and once you start submitting to the Creator, you'll find that you have joy and peace and fulfillment even more and more and more thing once you get into it. It'll help you to turn away from these things. Yeah, definitely. Islam has the solution for all of these social ills. And it's sad to see and we definitely Islam, if you look at is lm, Islam says love all mankind. And that's why we're sharing because we truly want the best for all of mankind. And we truly believe that because this is from the Creator, that it resonates with what's innate in all of us. And anybody who gives Islam a fair

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shot, looks at it, sincerely won't reject it as you didn't when it was brought to you, you are sincere, true seeker. And here we are today on the show sharing your story.

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Absolutely. And I do think that as long as there's a fair shot from everybody, Christian to atheist, and I was actually listening to a lecture the other day, and it was interesting that the teacher said that dou y is an do us prayer supplication. Do I is proof that God exists for the atheist. So for people who aren't sure if God exists, and that's because if anything happens, see if you can see a situation where you're deeply afraid, and you feel like you're going to die. Anybody you

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help me and ask for anybody. And that's proof that God exists. And the Quran is so much different from the Bible in, in the way it's laid out in the way that Alas, speaks to you directly. And not just think it's so amazing that God and all of his glory, sent us down the Quran and said, Let me explain everything to you. Let me tell you how I made you let me tell you, the Earth and in all these things, like he doesn't have to do that at all. It is so amazing for us not to read it and not to pay attention to it more we Yes, it's amazing point many people now, they don't know that Jesus, He called on the creator by the word Aloha, because he didn't speak English. He spoke Aramaic, which

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is a sister language to Arabic. And you are just following that same tradition. Now for the skeptics out there, they think okay, she's been brainwashed. coalhurst somehow, and now she's gonna end up

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joining some fanatical group terrorism associated with Islam. You know, now she's subjugated. What What do you have to say to him?

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as a foreigner for yourself, you know, I can sit here and talk all day about my own experience. And people have talked to me about their own experience back when I was a Christian, and I didn't want to hear it. I said, Oh, whatever. That's you. That's your religion. Is this not for me? You guys are so weird. But I encourage people to find out for themselves read.

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Ask people ask Muslims ask them about their personal story and personal struggles and personal situations. Then you'll find out pray. That's the first thing you said his prayers to Brandon like people always say like you say, just as the creator died, you don't have to give him a name. You don't have to say God or Yahweh or whoever you call upon to say creator Dabney. And that's all you have to do and actually wanted to show you this. Library. Do you see it? Yes.

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Yes, the Natural History part. Yes.

00:24:31 --> 00:24:51

Is in the Quran. He said that he made Genesis Muslim Messiah. They're sitting in a position where they can see us but we can't see them. I just find it interesting that people are taking all this time to search for stuff they allow already laid out for us in the Quran. So I just really encourage people to read for themselves and find out now. Yeah, instead of doing something like this going all the way around the

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corner to search, scratch your head or going around the world to find it. It's there. Ask like you said, really basic.

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Ask the creator alone to guide you. That's the first place place to start really simple. Beautiful. Thank you so much for being with us here on the deen show. May God Almighty the Creator, continue to bless you, and to strengthen you. And grant you, Jenna paradise. Thank you so much. Thank you, thank you. And that was Bianca here on the D show with a fabulous story. And so many people are being just robbed and neglected, from hearing about the truth. But you got to tune in today and you got to hear this wonderful story. So she went from being an A really staunch Baptists household Christian household, to now being Muslim. And then when we say Muslim, remember, it's very important these key

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points, that Jesus was a Muslim, because a Muslim is one who surrenders and submits to the creator alone, worshiping God Almighty, the same God that Jesus worship,

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ABC 123 really straightforward, because Jesus, really he was not a Christian. Nor was Abraham or Moses, they were all ones who submitted themselves to God alone to the Creator, they worship the Creator, not the creation, I'm talking very slow, and explaining it, because it's very simple and easy to understand. And you will find this message over and over in the Bible here, O Israel, the Lord that God is one, not three in one, Jesus when he was approached, and he said, Oh, good Master, what good thing can I do them, I may have eternal life. He said, Why are you calling me good, there's only one good, and that's God, that's the Creator. And if you want to enter into eternal

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life, meaning paradise, keep the commandments. And this is what Muslims are doing. And one of those commandments you saw. But the main thing is, before we get into the do's and don'ts, which I had mentioned, these are things that the creator prescribed because they're good for us. Laws are there in society, protects society. And that's why God Almighty, He had revealed certain commandment, commandments, to protect us, and to benefit us. Things that can benefit us he told us to do, and there's great wisdom, and the things that the Creator has prescribed for us. And one of those things that have been prescribed is the modest dress. And you'll see this over and over. mentioned also in

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the Bible, what we have left there of truth. In it, you'll see the call to do what the ACA is doing worshiping the Creator, not the creation and know where did Jesus ever say to worship himself, like she was asking nowhere? There's ambiguous statements but clear and equivocal? No. But you see the pyramid this message of monotheism that Jesus called to, and then you see, where, for instance, Jesus mother, Mary, what did she do? She wore a job that Jesus before he was born, Did Jesus his mother, worship

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Him, who was not even brought into this world yet? And then when he was a little baby was she worshipping him as a god? No, she was worshiping the same God that our sister now is worshiping Allah, Allah ha in Aramaic, the sister language to Arabic Now I'm going on. And because I want people to see the commonalities and to see the authentic The, the pure message that Muslims are upon. And you'll see, in

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one Corinthians you'll see that it says that a woman who prays prophesizes, without her head covered, she might as well shave her head off, she does honors her head, it's in the Bible. It's there. So bits and pieces of it are there but it's been altered has been changed. And you will get the that's why the crater sent the cron

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tamper, free, tamper proof, and it is the verbatim Word of God and the final messenger problem and peace be upon him. And more people who are sincere truth seekers are seeing this the message is resonating. Because it's straightforward. It's simple. It's based on logical proofs and evidences. And you can go ahead and learn more call us one 800 662 Islam but do what she had suggested you do real simple. Do what Jesus did. He didn't put no monkey in the middle. He didn't put anyone between him and God. He doubted the wreck do that call on the crater alone and ask for the guidance ask for the direction. As for the purpose of life from the one who made you your maker, straightforward,

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simple. Nothing esoteric, strange here worshipping only one God the Creator, not the creation. I keep mentioning over and over because that's what Islam is all about. And if you can dig that, everything else will fall in place. If you can't even understand that how we help you understand anything else. Again, subscribe if you haven't already, call us tune in every week to the deen show. Thank you. God bless you. We'll see you Peace be with you. Salaam says love all mankind. That's why we're sharing this message because we want the best for you and

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Meet Bianca a graduate student who is pursuing her MBA. Bianca is the daughter of a Baptist Christian minister and grew up in the Baptist Church and was taught Islam was of the devil. She always had questions about her faith and it wasn’t until she met a Muslim that life took a turn for the best. Find out how she broke the news to her mom and how she got past the false media hype to accepting Islam and finding peace and purpose if in life.

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