Minute with a Muslim #294 – Your Lineage Will Not Save You

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the principles of lineage and the importance of choosing your lineage to save you. They also mention the historical precedent of theying to become an email and leaders being born from it. The speaker argues that people are not just born from the lineage of the previous world, but also are born from the lineage of the present world.
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One of the principles that I'll also point out to otter lays down in the Quran time and time again is that your lineage will not save you.

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Your lineage will not save you.

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Why? Because you don't get to choose your lineage.

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And so we find

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a law gives an example

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Lot's wife,

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the wife of Lutheran Easter,

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did her proximity to a prophet save her from the punishment of her people. The answer's no.

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We have the example of the son of Noah, Noah, Allah, he said

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that his being a son of a prophet

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affect his salvation at all? Did it guarantee him something?

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answer's no. In surah, Al Baqarah Ibrahim alayhi salam asks Allah follow him in the reality. He asks about after Allah promises that Ibrahim is going to become an email, right? And he's going to be a leader for people. Ibrahim asks, What about my descendants? Allah, Allah and Allah act in Bali mean?

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Allah said that my covenant, this pact that I've made with you doesn't, doesn't include the people who oppress doesn't include the wrongdoers. And Allah says elsewhere in the Quran, about the prophets after lifts listing a whole long list of prophets that if they had committed ship,

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then it would have eliminated all the good that they had done.

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So then someone tries to come and 2022 and tell me that, you know, 1400 years ago, or 2000 years ago, or 3000 years ago, my ancestors did this or my ancestor was so and so.

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So what

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Allah says in the Quran

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so many times, and as a general principle, the religion, that on the Day of Judgment, it's you and your deeds. It's you and the things that you chose. It's you, and your actions, and above all else, your sincerity.

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And that's what you're going to be judged on. Now someone might have an inheritance, okay? Maybe because they come from a line of scholarship, maybe because they come from a certain milieu, or environment that they might have a head start on other people, because they come into the world surrounded by knowledge, surrounded by respect for the religion surrounded by these things that's different. That's not what we're talking about. But people can't make the mistake, which contradicts the Koran that just because of who your forefathers are, that you're going to be saved. It sounds a lot like the logic of the people who are lost power data

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argues against