Adnan Rajeh – Attributes of the Prophet How He Treated Children and Women

Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The Prophet Ali's treatment of animals is discussed, including his actions and experiences with his bird and dog. He also talks about his teachings on finding out how different life was back to normal, as well as his use of hesitation to address issues and the importance of respectful behavior in public speaking. The segment also touches on the use of hesitation to assert one's claim to be the only person who can be protected, and the importance of learning to be respectful and allow people to be their own representatives.
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Hello, Hello Ben Alameen Allahumma salli wa salam Mubarak. I see he didn't know have you been called on to you Nina Mohammed you know on early he also had me a Gemini you know about

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like a fishing so I'm not about like Luffy Glaston Allah, they could have done it on a set

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So probably for the next few nights and mornings,

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day tomorrow and maybe one day

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the flavor is how he did certain things that I thought was wrong. We talked about attributes talked about his patients ideal salatu salam, his generosity, his bravery, his asceticism

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hum humbleness Alayhi. Salatu was Salam in his humor, talking about how he, how he spoke, he moved in a he ate, now he dressed out of your salatu salam today going to talk about how he treated women and how he treated children. And I put them together not because there's any reason for them to put together. Because every time I say how he treated is going to be to fit people not because I think there's the same.

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The reason being is that when I designed this initially, I designed it for 29 Mornings forgot that I usually do difficile on weekends. Then I remembered I did the steel on weekends. So I ended up with 29 sessions and 21 days. So I had to combine things together. So I ended up having to kind of put two things together. So I don't think women and children are the same thing. I just I need to put two things together. So I did. It was how he treated animals. So I didn't want to put that with with any of these I'd looked at for something else. But that's again, it's just it's just I have two sessions that I needed to combine anything that's that's the only reason to use as a note.

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I use a lot when it gets to start with children.

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There's an abundance of stories when it comes to these topics. There's a lot of there's a lot of material to kind of pull from in terms of what you want, what stories you want to tell. So I've chosen a few I mean, you'll probably have more in your mind once I've done

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that Allah Allah have you seldom had a servant, or wasn't really servant, but has someone a young boy would come and do errands for him at the house how to heal salatu salam and he was a young Jewish boy. And he belonged he was always neighbors, so you'd love to have one of his neighbors he lived maybe two or three houses down and he would come and do errands for the profile of your salatu salam and the prophet Ali is also I'm gonna pay him so it'd be more more more of a employment type of issue but the kid was maybe 1011 years old would come every day and do something if you charge for the Prophet Ali's or something go home the One morning he didn't come there prophet Ali is

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awesome. Didn't say think much of it. Second one he didn't come so he asked about him. I mean, where is he? Carlo Maria. He's sick he's I think he's dying even Akata audio Saddam poem will be nine. So let's go and visit him the proper audio so someone go and visit this, this, this boy at his house. And he's sitting there and the father is at the you know, the foot of the bed. The rough out of your sight. So I'm noticing that the kid is passing away.

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This is the theme we're gonna find by the way today. You're gonna find how different life was back then when it came to, to life expectancy.

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Peter's passing away so the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam couldn't help him quite a bit when he put

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in the Allah sensei later. So the kids like Jani is sick, but he looks at his father and he doesn't know if he should say it or not. I've got other Abul Qasim so the father,

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obey I will pass him so Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah

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the Prophet Elisa get repeated a number of times they let you know in Allah and Mohammed also Lindsay Lohan was one that he passed away then they're gonna just analyze it and give good profit walked, walked out with tears, sobbing tears in his eyes, a whole hamdulillah Hilde in a journey. Ninja hula hoops been in enough Hamdulillah he led in a jar hula hula beaming enough I'm thankful to Allah subhanaw taala that he saved him from now with me. It's a little bit older, but that's what the Prophet alayhi salatu salam walked out saying

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there was a boy. He was the brother of an s had been nomadic. His name was a homemaker. That's what his was called, is an orphan child. And the bravado salatu. Salam would would commonly play with him and this boy had a bird that he doesn't slide in Bukhari and Muslim and he would have a little bird that he played with a caged bird. So every time the Prophet saw some walked by he was like, Yeah, but oh my god, my that island in the way. I was, you know, it isn't a type of bird. I was your bird and the kid would spend the idea. I know if you've ever had a six year old talk to you

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that he would spend this useless amount of time talking to the right idea. Salatu Salam about this bird everyday. He the prophet Ali is also would walk by him and the child would tell him something about his bird. And one day the Prophet alayhi wa sallam just walking by him the child was sitting on the curb crying. Alia Amir Madhava. I don't know why. People are still Allah Merton Neuer.

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i The bird died

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off and then the video sort of lives I never had anything and in this EULA Abel who the Prophet Allah has also began to play with him to get him up and make him do something so the kid is jumping around and playing and the Prophet alayhi salatu salam is you know, doing the same thing with him and one of the alleys but mo amagno hotbox. I said number would walk by Talia Rasul Allah mattes now, what are you what are you? What are you doing? You're playing with a five year old in anally my last night, because I didn't Why are you don't even get the news for cardiac hospital? No one will cover what's the news cloud Imagine a young lady who died

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last Sunday salam ala optiv Lhasa attorney play with the boyfriend for an hour. There's a story this is one of my favorite stories. It's we don't find it in the books of Hadith and see what has happened. Even Hashem is advising wealthy. And it talks about the Bible of Hebrew and the Prophet Allah usado sound went on his way and I and I just I think this story is just heartwarming. Alia Salatu Salam on his way to Hebrew he would notice a nine year old girl walking with the people he would come approach about a man who are you missing okay if I correct Khadija was your name

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Marina looky where's your parents call Medina Rama project what are you doing here? Mark Yellowstone Allah I'm with you going to the tour we're going he's not using what are you Where are your parents? What are you doing here? But if I were to defer Khalifa while you saw this I'm so he had her ride behind him and he kept her with him on he used to do Sam for the entirety of the of the battle. And he would he she stayed with him the whole time. She stayed in his tent Alia but for him,

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and he had been Tesoro Yama hybrid when they finally were victorious, and they got the bounty. He took a necklace out of the loot, and he'd call her detalii come Nasri buki Sam okay, you get your money just like everyone else who went on this battle you're going to get your, your share of the bounty, but at the heart of it, he tells us the story

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to get DNA put my hand up to take it to UCLA.

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Well, and it will be sucky but I'll put it on you. Well, best if it's the Prophet alayhi salatu salam put the necklace around her neck SallAllahu Sirisha Kulu for masala to her well let's to be highly it well to defend my I will never take it off and I will be buried with it. At the highest human data net era your salatu salam a call upon the Prophet Muhammad had he he'll get out there was Rolla and I'm the I'm the girl who you gave the necklace to Alia salatu salam and the reason I think it's heartwarming because her name was Khadija

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name was Khadija some Some scholars say here a digital surah in comparison to the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam towards the end of his life. being reminded of his, his late wife adios salatu salam did not necessarily love I knew for example, lived in the Prophet Saudi Assad was on for many years now. Maybe you're surrounded by scientists Icynene now called Alicia and file to Julio Morales. Where are you shaking lamp of algo Lea well I'm tough I'll call on her Ronnie. Well as a Giovanni is also I've worked with nine years not once did he tell me for something I did? Why did you do it for something I didn't do? Why didn't you do it? No. Did he ever raise his voice on me or

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yell at me? I like to say I'm nine years this kid is I was like I can't go nine minutes. I need nine years is a lot to say and doesn't raise his voice once doesn't ask him anything I did. Otherwise, you would call him out yourself. How do you stand the Telemedia? Yeah, that was when I had gone Oh, the one with yours. And he would you would give you would give them nicknames Ollie Hill salatu salam Nick that weren't offensive, but we're just playful Alia salatu salam, I wrote a

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an article when I was younger. And this is just an observation if you don't understand children in his life, how to heal salatu salam he had seven children six from Khadija and one from Maria Ibrahim Ali Salam. O. Khadija was Qasim and Abdullah and Abdullah, as far as we understand or what we what the majority opinion is that his nickname was a pothead and they didn't have four male children just to both died when they were very young. And he had Xena was the eldest and Opie and Omegle film and it was about faulty model the Allah who I know it, he said, I mean,

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all of them would, all the daughters would grow up and marry.

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And he would have ideas salatu salam, eight grandchildren throughout his life it was salatu salam would have from Latvia and Earthman Abdullah Abdullah would die as a child who must resume is the only one who never had children. She just she never gave birth any children. zeyneb early Allah gave birth to tomb I leave you Oh mama. Mama would live and would have children of her own and I needed Allah one who would also die as a child. As a whole lot of Altima. You would have five children. I still don't know what to say. You know, one more scene was Aina Bukal film and maximum was dying as a child and the other four

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Wood wood grew up in children of their own.

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In his house on a Salatu was Salam in addition to his eight to seven children that are his. There were four from Khadija that were not his Khadija had to Hynd been to it, which is the first her first husband. And she had she had three from her second marriage. She had hint, who was a guy had been at the Haisla in her life, she was a lady meant to be hella empa her baby Halloween was a boy you had she had four children of her own or the Allahu anha from previous marriages that lived in his homes you didn't know that. Did you see those four children when he married her so Allah is abusing them. And he had another extra six children with her Alia saw to Islam and then from his

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later marriages.

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He had five children from outside of his own home we said I'm gonna get Levana had for selama about rahua, Dora amore and OMO Habiba, obviously Brahma with abuse of yarn, he had Habiba so five children Aside from his own that he was raised, that were in his house on a hill Serato and in addition to these children, he had, and even who lived in Zaytoven harissa. And Ennis have been married in different timings that lived is also sometimes Jaffa. I mean, I thought it would leave the house of ill advised and run over to live with the profit either your salatu salam, the prophet had to send him back again over to our bus because they had agreed that he will take Allegan Ibis

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with the Java but I just got Jaffa would keep on running away from our bus and come live with him. 19 children in his house, I like your salatu salam. Next time you hear his story. Next time you hear a story about him remember there are 19 children somewhere in his life Alia salatu, Salam Allah Allah Allah, Allah He has at the time of this story in his house, but 19 altogether. Does that make sense that number? How many of you have had 90 No one I don't I dare someone to say they had 1919 children and eight grandchildren is life Alejo salatu salam he took care of in addition to children that aren't even his adding to that younger people that their parents would send over for edema and

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TumbleBook they would send their kids over to serve him out of your salatu salam, but they want him to learn that his adult been to learn from his deen and sometimes for Baraka just to go and spend time with the Prophet alayhi salatu salam house, up to four people in addition to the the Jewish boy that I told you the story of at the beginning, the robber whom Jimmy and Allah here salatu salam, O i remember whom Deborah whom, and he grazed them all. He taught them all he took care of them all. Not once did he raise his voice upon any of them out of your salatu salam nobody raised his hand out of your Salatu Salam on any of them that Allah ani Assad used to take that as a Yanni for for a

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As for women, as he as the Quran, what is your one level now Rofi for in Korea to move in a certain Takahashi Allahu fi he played Lincoln Sierra. And that's obviously for wives. But in general, he would say adios salatu salam towards the end of his life at duckula Ivan Nisa in Hoonah Hola, Panoramio Lila and in our jomashop Lila I know who for into habitat to pay more who can alter who and talk to Doctor Who will aid you. And he will say ally Assad's almost also finish your clever addition to many a hadith where he would talk about the and he would leave his final will see a reminder to take care of the women within you within your life how to heal salatu salam

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I'll just share a few stories with you. There was a lady in Philadelphia and then this a lady would come to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam ala Rasulillah in the LEA Laker Hodge I need you I need your time. I need you to do something for me. Because Allah your slots are your secret key. She even told me to choose wherever wherever you want me to go and I'll come with you. So but our tickets and mushaima had never utilized and I'm had a lot

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he said I want to go down this direction here to the Prophet Ali's I'm gonna go with her and we stay until whatever it is she needed was taken care of. For someone who has 19 children and has a bunch of money but all this for him to go and spend a couple of hours doing something is actually quite Yaniv it takes a lot out of somebody but he would do it on a you saw it was that he was dealing with the person for whatever time needed until her Hajah was taking care of whatever it is, whatever problems she had whatever I need, but Erin she wanted him to run when they were in Canada when they're Muslim. We're in Canada at Emma two minima in Medina. That would be ideal. Rasool Allah is

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Allah Allah used to be he had to had

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a young girl in Medina would just come and hold his hand out of his salatu salam and walk with Him take him somewhere and he would just walk with her until wherever she wanted to take him and whatever if she needed done, he would do for her Alejo salatu salam Janya young girl wants to go buy groceries and forgot what they were or a young girl who was scared that her parents you wherever she took him out of his salon towards I'm just just taking them by the hand and start walking and he would walk with her wherever she needed him to go with it with her audience. Salatu Salam,

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Hadith the and Lima and Imani did immediately deliver the binaries to us. Again Allah Who

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Hello banana chin ofera to open tourney attorney Batson better whom what up Allah huffy, hin Villa will Jana and the rest of Germany properties let's say if you have three daughters or three sisters or two daughters or two sisters and you, you you revere Allah subhanaw taala through them and you and you treat them well then you get gender. You say all your Swatantra mechanical

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and mechanical falam you hinda Willem, you eat her. Well, um, you see, well either Who are they called a hula OBL Jana, whoever has a daughter or a girl or in her he is in his home. And he does not mistreat her and does not bury her because it was a problem back in my prior to Islam, and he does not prefer or treat treat his his male children better than her. Allah subhanaw taala will make her the reason for her for him to enter Jenna, how do you think the endocardium and yearly mean Emery had eaten banana t shirt and

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you're seeing la hin Cannella who sits one minute now. Whoever is given the opportunity to take care of of a female and he does his best job and he takes care of her properly. Allah subhanaw taala will protect him from the Hellfire on the Day of Judgment.

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A lady came to the house of Irish I defend the Muslim and she said yellow Asia in Ibiza what Jenny had been a fee in the year for IB classes that are in the Korea My father has made me forced me to marry my cousin is his nephew so that I may elevate his status because his nephew's apparently not a very good person. And I don't want to do this methodically. GDC listed until they get to yellow pseudo loss and Allah Islam so the rough ideas about Islam will come

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and it will say this is the story of this young lady here she's saying that this was happening called Alia salatu salam, it has to be at hand go bring bring the father so they would go bring the father and then he would and the and the husband wanted to be here on behalf bring the husband so he would bring the husband don't matter as

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much Apulian Do you want to stay married to the spirit of a card now I'm yellow so Allah I want to stay married to this person is just looking at her or in the pilot in number two Allama Helene Hi Lindy sir, if you had an emery che, I just wanted to know if lady's got a choice in this.

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It turned out that they do but that he wanted to know if there's if she has the right to say no or if he has the right to I need to end the marriage as a prophet adios. What kind of Allah your Salah to us and your costs are so low one young woman with Tallinn you want to see the he he had a specific day for the ladies where he would teach and he would answer questions and Hadith and Dyneema Muhammad and they see what the Allahu I know what are the modules to Abidal and Rasulullah. He says, one of the sessions that we had with him where we were alone,

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he couldn't with this VA. But delhivery with Dr. DC, well after dinner Bill anomaly in northern Mexico that was done by thought well out of a full NAFTA and say, you know Rama, you telling me Assad to Islam increased the amount of this beer and Helene and taka these are the types of invocation that you have, and use your fingers to count because Allah subhanaw taala ask your hands what it is that they did throughout their life. And don't forget that if you forget you will lose your empathy. And this is a very important sometimes to understand that some lessons we have in the Sunnah of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam are specific things he said to women and others are

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specific to men. This is very important context. A lot of people read the Hadith. And do not understand that this was a piece of advice he gave them earlier salatu salam in a closed setting. He didn't give it on the member. So a lot of the a hadith that we have where a wife or is being told to treat her husband in a certain way. This was not a member Hadith, and he didn't get on the middle and say this, he told the lady this, this is something between him Allah usato Salman and his and his daughters and sisters teaching them how to use salatu salam to understand that context because it matters that matter not everything he said Alia salatu salam can be held on the heads of people

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who will be this some of this is specific is his advice to them either your Serato some they may choose to take it they may choose not to, but it was not given in a public setting. So it should not be reminded to them in a public setting. If you understand what I'm trying to say it isn't this is very, this is very delicate and precise and understanding when the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and how he talked about certain things. He was very he was very it was very

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accurate. And when he talked about these things, it can salatu salam

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there's a lady by the name of colab inside and I'll tell one more story or two and then I'll let you go codev inside but I thought about all the Allahu Allah He is She is the lady in the Quran who was called into Musa Delia there's a surah in the Quran by the name of Judah.

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And who would have inside of it was the majority to her husband while her idea of Bihar is when you this is a way men and Michelle live very much out of men. Amazing like even from Johanna yes

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They found ways to make sure that they would get this is a way to oppress woman where where you would say something. So he would say unto yada yada to me or to me like my mother. So now the lady is trapped.

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She can't be with him as a wife, because he just told her, you're like my mother, he made it take me an oath. And if she says, I don't want, they're gonna see what you're better than his mother. And now, she can't see that, doesn't it? So, so socially, she can't say yes, and she can't say no, and she's stuck in the middle and she's neither married nor not married. So the, the man just cornered her. And this would she would continue her life that way. It was a way to basically to

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repressive behavior. So Hona when her husband said this, she thought about it and she said this, this makes no sense. It's impossible. This is Islamic. So she came by the semi Hola. Hola, Leti to De Luca Feasel GIA with a sticky Illa.

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Allah spontan has heard the words of the lady who came to argue with you about her husband and she's complaining to Allah, Allah Who yesterday mountain We Will Rock Ummah and Allah was listening to your discussion with her. And Allah has me or mislead us he

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would have been thought about came and argued with the Prophet Allah salatu salam ala means you see, he used in the Quran I hear we Angela general Allah He used in the ayah Subhana wa Tada to words so that you wouldn't, because it was you dal can be understood as discussion as well. But it's not discussion. She came and she was she was pushing she was arguing why because he also uses the word to how we recommend the same verse he used both words in diverse, so they can't be the same meaning when he uses two different words, that means one means something different, or else he would just use one word. So use both words. So you can't say Mujaddid I was discussion how to how documents

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discussion without dinner was an argument. She came in and said This must be held on manasota Allah, the Prophet alayhi salatu salam said, I don't know I don't have Shall I can't say I can't say it's haram because they don't have the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, unlike Yanni today for scholars, he can't do it. You know, he has to wait when it comes to an issue of jurisprudence, especially when there's a hokum involved, you have to wait for Gibreel to come and tell him what he thinks. alayhi salatu salam, when it comes to an act of God, when it comes to an issue of jurisprudence or a ruling, he can't just give it out. He has to wait for someone something to come to Him who didn't

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have it. So let's push and say but it must be it can it's not in his counties. It doesn't make any sense for this to be acceptable what he just did to me and he's telling her I don't have a ruling yet give me time and you will come back but ya rasool Allah without a ruling you shouldn't This shouldn't be something that you use it to be and the Quran would come and document her words, probably Allah Juana and of course make it haram and and put a whole explanation system for someone who would do it. Man it

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is the profit out of your salatu salam cousin.

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So one day there were a man who was running who demo whom I do what I mean somebody who had killed Muslims and his wife was in he it was if he was to be caught to them he can be executed. So this min min houbara he would knock on the door asking for as you are asking for someone to protect him because I need but have you thought if I happen to be illegals after him with the sword, to Oman, it would say get into the house. So she'd bring them 2000 Close the door. And then Ali would say open up and give me and looked at my notes for the full measure tool. I have given him my Shivaji word means I have given him my protection and the words you are in this booklet I know you couldn't

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Aneesa Are you sure and when did women get protection? Give me Give me the man of God Allah Allah he lets you know you're not allowed them to this house I offered him a protection. So they argue to minus that Allah Hill ESCO and nicotinell Sula, Semmelweis and I'm going to go until the profit, the whatever they have to eat and maybe use a lesson for either who you have tested without the matter. He was he was having a shower earlier so 714 was holding the clothing for him. But I am hoping it gives us an alpha climber happened to me honey, I don't know selling what can I do for you for Katya rasool Allah, a yellow to full line and where are you when you read or so I've offered my protection

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and I think he's asking for his head. And I think he's waiting for the Prophet Allah he says I'm just saying women who can afford

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to own money we

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we have we have granted that protection to the person that you have granted protection to all the Allahu Allah, Allah, the Prophet alayhi salatu salam had a door in the masjid and Nisa specifically for them. And he did mobilya I didn't use it here salatu salam meaning he also had specific Jonnie baya you would offer them that you would let them have a pledge, just like the men would see all of us a hub of the Prophet Allah, you saw some offered by all of them. The Sahaba had to come in pledge, you had to put their hands in the hands of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and they would say what it is that they're going to live by what it is that they're going to die by. And this was

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the agreement that the Prophet alayhi salam had, and every pledge, by the way was a little bit different and I love it. I used I you know, one of the things I did is I went and I kind of followed, how many pledges like how many wordings are there in the Sunnah of the Prophet Ali's also notice I was saying, I you know, I get my band. This is what the Bible was about, and you'll

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Find maybe seven or eight different wordings to and it's interesting the Prophet alayhi salam did it in maybe slightly different ways depending on the person and their context and the time that was on it I just find it very fascinating and he did that for any second never shook their hands but but he but he offered back to the ladies as well on here so it was to them. Why he and the Hadith and Muslim Balkan

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going to LRB will binocs mean they had a little dolls she would like to play when she was younger. Led by Robin

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Sula, his eyes and sometimes you enter the house when you saw a birdie and I had my friends over and we were playing. So I thought

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I thought they would they would get up and run away. I thought it was salatu salam and Tanaka

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Tanaka aunty stay as you are continue to, to do what you want, and he would just go through by his business. He has solid wisdom. And this is just a glimpse of how he treated children out of his thoughts on his life and his relationship with women in general in the community out of your salatu salam, he empowered people out here salatu salam, he granted them space, he granted them autonomy. People were not afraid from him of him it was and they felt comfortable around him. They felt comfortable to come in to argue with him out of his slot to us that I meant to ask him for things and to discuss things and to open topics that were sometimes even not commonly opened with leaders.

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They felt that they could come to him with anything out of here salatu salam and they were given the ability to do so. And that was the importance of his his his model of leadership, Ali Asad Sam 1400 years ago. This is simply you don't think that a lot of people think and listen to this stuff. And I guess, yeah, maybe today now that we've established a lot of changes in the world. And we've understood, I think it's less than 1400 years ago, his model of leadership was of that nature, that children felt comfortable around him, I used to love to have somebody come and speak to him about whatever they wanted and to complain to him and to spend time with Him and to observe him and learn

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from him out of his love to us that he had enough time, his heart with was was wide enough and open enough for him to absorb and to embrace all of these different people. And for women at a certain time to be empowered by him out of yourself. Listen to the words he said and the things he told his companions, and for the time and energy and effort that he that he gave them to your Salah to ascend for them to feel that they're a part of the dean, because they're a central part of the dean, in the moment you make them feel that they're not a central part of the dean or that they're somehow secondary, but that he says Adios lottosend Hadith Yeah, and the Muslim that I'm not Oh, Eema Allah,

00:27:18 --> 00:27:56

He from Wuhan. I mean, I'll mess it up, then we'll come Don't hold back the servants of Allah, the ladies from massage if they if they asked me for permission, let them come to my session, let them they have their have their have their their portion and their share of time and dedication in a masjid for them to learn and to exist and to be there. And that's important. I realized that the final before you leave, I realized that the breakdown of this message is not perfect, because it's not big enough. But the message of the Prophet Allah, you saw someone very similar in the sense that there wasn't a curtain and there wasn't anything kind of holding people back as granted, there was a

00:27:56 --> 00:27:59

door at the back. So the women were able to leave.

00:28:00 --> 00:28:29

But still, the women weren't. They weren't made to feel that they weren't a part of what was happening. There was nothing, there was no barrier. So they weren't sitting behind something. They were there. Yes, the men were in front of them, but they could see and they could hear and they were a part of what was going on. And that's my opinion, that's very important. When you take that away and you put something a barrier, in public speaking one on one, they teach you that you shouldn't have a barrier. There shouldn't be any should never sit with, with desk in front of you, if you speak just something that is that just as simple as that can can make the person in front of you

00:28:29 --> 00:29:10

feel alienated, and feel that this is not as intimate and meaningful as it should be. So you shouldn't have anything. That's why even something like this, it's a barrier. These barriers aren't for the purpose of intimate explanation and talking is not it's not very helpful. So when you put an actual barrier up, you can only imagine the person on the other side of the barrier, how they feel about things. Now, what's the what's the way to do this, but we didn't do it This is to keep them as as open and learn how to behave with one another. Respectfully, in msgid. You do it at work all the time. You always do it at work, wherever you're working within on planet earth, then you are dealing

00:29:10 --> 00:29:43

with the opposite gender all the time, and you're professional, you dare not be professional at work, you'll get fired and sued and probably go to jail. So why is it different than a masjid? It shouldn't and it isn't. And honestly, I can't understand why we got to act as if and massage you know, it's fine. Learn to do what the labasa learn to be respectful, allow people to walk in front of you look away when you're, it's very simple. It doesn't take a lot of effort. It just takes a little bit of respect and dignity and appropriateness when we're dealing with people around us so that there's no steal out and there's no actions that are that are inappropriate. So I don't think

00:29:43 --> 00:30:00

it's that difficult to achieve. I think we just have to learn to do it because where is it better to place to show our best ethics if not THE BAIT of the house of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. But that is a little bit too much work for some people. So it's easier to say, put a barrier or send them somewhere else. That's easier. That's an easier salute.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:31

question for me, is less a headache, it's less of a headache, you have no idea how much less of a headache it is they just put sample it somewhere else. But it's not, in my opinion is not the right way to do it. I don't think that's the right way to do things. I don't think that we're actually making the right choices. And I don't think we're actually following his sonatinas Salatu was set up, I think fouling was done, it means we have to do the thing that's a little more difficult, but it's more meaningful in the long run. Because we went over our sisters again, because an old man OMA of the Bronx, the nation of Muslims, without ladies who are fully engaged and embraced within the

00:30:31 --> 00:31:04

deen and feel that they have equal ownership and what Islam is, is not going anywhere. It's not going anywhere, we will stay exactly where we are, we are not capable of doing this alone, which is why looking at how he's dealt with him. And it is important the time he dedicated this specificity and the openness that he had with him out of you. So that was I mean, the fact that he that he empowered them in a way that's out I've never seen before, it bothered a lot of people and people didn't like this. Men didn't like what he was doing. It was them but they but they had no choice, they had to follow this as a shadow of Allah subhanaw taala. So I think 1400 years later for us to

00:31:04 --> 00:31:33

regress backwards, and close things down and make it more difficult for them to access knowledge and to access the masjid and to be a part of things. It makes no sense to me at all. If anything, we should be opening up more and allowing them to be more of a more a part of things. And all that requires is a little bit of a little bit of ethics, a little bit of morals, a little bit of decency, and how we bring in a little bit of professionalism. And that's not hard for us as Muslims, we've always had it so I think we should just take some time and think about it. That's the end of my rant. Now that will have you become Salam Alaikum Hinson Allah Allah you add your sapiosexual

00:31:33 --> 00:31:42

Subhanallah damnation Allah Allah enter Stubblefield What was that Allah who was telling him about it and I've been in Mohammed him earlier, so he's made us open lokalen Baraka lokibot Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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