From the Foam of the Ocean to the Wave of Change What We Need to Do for Our Ummah

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Haitham Al Hamdulillah all praises due to Allah subhanho wa taala, the majestic, the Most High. We believe in Him, and upon Him do we rely? He saved the Ark of Noah on Mount Judy. And he spoke to Musa on Mount Sinai. He hears the plea of the one in distress, and he responds to his silent cry. He taught us how to worship Him, and how our hearts to purify and reveal to us the Quran, whose recitation with our voices we Beautify. He sent to us a prophet who sunnah we try to exemplify and he blessed us with a machete that we model our lives around and live by. So we ask ALLAH forgive mint on the day we ask Allah's forgiveness on the day that we shall be resurrected

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after we die. And may Sadat and Salam be upon His Prophet, whose excellence we cannot quantify, as to what follows know that Allah subhana wa Taala has reminded us to be conscious of him in the Quran, when he says, Yeah, you Hola, Dina Manotick Hola. Hello, call to call to Walter moto Illa, one to Muslim on dear Muslims. In the last few weeks or months a particular Hadith has been mentioned in many husbands and lectures. And every few months or years this this hadith is brought forth and it is a Hadith of great relevance to all of us. But today I want to look at this Hadith from a slightly different angle. It is the famous hadith of Filburn one of the freed servants of our

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Prophet sallallahu either he was seldom reported in the Sunnah of Buddha would and the Muslim Imam Muhammad and it goes as follows you she could untie the eye they como uma Moo it is only a matter of time before all of the Omaze of the earth will call one another to attack you mean coolly Oh folk from every single corner of the globe. They will call one another to attack you. Come on to the ICA to Allah Casati ha the same way that people who are going to eat food or call to eat from a common plate. So the nations of the earth are going to be inviting each other come attack no problem Bismillah tougher Dawn Yola calm let's eat like people are invited to a common plate. The Omen the

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nation's are going to be publicly without any shame without any embarrassment, calling one another to go and come and attack our Oma. The Sahaba could not understand how this can happen. And so they asked a woman Kyla, ya rasool Allah, is it because we are very few so we cannot defend ourselves? Is it because we don't have the quantity and our Prophet sallallahu either he was seldom said Law No, not because of quantity. But unto him Yama II then because he on that time, you're going to be plentiful. While I can come taco Luna Hua and Goethe is sail, but you're going to be like the foam of the ocean. You know when you walk to the ocean, you will look at the ocean, every wave it has a

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little bit of froth every wave it has mashallah everywhere you see, but how long does it last? What is it do what's its usefulness? You will be everywhere, but short lived, no benefit, just something to see. And the Prophet system went on. And he said toons are all marhaba toman so during the week on the respect and all that your enemies used to have shall be taken out of their hearts while you Zhao Rufio Kulu becoming one and in your own hearts, there shall be a weakness. They said What weakness out of Sula. He said hook bull hayati or vide wire hook boot dunya Walker Cara here to promote a love of this world a love of life and a hatred of death. This beautiful Hadith we've heard

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it many times over and over again. But so much benefit is to be derived. It's only a matter of time our Prophet system said and he said this when the state had been established when Medina was already a power when Medina was on the rise. He said it's only a matter of time this situation will change. Tada, Lake Como Oman, tada, they're going to be mutually calling. They're going to be inviting one another. No shame, no embarrassment, no fear. And the comparison is given like people are called to a plate of food, a plate of food has resources. It has natural wealth. It has things people want your own money will have things people will want it your own ma our own Ma is going to have things

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others are greedy for

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and they will have so little higher and shame that they will publicly publicly humiliate you publicly call one another to attack you, and not fear any repercussions. And the symbolism that was given, we are like the foam of the ocean wave, we are everywhere in quantity, but very short lived, very little purpose, no meaning. And explicitly, we are told, all shall be removed from the hearts of your enemies. They used to have marhaba Marhaba. And Arabic means a sense of dignity and all, they would have a genuine sense of fear. Haber, we actually use this in the Arabic language to describe reverence, to describe an element of respect, along with fear of the consequences. And the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, from the hearts of your enemies, they used to have this all it shall be removed from them. If we do not see this hadith in action right now, as we speak, then When else will we see it in action? Right now as we speak, the nations of the earth are giving a blind die vetoing any ceasefire against our brothers and sisters in the Gaza today, the highest court in this whole world. And that is the International Court of Justice. It fell short of calling for a ceasefire. And it said that it is possible there might be a genocide taking place. That's all it is potentially possible. But they fell short of actually calling it a genocide. And they fell

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short of actually calling for a ceasefire. What more evidence do we need on live British television two days ago, as the interviewer is interviewing somebody, innocent civilians carrying the white flag, saying I need to pick up my son over there. I just want to make sure everybody sees me. I'm just going over there. On Live British television, an innocent civilian was shot down in front of his own son and wife. There is no ambiguity. And the level of haber from the enemy's Hearts is so diminished. It is so gone, that the world rulers our own country and English ruler cannot even say that this is wrong. They can't even verbalize. They've seen the footage. The video is crystal clear.

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They're asked point blank, do you not condemn the killing of an innocent person carrying a white flag trying to protect his own son, and our presidents and prime ministers don't even have the courage to call it immoral and a crime, forget ceasefire, forget humanitarian aid. They can't even call the cold blooded execution in broad daylight on live video that can't even say this is a crime. If this is not a manifestation, an example of what a Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam predicted the Haber from the hearts of the enemies will be gone. They're going to be inviting one another do as you please, there are no consequences whatsoever. So today, dear brothers and sisters, I want to

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ask a very blunt and bold question. And that question is, how do we go from being the foam of the ocean to becoming the wave of the ocean?

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How do we transform from being useless to becoming useful? How do we exchange the situation from being weak to becoming powerful from being impotent to becoming forceful from being useless to becoming useful? This is the bold and brought blood brought blunt question we need to be asking ourselves for how long are we going to be the foam and the froth? When will we regain our rightful place of being the wave of being the change of being the force and the power? The answer to this question is in the Hadith itself. And I will extract five benefits from the Hadith itself from the imagery from the wordings that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, we will extract five

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and because of time I have to do only five more can be done. Number one. Number one, the hadith is very clear. It is super explicit. What matters is not quantity, it is quality. What matters is not how many we are it is how pure and how powerful each one of us is. So stop looking to the right and looking to the left. Stop hunting for answers of who's going to do and you and I we stand up and say let me do something. Don't worry about numbers or profits or some set it's not because of numbers has nothing to do with numbers. You

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You can have 1.8 billion people on the face of this earth as we do. You can have 57 countries member of the OECD 57 countries have declared themselves to be members of a global OMA, you can have multiple dynasties that are oil rich, hundreds of multi billionaires on the face of this earth. And yet an army of less than 300,000 That's all that army is can massacre women and children defenseless Lee on live television and nothing can be done not even a condemnation from within or without. Forget numbers. Forget quantity, it is quality we want we have seen what quantity can do nothing. So then don't look to the right and left look to yourself. Look with him. What can I do? What is my

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role? What can my contributions give to this ummah? The hadith is very clear. It is not quantity whereafter it is quality. And this explains the magnificent conquests of the sahaba. Do you think the Sahaba had more than the Romans? Do you think they had better equipment than the Persians? Do you think this magnificent early conquest of Islam they took place because the power of their weaponry because of their training because of their pedigree and seavees that they had no Allah He it is the quality of their Iman the sincerity in their hearts that Taqwa present in their Kulu Secondly, the imagery that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam gave the fourth and the from just the top

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of the waves, what imagery, what can we derive from this imagery? What exactly is the form in the front of the ocean? It is superficial, it is temporary, it is at surface level that comes in it goes the foam of the waves, it disappears immediately. But it is the waves that bring the actual change and where do the waves come from. Even though the waves are manifested at the top, we all know the formation of those waves go deep, deep deep into the ocean. waves come from the interactions of the various temperatures inside the ocean waves come from deep within the oceans belly. If you want to cause the change your own insides your own of your own heart. It has to be deeply rooted in Iman and

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Taqwa Allah mentions in the Quran the reality of Iman and the people of Eman OSU ha between Wofford who have his summer the roots of Eman go deep into the cult, or slow her sabot The foundations are firm. If you want to stop being the froth and start being the wave. You need to strengthen your inner foundations. You need to strengthen your curl. You need to strengthen your Eman. You need to strengthen your knowledge and your awareness of Allah subhanho wa taala. That's what we need to do. And in order to do so, every change begins with our relationship with Allah in our awareness of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, our Taqwa our who show our Ersan must permeate through our inside, and

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then it will be manifested as a powerful wave on the outside. So we don't want to be like the froth in the foam, we want to be like the wave, which means we begin from deep within, just like the waves of the ocean begin from deep within. Thirdly, the foam of the ocean, the froth that the process has been called us, it is obvious that foam and froth it has no power, it's impotent. It is actually following the waves the waves are not caused by it, it is caused by the waves. And what this shows us is that if you want to become a wave, rather than the froth in the foam, we need to start being proactive rather than reactive. We cannot just answer to every single issue that comes and go with

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the flow. We cannot be like a leaf in the wind. Wherever the wind blows, we go with it, we have to have a solid anchor. We cannot just be reactionary, which is what we are doing for the last few decades. We need to be brave enough to be visionary, to think 510 steps ahead, to break away from the flow to be brave enough to challenge and to think independently. The fact of the matter is that the bulk of our discourse is the bulk of our religious rhetoric, the bulk of our fatawa and dialogue, it is all reactionary. And at some level it is needed. I'm not dismissing all of it. But who amongst us is thinking in the visionary level, who is becoming the wave breaking away from the

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flow, who is setting the trends rather than responding only to the trends. Once upon a time we set the trends. Once upon a time we were the waves and the rest of the world was the froth and the foam. But today, wherever the world goes, we follow along with it. Whatever is politically correct or incorrect, we're the ones following along with it. And that's not how change is going to have

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When you want to become the wave, you're gonna have to start thinking in a visionary manner, and not just in a reactionary manner. And what that means we're going to have to have the bravery and the courage to explore to think where people have not explored before. Some, sometimes we might make mistakes, so be it. But there's no way to move forward unless you're willing to budge from where you are in exploring new territory. So the third reality of this example, we have to stop being reactionary, stop being those who go with the current and start thinking beyond the current start thinking literally as visionaries as this OMA is. And this leads me to my fourth derivation from

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this hadith. The Prophet system literally said that the MaHA Abba from your enemy's hearts will be taken away, they used to have a sense of all of you guys, they used to look up to you, they used to respect you, they used to have some reason for you. It's all gone. Now, as we see, cold blooded murder can occur, and you can't even call it murder. This is the reality of the world we live in. So the question arises, then, how does one gain this sense of ease and Marhaba? How does one go about gaining the respect, not that we desire that respect in and of itself, but there's no doubt having that respect brings its benefits and perks. The response sisters and brothers is so obvious, the

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response, one does not gain respect, one does not gain marhaba by flouting the dunya in front of the people, one does not gain respect by out beating them in what they are accustomed to know. You want to see merhaba and respect. The live example that we've all seen that elderly grandfather in the US, it's our brother Khalid, who lost his granddaughter, the soul of my soul, who lost his granddaughter, he doesn't have any dunya his house has been bombed, his family has been massacred, what wealth does he have? What worldly power does he have? What blessings Does he enjoy, and yet, through the strength and dignity of his eemaan, he won the merhaba of the world. That's how you gain

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Merhaba. That's how you gain is by showing by your clock and character, what it means to be a believer, by sacrificing the comforts of this dunya for the principles you firmly believe in, by having the confidence to say no to do whatever is politically incorrect if he wanted to, he could have done things and gotten away with it even gone on or whatever, a type of spree that would be violence and whatnot, and he might even have been justified, but he chose the better path in his case. And that better path which can only come from a love of Allah from the strength of Eman, that better path it won the hearts and the minds of 10s of millions, hundreds of millions of people in

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the world, you want to see marhaba you see it in the manifestation of iman, in a person, a man or a woman standing up for what they believe in sacrificing the short term in order to gain the long term. And not just our brother caught it from Gaza over all the people of Gaza. Look, they have become role models, they've lost everything, yet the whole world is looking up to them. And this shows us to gain that is that merhaba we need to be principle people. We need to know what our foundations are goes back to my previous point and then live up to those foundations exemplify exude the reality of emaan in our interactions with other people, showing the people what it means to be a

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believer what it means to be a person who believes in God in a godless world. A person who is spiritual in a spiritually bankrupt world, a person who is ethical in an unethical world. That's how you gain my harbor in the long run. You think you're going to gain marhaba by flaunting your wealth by showing your your your is your buy through your cars and your and your possessions that you have. That is not how Marhaba is gained. So you want to get that respect back we have to think long term and live up to the ideals of what it means to be a Muslim. The fifth and last point again straight from the Hadith. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said and in your own hearts a weakness will

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come. They said what is that weakness? He said a love of this dunya and a hatred of death. Notice the precision of the words here, a love of this dunya and a hatred of death. So to be clear here our religion does not say

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don't live in the dunya he didn't say living in the dunya he said loving the dunya you will live and you will flourish and you will enjoy the dunya there's nothing wrong there the prophets are some enjoy the dunya some interpretations of Islam run away from enjoying the dunya that is wrong. The Prophet system enjoyed the dunya and those that tried to break away said these are not following my sunnah. It is my sunnah to eat, to drink, to marry to have children, you enjoy the dunya no problem. But your goal is not the dunya your goal is not this world, what is a problem is not to live, it is not to enjoy it is to love and to make it the final goal. That is where the problem comes. So what

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is going to happen, your whole life will become only about the dunya. And you're going to forget the Ark era. And when that happens, then you've lost all nobility because this dunya is not what makes you noble living in this dunya animals do it as well. Every creation does it as well. What makes us different is when we live for the Ark era, what makes us spiritually free is when we break away from the confines of this dunya when we live the way that Allah wanted us to live, enjoy the dunya. But the heart is attached to the akhira live in the dunya. But your goal your desire is in the euro. And if Allah gives you the dunya Alhamdulillah. But you really desire the aka that's your ultimate goal.

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And if you don't have the dunya Alhamdulillah still, and you will still get the Ark era. This is the Prophetic example. When we constantly remind ourselves of the temporality of the dunya. The fact that the Euro is our ultimate destination, when we remind ourselves how long am I going to live? 20 years, 50 years then what? And then we think of death. The goal of thinking of death is not to live a morbid life to become morose to become some somebody who's depressed. The goal of thinking about death is to live our life the most productive, the most useful when we remember death. It's not that we go into hibernation and start crying. No, we say to ourselves, okay, well, I have one life to

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live, what can I accomplish? That is the most significant, what legacy can I leave? What are you What can I build? What can I do so that on the Day of Judgment, I can say to Allah, Oh, Allah, you gave me one life, this is what I did. So by thinking of death, we don't become depressed. We don't go down the road of the road of depression. On the contrary, we become extra productive. We become ennobled, we start having long term visions, what can I do for the short period of time, but when we don't think of the arciero, and we don't think of death, and all we're thinking about is the dunya dunya, dunya? What's going to happen? Then all you're worried about is your bills and your

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children's tuition and this issue here and that issue there? And then that's it. You're just like every other animal on Earth, What have you accomplished. So our profit system told us a number of ways to overcome being the froth and the foam and to start being the wave? So the question I'm going to leave all of you with is very simple. I extracted from this hadith, five simple ways about how we can transform from being the froth and the foam to becoming the actual wave. The question to myself and all of you, what exactly are we doing? What changes are we going to do to stop being just the froth and the foam and to start being the wave to stop being impotent and to start being powerful to

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stop being weak and to start being effective, to stop being useless and to start being useful? That is the question every one of us needs to ask ourselves, may Allah Subhana Allah Allah bless each and every one of us through we tend to the Quran and may make us of those who is versus they understand and applies halal and haram throughout our lifespan. Scholars forgiveness, He was will ask him for his food and the ramen

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stuff last.

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Alhamdulillah All praise is due to Allah the one and the unique. He it is when we worship, and it is his aid that we seek. He is the Lord of the oppressed. And he answers the prayer of the week as to what follows there Muslims, leaders are not born, they are made. Heroes don't apply to become heroes. They take the challenges given to them and they're fully mortal. They're not super divine. They don't come from the heavens. They take the challenges given to them. And they make the most of those challenges one after the other until Allah writes for them a status they would otherwise have not gotten. I want to tell you a personal story that is relevant relevant to our community. And the

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brother whom it involves has asked that he remained anonymous. Yesterday I got a phone call. That's one of our own brethren. He is sitting here today but he doesn't want his name to be known. He got a phone call from one of the medical facility

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He's in the UN that is allowing doctors to come into Gaza. And within 20 minutes he had to make a decision. Should I leave my practice, leave my comfort of my home, leave my family and children and go and help the Muslims of Gaza right now. Right now he's leaving in two hours right now. Should I leave now? No money. No worries in this dunya possibility of not returning? Should I give up the comfort of this dunya and potentially never come back? Or should I just give a generic excuse, nobody's going to know. And that said, life goes on.

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And one of his friends called and told me that he's made, he didn't tell me himself, his friend told me he's made the decision to go, I immediately rushed over to his house, and Subhanallah

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this is what you call true leadership.

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This is what you call true leadership, to give up everything handed to you, and to walk into a war zone, knowing that this evil apartheid regime has not even stopped at bombing hospitals, knowing that they've murdered and massacred 10s of 1000s of people. And you're going to willingly walk in because hey, I might save some people and help these kids and whatnot. And walk in not knowing if you're gonna come back. If this is not and I will say it bluntly, I don't care what the video say, if this is not jihad, then what is jihad?

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And to know that this brother is one of our own, you all know him, one of our regulars and Masha Allah Tabarrok Allah, this is happening. This is not something far away. We have amongst us those who will hamdulillah and you know, I'm saying this in front of him, he has to battle his own Nia for sure. There's no doubt this is a big issue internally. You guys don't know him. I know him his family. And he's obviously that's between him and Allah. But for the rest of us will Allah he this is a role model moment. This is a point of leadership. This is how real heroes are formed. And we still have them amongst us. I had to console his wife yesterday. She doesn't know if her husband's

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gonna come back or not. And she's obviously emotional. I said, you know, Allah has blessed you, dear sister of ours. How you're feeling is how every single sister of Huzur feels every single day.

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And Allah has blessed you out of millions of us here. Allah has chosen you to be in the camp of the Sisters of Lhasa.

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So you are doing your jihad, your husband is doing his jihad. The children who are now young men and women had to be told your father might not come back. They're doing their jihad, every one of them. And I say this publicly on the member. If this is not an example for all of us to learn and benefit from if this does not inspire us going back to my hookbait today, how do you go from being the form to becoming the wave? Every one of you ask yourself, What can I do? And this brother is not some *hole Islam. He's not some mufti, an alum, but I swear to you right now he is the *hole Islam, and I am nobody compared to him. He is the real hero. And all of us here are doing what, when you do

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what Allah allows you to do, and when you reach your potential, that is how you contribute to the Ummah, that brother's doing what he needs to do. I hope I'm doing what I'm supposed to do. If every one of us comes to the forefront, if every one of us looks at what can I do and benefit the OMA and you do 110% Of what Allah gave you to do, then will Allah He we don't care if all the dynasties abandon us. We don't care if we don't have the oil money. What we will have is Allah's Baraka, Allah's Allah's pleasure, and when we will have Allah's pleasure, we will overcome every single enemy like the Sahaba did. It's really that simple. There is no detail rocket science about this,

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you give 110% for the cause of Allah, you excel in what you can do, whatever it might be. And if every one of us were to do this at our own level, and if we were to be visionaries, thinking 510 steps ahead, if we make our own selves and our families and our acquaintances, as good as we can, as pious as we can, if every one of us did this, would this not be a revolution that will literally change the whole not just the city, the entire globe? So I finished where I began with, how do you go from being the froth and the foam to becoming the wave? Be sincere to Allah, Be proud of who you are. Go deep in your relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala get rid of the love of the dunya and

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think about the ocher we only have one life to live. Our brother he asked this to out for me, this is the day I'm going to make for him. He said that if I'm never going to come back, may Allah accept my day.

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Tessa Shaheed and if I do come back may Allah allow me to come back safe and sound with all of my limbs on me and Hamdulillah this is he's laughing and joking but this is the dua teammate and I said, I mean to your DUA, I mean to your DUA. This is what we need to look to within ourselves, what can I do? What can I contribute to benefit this ummah. And so sisters and brothers, heroes and legends are not just around the world. You can be in your own life, a legend you can be a hero, not for the sake of the dunya. For the sake of yourselves for the sake of the Ark era. You can move mountains you can to bring about a change. You just have to be confident and what Allah has blessed

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you with. Be confident in your iman and Taqwa. Be confident in your relationship with Allah be confident in who you are, as a Muslim as a movement, give back to your community start bringing that change about and slowly but surely victory is promise for the believers. That is without a doubt. If you are a believer victory is promised Khattab Allahu Allah ugly banana woozily. Allah has decreed that I shall win and my prophet shall win that is the decree of Allah. The question is not whether victory will happen or not. The question is, Are you worthy of it? Are you on the side of the prophets? Are you actually standing up where you should stand up? That is the question. And so ask

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yourself today what can I do to change from being the froth in the form to becoming the wave? And in answering that question, and in living up to that challenge and in maximizing your potential that is how you will become from the froth to the wave Allahumma inni dine for amino Allama letter valium ism and Illa Fatah wala Harmon Illa for Raja wala Deignan Illa Kobita what a medieval Illa sure feta while I see Ron Illa your sorta Allama fildena What is one and the linea Saba Poonam, an EMA and wala teacher I feel colluvial Hila Lilina Armano Robina in Nicaragua for Rahim Allah Allah Azza Islam I will Muslim in Allahumma Islam I will Muslim in Allahumma Israel Islam on Muslim in Allahu

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Allah Jenna Islam and Muslim ADA be Su and Fraser illumine FC watch altijd beautiful feet that be the Jaco JoJo z is above the law in the law how to

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better behave enough say within the melodica decoder say with a letter become a U haul MoonJune agenda here we're in CIP for call as the Melkite and Idema. In nulla Hamada kurio Soluna other Nibi Yeah, you are leadin Amanu Sallu la he was selling them with a slimmer alarm or somebody was selling robotic. What are the obstacles to overcome Mohamed while early he was a big marine robot Allah in the law had to live with so anyway tidal Cordova or ionic manufacture it will Moon kirribilli You're either coming to Allah come to the Quran oh the Quran Allah Allah Allah email the curriculum, worship Guru Yoga de la what are the crew loita Allah Akbar Wa Clemens Salah

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