Benefit Of Putting A Stipulation In Your Ihram Declaration

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Shaykh Ammar AlShukry answers

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What is the benefit of putting a stipulation in your declaration?

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Um, the last lesson Mr. rasulillah. So what does that mean putting a stipulation when you put on your home you say the big Allahumma Hajin or the big Allahumma Byrum, Ratan you say, Oh Allah, I, here I am I declare myself initiating hedger, omura the Prophet sallallahu Sallam came to a woman, and he said, Are you intending hydron? She said, I am suffering from an ailment. And he said, then say Allahumma, Haley Hazel have a steady flow. He says, say, oh, a lot, my place of exiting My home is whenever or wherever I unimpeded. And so that condition, you say, in habits and your habits, you say, Oh Allah, if I am impeded by any impediment that my exiting Iran is where I have been impeded,

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and so this stipulation is very beneficial. And I would encourage anybody who's doing Hajj to make that stipulation when they are making their declaration, because if you suffer from any ailments, if you suffer from any sickness during Hajj that that stops you from being able to perform the rites of Hajj, or if you are impeded by anything, whether it's by missing your flight or by

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finding your visa to be to be invalid or any any impediment that happens, you can then exit your home in that moment without having any penalties that are obligated on you. You don't have to pay any penalties. You don't have to deal with anything, because at the beginning, you made that stipulation in your declaration of law. Thank you for watching. Please subscribe to the channel and like the videos so that you can get notified of the new releases and consider donating to this worthy cause.