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And then from the

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murders of Hannah Horner staying on istockphoto whenever we learn human surely unforeseen a woman say Dr. Molina, may Allah, Allah,

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Allah, Allah.

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Allah Allah Allah Allah. Allah. Allah. Allah shadow ana Muhammadan rasul

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Allah He has done for me amaron Allahu taala visa you can see kita Hill caring for Karla Salah levena la casa kasi wala Samuelsson

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to Muslim moon or Carla Salah you Hannah Sakura Docomo levy Hola, Coco mina sinuata wirkkala Carmen has Oda wadda Semin hoonah region and casier on Juanita WhatsApp la la de alone and he will have hand in namaha Canada como la Kiba.

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Dear brothers and sisters, Rasulullah salallahu alayhi wa sallam, he would often tell the people before a battle, he would tell them the direction that they were going for the battle, he would tell them in opposite direction, or no one would know where they were actually going for the battle until the battle would begin and the journey would begin. And then they would realize who they were going to attack and who the enemy was. But in the Battle of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam specifically told the Muslims exactly where they were going. And the reason for this and even still today, if you try taking a car or a bus, up to sibuk from Medina, is seven hours by car, seven hours

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by car, and the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was his companions. Were going to travel this land seven hours by car, and that's almost a double bar around double the distance from Medina to Mecca and racing to get there, it would take maybe seven days. And so they were going for weeks into the heat into the desert. And it wasn't wintertime, but it was in the middle of the summer. And many as were revealed about this incident, for there were the monesi pain that stood back and didn't want to go with the process of the lohana who was sent them. And they said lesson zero self harm, don't go out in the sea. And there's no shade in those when you're walking in the desert is just barren.

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And Allah subhanaw taala says, When Johanna shall say that the fire and the heat of Hellfire is more intense and more severe than this summer heat. And so the prophets that Elias and him went out, and they were companions, that because of sincere excuses, they were not able to accompany the prophets of Omaha to send them in his journey. And Allah subhanaw taala even mentioned these companions, and other is that they would turn around crying that they weren't able to go out in the battle. And when the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was in this progressing with the companions, he said Salaam Mahal and he was telling them that indeed, in Medina, are people still there, that there's not a valley

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that we cross over, or a mountain pass that we go through, except that they are with us, everywhere we go. And the companion city out of soda law, even though they're in Medina, and the province of Milan and said and said yes, even though they're in Medina habits,

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that they were held back and weren't able to follow us because of sincere excuses.

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The brothers and sisters, sometimes you may see at Islamic schools or messages or anywhere you go, you'll see perhaps children. And rather than praying, they're more likely to be slain in the back of the messages. And there's usually a group of them and they're gathered around playing and sulla until maybe the principal comes or a headmaster someone of authority, someone they're afraid of someone they have Taqwa of comes behind them, they see him coming in the saw, and immediately the shoe outcomes. And they stand upright and devoted in their salon. Now their children. If and unfortunately, this is something a child does, and they do it unless and Panasonic wouldn't take

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them into account because they haven't reached the level of maturity. But once a person reaches a level of maturity, perhaps at the age 1213 1415 at that age when they reach puberty, and Allah subhanaw taala takes into account it's an adult, and many times adults perform the exact same thing. They do things other than for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala there is an ingredient not only are we following the Sunnah of Rasulullah saw the line is but in that center that we are following, there is an ingredient that makes or breaks rd

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That is a colossal delay Tyler that is doing this deed sincerely for the sake of Allah subhana wa tada and that inshallah will be our topic for today and Islam.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala commands in any kind of action as a loss of tunnels Allah told the province of Oman isn't in the Quran by the nose of the learning ministry upon a regime. We know quality one was okay.

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Any last any gala

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Nika O'Meara

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nimi Allah subhanaw taala says, say, oh Mohamed Salah lohani he was sending them inequality that verily all of my Saba all my prayers, when you Suki and my rights of sacrifice, one mafia, and my life, woman messy and my desk, the law here of bilad, I mean, or are for Allah subhanho wa Taala, the Lord of the words world luxury gala, there is no partner with him, will be there and eco minister, and with this, I have been commanded what they mean, and I'm the first among you of the Muslims. And in another verse, a verse that many of us have memorized in Serbian, Allah subhanaw taala says, One

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omeo illa de Abu Mohammed, Allah would be more colorfully fleenor Dena fonasa why you came

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to Canada was

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Allah subhana wa tada says woman, and they were not commanded with anything in except Leah Buddha law that they would worship Allah subhanho wa Taala. mostly seen sincerely insincerity to a loss of parents are doing it only for the sake of Allah LaHood mean

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sincerely to him in their religion, Vanessa inclining to the truth when you came to LA and they would establish the prayer to the calf and they would give their this hat and then Allah subhanaw taala says was Luca Dino pyjama and this is the correct game, the one that has this the flaw in defining a class androgyny rocking a whole lot more Tyler said that class is to not seek the audience of anyone when doing an act of worship, except Allah subhanho wa silence. When we look over the text of the Quran in the center, we find many verses that speak about Islam and they speak about Islam in different aspects of the Muslims life. And from this class that Allah subhanho wa Taala

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commences, if philosophy is lost in the oneness of Allah subhanaw taala and establishing the oneness of Allah subhanaw taala and having this loss in our ness in our intentions, you'll also see is in a Heidi speaking about a class in our a Bader which will include such things in their specific a hadith and is to speak about this such as in Salah, such as introduced, such as in cm such as in standing in Ramadan, pm Ramadan family and as a cause of standing in the night of the love of the message as a part of sort of life and instead in the head even the Colossus that is that cat and he saw the car in in touch and in Jihad and in Toba and endure and in honor citation of the Quran, and

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so much more. The is in a Heidi speak about Islam. In our verbal statements are statements that we make with our tongues sincerity in our applause that we do only for the sake of Allah soprano wisata sincerity and our Tilak was our placing our trust in a loss of personalizada in sincerity in absolutely everything we do.

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Commenting on the verse close on

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a levy hola como de was

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a San Juan Allah diversity says he who created death and life to test you live lucam and so many people they say, why have we been created and Allah subhanaw taala says, This is the answer to the evolution of a youcam accelerometer so that he would test you to see which of you is best in action. And so as always, if an Al Rahim Allah Allah, He said he a philosopher was horrible. He said, these are the actions that are the most sincere and the most progress. And so the students asked me, they said, Oh awali what is the most sincere and the most correct, colossal house? Well, he said, if a deed is done sincerely, and it is not done correctly, then it will not be accepted by Allah Subhana

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Allah and if a deed is done correctly, and it's not done sincerely for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala it will not be accepted, as long as he said, it must be done.

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Sincerely and correctly the two conditions sincerely as in for Allah subhanaw taala alone and correctly as in accordance to the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then he recited the verse, sermon kana yo yo Nico, beanie family on Liana

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Foley ha wanna

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he recited the verse from an Kenyatta Jew. So whoever hopes for the meeting with his Lord, Valium, Alhamdulillah. Ali, let him do and work. And you'll see here the key is working and actions are by intention working for Yama, let him do righteous work for Allah you should. So the first thing is that he has to do the deed correctly and of course, the sin of Rasulullah sallallahu what you should eat very bad syrup he had and he does not commit should and he does not associate and he does this deed sincerely for the sake of olanzapine Allah silence with Islam, a person can be saved from misguidance as Allah subhanaw taala he says Prophet used to follow his Sunnah from the seduction of

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the woman. And after all the things were ready for him, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, luckily enough to refine was to our structure in this way and thus, that we should avert from him and save from him evil and as such shared morality. And then Allah subhanaw taala says why he who mean a bad in a democracy in the very early he was one of our Muslim friends are sincere servants. And when Islam

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when a person has a floss and he lives his life, and does think sincerely for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala Allah can turn the tables in the last moment, and the person can be entered into gender. As we all know the story of the man that had killed 99 people murdered them, and he killed the hundreds when he told them there's no silver for you. And then he went out in search of Allah's mercy and he didn't even reach there and he's in search of Alice Tobin repentance, he died on the way to the village and Allah subhanaw taala because of his insincerity his sincerity, in trying to get the mercy of Allah subhana wa Tada. Allah allow him to enter agenda because of that, because of

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his love.

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And once a person is actually protected from the evil of JSON, he's protected from evil as JSON as Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, how Satan says that 10 away and as a marine that I will miss guide them and take them all away everyone, all the children of adults in either coming home or collapsing, except those servants of yours who are sincere to those ones who are described with a loss to a loss of

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loss. A person is saved from Hellfire and is granted lost the places in general and is granted a high position in general. So lots of panels are citizen sources. Well, you'll find him on a foreigner on a beanie miskeen. Team

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LA learn only Rumi

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Vienna, Yeoman Nabu, compone

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Allah subhanaw taala speaks about these people who give the food and feed people will put him on a farm to give and feed people miskeen and when the semen was here, to the orphans, and the needy people and the and the cast is and they say when they give them the food in NaNoWriMo committee was that we give you this food for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala for the countenance of Allah subhanaw taala learner de dooming condition that we don't see any kind of reward from you while as the cooler. We don't even need you to sanctions for this in a harmful middle of dinner, that we are doing this because we fear yo manabu some country, we fear a Day

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with fear a Day, we fear from our Lord a day severe and distressful. And then Allah subhanaw taala says, so called whom Allahu Allah. So Allah will protect them from the evil of that day, because they did things with Islam, and they did it for the sake of Allah not hoping to be thing and not hoping from any reward from the people amongst the panel dialysis. So we'll call whom Allah Who shall Raja nickel young won a Nobel

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Prize. He saved them from the evil of that day and gave them ratings and happiness and will reward them for what they patiently endured a garden

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And silk garments, a garden in general, and the silk garments that Allah subhanaw taala will give them to wear agenda from the Sierra. And this is also the Islam that the companions would come from the Sierra, we know that when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he conquered Mexico. And there was he was granting general amnesty. And he was allowing the people that come into this plant, there are certain people that he said that even if they were to hold to the curtain of the cabinet, they would still be killed, because of the great injustice that they did to Islam. And they would not be they would not be pardoned. And from these people as they came, even as the son of

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a man, who later became Muslim, as we'll see, probably alone, Tada. He escaped Mecca, and he left to the sea. And he had gone out. And in fact, his wife had become Muslim. And she later came to the Prophet of the Lord is speaking about I came, but actually met himself for the Aloha angle as he was leaving and trying to escape the Muslims. He came to the boat, and he went out into the sea. And then a huge storm came upon them, and they're in the sea. And so the owner of the boat, he said to them, I said, great moment, and he shouted over the waves, and the thunder and their boats would be destroyed. He said, A flee to the in

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the Sudan, comerciais. And Havana. He said, make your job sincerely to Allah, for your idols, and your Gods can avail you in no way at this moment. And then I kill him who was a very smart person. He said, he said, Well, logging in Lem unit Genie mineral battery in learning class,

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in a genie filled battery, he said that by Allah 34, sp 32, Allah can only save me in the sea, that on the land, nothing except the class.

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And so he made, he raised his hand. And he said, Yeah, Allah, that if you save me from this, from this position that I'm in now, you have an oath upon me that I will go to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and I shall not stop until I put my hand in his hand. And so I sent him probably a lot more and who, in fact, the prophets of the line I said him when he was coming, he told them that a team is coming to you as a Mohajer and a Mujahid who do not curse his father. And so I see my team, and none of the companions said anything about him because of who he wasn't. In fact, he had fought and you'll hear the story in the Battle of often when filing their lead circuit around spectating

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was on the other side, actually, he was in the Battle of her and had caused the overturn against the Muslims in the battle, and had so many companions had died in that activity, or the Allahu taala. And he later went, and he fought in so many battles, and his father had told him in one of the battles to come back to him and not go into so deep into the enemy territory. And he said, leave me for you to not know what we have done before. And he fought and he fought until he was killed. So he probably lost the brothers and sisters, we have to understand that there are certain things that contradict our love of Allah subhanaw taala, from these things are at the form, these things are

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sumar from these things, our agenda, or urges, here is when a person does something, the word to do is to show off. And so the person does a good deed and acts of worship, just just to show off to the people.

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And so for example, a person would donate a large sum of money only so that the people would say he was generous, or a person would go out for jihad, only so that people would say he was courageous, or a person would recite the Quran only so that he would do would be said that he has a beautiful voice, and then forbade him a whole lot. He said, it's a very profound statement. He said total kilometers. And as the nurses that he was meant as a nurse, he should have won a class and called a philosopher, and you RC cola home in Houma. He said, to leave in action, because of the people his idea. And in fact, some people they say, Well, you know, I don't want to leave the prayer, because I

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don't want people to see me and how great I recite this is actually the this is the when a person steps back, he doesn't do the action because people are looking if he normally prays to center and the people are looking to I don't want to pray my center because people are gonna say I pray extra singers. This is the he said and to do the action because of the people is sheer and sincerity to Allah subhanaw taala is that Allah would protect you and save you from both of these.

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The other thing is summer, which is similar to the but as the province of the learning system says in his has Allahu Mahajan. laryea a few Howard asuma. He said, Oh Allah has that has no showing up and no summer and the scholars have differentiated between the year and summer. And they said summer without hearing is to show off with a verbal statement. As you see some maybe Arab countries or something. When something happens to the Muslims in Philippines, they may come out and say things big words that we're going to do this and

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I'm going to do that. But then nothing happens that if a person does such a thing only, so that the people will say that they are courageous, but the people will say that, oh, have a position and they don't have as lost to Allah subhanaw taala for what they're saying, This is Samar. And also we have a job or our job, which is the cousin of Maria. And that's not that a person does things for other people, but he does deed. For example, He may go for hikes, and then he becomes pleased at the good deeds that he has done and thinks very highly of himself. He said that I have done this, such and such a good deed and I have done that. And these things,

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are a poison of a person's good deeds, and can destroy them and cause them to not be accepted by Allah subhana wa, asylum Yaqoob, and my full name a whole lot of data, he used to say, the sincere one, and lucullus the sincere one is a person who hides his good deeds, just like he hides his bad deeds.

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In one of the battles that the Muslims waged against the Romans, there was the party or the general Muslim. And as he was, he was leading the battle. And they were surrounding a city that was fortified with a huge wall.

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And because of the CD ROM, they were there for months standing on the outskirts of the city, holding up the people inside the city, the army that was taking shelter inside the city until a soldier came one night to him. And he said, Oh, muslimah, I have bore a hole, I have cut a hole into the wall. And it's just large enough that a skinny soldier can get through. And what that soldier needs to do is fight by himself, the entire army on the inside and open the gates so that we can attack. And so muslimah Rahim Allah has Allah He sent out words to the to the soldiers to less force, so that someone would volunteer to go in and fight the entire army. And so that night, someone volunteer,

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and he entered, and there was a huge rush, and the door was open, and the Muslims conquered the entire city. And they were victorious. And so muslimah Rahim, Allah to Allah was very pleased that what happened, so he told this person, he said, such a good number. He said, The first of the holes to come forward, let him come forward so that we can give him such insight. So no one came forward. And so the second day, he sent out the word and the third day, and no one was coming forward. Until on the fourth day, a man came to muslimah. And he said, I have news of the person who volunteered to go through that hole. And so my son, I said, Tell me who he is. He said, but he says that he has

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three conditions before he exposes himself. And so let's demonstrate what are the conditions? He said, firstly, that you do not try to compensate him for what he did. He said, secondly, that you did not tell anyone who he is. And that Thirdly, that you do not ask for him to become to come present and to come forward anymore after this. And so muslimah agreed, and then the mentor to him, and he said, I'm the one who went through the hole, and he turned away and walked away. And so muslimah Rafi mahalo Sahaja he said that he was often heard in his Salah, praying, Oh Allah, Allahu murjani mouth off and he said, Oh Allah, on the day of judgment, make me with that person who went

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through the whole akula Kohli has stopped for a while he was when he said he didn't Muslim You know what, it must be nice to still fill in the whole whole hustle with over

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100 Allah who offered her salatu salam ala Milena de vida coda.

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He brothers and sisters, this topic of sincerity is something that not only Muslims, and we have it in our Deen and it's such a key part of our Deen, but even the kuffaar they talked about it, and they've studied it, and they searched out for it. There's actually a Greek philosopher, a cynic philosopher, by the night by the name of and they have weird names. His name is

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field Genie. And this philosopher, he his idea was that there was no such thing as a sincere person.

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saris diosgenin, he said, There is no such thing as a sincere person. And so to prove his point, and in fact, the English have this thing that goes to search with the lantern of diosgenin. And so this diagenesis he went through Athens, and he would take this lantern in broad daylight during the day, and you would go out to people with this lantern. And when the people would say to him, what are you doing? He would say that I'm looking for a sincere person. But Indeed, Allah subhanaw taala created the human beings and a lot of panelists, ohana gave them the ability to have sincerity. And we know this as Debian meszaros called the Aloha Masada and when people would advise he would give them

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advice about seeking knowledge, he would say that's the Mona Lisa.

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The turnout will be super high. Only today it will be his fuqaha only facility will be he will do. Eli Webster will be holy como para la commande de la jolla.

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He said that

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for the Allahu anhu. He said if your intention is for one of three things than do not seek knowledge, he said, firstly, if you seek it to shame the ignorant people, or you seek this knowledge, just to argue and debate with

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or you seek this knowledge, just so people will turn their faces towards you. He says what so that in turn with your actions and words, that which is with Allah subhana wa tada For indeed, that which is with Allah shall remain with humbleness, including your brothers and sisters.

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And they'll claim for him a whole long silence. He said,

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The deed without sincerity, or like a traveler, who carries his water jug full of dirt,

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or like the traveler, these are his hazama like this water just he carries it. But instead of water in his junk, he carries dirt. He says the carrying of this water jug it burdens him when he reaches his destination and on his journey, it will avail him in no way. And similarly when a person does honor and lives as a Muslim, but he doesn't do it sincerely for the sake of Allah. It is like this man who carries the water jugs full of dirt. May Allah Subhana data make us from those whose deeds are done in accordance to the Sunnah deeds that are done sincerely for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala in the lahoma lunarlon nivi Yeah, you are living in follow Allah He was sending notice Nima,

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Lama Allah Allah Muhammad Anwar and implement him now for later Allah Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim for the column from Eduardo de Mohammed. Salah Ibrahim Ibrahim Majeed Allahumma Filipina woman Justina was he been our ebina was awaiting our Sabina was occurring on Santa Allahumma. Hagar humanness Aki here

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went off at home in NASA with a man in the lung and mobilizing he will.

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He will corba and in fact, he will move

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from La La come to the code for the court of law the med wash guru Hall and the army as well as equal Allahu Akbar Allah