Bashar Shala – Why Did Uthman Burn The Quran

Bashar Shala
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We shot a la start tonight, a new biography of one of the brightest stars in the sky have a slam one of the beacons, the Sega clone, the ones that proceeded ahead on the way of our last panel Carl and his profit on a consultant and became a role model for Muslims for all times, to follow

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with their behavior to the Columbia,

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with their behavior with their following of the true following of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and we have finished with the grace of Allah with him the left hand to Allah The to halifa after a process of audio cinema boubakeur Soviet may Allah be pleased with him and American kebab and follow, may Allah be pleased with him. And naturally, we start with the biography of the moraine, with Magnus and viola, who is

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a man of grace, and

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his philosophy was for about 12 years, we know that the law firm lasted about 10 and a half years, and he was assassinated at the age of 63 years old. And that's the same exact same age that Abu Bakar was he passed away at and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam passed away at Atlanta fan became halifa at the age of 70. So he was even at that point more senior to both of them at the time of their death, as my son was born and his name is a fan of our fan. Ignore at the last moment, yes, omega has been shown signal abdomen f it mucosa blue color. So he belongs to the tribe of Quraysh. And he is from the clan of omega omega. The climate for my year were known to be the from the elite

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of polish. They are not only the richest clan of Croatia, but they're the most influential in the political atmosphere in Croatia, and they're one of the strongest clans of Croatia, and of the clan of Romania we know that many people came with after a smile, a fan of this famous people actually that stood against the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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Abu Sufyan, even Howe, who was also from the climate familia, and from this same clan of Romania comes the whole dynasty of Romania philipa that took its capital in Damascus later on. So it's none of my fan belong to this rich and influential clan of polish and that is the clan of Romania. And he was born in Romania in Polish in Mecca, the sixth year after and feed. So that was 576 after Christ, and Othman is 66 years younger than the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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was introduced to Islam and was invited to embrace the true way of Allah subhanho wa Taala but none else but Abubakar sadaqa Viola Han and it is not a good that is man I'm not a fan is the fourth person to embrace Islam altogether after Abu Bakar so do can we know howdy Joe was the first Deacon zaidan harita, who was in the house of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and then immediately, Iceman have an affair and he was the first man outside this very small circuit, circle of people around the Prophet sallallahu wasallam became the almost the first person to embrace a stem so he is truly from a savvy goon from doors and the forefront of Islam.

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Before Islam as none of my son and after Islam was very long, incorporation was very well liked in college. And even as the mothers would sing lollipop lolly lolly buys to their infants to their children, they would sink to them.

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As men, they will say I love you by black men as priceless man. That means that Christ was so much in love with a smile why was what was provided so much in love with this man because of his manners. Because of his generosity. He was known was of his politeness with his shyness and after

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slammed that became even more so and more apparent as he added to this his natural good behavior, the behavior in the matters of Islam and what he learned from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And it was well known that as

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masala Holly he was selling them, when when anybody would come to him or salon salon to sell them would not change the way he was sitting or the way he's dressed except when a man would come into the quarter frosted masala is 11 to the modulus of Rasulullah salam, ala rasulillah salam wa sallam, if he was sitting, laying down, he would sit up on he would put his garment upon himself and they would say, What's wrong, that's a muscle to sell. And he said, and asked him and Roger Lin, that's the human who said, I feel shy in front of a person that the Malaika the angels of Allah subhanaw taala feels shy when he comes in because of his politeness, and because of his natural shyness.

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And I've met him last time became very close to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and as the rest of the Sahaba he suffered what Muslims paid. And that early stage of Islam is they had to be abused and persecuted. And a man of my friend was persecuted again and polish and the one that that was that was given the mission of

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torturing Earth man, I'm not a fan was as the as it was usual, his his family, his his clan, and heckum

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became the torture of madness. And, and he would tie him down and he would beat him. And they would, would tell him, why don't you leave? What what you are doing and go back to the religion of your parents if you're

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of your clan, and that was a heck of

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a year. And then he will say the law, he learned that whoever didn't follow the law will not leave that. And I will not deserve the profits of the law. How do I send them so he was left to go on because of his status and crush. But what they did is they tried to do some economical embargo, because he was a rich man, he was well to do merchant he was somebody who's got wealth, and he inherited a lot of wealth from his father. So they would not buy

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from us man and they will not try to sell us man and earth man would not care and he would go on supporting the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with his finances. And just like Abu Bakar, he would pay to free slaves, and he would pay to support Muslims during the darkest years. And he continued to do that, as later on. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said one time, that one of the most the people that most likely to resemble the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And Ibrahim was a man of no offense. as men, I'm not saying not only took the manners of the prophets of Allah to send them but he also had physical likeness that is reported in the books of history.

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The most important thing that I'm not a fan of one of the most important thing that we know off is now every every mishap we hold, we will be working on it. But wrestling of money and money writing that always have that is, according to the of many writers was this not by nobody else, but

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the story for that is during the Armenian battles the battles of Armenia and Azerbaijan, we spoke how a lot of hip hop had sent some Sahaba to a sham to Iku factor and bustle LA to Egypt to have schools of religion. And Ellen Medina. What happened that in Armenia, some armies gathered from Syria from a sham and from an Kufa and they had two different schools of Cora.

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Some of them read according to urban advocate, and the other of a sham, and the other one according to other Musashi. So they started having conflicts. This is how you should read this. No, this is not how you should read it. This is how it's read. And some of these conflicts actually escalated. And who they suddenly came to El Medina and before he does anything he went to

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Nepal just about not translating this, I just did not have time. So I cut and paste it in Arabic but I'll translate it here. He went and he said, yeah, we need more. We need a break in us. rescue the Muslims help the Muslims. That's nice said what is what is going on what is serious, he said was true for Jamia.

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karate obey. He said in Armenia, the army

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From Sherman armies from Iraq from an Iraq and the people of Assam leading the way of obey

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this law I'm in Iraq and in Iraq never heard this citation before the way of the citation. Some words may give slightly different meaning

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and Iraq to say the sankofa, this is not Qur'an. He said this is going to become a fitna

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karate Massoud Abdullah Massoud, and then Kufa, the people of Iraq. And then

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the people of a sham will say, No, you this is all this is not current. So he said, this is a fitna that's about to start. And then he said they didn't know who he was, they didn't have it, they didn't have it is the same for hobby, that aboubaker a phobia, as to gather the Quran between the two the in one book, the mishap, now, this is different. The mishap is there, it is now alone, what the must have is that the different different ways of writing different

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pronunciation that that was common at that time. And yet, these new territories did not have that much knowledge of what the call is from and fancy how to store it unless it was piece bits and pieces still, and most of the knowledge of Al Quran was so focused and concentrated in these named cities in a coup final busline in Medina, but the rest of these new servers they had nothing, no reference to go by.

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So he said saving the Sabbath was broken off man said he said it probably almost half and then you have to write the most half on one on one narration. So the way the collection of the Koran had seven steps, by a man of an effect, first thing you have to do I legendary at the back of some deal, that this was based on the collection of Abu Bakr sub deal, then all that work that was done by on the time of Abu Bakr severe will not be wasted. And this collection of the Quran will be based on that most half.

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Then this the whole collection of data with habits and the people with him and yet with the hobby that are all or therapies on Koran, there will be supervised by the police that are supervised by the police self, because he is an authority on Quran because he is one of the writers of the way of the Quran and he is one of the people that are the teachers of Quran as we said,

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then everyone, everyone that had anything from the last half of the Quran heard from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam origin will be brought to this committee that is headed by JW sabot supervisor.

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And there's plenty of other four habits that are all authorities on Quran we're all review these things. Then when there is a conflict when there is still a discrepancy, there is a problem in the pronunciation. It goes on the language of the reference will be the way I say it, that will be the final thing that will go into the Quran. Then, everything that has been canceled we know some of the areas called admin Sue, has been cancelled, it was there and Allah Subhana Allah ordained that it would be lifted from the Quran that will not be there. What would make that man Sue? We know in the last year of the life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that he usually in every oma bond

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here is used for an with gibreel one shot. And the last year he reviewed it with jabril twice. And in one of them they didn't know that it was presence. He would hear the Prophet reciting the Quran and he will know what the Prophet is saying and the very last final observation of the Quranic carry and anything that was not there. It's not considered Quran. any area that is somebody said oh, I heard this if it's if it's not in that last three citation of the Prophet was Dobrynin it is not considered of the Quran.

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And then the letters were letter by letter and that last three citation will be fixed and that final book, and then after that, it will be reviewed by a different author. That's because everybody is working on it all these 12 will be working on it and now they will come to a final copy and zaidan the fabric himself will review it. Then after they finally reviews everything and submits that final hold on to our amount of time which is the through version of Quran. Then he asked paragraph and review with himself. And then he approves the authentication of the Quran as it's heard, word by word letter from lower by letter from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and that's how they

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wrote that first must have

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with the writing that is now today known as the writing approach men have not found or are not happy with money, and that was called and misshapen enough that almost half an inner, it's so good today that is the same book, the same Miss half that Atlanta fan was reciting. He kept it to himself as his private Miss half, and he would recite the Quran from grandma's half, and he was killed while he was reciting that, and his blood is on it today. And it's in some bull, it's in

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the capital of Turkey today, and that was kept in reserve man and then Medina. There were six copies made. The sixth cut. The second copy was to be in Medina as the reference for the Madani school. The third one was to go to Mecca, to be a reference in Mecca for the Maquis school. The first one was to go to a sham to Damascus. The fourth one was to go to Al Kufa and the sixth one was to go to Al Basra, some historian says there is up to 12 actually, not only six but most authentication that they will say that a fan has authorized the * and everything else is actually a copy and a true copy of these six months I have that they started with

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my concern.

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The question is, how would he know how would What makes you say that thing and authority here he was, the Quran was basically his life. This is what he would recite. And this he was not only a half of he was also a teacher of our Koran. Like many other Sahaba took it upon themselves to become the Quran authorities. And of them we know many, many of them died during the Battle of Allah Nana that they used to be the teachers of the Quran. And that's why Abu Bakar decided to at least preserve that that that original copy of the Quran as Allah subhanaw taala promised in Venezuela Zico and Malala. Happy Look, I was gonna excuse me revealed this Quran and he will protect it and preserve

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it. And that was the first step at the time of Abu Bakar xAPI be thought of himself is one of the highest authorities we know Koran, among the Sahaba. And he supervised that second collection by a man of no offense that went beyond what is the areas and what are the sutras and what is the the the order of them? It went into the very intricate details of how you pronounce each word and what why is this different from other? And how how, how to preserve the the letter by letter. So that's what made the Sabbath and authority on Quran I don't know if that answers.

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The reason being

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I'm trying to actually bring some examples and because even that very first

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copy was there, Arabic writing was not mature at that time. So and there is no like, there is no

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vowels, and nothing in the in the Koran, and many words can be read the very same

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characters of the word, the very same drawing of the letters can do it in two different ways. And that's what

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we're having problems with and then you are having problem with is this can be lived like this, and it can be read like that. And they would read it like this, and I belong to this old will read it like that. And they will say no, you are wrong and you are wrong. So this is the right amount of money was there to say this is the way you do it. And this is the way you read it. And they left a few words that were that were okay to be pronounced in two different ways that will not change the whole meaning of the ayah or the two meanings were accepted. So that's why we have today seven types, seven

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ways of reading the Koran, none of them would conflict with the other none of them will do it wouldn't mean anything that would weigh the different from the other. That is just a different way of pronouncing these slides.

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In one book, but there was no no authorized copy to speak that were made of it. Number one, the other thing that same must have that had that they didn't have it and I will back up and and and at the time if I'm on top

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That's a must have was not being copied in an authoritative way and the writing of the words would still be changing when people try to rewrite the list. Now, what I wanted to do is to have a book that you and you know what happened after that is he said any other mishap has to be burned any other copy has to be burned. So the people when they say okay off man, when when the enemies have started to to to turn the thickness around, he said, they started calling Harlequin loss I have the burner of the Quran is not the burner of the car. As he said, he burns every single fajita every single paper of the Quran with all the Sahaba present. And with us instead, if he didn't do it, I

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will do it. And he said, had he not done that? I would do it. Because there should be no conflict of what the Quran is. There should be no mistake done about the car. I guess what you're trying to say is what is the difference between the masaba and the mishap of man? what the differences are number one in the new hodaka is in the in the in the what the Hamza is whether this has started being introduced initially into the Arabic language. And they started picking that and that was perfected in the thumb of Allah be followed later on. And the same mfah had to do exactly know how to pronounce and how to say these words, these books that we have today is an improved version of what

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is there because it tells us exactly how to make that lead and exactly how to say the words that was not available at that time. And people would would do whatever they want to do if they don't know Arabic.

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There were seven different viruses so in different ways.

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think Wait a sec, most of us restocking house most of what you hear from shirtless odors is mostly half. I mean,

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what's the cancellation?

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I'm sorry, I can barely hear I think this is getting taller, then then that's up here.

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I think I explained it very well. Let me just reiterate that, at the time of Abu Bakar the collection was not rewriting the most half was not putting a new book that saying this is the most habecker said anybody that has something authenticated that it came from the mouth of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam will be collected in that book and it was kept in at that and with with house with the daughter of Hamada.

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Now that had with that was written by many different people, not not one person. The other thing it had everything that was also cancelled from the Quran it was yes heard from the words in the mouth of the Prophet but in the last three citation it was omitted.

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This is well known in the Quran. So the writing of man number one is all written in almost half like we have it today and it had everything that is outside it's been canceled is omitted away from that book. That's that's the two major differences inshallah. So inshallah we'll stop here for selected a shot and the next session will not be on the next weekend in sha Allah not the next

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had that was written by many different people, not not one person. The other thing it had everything that was also cancelled from the it was yes heard from the words in the mouth of the profit. But in the last three citation it was omitted.

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This is well known and so the writing of man number one it is all written in almost half

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We have it today and it had everything that is outside it's been canceled is omitted away from that book. That's that's the two major differences inshallah. So inshallah we'll stop here for selected a shot and the next session will not be on the next weekend in sha Allah not the next

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