Akram Nadwi – Understanding the order of the Quran

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of " organize things" in the Quran and how it can be used to correct the heart. They also mention the importance of reading the Quran and finding the beauty of the order of the Quran to avoid "order of the century." The speaker emphasizes the need to purify one's mind and come to find the beauty of the order of the century.
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If you read odori you know really what is importers get out the hora selaginella all those stuff. Now when it comes to the Quran and the Quran your mind

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Khurana will be a book a disorganized

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because wudu comes in the Quran after so many sutras and Thurman come somewhere else, and the prayer is a scatter somewhere else. disorganized is like are you ready? curry, nice Akita Nika talaq so organize all the diversity in the Quran. Something about divorcing sutra dakara some incense insulted nessa some ensuite a lot

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nothing in the simplest you know you can see it now if you have read koduri now you have to put on what will happen Khurana will be disorganized. Who do you think really see how clever people are put everything nicely rice order all those things with the problem really you put a run in forestry mind you think this organizing thing with naturalization. Koran is not like that Quran not to put in the Koran knows the real thing the Heart Heart is the one who works Quranic way is to correct your heart It is not important that you keep put all those who is a plus or what are the press it's not important important thing is that you have got right heart then you can find it from every

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everywhere anyway. You know you can you can you know you could put information in certain parts for some time, people will be like

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Dude, he has put all the information he can to one of mine. Easy we have the Sahara selaginella

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I want to do research that how many times a name of a booster cause he has come to

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tell me what will happen. I have to read the Quran for beginners and not only that last chapter to use, including to read and not put our information equal to my ordering it or now to look directly whatever Quran has Quran has put its information. It has its own order. Now you want to know about divorce, you look everywhere, you'll find it but you need to read the book. If it's older, it will have different impact upon you. It will change your heart. It will teach you thinking the book karate book of thinking beauty of the heart. Allah has put information there in a way to help your heart to be purified in your mind to be sounding sound thinking. This is a different book. This is

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not a book of you know, this book of thinking. karate book of thinking in mind. Heart, it different different order notice a model you are in but when you have got one the one we are doubting the problem like in this universe. If you ask somebody like me born in a village in India is more tiny village where you can I can see that things are in right order at this house or they're the most is built to their you know everybody can have access to the most they've got a very nice idea of how to make a village

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I use the same now you say okay if you are you are have just to to make the whole art to view the mind might have mobility. So kill the thing he did the nice way of altering the whole universe would be that put all the mountains in one place it easy or the seas in one place all the rivers will place in all the all the planet and work plus that how my village is that all the farming areas in one place in all the hills are in workplace or the notice is so nice. Tell me what will happen all the beauty of university go because the worst world is not run by tiny in my mind a village The world is run by you know something greater than that had much more wisdom you need to understand the

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wisdom. You know all the mountains and hills they're scattered that the beauty the weather in the forest are scattered that's the beauty. You have to find the beauty it will not work out your argument your order your art is wrong. The very limited tiny like a like a frog in the world. You know it's what it does it does well to my my did happen to you read the now you are commanded Cora

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nothing for one karate buka after creator you notice it not same order. That was probably too many people think or no order. It does not have order because your information run your mind. You got information from

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doing every order cannot help you to find the beauty of the order of the Quran to complete different book, it needs something else. purify your clean your mind, come and find the beauty of the order of the Quran. Karina I should clean my mind from my village and then look in the universe says beauty we tie the order but that order has not occurred to the village does something completely different

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