Following Obedience over dreams and insights

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It couldn't be possible, it was certainly no doubt rarely, that people do certain things and they have their own experience and experience, you know, and because of the experience to pick up more columns, that what they do actually more and more writer, and very often people feel something, or maybe they see something. So they become very much impressed that you know, their techniques, their work in the right direction. But the problem really the very often many of these things that what people see the signs that people think they have seen certain signs, and sometimes people actually have certain feelings, that one should be very, very careful, because it really, really is it, there

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are so many cartoons in our mind, you know, sometimes some even dream free sometimes people see by doing certain things that they become so happy and they see sign of acceptance or something like that. They can press it, you know, and certainly like in Christianity also, it's very important also in many, many Hindu that they think they have to see something. So this the one should be very, very careful, because you don't know because what happens is, sometimes your mind is something and and because you have got certain deceptions of things that you see certain things, but not necessarily pure. So you know, that why the best thing really in this matter is, don't follow your see. Or you

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are the science, the Why is really obedience of Allah and His messenger. If you do what Allah commanded, even if you don't see anything, don't worry, you know, don't worry, you have seen, try to understand your discipline be proud of other people. When people do either large messenger command, that the best thing even in Dotty, for example, if you do what I learned was a command and you see that you are a Hellfire, don't worry, you will paradise. And if you don't do what the command, and you see that you are paradise, that is the Hellfire to this thing, really it has so many problems, you know, the only pure seeing seeing other prophets and messengers, they vary, even the Prophet the

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messengers, not necessary they see clearly they see some time in a different language, like the price a lot of news, sometimes they see slaughtering their son, sometimes they see you know, drinking the milk biting something as to when you see something does not have the same meaning what you have seen, it could be another meaning some type of people see the Prophet sallallahu sallam, but the meaning now that you are near to Him, it could be meaning that he wants to warn you. So people need to understand the meaning of that as well. That's why the best thing in this matter is to live up to the obedience of Allah the messenger, even if you don't see anything, don't worry. If

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you do the prayer five times on the right time, you follow holla and harangue, don't this obey your Lord, You are near to him. But if you see millions of the things, but you don't do these things, it is very dangerous. It is not really seeing or not seeing it is really obedience, that criteria measurement the obedience of Allah and His Messenger not that one myth. That was a total lie. What I thought was really obeying Allah and His messenger.