Jordan Peterson’s Message to Muslims after his Interviews with Hamza Yusuf & Mohammed hijab

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Hi all Bismillah Alhamdulillah Salam aleikum, greetings of peace. It is time for those of you in the Muslim world as if we have some deep embedded religious conflict and a hate between Jews and Muslims and that is so deplorable despicable. Now we have a special episode, some recent events have developed some news has been brought to our attention. I've been informed by many sources about the famous Jordan Peterson that I have developed an audience in the Muslim world

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that the Muslims, suddenly these guys allegedly hate Jews now real quickly who is Jordan Peterson for as an outsider, you have no idea how much you don't know about what you don't know even you're blind to your own ignorance. Jordan Peterson is a Canadian clinical psychologist, YouTuber author and a professional professor emeritus at the University of Toronto, he began to receive widespread attention from the Muslim community when he stood firm against the attack on the children in the schools and all swear by the alphabet movement. And he had other stances where he was brave enough to come out and stand firm on. And he was also brave enough to have a few Muslim personalities on

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his program. And these interviews that he had with these, I don't, I wouldn't say that I have a tangible understanding of Islam personalities, he pulled back, he adjusted. And he admitted that he knew very, very little about Islam as a religious system, a system of thought Islam has remained relatively opaque to me, despite the fact that I've done a reasonable amount of historical reading. And even though he had all this knowledge in many other areas, his blunder that he made about Prophet Muhammad being a warlord, he ended up taking that back. In fact, the I will actually argue today that the New Testament representation of Jesus Christ in His Second Coming is way more violent

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than hundreds conquests. In the Medina, the term warlord that you use with the Prophet you've never used with Harry Truman you've never used with with Roosevelt you've never used with Winston Churchill, all of which conquered countries literally in wars, he was also someone who we had high hopes for, as he got to listen to the Quran, who will lie ruler, the ILA who Alima viewership are some of the basics of Islam with people such as Muhammad hijab, and the bare bones basics is first to say that we believe in God, one God worthy of worship is that this would disqualify something like the Trinity from being true. And in fact, the Quran this is the Islamic position is vehement in

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its opposition towards a Triune God and Hamza Yusuf. I'm trying to figure out how to be a Jew and a Christian and a Muslim at the same time, get by become Muslim. That's the best way because the beauty of Islam is you get the Old Testament, the New Testament in The Last Testament, I mean, that really is for me, even the Jews acknowledge this, because Islam, in many ways, is a universalized Judaism, it's Judaism for the Gentiles. And we were very excited that he was going to come around except a pure monos theism of the worship of the Creator, not the creation, but sadly enough, with all that excitement, he had a message to the Muslims and we were thinking maybe he's going to come

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out and say, let you know hit Allah. There's nothing worthy of worship. This is in the fitrah in the human being that have except it created the heavens and earth.

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And he made another blunder, so we're going to discuss that blunder. And he gave the Muslims some action items and we're gonna give him some action items. Zoni fair with my next guest, Dr. Sofia Ahmed Salam aleikum, Doug Seville wake up. There are over 300 million Americans that don't know what Islam is. This is why we are opening the deen center. The first of its kind 35,000 square foot Dawa center and Masjid to show America the beautiful message of Islam inshallah with your help and donations we can close on the property launch nationwide our programs a state of the art production studio for online content and an on site data center to show what true Islam is donate right now may

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God Almighty Allah reward all of you

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Polycom masala where I'm with Allah, peace of peace and blessings of Allah be upon YouTube ready, ready. And to the listeners. Thank you for joining us. Let's get right into without wasting no time get into the video the message to the Muslims that Jordan Peterson just made. His message essentially boils down to this. Hey Muslims stop fighting with each other well

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Leave the Jews and Christians alone your true enemy is within. So make new pen pals with your imagined and perceived enemies of Islam. And then we'll go ahead and dress it made a blunder to pass made a blunder again, let's see what we can we can go ahead and address this. It is time for those of you in the Muslim world, to stop fighting among yourselves, you Shiites and Sunnis.

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And also time to stop regarding the Christians, and even more specifically, the Jews as your enemies. Why? So your best bet on the spiritual warfare front is to make of yourself and your Muslim practice something so admirable, that the light shining from your well constituted psyches and productive generous and wise actions is so intense that people convert to your faith from sheer admiration.

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There is a goal, Muslims reach across the sectarian divide

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Shiites. Find a Sunni pen pal, communicate with someone on the other side, Sunnis do the same.

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And then maybe reach out tentatively, to a Christian, or even heaven forbid, a Jew. Is there someone in the Muslim world willing to build an electronic system to bring people from the Sunni and Shiite community together, a place where people of goodwill could reach electronically across the divide person to person, and to formulate the kinds of personal trusting friendships upon which a lasting peace truly might be founded.

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A place where Jews and Christians are willing and eager to open communication with their Muslim brothers might do just that.

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There is a task for someone looking for a purpose. And it's an open invitation to do just that. If you build it, they will come.

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If you build it, get in touch with me. You'll figure out how to do it. And all publicize it.

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Thank you, all my Muslim listeners. All right, doc Seville. So where do you want to start?

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Alright, Bismillah Rahmani Raheem, ah, I don't know where to start. You know, I mean, this video is, in a way, a bit shocking for me. You know, I have been watching Jordan Peterson for many years now. I and I really appreciate many topics that he have done, and the values that he holds the which aligned many times to the Islamic values and the Quranic values. So we appreciate that, that he has good intention, hopefully right in his heart when he made this video. However, I believe this video is really not well thought of. It's really over simplistic, and many, many ways it is wrong.

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So where do I start? I mean, I don't even know where to start. So let's start off with the Sunnis and the Shiites that he mentioned. It's kind of like before you go on, go on from there. You know, it's kind of like somebody's throwing out like you had mentioned. And now you have to go ahead and unpack all of this. We've done so many different programs on it. We just had a meeting, you had a discussion with a Christian pastor, and he came at it with some of these bogus claims that the Muslims, suddenly these guys allegedly hate Jews. It's like someone what was beautiful examples, like someone saying, When did you stop stop beating your mother? Alright, someone asks you these

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kinds of questions, throws it out there. And then you have to go ahead and now unpack this stuff when it's a lot of these untrue statements. And now you're spending time if the person would have did some homework. First off, in a single six minute 51 second recording, Peterson manages to squeeze in every stupid white man's trope ever told about Islam, Muslims and the Middle East. And like you said, well put some plants on education, proper education really thought to sell thoroughly. You see Peterson wants you to believe that Muslims are backwards and barbaric. While white dudes just like him are educated, enlightened and civilized. Ignorance is something that's

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affected him before it's a choice. He's never read a single book on the history of the Middle East, like ever. And he got called called out but he was it seemed like sincere and he pulled back with the warlord comment member of Prophet Muhammad. So it's on. And then he had the interview with Muhammad hijab and he pretty much stepped back pulled back from that. So I just wanted to point that out before you go on. The I think this is very important that you know, when you throw these accusations, you throw certain things out. And you have you have untruths in there, and now we have to come back and be trying to be on the defensive. So please go ahead.

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So one statement that he made is about Muslims should stop hating the Christians and he said, You know, God forbid if you start hating the Jewish people

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You know, this is such a wrong statement because Muslims we don't hate the Jews, because when he made the statement that Muslims should stop hating the Jews, it appears it gives the perception as if every single Muslim hates every single Jew. Is that not the perception was already there is exactly this. It's the same Pat is different packaging from when the pastor that we had on and he says Does your book teach you to hate causes infidels teaches you to hate Jews and Christians? Well, my my primary issue with

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Allah Akbar, Islam, whatever you want to call it is that they have no love. They don't love the Christians and Jews and Indian Koran unless they have changed it. They say about the Christians and Jews are infidels. And I haven't heard it a group of so called leaders of the Muslim votes come out and denounced that from birth. That is okay to just see the Christians and Jews, you can just see them, you can befriend them in order to destroy them. And it's okay to lie to them in order to destroy them. And so I'm just concerned about that. And I know what this is just a different packaging. Yeah, so Muslims only have problems with anyone who is oppressing other humans, by the

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way, we have problems. I mean, every human should have problem every human should fight the oppressor. It's a great Lytro by all colonial powers, and in favor of the oppressed. So when we say that, you know, we have some friction, some problems with some Jewish people. It is only those Jewish individuals who are oppressing the Palestinians, and the Christians up there, by the way, the Muslims and the Palestinians only them. Only those Jewish people who have stolen the land and occupying the land and taking away the dignity and the lives of the of the innocent people up there. Yes, we have problem with that. I mean, the whole world should have problem with that.

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So there is not a single passage brother Eddie, that gives a blanket statement that Muslims should hate Jewish people or any race, or any culture or people of any faith. There is no such statement by the way.

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You know, when I read the Bible, the Old Testament and the New Testament, actually there are more things in the Old Testament and the in the New Testament, that speaks against the Jewish people, how they broke the law, how they're deceiving God and how they are trying to cut the corners and fryer and trying to have loopholes. Even Jesus peace be upon him in the New Testament. He said many things right and left. Quran does not even say those things, by the way against the Jewish people.

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But important brother Eddie, for us to look at from a historical point of view, and I was hoping that Jordan Peterson would have done the homework and look into history and find out that what is the cause? What is the problem of the Muslims and the Jewish people in that region. He has not done the homework and he's just making a blanket a general statement. So when we look into the history, what we will find out is first and foremost, the Quran respects Jews and the Christians and call them as people of the book. Because prophets, many prophets were sent to them many books were sent to them as a guidance from God and for all of humanity. So 31 times Haoran respects and calls the

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Jewish people and the Christians as people of the book. Number two, if Muslims were hating the Jews, you know, there's the perception it creates, why would Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him when he moved from Mecca to Medina, in the year about 622, one of the very first things that he did, he he formed the Constitution call as the Charter of Medina, in the Charter of Medina, it says that the Muslims and the Jewish people we would be one people, we will look out for each other, we will protect each other in a we will not side with the enemy, right. So Muhammad sallallahu alayhi, Salam peace be upon him. He gave identity, he gave the rights he gave autonomy, right? And he gave the

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freedoms to the Jewish people. When the rest of the world at that time, they were compromising the Jewish people. And they were at the brink of extinction. You know, there is a professor whether at His name is Dr. Dr. David Borenstein. He's a Jewish professor. He's a Jewish scholar in 2012. In the Jewish Chronicle, he wrote an article and the title of the article was this. So what did the Muslims did for the Jews? And the very first sentence he mentioned in there is that Islam saved the jewelry, Islam save the jury. This is an academic. This is a professor, this is a Jewish man who was making the statement Islam saved the jury So Islam saved the jury, the Jewish people

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But how did they get to that if their book or if they had this hate that he's talking about, and this further creates a divide in division because people will take this as a different packaging. Just like again, you had that other pastor packaging. And one way it's more aggressively, but this way more like more intellectually. And you would think and now this also creates this like, oh, they hate us now, you know. And now that opens up the door. He thinks he's doing some good, but what are you doing? You're opening up the door for why is he not addressing? If he if if he's really sincere? Because the next thing he talks about his pen pal thing? I mean, you have I have I've had rabbis on

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the program since we have you Rabbi Shapiro. Are you related at all to Ben Shapiro?

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I am not in if I was, I would not admit it.

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Zionism which is the ideology that says Jews are a nation. Yeah. As idol worship, if you ask them that the Jews and Muslims lived in peace for for over 1000 years. And why is it suddenly now suddenly, now that the Muslims, suddenly these guys allegedly hate Jews? Clearly and and suddenly want to kill them? Clearly, it's Zionism. That's the problem. It's not Islam. And it's not most it's not Muslims against Jews. That's the main thing. We have to tell people. It's a political thing. It's Israel. It's not the Jews. They like to conflate it because this way, number one, they get the support of evangelicals. Number two, they have it's very easy to say if you're a Palestinian, you're

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an anti Semite. We were accepted. In these Muslim and Arab lands, we believe in one God and we were accepted. We have different ways of serving God and but yet, as they were respected, and even the Muslim religion requires of that of the the Muslim people to to provide protection and hospitality and they did carry that out. Let's clear, nobody could refute this fact. Although unfortunately, Zionism and the Zionist, Zionist, try constantly to vilify the Muslim people and try to recreate

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a scenario of as if we have some deep embedded religious conflict and hate between Jews and Muslims. And that is so deplorable despicable. And really, it's the words it's a Nakba. And let me try to explain, really, people have to understand, you know, through and word Zionism and this, what are we talking about here? What is it what most people are ignorant now when you hear Zionism? You know, what's the difference between Judaism and Zionism? A good friend of mine, Miko Pillet, for instance, who breaks bread and goes and to the other side there, the Gaza Strip, why doesn't he have someone like Miko pill it on his show? He's so much idea him I really love to see how courageous he is

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because he obviously he is a employee for the daily wire, which is by Ben Shapiro. And he's someone who's designed this i Why doesn't he have his buddy or him? Why don't they actually become pen pals with some of the Palestinian, the Muslim Palestinians out there in Palestine. And I think the Palestinians with the Muslims out there will be more than welcome to bring them over just like they brought over Miko Pilla and others, so many Muslims and Christians also who live in together in peace with Muslims who are being oppressed by certain group of people, designers, why don't they go and visit them, the people, and they'd be more than willing to be pen pals. Right? Why see the

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hypocrisy? But would would other people be willing to do that? Have them over for dinner? What do you think about that? That's a good action item. You know, he.

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Yeah, he keeps on saying, Okay, there's a task for you Muslims, right, somebody should take it and he's going to promote it. So there's a task item from Dr. For Dr. Jordan Peterson, that have these people on your show and look into the other side, the people who are oppressed, call him on his show. And then that will be a just way a fair way for him to assess the situation about the Muslims and the Jewish people. But again, if you look into the history, if Muslims were haters of the Jewish people, if that was the perception, or that is what he's going to think. Then you know, in that article, which I mentioned, Dr. Dr. David Borenstein, he mentioned that Islam saved the jewelry

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multiple ways in history. One of the ways is when the Christians were attacking the Jewish people the Christian superpowers of their time, it was Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him who gave the protection and the autonomy and the freedom the Jewish people. The second reason that Dr. David Borenstein, a Jewish professor, he mentioned is that in the Spanish Inquisition, when the Catholics of Spain and of Portugal they were forcefully converting them

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Muslims and the Jewish people throwing them off on the boats and into the rivers and the oceans. And they were literally killing the Jewish people. At that time, brother Eddie, the Jewish people that did not run to the Christians, or to the atheists or to any other country, they ran to the Muslims for their seclude for their safety, and Muslims, we open our arms, we open our homes, and we open our land. And we gave the freedom and the protection again, to the Jewish people. And then David, Dr. David Borenstein, he said again, that the Muslims were the ones in literally 1000s the Jewish people were protected in World War Two, when every every Christian country, every European country,

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they were handing over their Jewish people to the Nazi Party and to the Hitler. It were the Muslim countries of Turkey and Kosovo and Bosnia and Albania, even Iran, by the way, they wrote false documents to the Jewish cousins and the into the Jewish people saying that they are our citizens, not a single Muslim handed over a single Jewish person to the Nazis, you know, 75,000 Jewish people, they were saved by the Turkish Government. 2000 people that were saved by the Iranians, and 1000s more by the other Muslim countries. So Dr. Jordan Peterson, if Muslims and Islam, you know, hates the Jewish people, how come they're protecting the Jewish people all throughout history, even now,

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by the way, some of the oldest synagogues in the whole world, they are in the Muslim land.

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You know, just there's a lot of just hypocrisy and then the condescending tone, again, we still have hopes that inshallah God willing, he can get this. And you can see the response by many Muslims now that are talking about this. And it's kind of the narrative that as if all the problems are in the Muslim world, he also wants you to pretend the violence in Muslim majority countries is the product of ancient rivalries, and not the legacy of colonial divide and rural strategies, where other people are causing those problems as issues while people are getting shot up regularly. Here in Chicago, you have just recently you had the Highland shooting. This is a somebody if you look at who this

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person in his home, he comes from a Christian family, nobody's bringing up his religion. Nobody's mentioning anything about what churches father went through, or whatnot. Many people have disconnected from religion totally right. Because the man made concepts and the man made ideas in there. And he's from from here, you see, so so much like gun violence, you see so many. This is what Muslims would love to be a part of with Jordan Peterson things like this, that we could work together. But somehow it's like, distraction over there where people you know, you've heard this Rand report, where you have deliberate attempts to cause chaos and confusion and destruction in

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Muslim majority countries to rob them of their natural resources and whatnot, why doesn't he address these things? You follow me? When's the last time you had like? altercations? Of course, intellectually? We don't. We don't agree with many things. Right? Many practices, intellectually, Muslims will go ahead and based on on evidence and proof, have discussions or whatnot, but to exaggerate it to the point where and then you have in certain countries where people are deliberately causing these these things that are going on, he doesn't. He seems naive to this.

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As you mentioned correctly, many of the audience right, we are not well versed with the history of the Muslims, the Quran, Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, friction between, you know, some fractions in Palestine and different places, if people don't have knowledge, and if they don't know the history and the context. When Jordan Peterson when he comes and says these statements, it plays into the misunderstandings and the misconceptions. Actually, it backfires. It creates more hate and bias and anger between the communities. So there's a perception he's giving by his over simplistic and many times wrong approach to these important historical topics. That's the question now, I mean,

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he talks about what's in the heart. So you just if he's got to really be sincere with himself, because again, you there if you're working for some organization, and people who obviously have have really put out some derogatory false information, hateful information, fed into the lies and deception about Islam and Muslim he's working side by side with these individuals like Ben Shapiro and this organization and we're more than willing to work together we don't we're calling out come let's let's let's go ahead and work together on a common good right that there's what's the verse in the Quran where God Almighty

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is talking about let's come to a common turns between us and you that we worship none but the one creator that heavens and earth, let's come to a common term between us and you. So we're more than willing you will not find the people who are more I had just I had a person. And he knows the history would happen in Bosnia, not to get deeper into this. I just had a a clinical forensic expert. And one beautiful thing that was brought up there is one of the people from Bosnia. And this is the greatest genocide after World War Two lady and many Bosnians feel this way that, that there was a deliberate attempt by the church in this area, and we don't blame all Christianity and all

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Christians, obviously. But well, he condemned and tried to bring peace, let's say we'll give him another task either with the with the with the people in this community, where they have Muslims there who had these atrocities, atrocities had it done to them. And the forensic expert says he was really just surprised to see like, when he was asked, Would you forgive the people who did this? He goes, how do how can we forgive? Would they even have an ask for our forgiveness? Right? So loosens are at that point to forgive, but they're Muslims are some of the most oppressed people in the world. But you see how the media and the manipulation, you know, is happening. So the table is being

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turned turned oppressors, you know, oppressing, and then using the media to make it seem like they are the victims, and now you have him feeding into this. See the issue of Sunnis and Shias is a dead issue, by the way, if he's trying to bring it up, you know, looks like his mind is stuck, like in the late 70s. Good point. So that is looking now he's reviving this. Yeah, it's a dead issue. And even the war between the Iran and the Iraq, it's a proxy war between the two superpowers. I mean, I wish you he would have mentioned that. So it was a it was a war about power, right between the superpowers about greed and oil and land and occupation. It's not a theological war, unlike the war

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that we see the 100 year war used to be between the Catholics and the Protestants in Europe. So there is more friction going on between what do I say the European countries and within the US itself, so more lives and more oppression is going on right here in the USA, between the whites and the blacks, between the whites and the whites, by the way, right between the Democrats and the Republicans. So there is more friction, more oppression, more lives and more racism going on right here. And he's not picking up a dead issue about Sunnis and Shias without looking into the historical context and try to revive it. And that obviously is going to play in the

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misunderstandings and the misconceptions people have about Islam. So Jordan Peterson may have good intention to bring peace. But I would say that peace is not about signing the Abraham accord, right, people signing it, and automatically peace would be there. See, peace is the outcome of justice. If you give justice to the people, then the outcome would be peace, Justice in Palestine, by the way, where the land is taken away, that dignity is taken away. It's like a biggest open air prison up there. You have to have justice, about what's going on to the Muslims in China, various Jordan Peterson's voice against that the big concentration camps, 2 million Muslims, the biggest camps

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after the World War Two very is his voice. So justice has to be given up there. Justice has to be done to the Muslims in India, by the way, right and left, you know, lynching and all the killings going on and oppression going on about to be genocide. Very Jordan Peterson, right? Sunni. Shia is a dead issue, by the way. What about, you know, so many What about the Russia and Ukraine right there? I mean, this is a oppression both are supposed to be Christian countries are Christian majority countries. Forget about Sunnis and Shias? They're not even fighting right now. But these two Christian nations right there. Yeah, it's great in Russia, by the way. 1000s of people are killed

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more war is coming up, unfortunately. And the war is good, you know, getting spilled over NATO countries who are predominantly Christian, fighting a Christian predominant Russia, right. So if he's going to be overly simplistic, and saying, okay, Sunnis and Shias, we can say the same thing. Let the Christian countries come to peace, sit down, right. It's an over simplistic way for us saying it. So the best way Dr. Jordan Peterson, what he can do is he can present the topics number one in the proper context. Number two, if he feels that every life is precious, then he's going to address the topics of some Jewish people or pressing the Muslims in Palestine and things are going

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on in China. He should be bringing up the topics with a qualified guest, looking into the context speaking out against the way that he spoke out against these topics.

00:29:55--> 00:29:59

India by the way, right? He should get qualified Muslims speaking about that.

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proceeds which are happening up there. So if he feels that every life is precious, every soul is sacred in the eyes of God, then he should have, he should be speaking out against the oppression of every single human all over the world and not just pick up the debt topic of Sunnis and the shears. Alright, so let's give him some action items. And we're almost out of time.

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He, you know, we were I was really looking forward to because he was really, when his fitrah you know, this when he got to hear the Quran, he got to hear some of the teachings of Islam. You know, he almost cried. And you had him eager. He said he was I'm willing, and not just willing, he was eager to visit a house of worship, the Masjid a mosque. I wonder what happened with that. I wonder, when his employers got wind of this. I wonder, did he have to not make some adjustments? Is this a deliberate attempt, you know, to appease some of his masters here who are writing those paychecks? I don't know. You tell me what do you guys think? And the action items, one of them that suggested the

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pen pal thing. Great. Let's go ahead and get him and his buddy where they can have conversations you know, about Jesus, we you see, we love Jesus. We love to talk about him. But I wonder if action item I'd like to see him Come on, have a nice conversation. And let's see if his buddies there can really go ahead and come live on what they believe about Jesus. What what's their belief, like? What do they actually believe about? Jesus? I don't want to mention it here. Because, you know, it's, it's something that I don't think, you know, we don't even want to

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touch upon that it's very distasteful is very hurtful. It's blasphemous. So that's an action item right there. If he can get his buddies to be to create some pen pals in with the Muslims in Palestine, even the Christians there. That's one action item. What's another one talks about? I also was thinking of some action item for Dr. Jordan Peterson. I hope and pray that he's listening. First and foremost, read up on the history of the Muslims right number one, because I mean, if you if you don't have enough knowledge, and you should not be making videos touching upon these topics, secondly, read up read the Quran, by the way, and we can help you with that in the proper context.

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You know, many times he wants to bring solutions to the different problems around the world, I would say and by the end you can obviously you concur with me that Islam and the Quran in the life of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. It has solutions complete, comprehensive, beneficial practical solutions, and we can make you understand Dr. Jordan Peterson solutions against a breakdown of the family structure that you're so high up with, right racism, gun violence, extremism, suicides, homicides, drug problem, gambling problem, any problem that is there in the world. Quran has solutions, Islam has solutions, we can make you understand you so you can bring myself and brother

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Eddie on your show. And we can sit down topic by topic number three would be read up on the issue of Palestinians and the occupation from both the angles by the way, read up on the issues of the Sunnis and Shias. If you're going to make a video regarding that. Brush up your knowledge on Islam in general, the fundamentals and the practices. And last but not the least, you know, don't just stop at making videos with good intention about Islam and Muslims. You should make the videos about how the Christians should stop fighting how the Jewish people should stop their fighting how the Chinese and the Russians and you know Palestinians. All of these people are fictions are going on. So if you

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want to be complete and comprehensive with sincerity, if you want peace, all of these action items, and me and whether Edie would be more than happy. Just send us an email we'd be more than happy to appear on your show and discuss these topics. So Dr. Jordan Peterson one action item of the all the action items, pick up a copy of the Quran and look into the life of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, you will find out that Islam stands for justice, peace, unity, morality, solutions, and success for all of humanity. And I would if he wants to bring on a guest on his show to cover a topic in this region of the world. I highly would recommend he brings on someone like Miko. Pillet I don't

00:34:22--> 00:34:58

think it's gonna happen. But this is a Jewish man. This is an Israeli, bring him on your show, bring him on your show. Come on our show come and let's see if we can get you on the show. Jordan Peterson and we'd be more than willing to come on your show and the last action I this is what I would think. I think this will solve the majority of your issues and it goes into the heart. And if you open your heart and your mind and within yourself, you ask the Creator of the heavens and earth alone. You say the one who created me guide me guide me guide me. If you sincerely you don't have any intermediaries between you and your Creator and your sincerely ask the creator for guidance. Have

00:34:58--> 00:35:00

you ever done that? Have you

00:35:00--> 00:35:37

Have you ever done that ask the Creator of the heavens enter a loan for guidance. And then let's see what happens from there. This is this is an action item. I think that is one of the most important that a person really is sincere, not about the views, not about the popularity, not about the wind, fame and power and all these things. But at the end of the day, you will be just like all of us in the grave. And daily wire won't be there. Your buddy wants to be there. It'll be you in that grave. And you will be questioned about what you believed what you did with your audience with your time on this earth, and you will be questioned. And now this is what you got to prepare for Islam gives you

00:35:37--> 00:35:49

all the answers to that and get to know it from its sources. Be sincere with it and ask the One who created you for the guidance. Very simple plain, and we're out of time. Thank you Dr. Bill for being with us.

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