Sulaiman Moola – My advice to the youth

Sulaiman Moola
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Bismillah he was Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Wabag your Kulu JAL, Nevada vikita Hill Majeed woofer Connie Hill Hamid out bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Katara ballenas FSL boom welcome feed off let him Marleybone now Yachty him in Vikram Robbie him that in illustre Maru who won't be allowable instead of Allah who love them. So, mashallah I would like to put on record my acknowledgement and gratitude to the honorable shares and I've heard great things about the sterling work that he's been doing amongst the youth. And mashallah the numbers that have showed up speaks volumes for the commitment and the passion and the

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delivery and the follow up. It is remarkable It is impressive. May Allah subhanahu wa taala allow this to grow in leaps and bounds selling Matobo dinar rocking a hula grater we are used to say mom in young men that will or fish shampoo in our yoke below and utterly below me anymore who will her well who familia Tagada benefi Saudi heat available Maha semaine for is Allah Who Hawa who can a Yo Yo Ma Hoon min loco, What is Allah Hawa who who can a young boy who Yama Hassan in LA every single day a fresh battle is fought in the life of every human in English the proverb is the challenge of life is it so daily?

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Regardless of how well you jam yesterday, today is a new day and if we jump again and I use the analogy of Germany because that's something that would relate to you and resonate with you ma'am in Yeoman Tattler fie Hashem so in our yoke below, Taliban are in Moo hoo wah wah hoo. So there is this battle there is this fight on the chest on the on the bosom of a human of a believer. So may Allah Bernie facade reheat a valuable meter Castlemaine for either Hala Barrymore who Hawa who can a young boy who you're gonna hold me in law, who, if you allow for knowledge for virtue, to overpower the evil urge, and when we talk of the urge of evil, we must qualify this and say this insane hula,

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you're able to be Murphy Tabuchi. Humans are not held accountable for the urge, which is incorrect, but they aren't held accountable if they succumb to that illicit urge. So we are not expected to eliminate the evil urge because a lot of times a young man would come. You know, I have vowed I've pledged I've made the commitments. But I keep on having these recurring thoughts. The thoughts are fine as long as you do not succumb to it. My analogy is as follows. No person aspires to false in the month of Ramadan without the thought of food.

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Like this Ramadan, I'm really planning and I don't want to think of food, I don't want to get hungry. No, that's fine. In fact, you'll be rewarded more.

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And yet again, we learn from the Quran.

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Okay, let me complete that proverb and come back to you from a Taliban if he Sadr he toggleable Maha semaine for either Alella barril mu Hawa who can yo mu Yama Hoon min level? If virtue overpowers vice, then consider that a day of celebration and a day of read. What is our Rolla bahawa who are Illuma? Who and flip the coin and reverse it Allah forbid if he succumbs to his lower self? Can a Yo Yo Ma Hassan in LA, then that is the day of regret that is the day of failure. The other poet said nurtured Carissa K enough skip a * Waku to you heart bow be deal and Darla nurtured Carissa K enough skip a * Waku to you heart Bauby deal and Darla array is st cushty To hear Omar Bercy

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kabhi to double A B word abala. If at some point you have lost the battle against your ego, then don't surrender defeat and say it's over. No, you got to be at it. So like I was saying to you, my young brother, my young sister, the urge will continue and this is Walcott halacha Annelle in Santa Fe cupboard. We have created a life of challenges for man, Ahmed bin Abdullah timimi, the distinguished student of Abu Musa Ashanti, I marveled at his Mona Jha with his creator Illa he Halekulani be Amrik some accompany if Ebola has a hit dunya be mushy or take from Morocco Italy is some sick well I can K for a stem sequel Ilam tomb sicne billet Vika Jacobi you Yamato ilani

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Halekulani be Amrik Oh my Allah, You created me by your will,

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will accompany fried bologna have the dunya be mushy attic and you subjected me to temptations by your will? A smartly the Arabic authority. He says I went

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into Yemen. And I went to the balloon Rudra tribe in the search and the quest of pure Arabic. And when I came there I seen some graffiti and I seen a plaque and on that it was written Billahi Biru a URL or shark infested the watch the memory in kg for years now, or people help a young man who was gripped in a malady, in a fantasy in a crush in an infatuation over a woman, and he simply doesn't know how to manage it. And he just seen this written there, and he went to the tribe to learn the pure wholesome language. So he said, I decided to reply, I said, you die we Hawa who were young to Missouri, who were just beautiful, you could live or moody while you're

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less than the young man who's gripped in your fantasy in your crush in your infatuation. Whatever your fallacy, whatever your malady, whatever your infatuation is, you die we Hawa who you die we Hawa who treat your melody yet to Sarah who conceived your fantasy, while your spirit ofI Khalil OMO Riva, learn to persevere and draw.

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He said the next day I passed by it was written

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k for you Dawie howhow K for you Dawie Hawa who?

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How does he treat his melody? When every day his fantasy is crushing him internally.

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So he said I responded further. In La Mutek sub Braun, what Catman Lee say Lee fillet sallahu che on say well mount with the unfuck

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Ilam you take sobrang What katzmann lucidity he, I paraphrase the translation of this generally, if you are unable to crush your evil fantasy, then you will die for the rest of your life. But if you can muster the courage to crush it, then you will live beyond and you will love a wholesome life. Yeah, are you a Halloween man who is steady boo Lilla he will your razzoli Either the atom Lima your vehicle or you believe when Allah and His Prophet invite you oblige and comply to alive that will allow you to live.

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So we're not here to eliminate the human instinct. That feeling that is within us the urge, the desire, those are natural instincts and Islam. That's the beauty of Islam. Islam has not impressed upon us celibacy. whare by Nia, Allah speaks about celibacy. monotheism, divorcing yourself isolating yourself EBITA Dawa. They innovated it. Maka Taberna ha la him. We did not decreed upon them from our own Ha ha ha. And you couldn't honor it. You couldn't comply with it because it is in conflict with the human anatomy, our makeup our composition. So the beauty of Islam is it doesn't deny you any natural need. It regulates it. It regulates it that's the beauty. Islam doesn't tell

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you don't eat stamp doesn't tell you don't slip. Islam comes to regulate warming, taking Manal mukaan belatedly one now Harry Weber didn't come in February. Amongst the signs of Allah is sleeping the day sleep at night when known Binda ha me ma Guadalajara and sleeping by de siesta the Arabs used to sleep so then Allah Allah anenome lil is Raha wa taala? Booty Maharaj mineral s BB la UniFi al Kamal were in nama Yoon, ha al in Hemet V Hema, it's all about moderation. Say that our use of Alayhis Salam, right when the minister's wife tried seducing him. And again, the Arabic of the Quran conveys the message so aptly and succinctly and profoundly. So she made serious lustful

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advancements. And how do we know she made serious lustful advancements? word love God, they're meant to be. word love God, they're meant to be. Love cup and hammer all combination of emphasis. Love comes for emphasis card comes for emphasis, and hammer been in a mildly expression something of the past itself denotes you know, something that was absolutely established. And then Allah says, so you're gonna use of Alayhis Salam, as a human as a mortal but of course protected from Satan by the will of the Almighty, but he was a human. We're Hammurabi ha. Well, Hammurabi ha. There was obviously a human instinct. There was a human

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instinct as she made advancement, this is not a demerit. This is not a blemish on the impeccable character of use of a Salam, if any, this is a credit to use of alayhi salatu salam, and I'm going to drive the point to say it's human, it's natural. So if the kind of inclination was mutual, when she made lustful advancements, she came forward and he had weaponry out to Billa obviously he did not he was the Nibi of Allah. He was pure, he was protected. He was my assume, if hypothetically, he had a similar feeling than the Quran in its comprehensive approach would have said Welaka Hama?

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Welaka, Hama, they mutually intended each other. But that's not what the Quran made a distinct separation. She made lustful advancements were hammer Bihar, he had a natural thought. The Scholars say the analogy of that is like a fasting person on a hot day, how he or she would naturally think of chilled water. So automatically, it crosses your mind. And then somebody brings the bottle of water to you and say you were thinking of water years it No, never. I've never break my fast. But you said you were thinking indeed I was thinking, but that doesn't mean I'm going to break my fast. And that's all Allah subhanho wa Taala wants from us, is to restrain to restrain ourselves, to

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manage ourselves to curtail to limit ourselves. So the scholars give the analogy of the human ego to be that of the horse. Those of us that ride horses, Allah speaks about horses in the Quran, surah Taha the, the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah Illuma aku Don't be in our city Hello. Allah has attached goodness to the forelock of a horse while Hyla Welby, Lila well humming rollator Kabu ha was in in chapter 16 Surah, to know how another name of the surah to name meaning bounties, Allah speaks of the different modes of transport. So when you get on the back of a horse, then the horse will examine the confidence of the rider.

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Either you show your confidence, you hold the reins firmly, and you have the authority in your control, you pull the reins, then you trot, then you gallop, then you you know how to control that horse. And if perchance you are,

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you know what, not experienced, not skilled,

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and you're an amateur rider, then the horse will realize your incompetence, and you will be a dummy on the back of that horse, the horse rides you. And that's the condition of the human ego. Every ego will provoke you. If you're going to succumb to the tantrums of that ego, then the ego rides you. And unfortunately, you are a dummy. And the Quran refers to such individuals as our ADA, many Taha Illa who Hawa Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, have you seen the individual who's made his lower self, his base desires his God, and that is what he follows. And if you show confidence, then you will dictate so you will tell your ego when to graze, how long to graze, when to sleep, how long

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to sleep. And that's the challenge. That's the challenge. Are we? Are we the horse? Are we the rider riding the horse? Or are we a dummy, and the horse is that it in us, each person must dictate that and decide that for himself.

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So we need to come to environments like this and connect and discuss this year, so that we can create within ourselves greater levels of resilience. So essentially, what Allah subhanho wa Taala wants from us and remember, you are in your prime you are in your youth, if there's anything that Allah loves, is youth, I often say to the youth

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that the sleepers in the cave, when they observe the crime, the offense polytheism idolatry that was happening. And the experts on the exegesis of the Quran tell us that it was the inner you know, passion for purity that brought them together because there wasn't any coordinated assembly. Each one of them observed the wrong in society and they would do and they came together, so do the scholars of the field say, and then they found commonness amongst themselves. When they withdrew from some wrong that they observed. This is unacceptable. This is deplorable. This is just it just doesn't gel. It just doesn't sit well with me. And unfortunately, I probably said it on the

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interview that I did here because I deal a lot a lot with

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Youth in drugs. So a day doesn't go in my life with unfortunately, or fortunately, however we choose to view it. But it's the harsh reality where sadly our youth have succumb to this substance abuse and debauchery. And unfortunately then creates this pathological lies because part of the web and part of the net is line lie upon lie,

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to kind of conceal camouflage, distort, fabricate, and it's hilarious. It's unbelievable. The kinds of crimes that happens after a person succumbs to drugs is just horrendous. I have unfortunately have witnessed individuals who have sadly and tragically killed their own parents.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said recently, just like about a month ago, we had a dedicated program and I was one of the speakers there. And the other brother who works in the rehab center, he brought this to the fore and you know, it just gives you a shiver in your back. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam spoke about the sad reality of immorality, promiscuity and * that would play and rock the OMA in the latter part Hunter incana minuman uma who Allah Allah can a few Motema Yasna or Dalek and sadly, unfortunately, tragically, this has happened and is happening because of the nature of these drugs.

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So these youth Look at the beauty of a DS youth when they observed the wrong they went through and take a guess what my sister they didn't go into worship, they just went to sleep.

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They just went to sleep. And that's what I say to youth if you know something wrong is happening. What are i into levena Your hobo Nephi Tina, for whom had your whole movie and Hadith in writing? What imagine see Anika che Pon Fernanda? zyk, Rama told me a volley mean, you sitting with people, you know, they doing the wrong, you know, the mocking the verses, you know, the scuffing the iron, you know, they commit in the wrong, Allah says move away from them. What did these youth do, they move the way they moved away, and they went and they slept. And many youngsters would pop pills and take you know what buttons and posts to get the longest of sleeps, and Allah gives them the most

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peaceful and the most tranquil sleep.

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I can say this to you, and I hope I can impress it to you. I promise you, my sister. And I can assure you, my brother, with 20 years of walking amongst the youth, any life of sin or any sin is nothing but inevitable misery, depression and isolation.

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Now, it's either you wise and calculated to trust the vision of those who represent your interests. Or you opt to say no, no, he bought it. He indulged. He celebrated he enjoyed, and he's denying and depriving me let me go and enjoy my life. Then unfortunately, in the process, you will have bruises, you'll have scars, you might lose an organ, you might lose a limb and you might lose your life in the Matoba to Allah Allah Healin levena Yama, Luna su Abijah Allah. So Maya tibone, Amin, Caribbean, Allah says, I am open to forgive anyone, anyone. I have hundreds of youth found me in an anonymous capacity with an hidden identity and I'm quite fine with that. I don't need to know the details of

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the individual. The issue is to solve the problem. I've got some evil intentions, evil inclinations. I've committed a crime recently was a young man phoning me and he said I've committed Zina. I said, Okay, you know, this is what you need to do.

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And then he just hangs on to the line and he's sobbing. And then after a little while, he said, No, My crime is worse. I committed Zina on the first night of Ramadan.

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And this was the urge in that Chapin had put in me to commit Zina and Ramadan. So that's the nature of the devil and the ego. You got to sustain the same thrill you need. You need variety you need you need to diversify, you need to try something different with a twist. So when you see some of the things thrown out on social media, and the kinds of fantasies people have to massage the ego, it is inconceivable, it is unimaginable. It is indescribable. How do you reconcile such fantasies but it is a trend of the devil's constant provocation.

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So there's no there's no joy out there. That's that's the brutal truth. There's just no pleasure in it. It's a vicious circle. So Allah says, Can methyl is shape on if coddling in Sonic for the nature

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of the devil. He incites you He provokes you do it to it. You need this man you need to go. You need to have a bowl. You need to go to a club. You need a nice massage. You need gentle fingers, you need to smoke this. You need to try this. He just keeps on throwing. So we read this daily in surah. To nurse means shadow rail was was Aloha nurse. Allah save us from the evil of the sneak in Westborough. Harness A means one who withdraws was was means one who indoctrinates that's what the devil is indoctrinates was was so you sit in and then he starts throwing? Yeah, just go online, that is peruse that you see. But what is the Prophet sallallahu wasallam say, the Phaeton will be such

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Emile sama back ma'am and Ashraf Allah is touched refer to the fitness will paralyze you, whoever will eavesdrop it will follow him in I know other cases sister rang me up and she said my son is on drugs back home. And then back and forth from the rehab. Finally he got clean. One day my hubby went into the closet and she found this bag and there was some powder in it. Curiosity in my hubby, what's this drugs all about? So my hubby decided to open the bag. And he decided to pop some of this powder. And then I'm hanging on this sister. Are you there? Are you there? And she's wailing and she's sobbing. And she says now mice my son is clean and my hubby is an addict.

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My hubby is an edit addict.

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So the devil means sha Allah Allah save us from the evil of worse worse, how do you count it was was he's constantly indoctrinated, and that's all he can do. A person came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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a person came to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and he said, I have such evil thoughts, such evil thoughts, the Hakuna homearama if I was reduced to coal, then that would be better for me lighter for me easier for me mean an ethical Lambay than me articulating and expressing the thoughts that crossed my mind. And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said Alhamdulillah Hilary wrote the Umbra who ill was wasa or praise belongs to Allah. There's different interpretations that hadith in Sahih Muslim who has limited the influence of the devil to indoctrination. So Holy cow, I believe so Musa Jana? Well as I lay him in a balada T shape, the devil only has the ability to decorate vise, but he

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cannot make you indulge in the crime. He simply cannot. And that's the muscle. That's the cloud. That's the ability Allah has given us. Allah has given you, of course, the time in which you are, it's so much more valuable. So there are four things The Scholars say, a wonderful are amazing. But the four categories of people do it. It's so much more beautiful. Number one,

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a Sahara

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mineral Alinea, it has an old, lacking fill for karate acid.

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Generosity from the wealthy is great. But if a poor man with his minimum income if he can spend, then that's just beyond description. Number two, allowed the woman coldly insane in her saloon, lacking Philip about the accent, justice, fairness, equity, the execution of justice is great. But if those in power, the judges the rulers on the thrones, the Kings the monarchs, if they can execute justice, then that's the best thing said now I'm already Alana was resting under a tree and the diplomat came to meet him and he said where is your lead? They said, well, there's the rest in under the tree. And he came to armor he was blown away by the law of armor. He said that I dealt with

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that. I mean, the Phantom armor you left with justice. You brought peace to the land so you can sleep calmly. Number three, I'll hire February God has saloon Larkin fitness, Asad. Modesty is beautiful if men habit, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam can show the higher Amina ladra, the hadith of Bokhari, he was a more modest man than an unmarried woman. You know, like a spinster, her natural modesty bashfulness. In her the prophets, Allah ism was exceptionally modest. So modesty is beautiful in men, but it's just too amazing in woman. It's just too amazing in woman, that the the enhancement and the beauty that he brings to a woman is just of a different level. What tilba Domina

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che he has alone, like in fish shall be acid

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and Toba. Repentance, embracing the life of purity nobility and virtue is great if a young aged elderly man does it. In fact, anybody who repents before they die is great. But when it's a young man Brahmin with his youth, and all his talents are bursting in him, and he's having his hormonal spurts and he's going through his adolescence and he's having all these craves, and at that time he restrains his gay

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Is he regulates his evil passions, trust me. There's nothing more beloved in the eyes of Allah. I'll leave you with this last quotation. There's a hadith in Sahih Muslim. That hadith is long in which the word ACMA a few features as well. By the way, I'm happy that the age group here is I believe 18 to 30. So Imam nawawi the Great Chef every scholar has said under the Hadith Yeah, mashallah Shabaab OH group of youth. So, you know what, unpacking the word youth, he says we're Cheb boring them and Bella Gowalla, Muto is telethia was shoved during the Nam bellava whether mu Jovi's tele feel that a young man by the definition of you know, the linguist, the philologist grammarians, they say a young

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man is anyone who is at the threshold of puberty, and does not exceed the age of 13. But here's my last reflection. So the word amok, loosely commonly evidently translated as food Selena Eve, immature, incompetent, etc. But the elderly lover, they say, who is an alpha Kusa Fulco, who's a foolish person? Right even in the verse I quoted in our wrap up here in Manitoba to Allah Allah Hey, Leila De nyama Luna, so Abijah Hydra, Allah says that he will forgive those who sin out of ignorance. And what do the scholars tell us? Some Mullah who guilty Kaaba Mela? Yeah, Alito Bill Attili Jaha Latin we're in Cana Ramadan, that when you commit in an act of sin, my sister regardless

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of how smart or wise how intelligent, what a great flyer thinker you are, that is an act of naivety, stupidity and foolishness. And this is the definition of ACMA. The scholars give the Angelova, the philologist that the grammarians give us, Mejia Mailloux Maya thorugh RO, Ma, il me be Kobe Mejia Malou my yellow ro ma grill me because he he a fool. A naive a silly person is any one and every one who consciously indulges in something knowing very well. This is harmful, hazardous and detrimental. Nobody wants to be identified as a fool. But honestly, when we look into our lives, I know that drug is bad. I know this * is incorrect. I know this illicit relationship is bad. I know this music is

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eroding me. I know this haram relationship is destroying me unconscious. I'm aware. I understand. Yet I'm indulging then I'm afraid we are the biggest fool when we look into the mirror, may Allah protect us. I salute you for the time that you have. You're a young person earlier of the Allahu Anhu said I wish I yearn and I pined for my youth and he spent it fruitfully Allah has blessed you with youth in English, they say you are only young ones, but you can be immature indefinitely. May Allah bless you with wisdom. So just one question. Really piggyback on Camelback King, I should say also, what you said Subhanallah the idea that for a young person to restrain himself, despite the

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fact that the system that is designed around him is to push them towards offload towards the business or even towards the Haram in proper What are ways it's a difficult long questions electorate and that itself but in a conceptually, what is the way for a young person to say you know what I want to get out from the rat race. I want to stop this. I want to stop just wasting my time on Netflix. I want to be a true advocate of Allah. And you know, like someone who has a theory about it Allah like those who are shamed by Allah, what are steps to make a bada enjoyable for a young person? So indeed, that's a brilliant question. And obviously, that's the most commonly asked

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So yeah, I like to always give an answer from Quran in the context of the tale, the story, the narrative, the expedition of taboo, Allah subhanho wa Taala exposes the lies, the inconsistency, the inconsistency and the hypocrisy of the monarchy till so they said, all we really wanted to participate, or we really wanted to come. I promise you I had so much intentions, you won't believe it. So Allah said, if you were candid, you were honest, you were genuine. You would have made some action.

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Lo Allah duel horo Jalla I doula who are

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low Arado if you are, I tell you to straight listen, you want to give up drugs? Delete all your friends. No, you know what they my good friends ticket and blah. You never know. Perhaps one day we can cross paths know the sister. It's normal haram. It's platonic.

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It's platonic.

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Yeah, we don't cross the modest law.

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I No, no, no. If you cannot take active measures, the devil has no problems with our good intentions. As long as it's for tomorrow.

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The devil has no problem if you stand up here, my daughter and my brother, I'll consider I'll give a thought maybe next time, the devil is fine. But if you say I'm deleting now he's trembling in his boots. That's it. You have to take action. low arousal horloge it's not a matter of me telling you the right thing. It's you and I looking for a shortcut and easy way a simple way better you read all Insano the F Juraj amama bundle you read all inside li F Juraj amama the problem with man is Brother Why don't you change? No I'll change when I go for hij

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Okay, so why not now? Because you're addicted to the wrong

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man wants to continue the life of sin. So yes, it just to narrow it down and unknown or be long drawn. So I give it a plan of action. Like I said, you have to effect change immediately. First number two, Allah said lo Arado Harada la Abdullah who if they were genuine in the claim that they wanted to change, then they would have done it immediately. You know, I can't claim but we try and be a little natural, organic, GMO free and eat things that are a bit more healthy. So if you go eat something that is not organic, that is not natural. That has all these chemicals and what they say it's expensive on your health. If you go and see something and you like it but you say it's too

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expensive it's expensive on your pocket. Well understand this my daughter and understand this my son every sin is expensive on your iman it's expensive on your iman a person is a friend of mine who's who's who's on the gyms and he's shedding a lot of kilos. So I said to him I said for him What keeps you motivated? He said standing on the scale and just seeing how I've dropped weight keeps me motivated and I said what if the believer today can think of the scale of alpha and make that motivate him

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because now when you when when you shed in weight every bar of chocolate you look at kilojoules now I can do without it. It's too much it's gonna be another one hour No, I can be without it. Well, that's how we need to start thinking fee and Abdullah will be per letter. DeLeon. Allah de Mille irida caca theory, man, rotten, rotten and Fuzu home, you're the hero not too many lacking camdeboo LOSA Himachal Hawa or ship telling Haley, that's what the scholars write, that they will lie, they will speak in a lie, they were inconsistent in their claim. Because if they were genuine, they would have taken action. And that's all Allah wants. That's all Allah wants. I know the time has lapsed,

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but I'll share with you something very, very rich here. Very, very rich because it's to motivate you, you promise me you're going to drop that rung now. And I've had hundreds of youth who've come back to me over the years. You gave a talk here. You challenged us to do this. I did it. I'm writing back to you. Five years later, that was the greatest day of my life. I had my ups and downs. We all know the famous incident of the man who wanted to kill 99 people and then he killed 100 In simple language, he had a killing addiction.

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He had an addiction, right? So anyway, he killed 100 people I was speaking at the rehab in UK earlier this year. And I mentioned this to these young recovering addicts as well. And mashallah, they were very inspired by it. It's the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Anyway, we know then the angels came and Allah forgave him academically. There's a very big question mark to the pardon of this murderer.

00:33:59 --> 00:34:49

What could you use curlew, Alberto batil cartel and no erotica by them Ben Yetta. Before Coppola about forgetting for you for Allah who be Dooney a Yahuwah. And who will help the world to learn law human can robot whoa, whoa. So we all know the ruling that if you hurt someone, Allah will not pardon you tell you don't seek pardon from that person. Here's a man who killed 100 people. And then he was genuine and Allah knew he was genuine. And then he leaped in the right direction. He moved away detached from that evil company. Destiny grabbed him there, he passed away and Allah forgave him. How do we reconcile the pardon of this murderer who claimed 100 lives that he had not sought

00:34:49 --> 00:34:59

pardon from one of his victims and even if he intended it was not possible because they corpses were lying their job and will have been filled with hate. Well, I in in fear, um, that will carry

00:35:00 --> 00:35:12

Hola Madrid deny uni and after the Hotjar writes in, in the commentaries be anomala is kabhi lotto battle cartel de Kapha be Reba hast me

00:35:14 --> 00:35:28

that Allah accepted the sincere regret of this murderer. And when Allah accepted it, Allah sufficed on his behalf for all his opponents.

00:35:29 --> 00:35:59

So whoever has a claim against this person, Allah says, I have forgiven him, come and claim it from me and I will deal and I will satisfy you. And of course Allah Jannetty is unending Allah stretches are in finite. So if that's the system of pardon of the Almighty, for someone who merely intended then what won't Allah do, if you action the plan? So to answer our honorable chefs question, the answer is you have to take action now.

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