JAR #90 70 Years Of Worship Ends In Shirk

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AI: Summary © The group discusses the possibility of killing a woman and her baby, finding the sister's baby, and showing respect and admiration for people with good deeds. They also talk about Barcia's story of his friend's death and the sh matter, emphasizing the importance of showing respect and avoiding being pious. The segment also touches on the participants' work, including the participants' friend Shaitan's death and the participants' pious and sad father.
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Was that catered for in

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the Quran?

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Pharaoh, meaning well now for now, Jean now in

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. It's been leveled hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Olam, aluminum and fauna when found Habima alum Tana was Illman Yahara I mean, we ask Allah azza wa jal teachers would benefit us, benefit us from what he taught us and increase us in knowledge. I mean, you're blind I mean, my dear beloved, respect his brothers and sisters, ask Allah azza wa jal to make me a new from the people who listen and apply.

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Allah subhanaw taala told us in four places in the Quran, do not follow the footsteps of the shaitan lert at TBO. Ottawa to shaitan.

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There was a man

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his name was mercy saw

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Mercy, Sir was devoted worshiper for 70 years in His temple. All he does is worship Allah azza wa jal, and that made the shaitan furious. He tried to make him mixed with people he couldn't he tried to make him stop worshiping. He couldn't. He tried to make him stop making vicar. He couldn't. But he did not stop.

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Then he came up with a very smart idea. The Shaitan came with a very smart idea.

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There were three brothers that wanted to travel and go for jihad. So they came to Merseyside and they said, Yeah, bossy, sir, you are the most pious person that we know. And we are going for Jihad and we have our sister that we do not know where to keep her while we are away and you are the only person we trust. He said, No way. I will never accept a woman in my house.

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Anytime there's a man and a woman the third is their shaitan No way. No How, please This and that. They said no way. He said. So they said, Okay, how about we get her a house next to you. And you just check up on her every once in a while.

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After long conversation, but seesaw. Agreed.

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Now the shaitan came to him. So the other seesaw, the woman is on her own. Maybe she needs some food. Why don't you go just put the food at the door and knock and run?

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Don't look don't do anything. Don't fall into any kind of haram.

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So, bursa started every day, take some food, knock at the door and run back to his temple a

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few weeks later, the shaitan came. And yes, Percy saw. What if the woman something's wrong with her? Maybe she did not pick up the food. Maybe she left the house. Just check up on her knock at the door and wait till she says you hear a voice. And then how does you leave? So Barcia took the food, drop it at the door knocked and wait. He heard his voice heard her voice. And he went back now. He liked her voice. He prays he hears her voice. He looks up he hears her voice. So shaitan came to him two, three weeks later, look at the shaitan step by step. He said, You know, now it's almost over two, three months and the girl is by herself. She's probably bored. And you're very pious man. When you

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knock at the door, and you just wait till she opens the door you check up make sure she's fine. She's okay. And then you leave. So Barcia went knocked at the door. She opened the door. How are you? How's everything good hamdulillah left.

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He kept on doing that for a while and then the shaitan came back again. He said you know what? You are a very pious man. And you're not going to do any haram. Go and sit with her chat with her. She probably needs some company. How long she has been she probably missed her brothers. So bossy sir came and she said come in.

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And now he sits with her again, day 234 Or five days until one day, but Sisa

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got up and hugged her and kissed her and stuck for like came back to his temple. How did I do that? Then the shaitan came and whispered Oh, now you are a very great worshiper, you've been worshipping for 70 years. What is the sin going to do in your ocean of good deeds?

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He continued and then

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bought Sisa

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committed the fascia with that woman a

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few months later, the woman came to him and said, Yeah, but see, so I am pregnant.

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Percy Sava went crazy. The shaytaan came to him and said, what if the brothers come back now and find out what you have done with their sister. So the only solution now go and kill her and kill her baby.

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So we'll see Sir went and killed the woman and killed the baby and buried them.

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step after step.

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The brothers came back excited. They haven't seen their sister for a long time. Yeah, but see, sir, where's our sister is start crying. Your sister got very sick and she died and I buried her. They thanked him and everything. And they went

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when they went, the shaitan came to every single one of them and told him that this guy is lying. And to prove that he is lying, go and check this place, you will find that your sister got pregnant from him and she had a baby. So when they got up, they said, Oh, we all saw the same dream. They all went to that same place. And they found their sister right there buried and the baby next to her.

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They went and they got Bursa. And he confessed.

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And they were so furious that they wanted to kill boss, Isa

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shaitan came to him. And he said, you know who I am?

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I'm the one who whispered to you from day one. And now they're going to kill you. And I can save you. So but he said how what should I do? He said make one session for me. And I will save you.

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So we'll see some made Sousou wood to the shaitan.

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And the brothers killed him. So he died on shirk.

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After 70 years of strict

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worship, died on shirk,

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my beloved brothers and sisters, this is how the shape pawn works. Step by step, he comes to the boy and he tells him Look at that girl.

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First Look, and the girls looks back, and then one text. And then one meeting. No, no, no, don't meet in private, no, don't meet in a public library. Everybody can see you. And then maybe one day the library is closed. Let's go to the coffee shop. And all we are studying. We're just sharing information, we're not doing anything. And then, you know, one touch of the hand and this and until something evil takes place. This is how the shaitan works. My brother, if you are interested in a girl, if you are interested in meeting a girl, you go and you contact her father, you contact her Lee and if she's available then you tell your parents to go officially and ask for her hand in

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marriage. Exactly what you want to be done to your sister or to your daughter in the future.

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The shaytaan comes to the person who used to pray immediately right after the event. Yeah Allah it's okay finished the game first finished that. The basketball finished that and then he start delaying. And then all of a sudden you start combining both of us together and then he prizes for no reason. And he pre combines Maghrib and Isha and then all of a sudden he combines all the salah together and the shaitan comes in tell him

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at least you're still praying there are so many people do not pray. It's okay keep combining them all at a shot. At least you still praying there are so millions of people do not pray. You're still praying and then he stops that and then he stops drama. All of a sudden step by step the person will stop completely praying.

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He comes to the person that is pious like you my brother like my sister.

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You are very righteous and you're praying and you're doing all the badass that you can even doing some optional fasting optionals of Akkad tahajjud he comes to you he will never give up. He comes to you.

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And you are going through some hardship. You are very sick and so much pain. And then all of a sudden your husband loses his job or or you lose your job. And all of a sudden you're having issues with with your in laws or at home or at work.

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And the shaitaan comes in whispers

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look at you worshipping day and night making a car all day all night. Where is that God Where is he

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How is he letting you suffer so much? What kind of God make you suffer? What kind of ILA what kind of Allah is this? After all that a badass that you're doing all the money you donated all the Umrah, you want all the FTM that you have performed all the fasting and look, look how ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada look how Allah azza wa jal is treating you what kind of Allah has this and he start putting doubt in the Wrath of Allah he started putting doubt in the wisdom of Allah azza wa jal

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and then you start saying yeah, maybe you why I'm such a good person why these things are happening to me

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Subhan Allah, be very careful, my brother, be very careful my sister, or he comes to the righteous person, and he makes him feel

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very proud of himself. He makes him feel like you know,

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the model the disease of algebra.

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The person start thinking that he is the one performing key and because of his efforts, he is the one who's attending every slot in the gym. Ah, he's the one who's memorizing because him because me I am a good person, he forgets that all these blessings from Allah azza wa jal. So he comes from that path, that to make the person even show off or feel that he is conceded.

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And that will destroy the family. So my brothers and sisters, the main lesson today is be very careful of this footsteps of the shaitan. The shaitaan does not come until you do this major sin right away, step by step. And keep in mind that the shaitan is extremely patient. This method did not work he has 70,000 more methods. May Allah protect us all from the shaitan? May Allah subhanaw taala protect us from Hystrix constantly say out we live in a shaytaan regime. constantly repeat that statement and ask Allah to protect you from the shaytaan from the shayateen of jinn, and from the shouting of humans, that Allah subhanaw taala

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make our last these are besties and our last words La Ilaha illa Allah love you all for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah Morbihan digna should Allah Allah Allah and the stuff Utica on a Toby Lake

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feel flooded, he got home I

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mean only

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the lobby was the

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