Jannah Gems #44 – Why Do We Need Shade on the Day of Judgement?

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This is Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim see now Barrera narrated that Rasul Allah His salatu salam said

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Subbu, attune your will to whom Allah havenly Yama, Allah in other law seven will be under the shade of a law

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in the day where there is no shade, but his shade his capital letter, why there is a shade on the day of judgment? Why do I need a sheet?

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Let's think engineer, when do we need shade? When do we need shade we need shade when there is sun. So whenever there is sun, we need shade. So will there be a shade on the Day of Judgement? And the answer is yes.

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And no for us what is the meaning of

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on the day of judgement, the sun will be so close

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to the human being in a puddle meal. And the narrator said he said to me, m e L. And he said I didn't know for Swati salatu salam meant it's a distance like one mile or he meant the size or the distance of the the small stick that they use to put eyeliners This is usually that used to be very common, whether it's like a small beautiful container and then you put in it a very thin stick and then you put it in and usually this size it's probably four or five centimeter and you put it in even probably even less you put it in and out and then the person use it to put the eyeliner. So he said I don't know if the sun will be that close like this much or it is the mile

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so it's gonna be very close.

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It's gonna be very hot. And another Hadith or Swati salatu salam explained that the sun is so close that in the human beings will start sweating and I'm not talking about sweating on the forehead, maybe sweating in the axilla maybe sweating in our clothes and he described span of life is so scary. He said the sweating the amount of the sweating the human being he or she By the way, this is us all of us depends on how much sense they have

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the amount of the heat they will feel and in response the body will start

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producing sweats it depends how much sense they have and he gave the parable that they will be covered with their with the sweat, some to their knees, some some to their heels, some to their kneels some knees, some to their half of their body, some to their neck Subhan Allah so we need to imagine the amount of heat. I need to understand this so I know why specifically he said there is a shade on Day of Judgment