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Is it permissible for our sisters to take pills that will delay their monthly menses in order for them to fast the entire month of Ramadan? Some humbly scholars and Shechem bas they mentioned that it's permissible, obviously, if she's sure there will be no harm from these type of pills. Imam Malik Rahim Allah was asked about using some type of drink, they will drink back in the day to delay their menses Is it permissible or not? He said that it is not correct and he disliked it. Imam even Roche said he disliked it because of the fear of a bottle the harm that could come from it. She had come in with a mean Rahimullah. He said that in the research that he has done with different

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doctors, it's been proven to him that they're going to be harmed in this. And if there's anything that can causes harm from this, therefore it must be avoided. My advice to my sisters is to refrain from using such pills, let everything take its natural course. Fast what you can and make it what you can't after a moment