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Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The speaker advises the audience to make themselves good by achieving a professional career and finding happiness in their life. They suggest avoiding waste of time and money to achieve happiness, and to focus on making oneself good rather than just making oneself happy. The speaker warns against creating artificial feelings and suggests that achieving happiness is a gift and a result of good thinking.
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First should be that you make yourself good daughter make effort to make yourself happy. Happiness, real happiness comes after you are achieving a good career for yourself, seriously, what makes me good, do that, then happiness will come not worry. And that event does not come down very soon. This is why I did something achievement, I work hard to not either work for hours continuously.

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You know, it didn't happen. But this happiness, the upper limit is better happiness, than happiness of entertainment. That what you do really, always make effort to do what is good. Don't make effort to do what is what makes you happy. Don't waste your money, don't waste your time to make yourself it is spend your time you spend your money to make yourself good, that ugly life is to make your good life is not to make you happy happiness, in the day out Hereafter is paradise. Now before that,

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semi sports, physical sports, you can't play more than half an hour football half an hour, maximum one hour.

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But computer games for five or six, nothing other than a finger, pressing the finger except just keep pressing the finger distributed, then basically next generation, if evolution is true, the next one is actually one finger, you don't need this finger, we will grow with the finger nothing else better what people need at the moment, just finger

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somebody revised to somebody said to his son, that you people are grown up in the easy life. You know, in our time, we used to person in oh seven, number seven time to write is now your person wants you right? To get thinking now like to pursue easier, we had to have difficulty in the life did not defeat this actually the best time really all these two person notice that I perceive the people of the internet telephony, the direct language when you don't write the words properly. reason is because they wanted people to speak more using in the past when you to write letters to your mom, right? You have to be careful what to write, how to address the correct region document to

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people you've done it effort writing letter about nurseries. Now the new effort is writing the message on and on the phone. Because you can write anything, any language

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reasonably, because the person to whom you're writing is not in front of you.

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You do part imagine that what is the reaction to people use anything, they don't learn the minor what when you write letter there, you have to know that

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what what how she would read and she can read again, again, to people to kill now people don't know in one direction. They don't think they just say whatever comes to their mind. So much abuse so much of your creativity. So summary on the matter is that whatever any money you spend on any time is

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to one they do when it is something which helps you to make a good anything which is to make you happy. Don't do it, to design it is going to ruin it. Mere happiness, without any element of good is going to go to destroy you. It is going to finish your life. Don't make it despite a minor to make yourself happy. This effort that I want to be happy is very very bad manners, this mode of life, never make effort to be to be happy, make effort to be good, then the real happiness will come as a result. Is it clear? You don't make effort to be happy. I penis thermal law. He makes you happy. You do what He commands, then you'll be happy happiness is a gift to happiness which comes as a result

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of being good. That real happiness, happiness that you try to achieve through entertainment. It is dangerous or harmful to you it is going to destroy you to go to go into ruining it is very very bad for the people. Don't look don't after happiness run after the good

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